fredag 30 november 2012

Adustum - Searing Fires and Lucid Visions

Let´s continue with some more Qliphoth black metal masturbation!

From Kempen in Belgium comes this group with strong nighttime devotion, this first release from them is an promising start but i think they will reach their gruesome goal on the next or the album after that...

First thing that is one of the most important aspects of this kind of music is that one should be able to  take it serious and on that "thing" they manage very well.
The other is the music itself and its here where it feels like Adustum will evolve and get better and more interesting in the future.
Dont take me wrong because everything is well played and there is a lot of dark tension which is great but it feels like the quite long songs lose there "meat" after a while. maby they just should had made them shorter? i dont know but i put my trust in them in realising greater rituals in the future.

Track 3 is has this problem the most but then just when you start losing your "faith"
The last (4) song starts and it is awesome! Damn did they put all the power and effort on this one?! One could think so! It has many interesting guitar landscapes and interludes, some neat drum blastings and a big plus for the percussion intermission-bridge! An epic and strong song.

As i said Adustum will grow and grow fast, they show many furtile seeds in this debut!

Maby some time in the future we will see a "QlipFes" where Ofermod & Mephorash & Adustum (and many more) play side by side? Who knows? ;)

Track list: (the records ends after aprox 30 min.)

1. V.O.H.I.R. - Exvocatium Dæmonicus
2. Ravenous Copulation Upon Her Altar of Catamenia
3. The Eulogy of One Through Three Times Three
4. Psalm CLVI - The Rites of Lunar Blood 

torsdag 29 november 2012

Nightbringer - Hierophany of the Open Grave

Enter the hellish chaos that Nightbringer grants you! Feel the great black dissonance when you stumble down the twilight corridors, let the old ones come closer as you fumble with the keys given to you...

There is much to digest and learn through this big artwork, much to take in and research here. (if you like to become a bit wiser that is.)
The whole experience is very serious and you buy it! Everything is done with such fingertip sensitivity that nothing falls to chance.... or becomes boring. This is a really majestic dimension you will be harassed by!

The music in itself has an very big & atmospheric sound to it, hunting guitars fly around and melts greatly with the blasting drums and creates an united form of a draconian maelstrom. (this well made wall-of-sound reminds me a bit of Katharsis - Vvorld Vvithout End.)
The the ghastly singing lays almost lose on top of the music and but at the same time feels very concentrated to tell the listener secrets thats found from the forgotten worlds.

All of the song rituals holds up nicely against each other but my personal choise must be tracks 3, 4 & 5.

Track list:
1.     Rite of the Slaying Tongue    
2.     Eater of the Black Lead    
3.     Psychagogoi    
4.     Lucifer Trismegistus    
5.     The Gnosis of Inhumation    
6.     The Angel of Smokeless Fire    
7.     Dreaming Above the Sepulcher    
8.     Via Tortuosa    
9.     Old Night    

tisdag 27 november 2012

Mephorash - Chalice of Thagirion

If you are looking to get your Qliphoth kicks this is a good year for just that!

Ofermod recently gave birth to its Thaumiel and now the Uppsala horde releases its second album "Chalice of Thagirion", sure the two bands have their own distinct sound but i think it would not hurt (your senses) to play them one after another.
While Ofermods goes for a more mature and schooled evil music Mephorash is like the young maniac son that goes for your throat with a big meatknife right away!

It feels like some kind of deviant fire was in play when they concived all the tracks on this album, straight after the cries from a new born the thundering blasbeats, speeding guitar slashes and powerfull high-pitch screams comes out with no end in sight! It all feels like an big twitching and turning spell of fire!

 With just a couple of moody intermissions to get your feet back on the ground one could be in need of a cold beer or two after record has ended. It is quite an explosive ride!

Track list:
1.     Chalice of Thagirion        
2.     Corpus Christi        
3.     From Orcus Into Erebos        
4.     Membrorum Defecerit        
5.     νεκρος        
6.     Radiance from the Sacred Shine        
7.     Servant        
8.     Legion, for we are Many        
9.     Descension of Daath        
10.     The Odius Gospels        
11.     Ain Soph        

The stand out songs for me is the first one & the fourth and track number ten, these three songs shows also some of the vigor and variations that they possess but it would not harm if they where even more present overall on the album.
The production is strong and loud and quite modern and it works fine, no instrument is left in the dark.

While the music is traditional highspeed violent black-metal it sounds that they have intentions to expand  and explore their dark visions even further so keep an eyes on Mephorash in the future too!

