söndag 4 oktober 2020

scrotoculteur - Le Diable est aux Vaches

 Damn this is a nasty tape! 

....Imagine if Ed Gein was a satanist priest and was in charge of a blood sacrifice farm and then some sick ones got the job to put a sound-track to his jolly days of murder and sodomy ...yeah that how this sounds like. 

This is a kind of a heavy chugging (also sometimes groovy!) horror/gore grind sung and screamed in French & Latin (yeah the vocals is diverse all from the guttural barks to hysteric screams, good shit!) It is primitiv in form and soul but also deeply in love with satanic ritual abuse and it is quite cinematic in its structure and atmosphere with all kinds of sound details like farm noise (pigs mucking about etc and some lady getting here innards visited by some sweet demonic prince) so its evident the boys have put in quite some effort into this project to make its experience be as poignant and revolting as possible.

Also some jew´s harp is thrown in for good (wrong turn) measure haha yeah its unpleasant and gritty and you will have to take a shower after listening to this.





3-Malaise 2 

4-Satan dans les prés 

5-La chaise a Pépé

lördag 3 oktober 2020

Odvas - The Hunting Turmoil Of The Stormcorner Soul

 Last time we visited the atmospheric fields of Odvas it was in a calm place of comfort.....some time has gone and now (fitting our times) it has sunk into a colder & uncertain place.

As i experienced the last piece of Odvas it felt that the "wanderer"(the listener) had after a long walk gotten to a needed place of rest and peace...I hope "he" rested his bones enough as this new chapter has dragged out something more dark and grand....feels almost like one hovers around a huge castle dome during the first track, as always details in the ambience is present to embellish the journeys tapestry  and pin point some specific distant feelings of unease.

Now in the second track i feel the gates is opening to the castle and one is swept inside!

A higher present almost sacral atmosphere is now sweaping all around as one is traveling through the castle streets....the hostile feeling is now left ...as of now but....

...The third and last track signifies an encounter of some darker form...some pounding drums and screams in the distance... feels like this was a trap! 

Yeah the wanderer has surely gotten into something dangerous and hard to escape from...Cold dry winds flow through the lower chambers of a prison as we leave for this time this story.

Yeah so these descriptions is from my own head listening to these songs and if they are anywhere close to the artists visions i cant say....but then again i think this type of music is almost made for the individual listeners personal mind paintings.  

Another good ambient/atmospheric soundscapes from Odvas released by Perverse Homage.


tisdag 1 september 2020

***New Triumphant Cadaver releases out now***

TC:22 Zalmoxis - A Nocturnal Emanation
/ raw atmospheric ritualistic black metal from Germany/24 minute song/ limited edition

TC:23 Kingdom of Plague - Demo -1-/ raw hateful Medieval black metal from ?/5 tracks/ limited edition

-----7 euros for a tape plus shipping------


Mail me for order




lördag 22 augusti 2020

Acid Cross - Dungeon Thrash

 Well well here we have some music to raise hell to in the good old way!

...By that i mean this band could just as well been dragging their spike knuckles along the streets back in the 80´s, and more then ever Venom is the gods for inspiration and worship here! 

...And that pretty common for many bands that has a first wave black/Thrash direction (which also have a healthy dose of heavy metal in it of course) so there is many bands that is to same and safe due to this but after hearing this EP i lost track of time and got into it just as one hopes to be. (but many times dont)

I have not heard all their releases so i cant compare it to all but to me this is their best material, it has its own world and it feels natural in its very British metal sound (but they are from Canada) Strong material from start to finish but if i have to pick some tracks its 3 & 5, they hit the sweet spot many times and is recomended to fans of this genre or metal people in general.(only missing now is a bad VHS taped music video ;) )

Love the cover art also,makes my think of high school D&D sessions hehe.(and i did the band logo art :D)

A good dirty rocking devil metal release that will please your pointed bat ears.

