måndag 22 augusti 2016

AntimateriA Interview!

Let us start off with the regular stuff like how this band got conceived, when, why and how in other words. And do you have former band experiences?

-Greetings! This project started when my friend who I was playing with,
announced that he has no time anymore for an active band rehearsals.
So I had no other option than to make everything by myself, but without any compromises, and with my personal vision that was hiding in my subconscious for a long time. It took about three years to get the album done, but I´m so fucking relieved that it's finally ready. 

And sure I have some former band experiences yes, but let just leave it there..

2.In 2010 a Swedish science group called ALPHA succeeded with help from CERN to capture atoms from antimateria in a so called "atom trap"...
...sounds risque. i myself is no expert regarding antimateria and the danger handling with it... 
As you choose AntimateriA as a band name i believe you got some take on the matter, how would you describe antimateria and what do you think it is and what it is for? 
Is it a part of the never ending dualistic nature like if there is matter there must be antimatter.

- I can say that I'm no expert either what comes to the scientific side of the subject, but I am a big fan of science and like to watch documentaries and read articles concerning cosmos, so I know enough that I was confident to use antimateria also the name of the band. Antimateria is the ultimate dark side,
the symbol of death and destruction and still so mysterious for mankind, in other words perfect for my lyrical theme. 

3. What is your thoughts about the stuff CERN does? One has heard all sort of weird rumors like opening dimension portals etc etc.

 - That is exciting yeah, but I'm afraid it would need much bigger equipments to make any effective portals, but I also do hope and dream that one day they really would be able to make a black hole which eventually would swallow the whole solar system and so on, I would only call that a justice of nature.

4. Let´s go back to the music, how was the experience creating this debut album "VALO AIKOJEN TAKAA"and is it the very first release? 
You describe it on the flyer as cosmos glorifying Black Metal, do you see cosmos as a kind of "GOD" or that the cosmos/ dark matter is "HIS" body.

- One word: HORRIBLE. Cosmos is the ultimate inspiration for me, a window to
eternity and path which I can't take before my death. Nothing to do with any God,
 all life is just a mutation of particles and every living form is responsible for
 its own actions. I believe in coincidence.

5. I see you got two great labels to release the album, Purity through Fire & Worship Tapes, how did you come in contact?

-  I got a contact via my German friend.

6. How do you feel about Finlands black metal history and current state? 
I myself is a total sucker for so many Finnish bands haha but do you have a theory why So much quality BM comes from your land? 

 - Well that is a hard question for me, I don't feel to be a part of the scene that much and I only listen to few Finnish bands... And actually I only listen to few bands in total.. So not a clue, hahah.

7. Is the some t-shirts and stuff being released around the time the album drops?

- Yeah there should be a patches and shirts available in this year, and next year
a vinyl version of the album also.

8. Besides the album has AntimateriA more musical plans in the works?

- I have gathered a good group together, and planning some gigs atm. First one is on october at Black Mass 2 in Tampere. And of course gonna write some songs for future releases.   

9. Thanks for your time answering these questions, last word is yours!

- Thank you, actually nothing wise words to say after graveyard shifts,
think I'm going back to bed now, hahah.. 



onsdag 17 augusti 2016

Curse / Styggelse / WAN - Necroholic

This split kicks off with a filthy and rocking track from Curse, this is a proud worshipping of the Motörhead roots (sure there are plenty of bm stuff here and also some stoner on the 2nd track) and last but not least the vocalist could (almost) fool me if he said that he was Lemmy resurrected! Yeah often he really sounds like him which is of course great but a bit weird hehe...it sounds like if Lemmy had decided to do his own kind of black and roll band...of course the do a cover on Ace of Spades...a perfect song but played to death i think and another choice would be more intriguing to cover like perhaps Orgasmatron....either way their music is good and is a fitting band to put as a split starter!

Next up is the splits highlight namely Styggelse! These 3 tracks they present here is perhaps the best music they ever done, really chaotic & nasty black metal that also has some of their roots from Motörhead (but not so obvious as Curse). Angel Bloodshed is the cream of the Satanic crop! i cant get enough of these tracks!
Music that make you slay angels!

Last but not least we have the barbaric WAN, the only time before i have heard them was on their 2010 album "Wolves of the North" and that album was quite good but did not go and look for more from them but here they really have grown into a bloody double steak that i love to eat! ...to be more precise i like their new sound (perhaps they sounded like this also on "Enjoy the Filth" album but i have not heard it), the vocals are more obscured and distant and the overall style and sound is an roughed up style compared to Wolves album. It is groovy but also so very heavy in a muddy way.

