måndag 29 april 2013

Death my only Friend Fanzine!

I did a little collection of my own drawings & printed them like this!
It is a neat little zine that i now sell for 40 swedish "kronor".


Acherontas Interview

I proudly here present you the interview with the strong & splendid force Acherontas!

Thank you for taking time off for this interview, i guess its
a bit hectic for you now in the pre-release springtime haze?
- Hails. Yes , this is a very active period , as the Coven of Acherontas is being prepared for the future events of celebration. The Magical Work of ‘’Amenti’’ is about to be released and the new album will be supported by several Live Rituals , beginning with Deathcult Fest on 17/6 , the very day of the release of ‘’Amenti’’ upon this plane.

2.Please explain the essence & meaning of your coming album Amenti?
- The upcoming album is entitled ‘’Amenti’’. By this name we wanted to charge the release with the vibrations of a glorious Egyptian symbolism , to denote the route of the Work and reveal one more element of the Coven’s quintessence. Τhe Halls of Amenti were a vortex of unlimited energy according to the Papyrus of Ani , the center of the World. A place of Judgement and deliverance.
The Drakkonian Force reigns Supreme to Offer to those with the potential a touch of Initiation in Her waters.. The Catacombs bare a strong symbolism , the great Spiritual Ascension , the forging of a God. The Halls are judging , allowing only to those spiritually ascended to proceed and unite with the Omniverse of the Ancient Gods. Within this meaning we can find the essence of ‘’Amenti’’ , as this album crowned an Ascension for the Coven and a huge step , a passage to a Higher Level which is baptized and celebrated with this Opus of musical , lyrical and philosophical work. I will reveal no more though , as this album should be regarded as a Journey that the listener should make and discover the essence of the album , to dive into the Stygian waters and witness the mysteries.
 The Halls of Amenti are now open for those with Eyes to See...A call for the Initiate or a 
poison to the Ignorant..

3. As you said recently "We are more than Pleased that we created 62 Minutes of the Most
Completed and Esoteric Work we had ever performed these 17 Years of Our Existance."
do you feel that this is the peak of your artistic and/or spiritual work?
- We are proud and pleased indeed , as this album is the most completed work of Acherontas , combining the musical experience of 17 years. The task of the Coven is never to compromise , always pushing the boundaries to the next level. We created something new , bearing a few similarities with our past works. It is pointless to repeat ourselves , as repetition leads to stagnation. ‘’Amenti’’ was a challenge , both musically and spiritually. The bond with the past is very strong of course , and the elements of the music of Acherontas are present and expressed.
We combined the BM element of the past with many new characteristics , experimenting further with the musical out come of the Coven. A lot of Ritual ambient parts were created and the guest musicians that participated on the Opus (granted their personal magical aura to the whole. The process of channeling ‘’Amenti’’ into music and words was by far , the hardest test. We sacrificed a lot of Will and personal effort as individuals , composing and recording under hard circumstances. All this effort and struggle flourished though , as the result is charged with energy not only musically but also spiritually. It is a dark esoteric album , an invocation ignited by the Coven , to ignite the Flame within those who have the eyes to see and ears to hear , to contemplate with the aura of ‘’Amenti’’. For Acherontas , this work is the apex of our creation , a milestone of all these years of progress. Our Will is now stronger , and the standards are set higher , once more.
 We are proud that our Coven embraced artists as Arditi,Nightbringer,Emme Ya and Black seas of Infinity..True Devoted Artists that breath Ki to the Art not only by their musical Skills but and Spiritually...

4. Now when you have been active as a band for around 16-17 years
you have shed skin a couple of times from worship to Stutthof to
Acherontas, do you feel this state you and the band is in now will
be the permanent one?

- I would like to bring an example from nature regarding this matter. The serpents are often shedding skins when the season is changing , a process of rebirth and recreation. The serpent changes its skin as the time passes , but the core remains the same. The esoretic core of Acherontas is now the present , strong form , having passed through several states. Stutthof represented an older era , which is now not within the philosophy of Acherontas as there lies no interest in politics in any form. I would like to note though , that the past is not denied.We are PROUD FOR ANYTHING DONE WITHOUT REGRET!WE REGRET ONLY FOR THINGS WE HAVE NOT DONE.. Stutthof was an occult musical entity too, With many sides in the occult side from astral Vampirism and Dream workings till Rune Magick and Ancestor Worship Rites,so we chose to rename in order to denote clearly the very Esoteric philosophical essence of the Coven. From the ashes of Stutthof a new entity was Borned as Titan , expressing exactly the philosophical and magical backround of the band , as it is. Acherontas should be not viewed as only a form , but as the core of the Coven’s perspectives.
5. What is the plans for Acherontas this year? Some touring i assume? Coming to Sweden? New splits?
- The upcoming release will be celebrated with several selected Ritual shows , beginning with Deathcult Festival in May , Prague Death Mass in July and the Black Flames Of Blasphemy in Finland. We are very selective with our Ritual Shows , as we regard every performance as an act of devotion , and not just a live show...We are not Interested to perform Everywhere..We are Esoteric Artists and is not of our Style to have a SHOW just for party Etc..Black metal is NOT a party or fun..Is the experession of the Inner Self of the Individual in a most esoteric form..Black metal was borned by this way and must stay by this way...
6. What can the random fan look forward to attending to one of your live concerts?
- As I said , every Ritual show of Acherontas is a ceremony. A random Black Metal fan may fell like attending a powerful BM show , but the performance is a lot more. Every Ceremony of the Coven of Acherontas is a special act of homage to our Art and expression , and we channel the vibrations to make every Ritual a musical and spiritual experience...Some may feel the call and the potential will be revealed..Others can continue to live in Shadows.

