fredag 21 februari 2020

The True Werwolf - Devil Crisis

Man oh man have i lusted for this beastly pearl for years on end!
Now it is here after 6 years!

From the early days of enjoying the perfection of the C.N.N. / 0373 seven inch i have wanted this release in my greedy grasp, the black metal mutated Castlevania song mix could have been so cheesy and straight out bad but of course Graf would do it on point & make it better then it should be!

...Now i dont know and cant say that  i hear after listening on it all that this entire album would have that game as a worship fondation (besides the songs from the mentioned 7") and after reading the introduction text from the promo sent by HHB it seems inspiration comes from many different video games music...but in the end this is very much the Werwolf show and that is just what one is after buying this release also...

For me the first thought was after the last note had died out was that this is like a continuation of the Fimbulwinter album even though its not the same project (its the same man so...) and that is a great
compliment from me, it is mighty and soaring! Every songs has great evil grand compositions that hook you into his medieval world of darkness and sorcery.

I dont need to write anymore really as this should be a no brainer to get, it is one of the best releases this year! (or in recent years really)

Released on CD and LP by Werewolf Records (with different cover art...looks like he hired some Japanese illustrator for this work).

Hells Headbangers is on the same train to push his labels releases since some years back. (Probably to help spread the Satanic Verses  outside Europe)

1.     My Journey's Under the Battlemoon     06:33     
2.     Thy Deviant     10:25     
3.     Spellbound     05:35     
4.     Chi No Namida     06:58     
5.     0373     04:46     
6.     The Witch of My Heart     07:50     
7.     Magick Fire     02:28     

...So now i only wait for the 16 bit Devil Crisis homebrew hehe!

söndag 12 januari 2020

Vampiric Dominium - ST

In the flicker of past times in Puerto Rico or to be more precise 1996 the label Demonified Records
released the first and only demo by Vampiric dominium!

I got the chance to review this title due to its re release via Misantropologi Records which was a
obscure treat to be had.

Initially i got intrigued by the band logo (quite typical me i say hehe) and after listening to it i can say it did not let me down and i can agree that it deserves this new life it got by the label.

                                                                 (original MC scan)

It is only three songs long but they make the important mark as a debut demo should i think, what we get here is some blistering and in your face satanic tunes with some solid backbone and right  blasphemic emotions and fire in vocals and in the compositions as they make sure to cram into them much persona and variation in them.
It has the murky obscure atmospheres that brings your minds eye the visions of cold ritual caves painted in virgins blood.

One thing that stood out for me which seemed a bit odd (sure it has happened other times though) at first was that the bass was in the "front room" and was played almost like the guitar would and the actual guitar and drums mixed behind it....After some listenings i can easily say that this is one of this bands major possetives and makes them stand out a bit more from the crowded snowforest.
Good stuff in other words! Also the sound is surprisingly good for this kind of a demo.

I only wish there was more creations from this band....there was another tape after this but the band had now changed in its core which the slight different name change points at and also i have not heard this so i cant comment any more on the matter....

....Closest this one can get is Godless where some of the members continued as...and even here i cant say much as Godless is another chapter i need to invest more time into....dont even own a release from them.

Either way Vampiric Dominium is back from
ancient times to embrace the modern dusk !

The new layout/design is done good and nice that the label even made t-shirts for this release, total black cult metal from Puerto Rico.

Label link:

fredag 3 januari 2020

Latest Triumphant Cadaver tapes!

Just this day my labels 21 release is out from the depths!
Coágulo - Coagulation Times (Argentina) Raw melancholic & atmospheric black metal.
Debut demo! Limited to 50 copies
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söndag 22 september 2019

Hound Ov Hel - Ragnarok

Here is the debut EP of the Bavarian band Hounds ov Hell!

Lets not beat around the torn bush, this debut is promising.
Just as i felt about Totenwache debut i feel/hear here the importent seeds thats a new project needs  and that is natural strong fire and onwardness, they play in a compact and mid paced black metal that is pretty traditional but has a nice corrupted personal soul just suited for creating  their own bleak & quite grand atmosphere.

It is quite clear that the Vocals help to rise this project even higher as they have both the misanthropic smolky rasp as well as the echoing screams of a tormented  (but fighting) existence....

Even if one could say the riffing is straight & simple they are selected with care and spite as they whip your back just as inteded, drums is stomp on in a endless fever and is more like a backbone for the voclas and guitars to fulfill their dark higher prophecies.
Production is nice, nothing really raw or fancy but has a good balance and organic dryness to it

It is just 4 tracks but they leave their negative mark enough to make me look forward to their next release....hehe sounds healthy i know.

A plus for the logo and cover art which was the first reasons for me to go after this.....Yeah a solid start for sure but they leave also room for growing inside this molded creation that they call Hound Ov Hel!

My eyes are plucked out and peeled!

Released by :
Winterwolf Tonschmiede


tisdag 3 september 2019

Idolatry - In Nomine Mortis

Turn the 6 & you got a 9...Under these 3 years that has passed from first album until now have quite a lot happened i would make it simple in one word: mutation

Mutations can go either way and when you know what this word means in this context (swap of a strong OG lead vocalist) you know this can break a band! 

Well we have some luck people as the band have succeded to grow a new tentacle and made it fit for this new singer to grow from and excel, it is of course a quite different experience listening to Idolatry now from before as previous singer brougth both his very own scarred and varied poetic soul & his whole bleeding wine cellar (not literally) into the band so naturally with a new singer this would not be left intact....though it works good in its own way.

So after some times spinning this album i am ready to say what i think of this sophomore album, this is a solid good effort and some songs  is even really great! (i am looking at you "Hail, Death"& "Breathing Dust")...First song after the intro is one of the less good ones  as it lacks some of the bands fiery & engaging melodies but it does not hurt really the overall verdict for me as the track that follows correct this immediately with some storming galloping guitar work that gets my horse into a overdrive! And then after that one the record hold its power and quality through out. (perhaps Reborn in Poison is similar standard as the first song but it is sandwiched by top songs so i cant really say for sure hehe)

This "new" Idolatry works their wheels just as good as before they only take some different sound roads & paths, the satanic cutthroat rituals is still here and i feel the band is in a good place to relish and at the same time have space to grow into a even better band in the future.

Extra plus to the two last tracks as they serves as a dark and moody ending of this creation!
Makes a lasting impression!

Take your time and check it out!
 Satan is on their side i heard. hehe

Released by:
Humanity's Plague Productions

1.     Ex Nihilio     01:27    
2.     Toward the Widening Eye     05:57    
3.     The Calling Void     03:22    
4.     Hail, Death     04:53    
5.     Reborn in Poison     06:01    
6.     Revelations in Black     03:38    
7.     Breathing Dust     04:53    
8.     Hidden; Quivering     04:34    
9.     The Serpentine Possession     06:27    
10.     Nihil Fit     02:18    
      Total 43:30

söndag 1 september 2019

Totenwache - Der Schwarze Hort

After a promising debut demo in 2017 and a split the year after this German horde has smashed it out of the park with this excellent full album!

They have taken care of and expanded on all their early qualities and crafted a hour of top shelf black metal experience, if you are not familiar with the band the play in a classic mid to semi fast BM with wandering melancholic & galliant melodies, full of  bleak atmosphere (quite Finnish feel i think) and layers of feeling that makes their music grow from each listen.
Enough raw (not the production but the delivery) and underground to feel true to all the important points.

Right from the start (after the nice intro) the band shows what level they stand in at the moment and one cant deny their good taste in melody picks and riffs, when you make pretty long songs with a selected few cords you easily can fall into the boring swamp so its very important to understand what make this type of song work and that is the last problem this band has...
...well do they have some problems at all (music wise) ?
I cant really pin point any at this stage of their existence really...well the problem can be to follow this up as they from the look/sound of it has made a "perfect" album...cant be easy to keep that solid quality, my tip is to do an EP first before the next full album to test out new ideas on.

One of this years top album for sure so snatch it up! You wont be dissapointed.
Extra plus for the nice book/digi packaging and artwork one cant guess that this is a self released CD!

band contact:


1.     Intro     01:14       instrumental
2.     Urteil: Niedergang     08:05    
3.     Galgenvögel     05:27    
4.     Des Königs stolze Acht     06:41    
5.     Der schwarze Hort     07:54    
6.     Der Heiler     05:40    
7.     Die alte Legion     05:26    
8.     Todbringer     06:33    
9.     Gloria Antichristi     09:08      
Total: 58 min

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