måndag 25 december 2017

Moraš - Gaze of the Void

So Moraš is back again this year with its second demo tape, for those who have not listen to Moraš before he plays a very raw and hateful black metal. Pretty long songs that has the looping trance feeling that the cover art suggest, it sounds just like that!

It´s grinding your soul down into the void!

It follows up the debut " Manifest Death" good with the same misanthropic soundsscapes and meaning, it has its bleak repeating riffs but also includes enough of melodies to the whole picture to be memorable. Songs has no huge differance between them but then again i think this suffocating atmosphere is enhanched by that...like a downward spiral of death.

The spiteful and screamed vocals works great to the rest as before and the production is over medium good having in mind this is a demo...but then again i dont often enjoy high-end studio clean productions. (few exceptions exists of course) It sound just as you like it to do in other words!

The tracks are untitled and i dont know how long each song is  but the tape clocks in on about 24 minutes which is a fine length for this content.

Second outing of  Moraš is another solid anti-human demonstration and i look forward to the next one!

This time around Moraš is released by BLACK GANGRENE


söndag 24 december 2017

Chotzä - Bärner Bläck Metal Terror

The mysterious 500 year old "The Child eater of Bern" statue that grace the cover sets the ground fondation well for this top BM album! (some rumors says its depicting a jew eating the babies...would not be surprised there.)

I usually dont review releases song by song but here is an exception, first song carries the cover art theme with crying babies sample etc (love the intros old school horror synth style) and is an kick-ass start of the album! Blistering cold guitars blast out with screams and howls! The air fills with ominous clouds and the sun turns black! Pretty traditional 90´s black metal but with its own Bärnian  flair of decadence, nice variation in rythms through the song & with some good tasteful guitar solos & nice bass parts (and secondary guitar melodies peaks the track even more) towards the end, vocals is good, ugly and raw and is well placed into the mix. (as in every song) A great grand start!

Second song comes out and  swinging its dick!
First one gets quite surprised as it has a upbeat jumpy drum stomp similar to Mansons Golden Age of Grotesques "Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag" (inspiration from swing, burlesque, cabaret and vaudeville movements of Germany's Weimar Republic-era) but then they blend it with great ease into their own song as it progresses, nasty and rocking song that stands out as one of the best on the album and i feel it would be great show stopper out on their gigs.

Third song for me is the weakest song or should i say not-as-good as the others, it slows down the tempo and gets a bit darker & somber.... its fine  but just has not as memorable compositions as the other songs. It fits well though in its place on the album as a bone-bridge between the more golden-meat songs.

Fourth track picks up the tempo again and has bit of an blackish moody folk melody without sounding off in any way... second half is best i think with its more melancholic atmosphere, nice screams wailing over the soundscape. As i have no knowlage of their language i have no clue on what they are singing about besides some clues here and there (like on the first song) but i feel their songs are enough vibrant to paint up visions in them selfs to not be a problem.

Fifth song smells quite much of Carpathian Forests Strange old Brew (more precicely the  Thanatology song) but just as the second song they morph their inspiration into their own hellish little tale, and i think they even kicks CF in the balls abit towards the later part of the song when they includes parts with Harpsichord (think Mozart´ish style piano) and from there on its magnificent! The scream, the drums, the guitar and bass and vocals are perfect and that Harpsichord outro  to top it off  makes it to one of my personal high points of music i heard in a long time. Magic!

Sixth song kicks in the door and rapes your daughter...and the dog! Then its over haha its more like an hate interlude then a full song.

And now we have come to the final song and it picks up kind of the sounds of the first song but includes a surprisingly neat acoustic guitar melody that is used together with the rest as a main lead, both harsh and "soft".... like a smack then a caress then smack again.
Some sweet inclusion of harmonicas comes in a bit in the song and some guitar solos. It could gone soo bad with the use of these things but the band does it perfectly!