7.Do you feel that you nowadays can fulfill your dreams more easily (band-wise/personal) or do you
have much left to do before you can do that ?
- We have always been restless as a band and as individuals. Evolution is an ever going process for a serious individual. Stillness is a form of Death and proud we declare that the Death in every form is an enemy..We have made our task easier in practical terms maybe , but as the standars are always set higher , the effort is growing. This is the real meaning of progress for us , we will never lay comfort to what we’ve done and just repeat our past moves. Stagnation leads only to destruction. Our task is to proceed further and chase perfection , not by vanity , but by lust for evolution. The Flame of Inspiration is burning strong within us and we always strive to push the boundaries further to fulfill our musical and spiritual tasks.

8. As Amenti is completed do you already know where your future roads will lead you or does it take some time digesting this recent experience first?

- We cannot foretell. Inspiration and expression is a result of improvisation for us , a honest , direct channeling of our Self. Plans are always being made , but we do not force things to come , inspiration should be the guide. Usually , when an album is released is planting its seed within our heart , a seed that grows fast to flourish the first embers of the next emanation.

9. I have a notion that there is now a kind of a "upswing" for the more serious occult BM bands around the globe, do you agree and if so what do you think about that?
Has the usual primitive demonic brutality loss its bloody charm for now?
- This is a very strange matter. Occult Black Metal is a current ‘’trend’’ as it seems , since more and more bands are trying to follow it. There is not much to say though , since it is easy to tell between the few dedicated Occult Black Metal bands and the rest ‘’jokes’’.
 We are full of ignorant ‘’occult’’ followers and bands that have zero knowledge of the matter. They just cover their musical insignificance with symbols , trying to persuade the rest that they are serious musicians , when most of them cant even play properly. Or even worse , people that have the delusion of knowing , just by reading one or two occult books and articles , living in the perfect delusion of being important occult scholars and philosophers , actually being totally ignorant....Masses always follow trends..always have the need to belong to a current and to escape from the misery of their pathetic lives...This ignorance serve me great as I enjoy see this Dust to hide the Serious True teachings from the Die hard Black metal Kids...
As Erich Fromm denotes , symbols and extreme philosophies have a strong psychodynamic effect on the masses. Lot of bands and individuals nowdays use occult symbolisms in order to declare their difference and feel ‘’chosen’’ or important. They just drown in the mass , condemning their selves to become one with the masses that they so much want to become separated from , following blindly. We dont really care about any scene , or not feel like part of any ‘’occult’’ trend. The esoteric philosophy of Acherontas is strong and based on years of experience , many years before this trend came out. 
I remember when Stutthof had written lyrics and texts regarding Astral Emanations,Vampirism,Luciferian Magick and Dream working the Ignorant used to ask me if I have interest in astrology...!As it always happens , this trend will soon pass , and only the devoted bands will remain loyal to their philosophy.
10. Any last words or premonitions?
- "Amenti - Ψαλμοί Αίματος & Αστρικά Οράματα’’ will be released on May 17th under the sign of World Terror Committee Productions in special CD/DoubleLP & Tape format. The Magical Circle Of Acherontas Coven Moves the Blood Wheels of Transformation For the Great work to be Unleashed.

Interview Update!


Plaggha ....Inprogress

Svartidauði ....Inprogress

Cult of Fire ...Inprogress

Moonkult ...Inprogress

Taakeferd ....Inprogress

Svartsorg ...Inprogress


Ars Macabra


lördag 27 april 2013

Muawijhe Interview!

Something is coming....

1. Thanks for making this interview possible! How are you doing?

- Suffering in our doomed existence as one should, naturally...

2. First of all i have to ask you about your bandname, what does it stand for?
Is it the "lesser apostle" the bringer of Nightmares?

- Words cannot describe him to the ones unwilling to sacrifice all. We are HIS long forgotten voice that drills into your dreams forging them into puzzles of pain..

3. Please describe for the readers what kind of sound assault Muawijhe delivers?
Whats your aim with this band?

- We aim for the cranium. We aim to displease.

4. When did you two (Tzoteth & Shrieketh) combined powers and made Muawijhe come to life?
where there any other band that got your fire burning?

- Two servants of the LORD unite in madness to create a gospel to praise the MASTER and HIS rotten insanity we shall bring upon this world filled with maggots feeding on scraps of lost hope. We are but faceless voices to channel the energy that comes from beyond the borders that mere men comprehend. Listen and you shall truly open those eyes you have kept shut without even knowing it yourself. Observe and you will embrace the true freedom that is letting your mind free of the chains built by the shell you see as your world. Crush all the you are and then you will truly see.

5. Do some of you have prior experience in bands? If so which ones?

- Completely irrelevant. We are before you here and now. Focus.e

6. Is there any connections with some labels yet?

- We do not care to connect. When time is near, we will be brought forth by individuals worthy for HIS blessing.

7. Is there any plans for a physical demo/Ep or maby a split with some band?

- Whatever is necessary to fill the goal. Time will let us all know. Even you.

8. Any gigs this year?

- We are not here to entertain.
We are here to present the truth that is HIS webs of infinite madness and pain.

9. Is there any t-shirt or patch in the makings?

- We do not care for such things. If someone feels the need to associate themselves with us and fabric is required to do so, go right ahead. But do it right.

10. Any last words of insanity?

- All will be told as long as you are willing to observe. Suffer. It is the gate.

Find out more on their FB page:


tisdag 23 april 2013

Slidhr Interview!

As the their new album "Deluge" will be out on the May 24th in Europe (May 28th in North America)(Pre-orders 30th April)

Time has come to check in to Ireland and talk to Gast!

1. Hails!
   As an old Myrkr fan & a new Slidhr fan i am more then grateful that you taken time off for this
   little chat.
- It's my pleasure.    

2. After the first real defining release (sure the demo & Ep where good too but...) with the great split
   "Ex Nihilio" with Rebirth of Nefast one could really feel the path you where carving out for this full
    grand & hellish album "Deluge", do you feel that you have reached the destination to where you aimed?

- I don't think I will ever reach any particular destination, nor do I even have one in mind. Once you have achieved all that is possible with any artistic venture there is little reason to continue. It's more about the path and the evolution I suppose, however drastic or subtle that may be. I enjoy working towards a certain goal but there are always different factors that shape things along the way.