This split is a no brainer really, good stuff from start to finish, the bands both have their own style but also shares the soul of outlaw rock.

........Instead playing Highway to Hell i think Ramirez would be more then happy blasting this in his car stereo when heading for his next kill!

Track list:
1.     Curse - Exploding Head     02:05    
2.     Curse - The Observer     06:21    
3.     Curse - War of One     03:26    
4.     Curse - Ace of Spades (Motörhead cover)02:41    
5.     Styggelse - Angel Bloodshed 03:55    
6.     Styggelse - Stay True To Satan For Eternity 04:28    
7.     Styggelse - No Team in I     02:37    
8.     WAN - In Your Face     02:17    
9.     WAN - Dirty Bastards     02:02    
10.     WAN - I brand     02:48    
11.     WAN - På korset vi kräks 02:24    
12.     WAN - Faun     05:05    
      Total: 40:09     

Released by The True Plague & Satanath Records & Black Plague Records

Dark Path Interview!

1.Welcome to one of Swedens own satanic footholds! 

Hail!! For starting this lugubrious conversation, we want to thank you for opening this space in your zine, so we can announce a little bit more about Dark Path and its history and future. We hope that this writings are nourished from darkness and bad energies and we hope all of you disgust it.

2.From what i know Dark Path started in 2013 and was it only a one man band first with Darkwolf? And how did the rest of the members come together? What was the most important thing/aspect/content to include in Dark Path? How would you describe your satanic belief? 
That's it. DarwWolf was the one who started a non-ambitious music project, making art from his decaying mind since year 2013. After some changes in the members, the first project passed away to renew a band that started to make its own space with aims with a stable crew when we joined V. Wraith (guitar/bass), Evil Messiah (guitar) and BlackPest (drums).
Dark Path is a relatively young band, but composed by long-trajectory and aims-oriented musicians. The most important for us is making music that satisfy us. We are not for making the last fashion style music. We essentially target to the darkness, to the lugubrious music, odes to death and obscurity.

According to the beliefs inside our band: we do not follow any kind of established nor chaining doctrine nor dogma. We rather opt for the individual freedom together with the being reinforcement, as well as we carry it out with our musical dimension. Our musical approach encompasses variety of issues, such as esoteric ones as well as anti-christian ones. However we disown any religion, no matter its name. For us, satanism does not exist if it is outlined from the point of view of the Abraham-related religions. The true sense of the path of bright star's dawn proposes a philosophy for the thinking man, not a rope for the ignorant lamb.

3. Musically speaking how is the town you live in? Many different types of bands active? What band is the worst trendy band and which one do you feel doing it right? How is everyday life by the way? 
Lately, a lot of young band have emerged from Concepcion (Chile), including leading styles such as Death metal Old School, mixes of Death/Thrash or Black/Death. Also Black Metal is scarce during the last time here. I could not cite the worst neither the best band: I do not want to give a biased nor subjective opinion for benefit or harm some specific band.

The daily life in Concepcion and in Chilean main cities is rather belonging to the Western world. Even though from the European perspective a city in Chile may sound like a very contrasting one for you, I do not really think there are big differences with any common city in Sweden. According to the music duties, local band rehearse, we perform in concerts, we record our albums, we trade music, etc.

4. In 2014 the first cd demo "Forest of Eternal Darkness" came out, self released? Was it just handed out to close circle or did it spread out more? What do you think of the songs now? 

Exactly, this demo was recorded in 2014 with very few resources (programmed drums, home-made recording) but with large amounts of passion for making a hateful Black Metal music that was self-produced in CD-R format. Despite of our moneyless production, the demo received a very good criticism and it called the attention to the English label Cold Raw Rec, that re-edited this demo. It was useful for us to progressively started to emerge as a band. The themes are still live-performed and for us they are the classic DarkWolf compositions at the first age of the band. They won't be forgotten since we spent such a long time rehearsing these pieces in twilight close to darkness.

5. Another cd demo "Advance 2015" came out or is it a promo early last year? I guess it was a teaser for the "Lurking in the Shadows" tape? the intro here is it only on this promo? 