When the album is over you feel fulfilled and enriched for sure, for this is easly one of this years best albums! It is perhaps a bit short but better short and tight then being too long and boring.
 Pick it up either on CD (Souhung Records) or on tape (Worship Tapes) or soon on vinyl (Sturmglanz production)

Track list
1.     Chindlifrässer     06:38    
2.     Jammergschtautä     04:49    
3.     Drumhuldigämiramleid     06:05    
4.     Ds Chunmerlied     04:47    
5.     Schizophrenia     08:28    
6.     B.B.M.T     01:33    
7.     Nuttämord (Im Mon Bijou)     05:43    

onsdag 20 december 2017

Vampahyuhr - TOME (demo I)

Into the long and winding meditative void

This first demo from Vampahyuhr serves as a solid ground to build upon for this one-man band (?) i think as what you get here is a cohesive sound of bleak winter night tunes, the longing for that final sleep is portrayed here in a traditionall early DSBM way (not that crying baby style but rather like an attack against those weak and close to take that last step...to do it) with long buzzing gloomy loops of guitar riffs and some dark acoustic interludes, simple but working drums. Vocals is screaching a bit down in the pit (mix) like he is trying to pull you down. All in all it is a nice start (i enjoy its simple but straight existence) even if its not soo memorable music wise.

For people suffering from serious depressions or similar i cant say how this music would effect them as i dont suffer from stuff like that myself...so no i wont kill myself listening to this, sorry. hehe... rather i feel it has that meditative black ambience comfort that i feel right at home with.

Extra plus for the band logo, i hope to see this band evolve as i have a feeling there is potential to deflower & abuse here.

If you are into this type of BM give Vampahyuhrs first demo TOME a shoot!

1. The Prelude To My Death
2. To Endure An Eternity Alone
3. Dysphoria
4. As I Walk Into The Sunlight
5. Entering The Gates Of Purgatory
6. Endless Suffering
7. The End Of This Lifelessness

this tape is released by the Australian label Eternally Cold Records

fredag 15 december 2017

Faustgeist s/t demo

FromChile comes a new project named Faustgeist and their (two members) first release is this self titled two tracked demo.

First i was afraid that only two songs would be a bit too little to leave some mark but -first the two songs is quite lengthy and -second they are enough good! (they grow nicely from each spin)

Their style is raw 2nd wave BM with both icy blasts and more thoughtful rytms (drums is an extra plus i would say as they are inspired and varied) Guitars are simple but effective in a somber way and also has some upbeat parts that is engaging (first song has the best of these parts). songs is around 10 minutes but they use their compositions well so they dont fall into some jawn inducing void.
Vocals is croaking screams which is just as they need to be for this project.

As this is a demo it has not the best production but all is audiable just a bit muffled (like standing outside a rehearsal space listening through the door)

Lyrics is NS not that i hear whats sung but thats the info out there.

All in all a possitive experience with two members hammering out some neat songs which has enough soul and musical potental.

Look forward to the next release from them!

Track list:
1.     Kulturkampf        
2.     You Decay Slowly

tisdag 5 december 2017

Todeszone - Night of the Sharpest Blades

In February this year this demo (or album i would call it) came out and from the sample i heard i got inspired to check this out, i had not heard from what i recall the first demo but i heard Ghost Kommando where Kommandant Apokalyptron (Or Karnov as he called himself there) was the second half of the band & GK did some great and twisted metal for sure so i had hopes up for this early on.

Now after listened some times on this tape i can say it full filled my hopes not that it is directly similar with GK but on its own more sober (but very raw) smolky grim music. It is black metal but a quite personal kind of it so compare it to some other band is not too easy... not that it matter though.

Either way it is great and it grows good from each listening as its not the most welcoming or easy to digest which i like, the tracks has a enough of range of diversity (in speed,ambience etc). The opening track is one of my favorite songs with has a kind of RAC militant drum beat to it combine with a ultra distorted vocals, a war march you can say and many tracks has this attitude. Quite primitive and brutal riffs but with a solid sense of composition. Last song " The Halls of Immortality" is the longest and most ambient (in a way) and it serves as a fitting ending track.

First time i looked at the track list i feared (14 songs!) that it would out last its welcome but the songs is pretty short (plus they have good dynamics together) so that was never an problem.
Production is heavy on the raw distorted dark sound-scape but it sounds great (and inherits a nice atmosphere) i feel but this typ of sound is an acquired taste i suppose.

A rehearsal tape came out this spring/summer to which i guess highlights some songs for the coming real debut album which will be released via Darker then Black (as this tape) and Final Agony.