3. Can you describe the working process on "Deluge"? Has The five years from the split up to now been a more or less a constant creative procedur or have you been involved in other projects aswell?
- Well Slidhr never really "split up" (since it was just just me in the beginning), I just stopped making music, perhaps hiatus is a more fitting word. During that time I was writing new music quite regularly. 
There was a full album written actually but I felt it wasn't as good as it could be, so I scrapped most of it and wrote new music whenever I felt inspired to do so.  
In that time I played in Haud Mundus as well as some other bands outside of Black Metal. It was quite refreshing to explore different genres.

4. Has the label Debemur Morti given you what you needed for perfecting the art?
- Of course, Debemur Morti is a very supportive label and always has been. It is one of the most interesting labels for this kind of music these days in my opinion.
5. I have heard of some bloodspitting under the vocalrecordings?
- Hah, well I hadn't done these kind of vocals for quite a while so I did myself some damage. Nothing major though.

6. Do you feel that Catholicism in Ireland has fuled the black metal (your or/and others) veins with
   some extra hatefull fire? And quite fresh things like the Catholic sexual abuse scandals (2005-09)etc
   would be a good reason to burn some churches. Or is that kind of destructive actions against humanity
   just a help along the way of putting us all to rest?
- Perhaps in some subconscious way it has but in my day to day life it doesn't affect me at all. My own lyrics don't touch on this subject. If you want evil, look no further than the Catholic church. Fuck, they are possibly the most sadistic, occult organization in history.  
Just look at the Jesuits (beyond what the mainstream speaks about). The sexual abuse that the Catholic church were involved in goes way further than just a few perverts with access to easy targets, it is clearly organized ritual abuse.

7. Will Slidhr travel across the river in Hel to other countries in Europa and perform maby?
- I have thought about it from time to time. Most likely, no. Perhaps someday Slidhr will do something live but it's not likely as I've never really enjoyed playing live.

8. Except from your "split-mates" can you recommend any other Irish BM horde?

- I'm pretty much detached from the Irish scene so I can't really answer this. There are a few decent bands, though. If I am to recommend any more recent Black Metal band it would certainly be Chao from Iceland (their drummer played on Deluge). 
I only really know bands that I have some kind of connection with, besides the old classic stuff.

9. All of luck to you! Any last words?

- Thank you for the interview.

måndag 22 april 2013

Svarthaueg Interview!

The time is soon ripe for the debut album from Oslos Svarthaueg to show its face to the world!
After the tasty Ep release "Ritual" from last year this album "Drakonsk Magi" became a highly anticipated record for me and others.

I sit down with the two main men Svarthaueg (guitars) & Adramelech (vocals) to sorting things out!

1. First i want to say thanks for doing this little interview! I guess you a bit to do
these days?

S: Yeah, We are in the mix and master progress for our upcoming album, And i
am busy with making new hymns.

2. You supported just the other day Unspoken at their release concert, how did it go?
And i guess it worked out well with Xarim (from Djevelkult) as your new session guitarist?

S: It was actually a great gig! unfortunately Xarim didnt play with us that night, so it was only
me on guitar. Hopefully he is ready for our next gig 11 may when we are supporting Black
Metal Elite: Troll!

3. The cover art (made by Visceral Depths of Art) is great and fitting the bill! How did you
come in contact with "them"? Did they get to hear the album as the art were worked on or
did you give instructions?

A: After checking out different art designers and sending out mails, Visceral came out as the best
option for us. As for the process, i told them about our concept and some of my ideas about me wanting the art to represent our lyrical theme.

4. Please tell us about the meaning of the cover and the underlying theme of "Drakonsk

S: I will try to make this short, Drakonsk Magi is the magic of clear-seeing. Most people are
living in a glass globe which is misted over by themselves. 

Through the mist they can only see the outlines of the world outside. 

The mist reflects the image of themselves and they are interpreting the world outside through their own reflection. They are caught in "a bubble of self-contemplation". 
The world outside the glass globe is what is called chaos and the unknown. 

It is "the dark side".....

A: As for the art it can be divided, in one way it represent the journey which svarthaueg is
drifting towards, up from the filth to create something primal but majestic.

But in another way, towards the new era which will light a new dawn.

5. Erik from Watain has recently supposedly said he has started to get skin problems (or just
sick) from all the pig/cow blood they have been using... something you have noticed?

S: No...

6. Any date for the album release?

A: Originally our date where in March, but considering our delays nothing is set in stone yet…
7. Will there be any related sweet merchandise?

S: Probably, I know that Ketzer (Our label)
are working some things out...

8. Soo...will there be a new music video from the new album? If so better watch out for the
cops! :)

S: No.

9. I interviewed Ishtar from Dødsfall last month right before your studio week for the next
Dødsfall album, did everything work out well you think? Satisfied with your vocal violence?

A: Yes, the recordings went beyond my expectations …
It is quite different from the former vocals, even from what I have done before.
So we are quiet exited to hear peoples response on dødsfall`s transformation!

10. So how is the rest of 2013 looking for you now? Russia again?

S: Well, We have some unofficial plans. Follow our Facebook site for further news!

11. And you have the last words!

S: Hail Satan! HDHM!

New Patronymicon song out in the free!

Move your ass to youtube and devour Patronymicons new bleeding promo track!


lördag 20 april 2013

SALIGIA Interview!

And on this hollow saturday we turn our ears & eyes to Norway again and talk to SALIGIA! 

1. Greetings! I appreciate that you could do this interview!

... Soo your new Ep "Lvx Aeternae" is out now or soon to be out?

- Ván Records have estimated to start distributing it between April 30th - May 15th. Our official release date is May 7th.

2. Great cover by the way on the Ep! Who did it? And what does it symbolises for you?

-It was painted by Oda Austnes, who also did the artwork for "Sïc Transit Glöria Mundï". She rendered me speechless upon first seeing it finalized, as I had given even less of a framework on this than on "S.T.G.M".