And a big hail also to Thagirion that keep these soldiers together for future wars to come!!

söndag 25 november 2012

Almost human

After the fear & loathing in Västerås this weekend i trying to collect my bodyparts... until i´m completed i give you two simple photos of nice things i got at Arosian.

The t-shirt is from the Swedish band Tomhet (Scythe of Death Productions)
And the two fresh tapes is from Sapientia & Die Kunst der Finsternis (Lamech records) great shit!

söndag 18 november 2012

Transfigurations of Infernal War and Kriegsmaschine

This is just a quick update!

This split is super!!

 This two Polish warmasters is serving up an bloody holocaust of blasting black metal! (well they did it in 2010 anyway...)

Every song is great but if i have to choose one it will be Kriegsmaschines track 5 " Fear and Loathing in Gethsemane", it has one of the best and ecstatic build-ups towards the end of the song , etc.
Infernal Wars "Into the Vortex of Naught " is also really nasty.... it´s a hard choice when all of them is good.

Just buy it!

fredag 16 november 2012

Friday Blasphemy Spells!

Got some "nice" things a moment ago!

Abigor - 1995 Orkblut -The Retaliation  (picture vinyl)

Azazel/Goatmoon split (cd)

Swarth  (tape)

Black Feast - Worship of Darkness (tape)

torsdag 15 november 2012

Baptism - As the Darkness enters

As the final song "Casus Tenebris" was ending i knew it for certain! That this latest album from Baptism is one of his greatest! And thats no small thing to claim.

This and like all of Lord Sargofagians work it contains gallons of hatred and satanism but this time a
great bit of empowerment. (at least in my ears.) is heard.

Some refreshing musical variation has also been forged into this work., i have not heard all of his music but compared to the last three full albums (that i also have and really like!) "As the Darkness Enters"  feels like sharper and more on the prowl!  
Feels like this is a new and transcendent era for Baptism! 
(Hmm....strange i felt similar to Behexens new...)

There is still a lot of depressing lyrics and all but it also feels more mentally strong! Like a new internal power that makes the black light brighter/darker and nurtures it all in a good way, strong melodies runs through every song and one of my favorites "Esoteric Spheres"  incorporates some tastefull and atmospheric keyboard parts. Every song is fresh in its ugly fashion and they stand proud on there own but at the sametime creates a big great harsh picture that one will re-enter many moons ahead.high quality darkness!

Now i only wish for Baptism to come over here to Sweden and play!

Nice t-shirt too!

tisdag 13 november 2012

A package full of Demons

My package from the lovely Terratur Possessions arrived today and... the rest (of this evening & night) is history!

I even got a free nice looking t-shirt! There must be a god after all! he he he

måndag 12 november 2012

Behexen - Nightside Emanations

 Hail Behexens return!

The lifechanging events in Hoaths life that happened in around 2010 is evident in
this piece of art called "Nightside Emanations", the serious tone that run
right through all the tracks here levitates the album above the rating "great"
to "really great"!
There is no hesitation about the "true" nature of this record.
 (not that there ever have been any reason to hesitate.)

It is a very focused concept about worshiping Lilith and embracing the end of
mankind, all the songs feels more or less like spellchants to evoke and open
the serpents gate etc. It has an epic & vengeful feel to it but with some hints of grief....

The production is more fat and round then the older Behexen material (the older is more
highpitched sharp and disted) but it works well, this typ of  production is maby even more fitting
for this grand content...

Many songs has traditional Behexen vibes in it but they have inserted some new
interesting tones and rythms. The singing is great with a dark but brutal rasp to
 it, it is like Hoath has been drinking strong booze for like 20 year in a row. There is also some clean chantings in the background to underline the feelings and reasons of certain paths.

Track list:
1.     Intro         
2.     Wrathful Dragon Hau-Hra    
3.     Death's Black Light    
4.     Circle Me...    
5.     We Burn with Serpent Fire    
6.     Luciferian Will    
7.     Awaken Tiamat    
8.     Temple of the Silent Curses    
9.     Shining Death    
10.     Kiss of Our Dark Mother

Even if this album is a bit dense (in a good way if you ask me) there are some rocking tracks that stands out like the third song "Death´s Black Light" or the melodic  "Awaken Tiamat".

...i have some strange feeling after listening to "Nightside Emanations" that
this could be the last Behexen album.... or is it just a new door thats open and the old Behexen is gone?

torsdag 8 november 2012

Horna - Ääniä Yössä

If i should point one "wildcard" in Hornas huge line-up of releases i might point at this album "Aäniä Yössä", if you have not heard it and wonder why i should first mention that this full-album consists of only 4 songs and the last one is around 21 minutes long! So yeah this album is not constructed as usual and therefore demands an extra mile by the random listener.