Good bleak militant raw metal from Switzerland!

Track list:

Side A - Assault
1.     Todeszone     01:17    
2.     The Scepter of Tyranny     02:34    
3.     Night of the Sharpest Blades     01:59    
4.     From the Shadows We Came     02:15    
5.     The Hidden Forces     01:25    
6.     To Ravage Their Temples     02:41    
7.     The Banished One     02:51    
8.     Interludium     01:30    
Side B - Battery
9.     The Banished One II     02:45    
10.     His Last Command     01:50    
11.     Call of the Blood     02:56    
12.     The Vanguard     01:48    
13.     Endless Fields of Death     02:37    
14.     The Halls of Immortality     05:48    

torsdag 30 november 2017

Malphas - Incantation

Wow what a ending of this album! Majestic and melancholic greatness, a perfect opus for the song title "Awaking Excelsi Luciferi"! It echoes into eternity!

The funny thing is that the first time i put this awaited album on i was initially a bit let down hearing the opening track (not bad song but weakest of the bunch) and off-put by the sound of the vocals...the vocals in them self is good but it has a "screaming in the cold toilet echo" to it and it sounded just bad...so i could not hear any further that time haha!
Second try i felt the same of the first song but as i entered the rest of this albums songs i got increasingly delighted as some fantastic songs  started to pop up, the real ice breaker for me here was track 5 " Nahash Corruption" with its sublime guitar harmonies that brings forth both darkness and light (the morning light that is). epic song in all aspects but not overly done... now after around 5-6 spins i can easily say its one of the best albums out from Switzerland in a long time . (another top album from this land will soon be reviewed also...puke! ;) )

Besides the solid second wave black metal Malphas plays they includes many heavy metal aspects into the music without sounding cheesy or forced, very effetive and tastefull compositions, both evil and uplifting. Mostly plays in somber mid-peace but turns up the heat from time to time.
Production is even and organic just would like to have a bit fixes on the vocals mix... but it is a minor complaint now for me...ah yeah lyrics would have been great to have for this too...

An easy recommended album! A grand incantation!

Track list:
1.     Contributor of the Light        
2.     Leviathan        
3.     Macabre Symphony of Divine        
4.     Incantation        
5.     Nahash Corruption        
6.     Rebirth of the Reign        
7.     Awaking Excelsi Luciferi

band link:

lördag 18 november 2017

Fidelis / Gormanudr split

The latest 7" from Hateworks is a split with Gormanudr (Germany/Romania/USA) and Fidelis (USA), both serve up here a ugly meal of death & suffering!

First off is Gormanudrs track "Kältetod"(means something like freeze to death) and it has a good sense of raw pessimistic/melancholic melody that is topped with Arilds harsh unwelcoming vocals, drums has a solid beat and the whole song i feel is one of the bands best track to date.
Cold festering misanthropy! Solid!

On side B comes Fidelis with their "Morning Mists in Blood" and it fits well on this split as they have similar main vibes as the previous band but also includes a bit more militant compositions(and rythm) and aggression, like if you look at the cover, first track is the icy heavy wandering up the mountain and this second one is a battle that follows. Sums up the release in a satisfying maner. like a short but mean story has been told.

7" releases can have a problem of not giving enough (not so long running time) to really make a mark in your memory but i feel this will be spun many more times.

And dont miss out on other coming releases thats out now and will come soon on Hateworks!

Side A
1.     Gormanudr - Kältetod         
Side B
2.     Fidelis - Morning Mists in Blood 

label link:

torsdag 16 november 2017

Deathcrush -Evoke the Ancient Curse

Here is a band from Libya but they seem to have done some migrant wanderings like the way through  Ukraine then to Germany/Netherlands.... either way last year they released their debut album (looks like the only release also) called Evoke the Ancient Curse, and by the sound of it Deathcrush  has its aim to drag up the 90´s Scandinavian BM curse! because here you get a mouthful of music with early Darkthrone, Mayhem (and the rest) worshipping!

The Cold winter winds blows again!