For me it is a strong visual representation of the unity of the four pieces, with the opening track emphasized. And also a "hidden", rising, hint of what we are working towards. 

3. Your band name SALIGIA is based on the first letters in latin of the seven deadly sins:superbia, avaritia, luxuria, invidia, gula, ira, acedia. How did this mnemonic realisation happened? 
By research or accident/fate?

- I would say a combination of both. 
Without delving to deep into the origin of our baptism - because memory can really be a false prophet - it all really fell into place in a strange manner. Ideas and thoughts were rushing unto me, as if it had something to tell me. As a calling that came at the right moment. It is beyond my words to describe it in an understandable way, even to myself. 

Initially, there was a concept that built around the seven deadly sins, but time and experience laid this to rest, and today the name stand as the only monument of that, a monolith in the core that still holds strong significance, and contributes to the essence of our musickal expression. 

4. Can you describe each songs essence? The underlying themes that make out the bones and flesh for "Lvx Aeternae".

- The core/essence and underlying theme of the release is expressed very much in the cover art and at the end of the liner notes. It would defeat all purpose to explain layers upon layers in mere words; a certain mystery and ambiguous and allegoric shroud is essential to any expression that comes from a place that can not be recognized as conscious, in a sense that it feels to have boundaries. 
I can, however, listen through the album and provide a "commentary" expanding upon some of the aspects - without destroying the I of the beholder; 

1.Per Aspera ad Astra 


Walking through a freezing desert with only the stars and the void separating above from below. Falling to your knees facing the giant remains of what once was the grandest of monuments! 

Opening your Self to the Star within, and becoming one with him, alone; - as you come, so you leave. 

Take your chair. Sit. Her. 

2.Lvx Aeternae

I regret nothing, 
even though I curse what I am about to do. 

Silencing voices that whisper tonight, 
knowing that they will scream 

The higher you are, 
the farther you fall. 

3.Maveth, Malachim 

Red walls, burning incense,

Chaotia. 7. 

I am I? Am I I? 

4....And Death Shalt Have no Dominion 

(this was built around a magnificent poem by Dylan Thomas) 

Death! Naked splendour! the nothingness of being, 

Love! Death! 

Discard all that has; 
it has not; nor Will it. 

A break in the sun till the sun breaks down! 

5. Do you feel this new installation is a natural continuation from your excellent and filthy album
"Sic Transit Gloria Mundi"?

-The only thing I can agree with my self on is that it is a continuation, however natural or unnatural it may be. It is a great step in another direction; where "Sïc Transit Glöria Mundï" is a harsh and unwelcoming mass that forces you to pay attention, "LVX AETERNAE" opens up and lets you in; not with force, but with courtship.

 So in that sense, it is indeed a natural evolution, expanding on the concept which is underlying in both; Death - the Great Change, and the aftermath there of. 

It can also be noted that these two works (along with the next full-length album) have been developing simultaneously, so there is a symbiose and a half-conscious plan deep within. 

6. How come you teamed up with each other?
    What got your blood pulsating?

- I take it you refer to Malach Adonai, which is no longer part of SALIGIA in a physical sense.

Me and M.A. met under the circumstances of him having moved to a new town, and me needing a drummer. We instantly began to talk about doing musick together, but it would be maybe half a year before we found out that he would join me in SALIGIA. As of now, Vegard M. Berg is the drummer, a talented and magnificent individual that compliment my ideas in a near perfect manner. 
Some steps need to be taken, however high they may be. 
This is how it needs to be. 

7. Whats your plans for this unholy year 2013?

- We hope that this, our 7th year of existence, will bring our first ceremonial interpretation, and that it may be the first of many. 
Different circumstances have made it difficult for us to perform live, but I have great expectations that we will be able to do so in some form or another in the year of the Serpent. 

We are also working on the next album, combining 4 years of (sub)conscious tantra that will explode in some kind of ecstasy, hopefully by the end of the year ( in recorded form). 

8. Any new merchandise in the pipeline?

- We have nothing planned, unfortunately. 

9. How does Trondheims "scene" dwell these days? Do you feel at home or would you like to move away?

- I am very pleased with where I am at, home is home! 
I wouldn't say there is any scene at all, but there are a good handful of bands that have something really substantial to offer. None mentioned, none forgotten. 

10. Good luck with your new release & plans! 
Oh by the way i must give my congrats to Malach for getting a split with Nightbringer! (Circumambulations of the Solar Inferno)
Any last words!

- F.N.X...1.3..? 


fredag 19 april 2013

Sjukdom Interview!

And we begins this weekend with an fresh interview with the northern Norwegian BM Horde Sjukdom!

1) Hails! thanks for doing this interview! How goes the work on the album?

-Hails and thanks for wanting to interview us. The work on our debut album is going smoothly. We're at the final stages of recording vocals. After that comes mixing and mastering, but we're expecting to have the final product in our hands sometime during the first summer months.

2) Tell me about how and when and why you all got together and started Sjukdom?

-It was in the late summer of 2011 that me(Avsky, originally known as Sjuking) and Natt got together and started discussing the possibility of starting a black metal band. We had both grown up listening to black metal and we had both an equal passion for the music. 

We had a problem though, Tromsø is a fairly small town (Just about 70.000 people) and it has a very small metal scene.
After a few weeks we stumbled upon a flyer when attending a gig, Saying "Guitarist  looking for black metal band" We called the number and thus we had our guitar player(Hul, originally known as Smitte). The project was now official. A few months after that we recruited our bass player (Pesta)

3) what type of satanism are you into if any?

- None what so ever. We're all atheists, with our roots firmly planted in good old norse mythology.

4) Doktor Schnabel von Rom fits well your band name! (sjukdom = disease) How did you come up with that idea?

- Is it not impossible to mention the black plagues without also mentioning the beaked plague mask? The idea just came naturally to us. Our lyrical themes are disease, death, war and misanthropy and our logo represents that!

