söndag 10 februari 2019

--TC Tape Update--

Here is a flyer for the coming releases (this & next month)
from Triumphant Cadaver::::::

Pre order lists are open for the first 4 tapes.

 Mail: intotherawwar@gmail.com

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torsdag 7 februari 2019

*** Triumphant Cadaver update /// Pre-orders for next batch ***

After a slight delay of some week due to tech probs these two tapes are now in production! 

A bunch of pre orders have already come in so make sure to get on the pre order list if you wanna make sure to get them.

Mail me at: intotherawwar@gmail.com 

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torsdag 10 januari 2019

Coming Triumphant Cadaver releases !

These two will reach the tape factory first this month and soon after that Liksmink & Psuchagōgoi will hit the factory for an early february release.

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onsdag 9 januari 2019

New tapes are out!

Triumphant Cadaver releases 8 & 9 is out!

Megalith Grave (4 tracks) and Wolves´ Winter (5 tracks) batches unleashed!
7 euro á tape

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for order mail: intotherawwar@gmail.com

torsdag 13 december 2018

Megalith Grave & Wolve´s Winter tape pre-orders!

So finally these 2 releases are in the factory which means its a good time to 
open up the pre orders!

mail me on : intotherawwar@gmail.com to secure your copies.

7 euros each //// 50 copies produced on each release.

Megalith Grave (raw cryptic black metal from the States, 4 new tracks)
no teaser clip on this

Wolve´s Winter (Grand melodic black metal from Argentina with a Finnish flair)

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torsdag 15 november 2018

New TC Tapes out!

Here is a flyer for the 2 newest titles from Triumphant Cadaver.
7 euros each /// 5 euros shipping( no tracking) for one or two tapes .(with tracking its 10 euro)
mail me to get your copies!


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