Yes of course there is some major worshipping here but all is tastefully done and with good sense of compositions and atmosphere....besides this the overall pace is in murky mid-speed (with some exceptions) and its has a more somber and dusty satanic vibe rather then aggression or whiplash attacks. Personally i think one or two more up-tempo tracks could enhance the experience but not that i think its a must to make it good, the songs blend after all well together and the room fills with that old icy Fenriz fog...and that is nothing to complain about.

Besides the Nordic BM inspirations here and there some old school death metal that sneaks into the musical constructions, like what happened quite a lot back in the days when the lines was not drawn so clear.

Production is balanced and solid, nice organic tune overall. Nothing really to complain about hehe

For me i like the last three songs the best  but all tracks hold similar sound and standard.

All in all a good start for these dudes, will be interesting what they come up with in the future! Also i would be extra curious to see what they would found if they crawled deeper into the Luciferian path...i mean to loose themselves more inside their own creative output.

Track list:

1.     Evoke the Ancient Curse     05:55      
2.     Lucifer's Rites     04:05    
3.     Night Fog     04:31      
4.     Prayer of Blasphemy     07:13      
5.     On the Northern Mountain     07:40      
6.     As the Vulture Moan     05:55      
7.     Morbid Cult     04:27      

Tape released by: Worship Tapes
CD released by: Off the Record Label

onsdag 1 november 2017

Abominablood - P Z Z U

Abominablood from Argentina unleashes their latest hell-wind to the glory of demon Pazuzu! (yes the one also thats in the Exorcist movie)

(tape that i got is red not grey)

Actually this is probably my first encounter with this one man band but after enjoying this 5-track EP (i guess its an EP?) i will also hunt down the full album "The Rotten Smell of the Entities that Murmur" thats also got released this year.

One of the main things i take away from experience this music is its thick smelly occult smog that encapsulates you totally! It has a great wall of noise but with enough of bells and whistles that shine through it to make the greater impact. I get a feeling like it could be Hellvetrons bastard brother hehe somehow .... i get similar vibrations from both at least.

besides the pummeling black hate spells there is some organic and very effective interludes and i feel they rounds up this demonic celebration into a neat package.

For me this was an interesting new find even if there is many more or less similar blackened death occult metal that has popped up these recent years i feel Abominablood delivers the necessary evil goods to stay put in once Psyche.

Nice t-shirt to the release also it seems.

Released by Worship tapes
label link:

band link:

Occelensbrigg - Old Winters Yet to Come

From the Aldebaran circle comes here a new beast offspring!

What we get here is a mix of raw black metal and a kind of doom metal, first time i listened to it it did not stick to my ears really (i was probably too restless & wild haha) but from the second round and forward this release started to grow on me!

I guess it was the doomish slowness that needed to be relived to really come alive for me (and to hear it in appropriate state of mind) and it did as i feel right now its a great dark meditative/ritualistic release that works more as a soundtrack to a "real" ritual/inner dive....if you need a little push...
...and for me more then often these states comes when i sit and draw/paint for hours and it was under this type of session i grasped "Old Winters Yet to Come" the best, new dimensions visited my mind and it helped me to create better.

A funny thing is that on the tapes card it says nowere that on the B-side there is a another song, first time when i was finished with side A i hoped for the same material to on B also but there was just silence for minutes so i stopped there...now last listen before i wrote this review i tested again and suddenly i started to hear some faint sounds tuning up! This long track is also great and in the same style but it is much more ambient styled one could say.... a longer trip.

As a whole it is raw & gritty and trance inducing release, i like it much but i guess it is not for everyone.
And i might be wrong but i thought i saw something on a coming split with the band and some other...

Track list:
Side A
1.     Old Winters Yet to Come     02:57    
2.     Century Age Trees Enthroned in the Night Sky     03:08    
3.     The Path of the Star Mountain     04:04    
4.     Glacial Kingdom Stands Still     04:15    
Side B
5.     Untitled     14:58    

Released by: Harvest of Death
label link:

tisdag 17 oktober 2017

Norrhem - Voima ja kunnia

From Turku (not Turkey as someone thought!) in the cold and great Finland comes this new duo under the banner of Norrhem!

This demo (i would call it rather an EP) is from this year and so far the only release...quite naturally.
As some of you that have followed me on this place knows my affection for black metal from this country and this band does not falter, it follows the glorious path of grand, raw, dark music with strong melodic compositions.