Track list:

1.     Symptom of Man / Bound by Oppression     06:51      
2.     Serpentum Dectum Dominatum     02:07      
3.     Terrifier     02:53       Show lyrics
4.     Post Human Eradication / Awaken Decimator     06:21      
5.     Flame of the End / Evil Crusaders     06:12      
6.     Mind Flayer / Black Tower     04:29      
      Total 28:53     

Released by :

self release it looks like (could be sold out any time now!)


torsdag 20 augusti 2020

Gravespawn - The Elder Darkness

4 years ago i reviewed the previous Ep "Inexorable Grimness" which i remember i liked so when i got the chance to review this new album i was intrigued to do so... 

I was not dissapointed, this is a nice continuation from the last journey (now a bit more polished and clean production i think?) filled with galliant and epic traditional blistering black metal. 

Just as the cover artwork depicts you are thrown out in landscapes filled with grand bloody battles between the old powers, even if it has that blistering drums and sizzling sharp guitars they change up things more then one might think at first but as you ventures into the albums real meat you will experience some nice tempo changes and interesting compositions like in song 5, 6 & 7. Keyboards are used for that mighty old feeling, soaring ancient times glimmers in the lightning in the deep cold night.

Here the album shines the most and it takes it from a solid mid-grade to clear levels above it, had a really good time during this cut of the record not to say the other songs are bad just that these later songs just levitates it greatly.

The Slayer track could have gone totally wrong but they incorporate it great with their overall sound.


All in all a solid standard first half but from track 5 until the end this is a great album that is drenched in dragons royal blood...in other words if you enjoy this type of black metal you can go so much more wrong then to buy this release.

 Track list:

1.     The Primordial Dynasty     05:37      
2.     Hexenturm     05:38      
3.     Sons of Mars     05:00      
4.     Curse of the Ruins     06:33      
5.     Cocytus Winds Ascend     06:10      
6.     The Dreadful Eye     04:47      
7.     Kingdom of Cruelty     06:40      
8.     Barbarian Misanthropy     07:53      
9.     Die by the Sword (Slayer cover)
total: 51:59

Released by:

Satanath Records



TC news!

 Kingdom of Plagues (tape in the middle) will come into the bunker in a week or two.

7 euros plus shipping

For pre order/order mail to: intotherawwar@gmail.com

fredag 21 februari 2020

The True Werwolf - Devil Crisis

Man oh man have i lusted for this beastly pearl for years on end!
Now it is here after 6 years!

From the early days of enjoying the perfection of the C.N.N. / 0373 seven inch i have wanted this release in my greedy grasp, the black metal mutated Castlevania song mix could have been so cheesy and straight out bad but of course Graf would do it on point & make it better then it should be!

...Now i dont know and cant say that  i hear after listening on it all that this entire album would have that game as a worship fondation (besides the songs from the mentioned 7") and after reading the introduction text from the promo sent by HHB it seems inspiration comes from many different video games music...but in the end this is very much the Werwolf show and that is just what one is after buying this release also...

For me the first thought was after the last note had died out was that this is like a continuation of the Fimbulwinter album even though its not the same project (its the same man so...) and that is a great
compliment from me, it is mighty and soaring! Every songs has great evil grand compositions that hook you into his medieval world of darkness and sorcery.

I dont need to write anymore really as this should be a no brainer to get, it is one of the best releases this year! (or in recent years really)

Released on CD and LP by Werewolf Records (with different cover art...looks like he hired some Japanese illustrator for this work).

Hells Headbangers is on the same train to push his labels releases since some years back. (Probably to help spread the Satanic Verses  outside Europe)

1.     My Journey's Under the Battlemoon     06:33     
2.     Thy Deviant     10:25     
3.     Spellbound     05:35     
4.     Chi No Namida     06:58     
5.     0373     04:46     
6.     The Witch of My Heart     07:50     
7.     Magick Fire     02:28     

...So now i only wait for the 16 bit Devil Crisis homebrew hehe!