"Advance 2015" emerged from a rehearsal that we decided to register with and an ambience (sound recording) microphone and then in a second session we recorded our voices. At this point we already were working as a trilogy with DarkWolf (screams/guitar), V.Wraith (bass) and BlackPest (drums) and we were in full process of new tracks composition. The intro was recorded with improvised chords that were registered in the voice recording session. All was very fast: our intention was to show in-advance mode what we would make for our album debut.

6. "Lurking in the Shadows" was then released on tape through Pagan Funeral Records (Cold, Pervertor, Spell of Death), how did you come in contact? and what other labels is good from your area? And is there some scammer one should look out for? Looks like there are two different covers to this? I guess there is a cd too? 

We are close friends with this underground-label owner. When I proposed the idea he just accepted it immediately. We are very satisfied with his work and he helped us a lot with the diagramming work. We actually have not had any bad experience with any label. We have not known about any rip-off label, but only from some comments we know that some labels last too much time for the release, which is bad for the bands. We indeed have two covers for the same album, since we re-edited it with a Thai label called Hell Prods. (http://hellprod.blogspot.cl/2012/11/release.html)  and we fortunately had a reserved drawing for the cover and we left it for this edition.

7.This first official release looks like a good product from good cover art to the music. How was it to work on this release? What was the hardest part to do?
The artwork in both versions was developed by a talented young graphic artist self-denominated Executoner Spectrum from Rengo (Chile). Even though we were very clear on how we wanted the sound to be targeted, it took us a while to finally agree in the ultimate definitive sound. The complete music production was in charge by V. Wraith, but all the integrants influenced the final sound.

8. How was the gig at Under the Black Candlelight & Hellraiser VIII? How was the experience for you there? And was there some other band there you liked? 

Both shows were made with an excellent production (sound, light effects, scenario). They included very high level bands in our country. These bands did an excellent live presentation.

9.Now after doing music some years how do you feel your music composition has grown and how do you look into the future on this dark path? 
Of course we feel our music has grown. It has lately been composed by all the band members, so new ideas have been added and new composing ways have been included, obviously without falling apart from the Black Metal that we want to make in the most honest and honourable possible way. We do not pretend to follow current trendy fashions: we want to make only the music we devote the most.
We look forward DarkPath in the future as a band that keep working in the Underground, and making honest Black Metal without sub-categories.

10. Thanks for your time! Last word is yours

Thank you again for your interest in contact us with this interview.
I hope to see this sinister pages soon.

Stay in Darkness!!!

Link to a promo track:

söndag 31 juli 2016

IAD - Ad abolendam

IAD is a underground black metal band from Germany and has been active since around 2001, now very soon they will release a 7" picture disc consisting of two satanic rituals....and that 7" is what i will write about now if you have not figured that out by now.

The first and title track "Ad abolendam" is a very effective song with great tribal drummings that evokes a feeling of an ever closing danger, the guitars they too mix from dramatic haunting & somewhat dissonant sound to some grand smokey chuggings, witchy ghastly vocals croaks in and out the production. Also some nice samples for infusing dark atmosphere, satanic and demonic just as i like it. well made song from start to finish.

Next song "erwachen der alten" continue with similar style but includes some major bestial war metal stuff so one can say first track was the gathering of hell spawns this track is where they unleash the massacre! Solid slaughter even if it is not as engaging as the first one...

Production does it job well with both enough clarity without loosing the rawness and power in it.

All in all this is a nasty and  possessed release that is well worth your pennies...and gets you wanting more from IAD! 

And also this is a good start to get into this horde.

It will  be released via Hatework label next week!

Have listen here:


fredag 29 juli 2016

Korgonthurus Interview 2016

This Finnish horde don´t need no further introduction!

1. Hailz!
Last time we spoke was in september of 2013 so its been awhile.
back then you had just recently had your first live gig in five years and felt
pumped for more live rituals. Have you played live much these last 3 years and was there some
highlights and/or the opposite?

Necron: We haven't done that many gigs in the last years. One of the definite highlights was Under the Black Sun Festival. Good to see the positive response from the audience.

2. Talking about having a full line-up the i guess the band dynamic transforms,
what would you say has changed in the core of Korgonthurus with the new blood, is there a chain of command?

Necron: I wouldn't say that we have a chain of command, but majority of the songs are done by Corvus and Kryth. Otherwise we are quite democratic band. With the new blood we have gotten some new insights to the songs.