It starts off hard and reminds me a bit of Förgjord which for me is something of a pure delight.
some slower heavy parts comes later in and sets the mood perfect. It is just 4 tracks but they deliver just enough to make a mark and i hope it wont gets lost in the tidal waves of black metal releases...
I cant read finnish but the info says that its focused on War, Nature, Folklore and thats what i would have guessed also as the music itself has that mix of aggression, a bit esoteric vibes in the way of nature etc etc so you get it even if you cant understand a word... if its good stuff all the way with strong melodies and no filler shit it works in any language.
Production is solid and let the guitars and harsh vocals lead and the drums is a bit lower in the mix whitch is just like it should be. Nothing gets lost.

I look forward to their next release for sure!
Solid traditional Finnish black metal.

Track list:
1.     Prelude - instrumental
2.     Sota    
3.     Pohjan tulet    
4.     Voima ja kunnia    
        Total: 16:28

Released by the great Worship Tapes!

label link:

söndag 15 oktober 2017

Hatework News!

"Hatework Propaganda Proudly Presents:

Gormanudr / Fidelis 7'inch! Limited to 200 Units! 100 on Black Wax! 100 on White Wax!
Black Hateful Metal!
---7 Euro plus postage!

Support and Worship the original goals of ripping and sick Black Metal! "


tisdag 3 oktober 2017

Verdugo - Altar del rencor

With an omnious drooling intro we are kicked into this first full album from these Chilean maniacs!

Few days ago i reviewed their compilation cd and enjoyed its filthy demonic death/Thrash-metal so it felt just logical to do this one close after.

They have been around for soon 10 years so this first album saw a long time coming but i think it was worth the wait as its totally swell! (in its specific old school genre)
The biggest difference i say compared to their older stuff is that they have a much more serious tone and approace and is more slicker/tighter played (not there was any problem before), gone is much of their older groovy Thrash parts and jumps straight for your throat and try to strangle you with death and disorder haha.

Yeah one of the things i really liked with the older material was their intensive headbanging grooves but they handle this new more straight faced direction well and there is no sortage of killer riffs and sweaty compositions.
Sometimes bit more cavernous (but in a sharply cut cave and not a damp and moisty one) but just slight....and i bit more war"ish" attack here! Hats fly out of the window! haha
Some nice guitar solos and drum fills etc, they all feel at home with their instruments (and in the Devils livingroom) so in the end i would say this is a solid hellraizing release that burns all the way!

The only thing would have done is taken out 1-2 tracks for a split or a 7" to be released sometime close around this album release, it is a bit long as it is now (just my restless soul here itching haha) but all songs are good  so they deserve my whole attencion...

If you like this type of music or already enjoy their previous releases try Altar del rencor!

Track list:

1.     Génesis de la ejecución     01:52    
2.     Revelaciones nihilistas     03:03    
3.     Colapso existencial     02:50    
4.     Patrones inmundos de hipocresia     07:02    
5.     Proselitismo abominable     05:13      
6.     Maléfica e insana adoración     04:32      
7.     Profanaciones     04:23      
8.     Altar del rencor     03:54      
9.     Tormento siniestro     05:47    
10.     Abismo de decadencia     04:53      
11.     Repulsión espiritual     05:45      

Released by: No Mercy Reks

fredag 29 september 2017

Verdugo - Blasfemia y perversión

Time for some barbaric Death/Thrash metal from Chile!

This cd i review is a 2012 compilation of the 2010 demo "Perversión y destrucción" and the 2011 Ep "Vómito de blasfemia".
The band has been at it for around almost ten years now...and i found them 1-2 years ago so yeah i am slow as an snail on heroin...or something haha! Well one has to wade through a lot of shit to find good stuff also... so i blame it on the shit.

I really enjoy Verdugos manic devil music, they have a nice dirty flair to them and they dont shy away from getting their groove on as well as killing with steel riffs. One could say there is a portion of beastial-style here with their goatish perverted vocals and overall  sound (they are like a good cross-over band from the old 80´s Satanic Thrash era into some 90´s war/beast metal) but a heavy dose of effective Thrash is of course here to kick up the heat!
I feel all the members get their respective space to shine as the production is totally fine & balanced  and no one is drowned out....dont know if this cd has remastered the tracks compared to the original releases but here they sound in a proper way.

