torsdag 30 augusti 2012

A bitter sweet catch!

Dont have enough time to write an proper post this night but i upload this little photo of today's groceries!

I think i will focus on Enochian crescent first...

onsdag 29 augusti 2012


If you have a craving form some blastbeating madness tune in to Azaghals ripping album "Perkeleen Luoma" from 2004!

From the get go the beatings on the "digital leather" is immense (but mixed a bit dim and murky...) and the guitars whipping up a storm of killer wasps! (the mix is a bit loud and a good way.)
The voice of Varjoherra is fitting right into this hellish bulldozer with high cold screams and pissed off "harmonies"!

Two of the strongest tracks here i must say is the first in-your-face song "Helvettiin" and the proud fifth song "Kuoleman Kylmä Ikuisuus"...well the whole ten tracks is good all together but if i have to say something negative it may be that the (almost) constant blastbeating drummachine can come of as one handed... a living human maby could put in some more details to the picture.

This is a brutal cd (wish a had the double vinyl...) with some  breaks with epic compositions that completes the whole thing great! An extra plus to the dramatic conclusion song "Filosofi"  too!

tisdag 28 augusti 2012

A deep dip into Lurker of Chalice bleak river

It comes to no surprise that this side project from Wrest (Leviathan) is coated in hypnotical layers of personal depressive waves, this nine songs will dragging you down the pits with them and they will never let you go.

I would not say that this is a difficult record to grasp but i would say it is more like you are an observer to Wrests own  tribulations and downward spirals rather then bonding with him....

It is a mixture of doomy ambients and gloomy USBM bits, the "singing" is more in the vain of talking in variations of  distortion. Sometimes the voice is so distant that you almost think it is someone behind you that whispers.
A very strong record i must say but you have to be in the mood for this kind of slow building (never boring though) mental songs to really get the most out of it.

Give it time and you'll thank yourself later!

*Wrest has hinted that 4 other full albums of Lurker exists but has not been released...*

måndag 27 augusti 2012

Two Finnish Beasts!

I scored twice today and got my dirty hands on Hornas rerelease of the fantastic early record "Hiidentorni" and Arsonist Lodges Ep "Perkele, Antikristus ja väärä profeetta"!

If someone saw me on my way home they would witnessed a knife sharp smile on my face, he he. I even had the luck of sitting next to a a catholic priest in full 100% cotton "armour" in the subway, his fluttering gaze was fun to see when i flipped through Hornas cd-booklet (my inner child got its cheap kicks) . Hohoho!

Anyway, lets get over the main event here!

To collect Hornas releases is sometimes a bitch in the ass but on the other side they have made so much material (and the most of it is super!) so one can often stumble across something from them by today!
I had almost given up hope to get the dubble CD-opus "Sanojesi Äärelle" when the shopkeeper  suddenly reached me the "Hiidentorni"!!

Here is three earlier covers one of the original (in the middle i think) and two older rereleases.

The first thing you notice is that even if you feel right at home (the home of horns!) you notice that the voicemix and singing style is a bit different, the variations of the gurgeling and howlings etc that takes place here is probably because Nazguls insane persona was behind the mic.

                                                             (Nazgul in the center of the photo)

The whole sound is in the "raw" category but a good one... it´s not like some early Drowning the Light demos when you barly heare the music. (Love Drownings later efforts by the way.)
The atmosphere is also something extra here! It feels like your back in the "old savage age" with everything that comes with it.(8 songs)

As always with Horna they combines sharp evil riffings with memorable storming melodies.
You'll certainly engulf yourself in this cd many times over. One of Hornas better creations fore sure!

The next finnish satanic worshippers is maybe not so prolific as Horna but the have a very promising future at their hands .(...if they want.)
These Arsonists have only released twe Ep´s and one demo(2003) but i hope they will continue produce stuff because they do some heavy hatefull shit here!! The three songs is quite long and doomy but in a more Black finnish raw metal style and they are never boring and the singer does a very good job of keeping the black flame alive i must say!
Give them a try!    NOW!

Is that a church i see burning ???!!!! XD

söndag 26 augusti 2012

Arckanum - ÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞ -

I have no idea WHY i have not taken action earlier then now to start dig into Arckanums Chaos-Gnostic universe!
Now when i finally started to listen to  Shamaataes grim and intriguing creations i have no intentions to turn back, this man has really painted a multi-layered canvas of old occult history and  a space in turmoil.

 In this first entry i do i lay my focus on his (maby) greatest effort namely the "ÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞ",  from the get go harsh and melancholic melodic parts play out like an wardance in ancient forests. It is a combination of hypnotic but creative vibrations from the guitars and hording drums, it has an vibe of old ghasts screaming back at modern society and warns every idiot homo sapiens to take a step back. (a huge one!)
 The eleven tracks clock in on aprox 50 minutes and the feeling of going through the whole saga in one sitting is well rewarding but you´ll have to listen to it many times before every mystery will be solved...

The man himself in full swing!

He is also author to books on Chaos-Gnosticism, Anti-Cosmic Satanism, Old Norse religion  under the pen-name Vexior.

More reviews on records from Arckanum will be posted here very soon!
(I´m waiting for his "antikosmos" to drop down into my hands soon too!)

lördag 25 augusti 2012

Katharsis is Hell !!!

The first band i feel suitable for my dawnbreaking post is the truly masterful Katharsis (started in 1996) from Germany, it may not be the first band you´ll find through your gravediggings (as it should be) but when you find them your damage soul will freeze with awe!

The three records from them i had the luck of buying is two (of three) album "666" & "VVorldVVithoutEnd" and the one Ep "Fourth Reich",  they have also released 6 splits and 5 demos.

 Fourth Reich

If you desire to get sucked up in an extreme vortex of satanic thunder you should not seek further!!!
From what i heard myself and from ...others their third album "VVorldVVithoutEnd" is their big masterpiece and i can't disagree lesser.

Everything is insanely well made all from the riffings and drummings and not to forget the fantastic maniac screeching/spitting/ghasting Drakh singer !!! The atmosphere is feverish and evil, exactly like you whant it to be!

The EP and their first album is really good too and should not to be missed, they are in the same vain as "VVorld" but has slightly different tails in them and is slightly less hellish.

Now i really long for their second album "Kruzifixxion"... I´ll have to terrorise my local record dealer a bit more i think....And i´ll post it right away when i have it!

One (of many)standout moment is how the first raging track "Eden Belovv" melts togeather so heavenly with track two "Kross Fyre", it is a fittingly orgasmic start to the whole record.

The birth!

This blog will be used only for reviewing & writing about all kind of death/black-metal music.