 It is not the first Horna record you should hear if you want the classical Horna experience not because its bad (it is GOOD!) but because of what i mentioned here above, sure Horna has an long and diverse sounding history but they usually construct ther work in a bit more traditional manner. (for the genre)

Ääniä Yössä was released inbetween  "Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne" and "Sotahuuto" in the year 2006, the concept in focus here is the black plague that killed enormous amount of people back in the day and as you hear in the opening track the disease carrier rats chipping & chirping as the invade one city after another.

It is an ugly mid-tempo work Shatraug and Corvus have painted for us and it is a somewhat hypnotic in the last part where one get illusions of corpsfilled streets and how humanity is on its knees begging without any answer or help.
Beside the uglyness it is also a bit depressive and claustrophobic journey one take under this 43 minutes, it can sometimes be a bit to repetitive but they manage to make it work somehow anyway.

Corvus singing is great but it is extremly broken and raspy though i like it some may think it is a bit to much....

 Soo to the final verdict! (OMG!) he he...
Yes this is a good but not great record, they succeeded in resurrect the filthy & deadly plague feeling and one can almost smell the rotting flesh of death.
 The negative points is some tiresome parts and it could have been a bit grander in scale but as a "slice-of-death" kind of vision this works just fine.

Watain - Opus Diaboli

Ohh this is a sweet box of tricks! If you are into Watains anti-cosmic worldmusic you should have this!

onsdag 7 november 2012

Mgla - Groza (2008)

First i must say that i have always liked Mgła from the start with the "Presence" Ep (etc) but i think this album "Groza" is this two-member bands first musical achievement that comes close to its underground hype!

The album has only four songs (36 min) but each one of them is very rich in tremolo texture and bitter poetic taste, every song builds up the atmosphere effectively and the distorted guitars and distorted aura is deeply carved into the moment. This record is something you should take some extra time with not that it is especially hard to get into but it gives out more then one maby can think first...(that is also true to many other albums too of course.)

The singing is in traditional raspy black metal style but it fits just right, its underlines the harshness well.
The music is a bit raw but at the same time clear and the bass is something one can hear and it works nice. The whole sound feels depressive but then strong, hatefull but then not blind. It has almost two sides of everything and it is quite rare thing.... and the lyrics is worth reading i must say and if one like to dig even deeper into the philosophy of this work you will find many "real" poetic references.

tisdag 6 november 2012

A little thuesday hunt that went great!

At last i have these three "old" great albums in my castle!

Craft - Terror Propaganda
Horna - Ääniä Yössä
Urgehal - The Eternal Ecplise

måndag 5 november 2012

Tribulation - The Horror

After a weekend of partymayhem combined with the two final days in the studio i was (read now) like a ghost of my former self.... i really needed (except vitamins) a kick in my ass!

And this time (last time it was Hellhammer) it is the debut album from Tribulation (2009) that kickstarts my zombie-heart up through the wormy cemetery ground and up into the corps cold night sky like a belgianblue-bat!!

This is a intense record of slobbering horror/trash/death-metal straight from the belly of an berserking ogre! Fast and relentless!

It is easy to see(hear) that these swedish boys has been worshiping bands like Morbid Angel/ Possessed and Kreator etc,  they did not just settle with doing something just like them instead they dragged out the best and meaty parts and then brought in their own horror vibe.
 Fat & manic guitar riffings fly around like twisters and the drums blast and beats the living down into the coffin in style! The snarling and aggressive singing works just as good one could hope for.
It is a great production too where everything is perfectly fitted into the chaos whithout being clean and boring, it is obvious that the band knew precisly what they wanted and how to get it!

It is a fairly short album that ends after around 32 minutes but it does not bother one too much because you gladly put it on repeat! The layers in the songs is just deep enough for it too keep being interesting for a long time ahead.

track list:
1.     Into the Jaws of Hell - instrumental
2.     Crypt of Thanatophilia    
3.     Curse of Resurrection    
4.     Beyond the Horror    
5.     The Vampyre    
6.     Sacrilegious Darkness    
7.     Spawn of the Jackal          
8.     Seduced by the Smell of Rotten Flesh    
9.     Graveyard Ghouls

And do i have to mention the super artwork?

Now how should manage to find their Ep 7" "Putrid Rebirth"?

...and i hear little birds talking about a new record in the works now...