My top 3 tracks here would be 1,2 & 6 but i dont feel no track is a filler! Speed to the grave!

I get visions of cellar dwellers getting heads chopped off by the great unclean one...the executioner!
Nun bodies getting split in two by deformed officers so on & so on.
A great time in hell!!

This collection is a good start to get into Verdugos demonic head-banger world (traditional but no copy cat).

Track list:

1.     Genocidio y destrucción    
2.     Verdugo    
3.     Putrefacta morbosidad    
4.     Vómito de blasfemia    
5.     Summoned to Hell (Mortem cover)    
6.     Comandos del metal         
7.     Thrash infernal         
8.     Sexo pútrido         
9.     Huracán         

* A review of this years first full album from the band will be posted soon here
* Also stay tuned to next years printed fourth issue of RAW WAR (out on Darker then Black) which includes an interview with Verdugo

lördag 16 september 2017

Antzaat - The Black Hand of the Father

This Belgian black metal release was something i enjoyed from the get-go!

One simple reason for that is: My first imminent thought was when i put this on was
 -Damn! This sounds soo much like Sargeists "Let the Devil in" ! and i love (well most of the songs) that album!

All from the guitar tone and notes played, vocal style and the overall atmosphere and delivery comes close to Sargeists  LtDi (not reaching the same soaring peaks of that album but that is a bit unfair to demand also)...so yeah total worship here but as i said i really cant stop to enjoy something that sounds like this hehe.Good satanic melodic flow!

But after some more spins their own more personal touches comes out and especially the last track i feel like Antzaat has hit its own mark. The last minute or so is really strong and epic, the more spoken/screamed and a bit darker vocals here gives it the final blazing star in the night sky! (Vocals here reminds me of the magical ending of Mephorashs latest album)

Production is ok & works well with no part drowning the other really but vocals and guitars sometimes could have been a bit higher in the mix but thats nit picking plus their logo is nice but i would not gotten interested in the band just seeing that...it does not give of much personality. The actual cover art is good though.

So in the end this is a well crafted debut Ep (5 songs) that is easy to listen to many times without losing any strength  even if its quite heavy on the Finnish worshipping (i am a sucker for that Country so...) it has its own merrits.
 Look forward to their coming releases, could become very interesting.

Very easy to recommend for me.

Released by: Immortal Frost Productions

Band link:

lördag 9 september 2017

Immatura Morte - Principium et Finis

This fourth album from Immatura Morte that is ruled by the Mexican demented wizard Besharth  lashes out right away with a both melodic and raw black metal attack!

I have followed this band for awhile now (from the second demo "Perditricem Sui Possessionem" to be more precise from 2015) and i am intoxicated and already knee-deep in enjoying  their sick journeys. If you are not to familiar with them(him and two others) its sounds has of course inspiration from the 90´s european darkness but has a lot of personal touches and soul, one of the main aspects of IM style besides the raw (medium raw i saw) and hatefull/melancholic melodic compositions is its vocals that ranges from the classic wretched screams and rasps but also has the deep gurgly demented mutterings and chantings...
it´s like you are wandering inside the halls of  a twisted mind and can never get out...so yeah it has sometimes that claustrophobic feeling to it also....and quite thunderous and grand. Enchanting black void!

Compare this new album with their other stuff i say this album leans more to the  energetic and aggresive, solid song constructions that is inspiring and wont leave your "system" after it ends.

The straightjacket is broke and the mad man is out hunting in a rage!

 As of now i see this fourth album as their crowning satanic jewel!

...And if you are new to the band i think this is the good way to get into them.
Top release!

Released by: Hatework

Track list:
Side A
1. Ruiam
2. Principium et Finis
3. Maledictus Sigilum Quintum
4. Facidem Dementiae
5. Cinis Corpus Meum
6. Exesus per Nigrum Ignis
7. Saturnus Devoratur Mea Essentia 

Side B  -same as side A-                               

lördag 2 september 2017

Putrid Torso - Grave Desecrating Ritual

This is old school Death metal just as it says on the cd cover!

The intro puts you in the right frame of mind with the sounds of someone digging (in a cemetery one can imagine) then some nice keys flow out then the moaning of the rising undead!