3. The new album really kills! It has a more headbanging infusion into the music a bit more like the start of the band rather then the more longer, bleaker hypnotic structure of like the Marras album, how did you talk around this change or did that just happened with the new members involvement? 
Besides listening to the album this rockier style fits the stage great.

Necron: Most of the songs in "Vuohen Siunaus" are from the time before the new members were recruited.
I don't feel that we have changed during the years, only evolved with our playing and composing skills.

4. Could you introduce the new members, what they do and their past crimes.

Necron: Well, Saturnus is a long time friend of ours, also familiar from Nordlys and Horna former
 guitarist in his past. Incisura, we recruited him originally to play live guitar for the mini tour
that we were suppose to have with slovenian band Somrak.

5. Could you speak some about the the split North Karelian Black Winds that came out in 2013 and also some about the Ikuisuuden arvet (Alternate Version).

Necron: Not much to say, North Karelian Black Winds is basically a compilation from the one festival
where we were headliners. "Ikuisuuden arvet" is basically a re-re-release of the promo/demo.

6. Going back to the new album, how was the actual work experience and (i cant read much Finnish) what does the album title means and what is the direction of the main lyrical content?

Necron: " Vuohen Siunaus" - " Blessing of the Goat". As you can imagine, main lyrical content is around satanism.

7.How does the rest of this year look like? 
Where will you play next?

Necron: So far nothing confirmed yet.
At the moment we are composing new material for the third full length.

8. Thanks again for your time.

Necron: Hail Satan !

Here is a link to my first interview with Korgonthurus:


onsdag 27 juli 2016

Unsalvation - Swansong of Zion

This Finnish band has been active since around 2011 and has before this released one demo "Fall of the Tetragrammaton" and one split "Psalms of Chaotic Darkness" with Deathcraft from Spain, what i fell for first with Unsalvation was their mix of quite doomy death metal parts and noisy war metal that is a bit like  if you take GoatPenises "Biochemterrorism"(but turn the groove into doom) and any Nyogthaeblisz release and melt them together with a blowtorch you will get something like this "Swansong of Zion" ep!

Yeah its is great in other words... or that is if you like to either ruin your good mood or if you are about to go out and bring death & chaos to "insert preferred target here".

The is ep from start to finish murders and even if it has a wall of noise the drums and guitars come through nicely and is effective and sinister, vocals is a type of low growl but often with echoes or similar effects on so it spaces out and blows around the soundscape.
The production really fits and pump up the thick disgusting heavy atmosphere so it almost becomes claustrophobic which is really fitting this type of hell music.

First i was about to moan about that no label had snatched up this creation but now i just read that it will be out on Deathcamp Rex.
Keep an eye out for it! (It will come in handy soon as the war is closing in here in Europe)

Track list:
1.     Jerusalem     01:45    
2.     Wolves of the Iron Forest     02:50    
3.     Vehement Chants Invoke the Abysmal Spirits     06:06    
4.     Behead the Subhumans     06:05    
5.     Omnipresence Eradicated by Impetuous Holocaust     08:21    
6.     Swansong of Zion     01:34    

lördag 23 juli 2016

LASTER - De verste verte is hier

Atmospheric Black Metal nowadays seems to more then often be stained with shoegazing/post black core bullshit (sure it can be done great but i rather have them more separated in their own playfields) and so too is Laster...BUT it is done great and those inspirations is not too obnoxious, often these mixtures becomes very hipster pretentious...very much the "emperor's new soo avantgarde clothes syndrome" that i rather eat my own shoe then listen to.

Laster plays rather in a convincing & emotive and harsh style (but the production have a kind cloudy filter to it so the harshness is to a extent buried) with long songs that builds up tension great with inclusions of effective outros (with piano/organ etc) that binds together it all to a neat little shady package... but on the last song they shit in their pants...they should not included that one i think. it breaks off to much from the other music in both genre and style...sounds more like some New order song dipped in washed out sulphur.

The themes is not seemingly satanic (i am no good at Dutch) but rather negative and existentialistic and that is fine and fits the music.

So all in all (excluding track 4) this is a competent modernistic atmospheric release, sure it can feel a bit pretentious but not too much for me this time.


1.     Alles wat mij bevalt, ontvalt me     13:37    
2.     Tot de tocht ons verlicht     10:03      
3.     Ik - mijn masker     15:03      
4.     De verste verte is hier     06:05    

Released by:
  Dunkelheit Production

Band link: