torsdag 15 november 2018

New TC Tapes out!

Here is a flyer for the 2 newest titles from Triumphant Cadaver.
7 euros each /// 5 euros shipping( no tracking) for one or two tapes .(with tracking its 10 euro)
mail me to get your copies!

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tisdag 16 oktober 2018

söndag 14 oktober 2018

Odvas / Perceneus split

Here is the third release from the atmospheric Dungeon synth project Odvas and as last time its through a split tape, last time it was with Etheral Mist which i already knew (same dude from Entsetzlich etc) but on this new split i have no previous knowledge of Odvas split partner Perceneus so we´ll see what i think of that track in a bit....

Anyways Odvas starts of this journey with a long (around 14 minutes) dark and "airy" feeling song which works in 3-4 layers of details, besides the almost moody air booming a top over your head lighter tones also shines beneath plus some gnarly cracks and chews comes in and out almost sounding like a mix of an animal chewing on bones and you stepping on dry branches...hehe.
It works as an grand overture of a track like an outro from some major dramatic battle.

Good as before in other words! As it feels like a story has ended here i feel next chapter will bring some new interesting experience.

Ok so over to the next and to me unknown band Perceneus.....

....From the start its clear this side is more a industrial noisy with a horrorish flair, rotating sounds both like some old factory machines and some high pitch spectral banchees swooping in and around from start to finish. This is more like a track aiming to sound like some state of mind rather then to tell a story which is fine of course and it for sure makes both tape sides stand out from each other.

This one ticks in on about 15 minutes and it ends just as one feels that it is time to end haha !
(To be clear each band has one long song each.)

After some quick research i found this band has like 3-4 other releases including a 12" from Viva Angel Press. (China)

Released by Far From... Records

onsdag 3 oktober 2018

Mavorim / Totenwache - Verbrannte Erde

From the noble Germany comes two relative new dark forces in a combined hell carrion!

Mavorim that starts this split is a new existence for me (but been active since 2014) but with that very nice atmospheric intro track i was ready for them or should i say him(P.) as its a one man band.
What plays out infront my apparition is a mid-tempo melancholic but proud black metal with a hint of pagan sensibilities, clean production but organic and vocals is fittingly harsh and brings my thoughts a bit to Blutkult and similar "über  Germanic" bands other words i like it!
Good  songs with just enough compositions and dramatics to fit inside the 6-8 minutes songs.


Now over to Totenwache which i am more familiar with as i reviewed their Ursprung demo last year....that demo gave a good first impression on me so this split was more then intriguing for me to hear. And to not beat around the bush they have delivered a great 2-song delivery here, much of what i liked on the demo they have built upon and i feel they will only go from strenght to strenght in the future. Good melodies, build ups and atmospheres flows through out their music. (feels a bit inspired by Sargeist -Let the Devil in era)

 Grim & Galiant!

Also often with splits you feel this side or that side is best but this time its hard to pick which band material i enjoy the most...

A split worthy of getting!


1.     Mavorim - Intro     01:18    
2.     Mavorim - Krieger, voran!     06:41    
3.     Mavorim - Ein ewiges Leben     07:47    
4.     Totenwache - Säuberung     08:02    
5.     Totenwache - Treacherous Sorcery     05:45    
6.     Totenwache - Outro     01:27    

Selfrelease, contact the band to seccure your copy!

Triumphant Cadaver release #5

Cosmic Funeral - Lucifer Excelsius (2 track EP / 10 min)

(Thunderous Black metal from Turkey / 2015)
 limited to 50 copies
--- 3 euros ---

There is still tapes left from the Vore (7 euro) release so if you have not that insane creation a perfect combo would be then to combine with CF for a total of 15 euros (including standard shipping)

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onsdag 5 september 2018

New Vore tape out on TC!

NEW tape finally out!

Triumphant Cadaver release #4 : VORE - Elephant! (also in Vfanhthore) ---

Mail me to snatch a copy! ***

fredag 24 augusti 2018

Dieblod / Vrag

From  Eternally Cold Records comes a split with one band thats been active in almost 20 years (Vrag) and another around 2 years...both from Australia.

First of we have Dieblod, really raw sound which suits its mental breakdowns and moon howlings, melancholic guitar pickings works as a backbone to the bleak psychotic vocals that screams and howls....feels like this soul want to be invited to Midian (where the monsters live)
The musical structures is preety loose with the vocalist floating above it letting its own impulses roam free...mid tempo to slow pondering parts float in & out the tracks which in the end as a whole
feels like black brain prison.  Pretty helpless feeling....
Reminds me a bit of Vetala or Mons Veneris and the alike. Good stuff!

I cant really remember if or when i heard anything from Vrag before even though they been activ for so long...Hmm strange...either way they play compared to Dieblod in a more structured fashion and has a nice bass drenched sound, mid tempo nastyness with evil echoing vocals. Good cold atmosphere is a overall coating through out these three songs.
And as you see the song title like "Hallucination" there is some surreal nightmarish bits here and there, i get a bit of French black metal feel which is not a bad thing in my book.
Also some nice untraditional compositions sneaks in towards the end  which works great....Great murky BM with a mental twist on the side.

Solid split...or "solid" is perhaps the wrong word to use here as both parts is in a more or less state of personal dissolvement.... get it if you can and if it sounds like something for you.

Released as i already wrote by Eternally Cold Records and the link to them is:

Track list:
Side A - Dieblod
1.     Dieblod - Knowledge of the Six Moons        
2.     Dieblod - Forbidden Keys of Torment        
3.     Dieblod - Ancient Curse of Khentika Ikhekhi        
Side B - Vrag
4.     Vrag - Pilate        
5.     Vrag - Wells of Moonlight        
6.     Vrag - Hallucination

also regarding the cover art/design i think only Dieblods tracks has anything to do with it.