Tight production and instrumentalization hit you right away and it is chuggy and bloody, drooling and grand in its own deadly way. It has a quite European death metal sound with some clear Swedish influences (not that i am the biggest expert though) The compositions has a head banger friendly  & engaging rythms but also has a big chunk of danger in them (the spider alarm goes off! hehe). The dead ones is closing in, they hunger blindly after your warm flesh! Guitar is fat and nice sounding just as all of the other instruments and vocals is ugly and medium dark & bloody(growly.).

It plays out more or less in mid-tempo and each track has enough hooks and grooves to keep your rotting mind awake.A solid slab of traditional death metal to rangle your dusty bones to so dont come here and expect something new and fresh haha!

A debut album that let you know they mean business and that they are no newborn fetuses (members has been around for some time with different projects)

Also i had the honor to do some extra artworks inside the booklet as you see on the pics here under.

Released byTribulacion Production

Band link:

Track list:
01. Intro
02. The ghouls of the graveyard
03. A morbid rising
04. The boneless crawlers
05. Collector of zombies
06. A crypt to keep
07. Towards the cemetary
08. Midnight mausoleum

fredag 1 september 2017

Amputacia S/T

From Russia with hate!

Here we have the debut release of Amputacia and it sounds really good! The cover did not say much to me on what to expect so i was pretty blank in my mind going in to this. (which is often a good state to be in when experience something new.)

Their brand of black metal is like a giant sluggish molded corpse dragging itself over the church floor onward to the worthless priest and strangle his head off! it is really dark and doomish but in a gnarly and disgusting way (and sometimes it picks up pace and is quite rockin), the dark harsh vocals and the pretty loud guitar is the main glory here even though the drums do its job just fine, i get a bit Swedish BM vibes here and there but as a whole it is pretty personal and it stands firmly on its two own iron legs.
I also get the feeling like you are clawing through the buried casket further down into the cold earth towards the hellish flames, hatefull and suffocating atmosphere.

Recommended debut!

Released by: Reforestation Records

Track list:

1.Червь / Wormslave
2.И.Н.Х.И.С. / FOAD
3.Тьма / The Darkness
4.Зов / The Call
5.Возмездие / Vengeance
6.За Горизонтом Событий / Beyond The Horizon Of Events

torsdag 31 augusti 2017

Lotus of Darkness - The Naga Disguised as a Human

We all know there is a beauty in the darkness, a shard of black crystal that is so sharp it will slay every being in the most brilliant ways....

From Thailand comes Lotus of Darkness and they (at least on this release) play a beautiful and ethereal black metal. From the start i get strong vibes of early spiritual heavy metal...almost late 70´s style (there is some bands on the tip of my tongue for comparison but i cant seem to remember them now...) but also a rich layer of asian tunes is to be heard through out all three long songs.(between 6 to 14 minutes) So one could say it mixes or flips from the described style here above with the more blasting black metal fury reminiscent of the early European second wave....works like a charm! Vocals reminds also a bit of early Burzum with that complaining howls and screams.

Really enjoyable debut album with strong complete song structures and compositions through out this tape combined with such deep personal atmosphere...exotic is of course a fitting word to use makes this a no brainer to get!

One of this years best releases.

 1.     Wrath of the Naga    
2.     The Origin of Snakes        
3.     Down by the River

Released by Von Frost Records

Vorus - Chamber of Laments

Time for a new death metal act to crawl into the scorching sunlight!

Vorus play in a mid tempo to a bit faster and it have a atmosphere of horror and dripping sewers, the guitar is headlighting the show with its gnarly and buzzing sound, its riffs are simple but effective and keeps your interest in place. Also quite heavy sometimes besides the death chugging.

 I had a good time slicing through these three tracks over and over and the groove dont lose its appeal fast either which is a good sign.

Drums is a bit lower mixed but but just enough so the backbone rythm is keept intact and the vocals melds great with the overall package with its dry ghastly rasp.

It is just three songs so there is not so much to say besides that it is has an good grab on your neck and after listening to it you get interested for future releases from Vorus! (love the cover art!)

Track list:
1. Chamber of Laments
2. Paradise is Burning
3. Where Misery Crawls