5) have you released any demos/eps in the past with sjukdom?

- We did "print" a handful of demos which we gave to friends, but nothing outside of that. The same demo tracks are found on youtube, just look up Sjukdom. 

6) For cover art/promo photos, etc. Do you do it yourselves?

- We haven't really thought much about cover art yet, I guess it hasn't really dawned on us yet that we're about to release an album. As for photos, we have a friend who takes all our pictures. (Svein Joger Johnsen)  

7) How have the gigging been last year? have you played outside your own soil?

- We've played a handful of gigs in our own town as of now. We've yet to play outside, though there have been offers. I guess you can say that we haven't had the time or money to play around the world yet.

8) Is there any cure for humanity except the obvious death?

- The cure for humanity lies somewhere in between the holocaust and the black plague.
War is the answer!  

9) how do you foresee the rest 2013? Will the sickness spread wide?

- YES! We're planning a release concert, maybe a small Norway tour. we will decide for sure some time this summer. But if anyone wants us to book us outside of Norway, we would be happy to do a gig.

10) and like the traditions goes: Any final words?

- We were originally gonna write something clever here, but ended up getting drunk instead. 
But check out the other black metal bands from Tromsø: Taakeferd, Nordvrede and Kaevum.
Some of the best black metal in ages has been recorded in this town! Hails!  


tisdag 16 april 2013

Kirkebrann Interview!

Tonight we speak with Draug from Kirkebrann!

   Thanks for accepting this interview!
   Hows things in the Kirkebrann camp?

-Things are ok. We are looking for a booking agent so we can get some more gigs and working
on new songs.

2. Now when you recently released your first full album how do you feel about the whole
   creating process? From the birth of songs to the studio stress, was it much trouble on the
   way or did it go smoothly?

 - It actually went smoothly. I wrote the songs except one, rogner made most of the lyric.
Then we played them for a while and re arrange some of them. 

We have our own studio so the recording was no stress, but went pretty fast. Iwan did the mixing then we sent it to notodden for the mastering. 
The most trouble we had was actually finding the cover art he he.

3. How has the world received "Når Alt Dør"?

 - We haven’t got so many reviews yet, but it looks like most people like what they hear. People
outside Norway are most exited.

4. Is the "Jakob" in the song "Jerva-Jakob" the manipulating patriarch from the old testament
   or is it some old friend?

- Jerva jakop is the story about the last man in sogn who was convicted to death by
decapitation. He tried to murder his wife by pushing her out of a cliff. Its Old Norwegian
history from sogn.

Oh! Thats was a nice little story!

5. Your split with Svikt was great if i may say so, are you guys close acquaintances or was
    it a label thing?

- Hrafn who is guitarist and creator of svikt are playing lead guitar in kirkebrann. We just
wanted to make a killer split and realized it on the label they are sign on.

6. How did the gig with Djevelkult och Skaur go? Any more plans to play together?

- The gig went great. We enjoyed playing in Lillehammer. It was the first time we met skaur
and it was a great band. Djevelkult is a great band we are going to play a lot more together
with them. Djevelkult and kirkebrann are trying to help each other getting gigs so. We play
and drink well together he he

7. Would you say that there is an "northen" black metal and a "southern" black metal in Norway?

- I don’t know and I don’t care. There are so many opinions about this and that. Let people
make up their own mind.

8. One time in the 90´s i had the opportunity to feel the smell of a church burning...sweet
   memories. Have you had the same "luck" like that?

- Only a burning house after some party many years ago. He he

9. The cold and hatefull music that you create is good and i feel that it can be both empowering
   and depressing. (like it should be) but how do your selfs feel like after a gig or after listening
   to your own stuff? Do you feel you have reached the goal you intended?

- When I drink booze and create music it feels great, when the music works with the whole
band it feels even greater. Some of the songs on the album make me feel like I have reach
the goal yes. I get tired of my own stuff sometimes but some of the songs are classic.

10. So how does the plans look for this year? Any last bleak words?

 - The plan was to play much live but you never now. Maybe we will record a new album.
Hopefully maybe next year we can get our asses out in Europa.

I sure hope so!!

måndag 15 april 2013

Nåstrond - Muspellz Synir

First i want to say that this record is quite a massiv work of occult art! (Released in the year 2008.)

It ticks in almost into an whole hour of thick murky chaos!
I like Nåstronds change into more grittier and harshers audio even if i liked hteir 90´s sound to... i feel that this "new" sound they have is more suiting their cause. The production is earthy and muddy but at the same time clear & sharp... nice mix combo.

Reverbing buzzing guitars & drums hammering in mostly midtempo with intersections of ambient atmospheric tracks & hatefull bursts, harsh grunting vocals rolling into the layers of madness well. The whole album is clearly made to be heard from start to finish. an epic and bloody journey into the void.

You´ll decending down to the beach of death!...Walking over corpses... trying to escape in vain.

Await the dragon!

Feel the flesh rip of your bone as the ancient serpent eats you.
This eternal beach of rotting bodies will be your coffin of pain.

I great black metal album by all means but it can take some spins before you´ll grasp it completely... but it´s worth it!

Track list:

1.     Intro - The Gallow Reveals    
2.     Fenrir Prophesy    
3.     Eldrök         
4.     Defiance of the Transient         
5.     Dark Fyres    
6.     Die Sense die die schwarze Herbstzeitlose mäht    
7.     Ascending Blaze    
8.     Agios    
9.     Svarta Stränder (Digerdöden)         
10.     Calling the Serpentine
11.     Ior    -  instrumental
12.     Mouth of the Sea    
13.     Passing Beyond Light    -  instrumental
14.     Nåstrond    

söndag 14 april 2013

Stutthof - And Cosmos from Ashes to Dust...

Apart from the obvious controversial bandname i cant find anything that could really be considered as some nazi-whatever and i guess that most of the people thats reading this blog knows that this is more about Drakkonian Witchcraft, luciferianism etc and that this band changed its name later to Acherontas.... as the man himself commented in some old interview that the Stutthof incarnation had "bite its own tail" and had to die...only to be reborn as something stronger.

Anyway! Over to the actual album, this is/was a watershed record (year 2004)  that  together with a couple of other albums a new force that cut a fresh wound in the BM world, they combined strong melodies with multilayered chaos and song structures drifted away from any comercial standards. Beside from new brave compositions the more serious occult lyrics and stand points gave way for a whole lot of new bands with similar inspirations.

It all starts with a very atmospheric orchestral piece borrowed from the soundtrack of the movie "The Ninth Gate"... after that all hell explodes!

Wampyric Metamorphosis  is one of Stutthofs best songs i must admit! The winds from the 90´s is here but in a more wall-of-sound kind of way with its drum blasts fills the vast sky and fresh sharp riff structures rips your face away !
 It really feels like the cosmos is trembling as the ancient kings arise!
The serpents puls echoes as it shatters the stars.

The production is well fitting with working dissonance & strong & harsh groundstructure, the singing is combined with deep chantings and highpitched screams just as it should be.

The 20 minutes song "Crossing the Ninth Gate to the Kingdom of Shadows  " is also one of the bands best (in that era), it has so many layers and twist and turns thats a bit hard to explain... and i would bore you. haha! Best is that you listen to it your self of course.

All the incarnations is vivid and when it all is finished you will feel like you been both punched out of orbit and then given primordial knowledge... or something.

I could go on and on about every great little detail on every track but i think its better you pick it up yourself and just devour it!

The only minor critic i have is the bad picture resolution on the cover (and some in the booklet, the vinyl is better but with another coverpicture), other then that this is a must have record!

Track list:

1.     An Invocation to Those Who Have Risen    
2.     Wampyric Metamorphosis        
3.     Κερασφόρος Σελήνη         
4.     Crossing the Ninth Gate to the Kingdom of Shadows         
5.     Δράκων Ό Μέγας        
6.     The Breaking of the Seventh Seal        

lördag 13 april 2013

Aosoth Interview!

 Time to speak with BST in the one and only Aosoth!

1. Thanks for taking your time to do this interview!

How is the vibes going in the Aosoth fortress?

BST: Things are looking pretty good. We're preparing for our first live rituals, which are to occur not long after the new album's release.
And our first ever official video will première today. (3 April)

2. Compared to your last three albums how would you describe the differences to
"IV: An Arrow in Heart"?
Please tell me about the main "theme" here?

BST: That album is the most mature we have made so far. On the previous one we had sort of found a specific tone, and we've come to perfect it with this new one.
The theme could be summed up as a search for enlightenment through the loss of all, especially the loss of sight, as a main step to truly seing.

3. When creating this new album where there many "kill your darlings"
in play or did you go from clarity to clarity? I guess you are very
picky in what gets out from your chambers.

BST: Those songs are all first shots. We don't overthink our music and we don't spend any time toying around and rearranging things. It's meant to be spontaneous, like automatic writing.
I'd say that's something that defines the way we sound.

4. the splendid & epic album "III - Violence & Variation" where a bit more impenetrable then the
murdering "Ashes of Angels" album, for what i have heard this "IV" is more
like a mixture of them both... is that somewhat a correct interpretation?

BST: It may feel that way because the production is clearer on "An Arrow in Heart". As far as the music goes, I don't really think so.
I think this album shows a natural evolution. Then again, we're not well placed to be the judges of that, we lack perspective.

5. Your new cover gives a different kind of "Aosoth feeling" (in a good way)
Almost romantic in a deadly kind of way. How did you choose the artist?
Any specific mentalvision you had that guided you to him?

BST: That amazing cover was painted by Benjamin Vierling, and we're honored to have been able to work with him.
It is a pretty accurate illustration of the themes develloped in the album.
Some people disliked it, or didn't understand it. It does require a closer look.

6. Is there any sweet merchandise in the making for this year?
Any plans for new Antaeus music? Loved Blood Libels!

BST: A couple tshirts designs should be printed, yes. As far as Antaeus goes, so far, there is no plan for any new music. We'll see what happens in the future.

7. How does your live plans look for 2013? You know we in Sweden wants you to come over badly and do a gig or two!

BST: We'll be playing a couple shows in France in early may, then we'll have a gig in the USA (Maryland Deathfest) on May the 25th. After that we'll play in Helsinki for the next edition of Black Flames of Blasphemy.
We did play in Sweden, at the Arosian Black Mass, a few months ago. We would consider any decent and serious offer.

8. Is there any Swedish band you like? Any one you like to play/tour with etc?

BST: There is obviously Watain, with whom we already have had the honour of touring. Apart from them I guess Funeral Mist would be my favourite swedish band at the moment.

9. Any final piercing words?

BST: Thank you for the interview. AMSG.

fredag 12 april 2013

Tsjuder - Desert Northen Hell

This classic has been on almost constant replay these past week!

This great album came out in 2004 and really hit the spot for many!
I´m not surprised that after this release they went on tour with Carpatian Forest and then even released a live-dvd....well what happened then with the split ups and shit i dont know and dont care because they are already reunited. (not that i have to mention than...)

This album is furious blitzing and shrieking beast! Greatly varied and powerfull grim black metal, they really have their roots still firmly attached from where they came from whitout losing any creativity.
Hellish speed on every level and the song structures always keeps you on your toes, production is high with every instrument audible and punchy but still raw enough.

The singing is truly hatefull and nasty and grind itself like a warhammer into the songs!Hails to Nag!

This is one of 00´s must have records and it is not so strange that they could not outdo this with their comeback album "Legion Helvete". (yeah its good to but not like DNH)

The stand out tracks for me is the evil "Ghoul" and the headbanging "Mouth of Madness" and the last grand monstrosity "Morbid Lust". the Bathory cover is nice to but that was old news... all in all a head smashing piece of Norwegian black metal!

May the misanthropic winds blow forever!

Track list:

1.     Malignant Coronation
2.     Ghoul    
3.     Possessed    
4.     Lord of Swords    
5.     Helvete    
6.     Mouth of Madness    
7.     Unholy Paragon    
8.     Sacrifice (Bathory cover)    
9.     Morbid Lust    

onsdag 10 april 2013

Patronymicon Interview!

Time to have a talk with the Swedish black metal band Patronymicon! (More precisely with

1. Thanks for taking precious time of for this interview!
...So do you have an release date yet for the new
album "All Daggers Towards The Sky"?

-No problem.

The release date isn't set at the moment but
the record is taking it's physical form as we speak so a date
will be annaounced shortly.

2. How did the change from N.Sadist to H.Sulphur go? And why the change?

-N.Sadist and I talked about it in the past and now the time felt right to take that step. 
The main reasons for the change was to give the live performances more justice, a vocalist without the need to focus on a instrument has the ability to give total dedication to express the message that we want to send both visually and with the vocals. 
We also share a lot with the occult views that we value and that can develop the band into the course that is right for Patronymicon.

3. Did the vocalist change affected the music?

-If you are referring to "All Daggers Towards the sky" the answer is no. 
The record was made before my entering in the band so it is N.Sadist voice on the album. 
We are working on more material and of course it affects the music but not in a drastic mater, more like grinding the edges on this black crystal so to speak.

4. Now when you have existed as a band for around 5-6 years how much do
you feel that Patronymicon has grown musicaly and spiritually?

-I have followed Patronymicon through the years and the band has always developed, a lot due to line up changes but the core has remained the same since it is N.Sadist's creation from the beginning along with P.Locust. 
At the moment we feel that the band takes a further step that is needed and spiritually we are going deeper towards the abyss, with guidance of the black flames of the old Gods .

5. Do you have any interest in things like Temple of the Vampire
that bands like Acherontas seems to be into?

-Temple of the vampire to me seems like a branch of LaVey's satanic views, atheist's that tampers with occult magick.
They promote life whilst we promote Death, criminals are not allowed to join and that is something I can't put together. 

Most of our laws comes from Christian values and if you aim to be your own God or individualist if you will it must be necessery at some points to bend or break those laws in order to achive your goal, otherwise you are just a meek lamb in Jahve's flock with rebellious dreams. 
A true dark soul does not need an almost humanistic organization, true individualism comes from solitude. In our view the majority of humans is just a waste of flesh so the answer to your question is no... 

6. Last year you have played (on the same bill) with bands like
Degial, Omizide & Insane. Did you guys get along well? Any one
you like to tour with?(if that was planned)

-Yes we did get along if you want to put it like that. Megiddo of Degial used to play guitar in Patronymicon so he is no stranger to us and we have done a couple of shows together with Omnizide beside the show you're referring to. 
We could absolutley tourwith these bands if the opportunity was given.

7. When i think about your new releases name "All Daggers Towards The Sky" i cant help to get mental images like a big horde aiming for gods throne.
...i´m maby lost at sea so please describe the essence of its being.

-The title of the album summarizes the essence that flows through the songs and speaks of the outmost hatred we feel towards the astral light and the form of humanity that comes with it.

8. How has your hometown Sandviken affected you? I myself comes from Gävle (close by Sandviken)
and i cant say much nice things about that place...

-Well I can't say much nice things about Gävle either! Sandviken is an interesting town and in some ways inspiring for what we do. 
It is Fueled by depression and self destructive behavior that often comes with small industrialized towns and that is something that suits us quite well. 

9. Any plans written in stone for this evil year 2013? Concerts i guess.

-Our plans for this year is to make sure that the new album get's the attention that it deserves and it will probably be some concerts. 
We will also continue to work on future material and make sure that Patronymicon thrives.

10. ...And time for your last word!

- If you are dedicated to this kind of music, make sure to add
"All Daggers Towards The Sky" to your collection!

fredag 5 april 2013

Future Plans

RAW WAR will be printed as an regular fanzine now sometime under this pre summer AND i just got news in that the great label Terratur possessions own distro will be selling it...

There is a lot of plans for exclusive stuff like interviews/photo shoots etc.... cant say anything just now...

Stay tuned! (more to come.)

Dødkvlt Interview!

On this bloody friday we sit down with Lord Theynian & discuss  his band Dødkvlt!

1. Thanks for accepting this interview on such short notice! 

- No problem.

2. How would you describe your own "twist" to black metal music?
   And how come you started composing this kind of demented music in the
first place? Any bands that got your black flame to rise?

- I used to place it in the locker of "experimental black metal", however I really do not give a shit about categorizing my music in any more complex way. 
It's black metal. People may or may not place it in a tighter sub-genre but I do not really care what others think about it.. It's just what I create and the music that I write ends up devouring influences from multitude of sources around me creating something that I can safely call my own with pride. 
Some may call it experimental, some may call it unique, some may call it shit, some may call it pretentious crap, I don't care.

3. ...And please describe how you put yourself into the right mood
 to do your magic? Any specific premerations or does it just
come out naturaly?

- It cannot be forced. It just comes out naturally. However, the inspiration can be enhanced with the right atmosphere. 
I'm usually the most inspired in winter when the daylight is at it's minimum and it's cold. I just find it soothing and it puts my chaotic mind at ease and in focus. 
Summer can fuck off for all I care. I find it really hard to work on anything when the sun is glaring at the sky.

4. Stands each album on their own or does all three paint a bigger picture?
   I feel like that anyways... now when i´ve heard III.

- Each album represent a certain point and time in my life. I've been ascending the crooked rusty ladder into the unknown and I'm still yet to find what awaits me at the end. Each album is just one step. Only two of my releases are connected and it's the split with goats of doom and my latest album. "III: Domini Ascensionem" continues the story that begun on the forementioned split and brings it to it's conclusion. 
Musical and lyrical themes are repeated throughout the whole saga of Domini Ascensionem. There's a lot of hidden references to be found between the two for anyone who is patient and enlightened enough to seek them.

5. How has the reception been regarding your new great album III: Domini Ascensionem?

- I haven't really followed critics opinions on it as much as I did with my last releases for I am so satisfied with it myself and don't really care what others say. 
The feedback that I have heard from my listeners and a handful of music critics has only been positive.

6. The artwork (by Maxime Taccardi) on your latest opus is really superb and fitting!
Was the content of the art something you came up with or did you
gave him total freedom?

- Maxime had an early version of the whole album that he could listen and create the artwork as he wished and it turned out perfect. Our visions live in perfect symbiosis. He visualizes the soundscapes that I create better than anyone else can.

7. Do you have any splits in the pipeline or any sweet merchandise?
   I need some!

- Nothing planned. I rarely find any bands fitting stylistically to do splits with me. I'd rather just focus on creating the next opus in peace. I'm not rushing it no matter what.

8. Have you any live plans for 2013?

- Not really. 
I am trying to get things in motion with the lineup that I chose to work with when it comes to possible live shows with this project but we are still in the beginning and I can't really say when we are ready to open the curtain to the audience.

9. Is there any specific bands you like nowadays? Any nice tips?

- I'm in constant search for new and interesting music so I can't really mention a few. Preferences vary by day and I prefer to keep things varied and listen to a lot of different bands/artists from various genres instead of just sticking to a few for longer periods. 
It's what feeds my mind as a composer.

10. Any final last words?

- Be patient. You will hear of me.

torsdag 4 april 2013

Likvann Interview!

Time has come to chat with Likvanns creator & dictator Skabb!

1. Thanks for taking time off for this interview !

  I guess it is a bit hectic now with both the workloads for Likvann and Djevelkult  in full swing?
- You're right. It's a lot going on with both bands these days, and they are both making big progress. We are currently in studio with Djevelkult, recording the album "I Djevelens Tegn", and I'm writing new songs for the first Likvann full- length.

2. Please tell me how & when you realized that you had a craving for doing Likvann
   even when you were/is active in the Djevelkult horde?
   Whats Likvanns own burning purpose & goals?
- At the time the idea of Likvann came to my mind, in 2010, I was really pissed off, and needed a way to express my feelings and thoughts about certain things. As I was only playing the drums at the time, I decided to learn how to play the guitar, and so it escalated. 
I will keep on with Likvann, although I'm in Djevelkult, since Likvann consists of MY thoughts, ideas, hatred and pride, only.
Likvanns burning purpose and goals, is to say FUCK OFF to all political correctness, hippies and people who can not see the truth, but has to live in some sort of reality- distant dream, to make themselves comfortable. I also hope to awake some strong feelings concerning heritage and pride. The world of today is making people deny these feelings, and that should not be.

3. How did the studio time go for your latest release "Vredeskrik"?
-It went well, of course it took some time, but I believe it's better to take your time with the music, rather than rush it, and not be satisfied with the result.

4. Compared to Likvanns first demo to this latest Ep how much do you feel you have
   changed/grown? Is the Ep "Vredeskrik" your best work to date?
- I believe I have grown a lot since the first demo. 
I've spent much more time with the "Vredeskrik" EP, and I believe that will show. 
I don't think I've changed that much, though. It's still my mind the music is coming from, and I still have the same mind that I had in 2010. And I believe "Vredeskrik" may be the best, in one way, but I also believe that the two previous demos are pretty good.

5. I like your cold & harsh atmosphere a lot in your recordings, do you have any
   special "rituals" you go trough to get into the right mood?
- Thank you. I make everything "real". I've recorded my own sound samples for some songs, and there is no "cut&paste" in my music. That might also be the reason why it's taking a while to record stuff, because I have to record it all in one take.
I also must make the music and recordings when I am in a certain mood. It is impossible for me to set a date where I'm supposed to be recording or writing music. I have to do it when I'm in the mood that it takes to make the atmosphere of Likvann.

6. Do you have any splits in the plannings? If not is there any band you would like
   to do an split with?
- I have been talking with "Kleven" about a split in the future, but nothing really planned or ready.

7. Is there any live plans for 2013? If so Where?
- I've have been talking with some comrades about taking Likvann live, but it's still on the thinking stage.

8. How does the Norwegian media treat the BM scene these days?
- No one talks about the BM scene in Norwegian media. Not mass media that is. Other medias like Scream Magazine talks about it, and I believe the people reading this interview knows what they write in magazines like that.

9. If you only get one word, how would you describe Norwegian society today?

10. Any last warnings to the sheeps?
- There will be an full length out in 2013, and Likvann will carry on spreading it's words!
  Knus islam!

tisdag 2 april 2013

Ondskapt - Dödens Evangelium

Recently this great Swedish horde got a nice recognition in one of Swedens longest running rock magazines, they got placed in the list of "to listen to before you die" with 25 other bands.

All their records is above great but Yeah sure this album is really excellent so if dont have it

Crank it up loud and suffer in a delightfull way!

måndag 1 april 2013

Azazel - Jesus Perversions

It´s bean a long way coming! Was it worth the wait? well sure Azazels first full album is  cross-crushingly  good!

Azazel has been on this earthly soil for around 20 years in existence...first demo was released 1993 the an Ep in 1996 then there was a major time gap until 2011 when they came back with an split with Goatmoon. (also reviewed here on RAW WAR!) But know (released october 2012) finally they have made there first full album!

If you looking for something blasphemous and raw, something ugly but rocking, something demonic and evil then you have come to the right place!
These finnish gang sounds like they would rather shit in your face then shake your hand and thats how this kind of ancient black metal should sound like! Gut ripping & soul splitting

Productionwise it is raw but punchy, the deathish spatter that lay on top of the satanic musical shell  comes out just right and nothing goes to waste, you´ll bang your behorned head for sure!

The songs goes mostly in some agro mid-tempo but speeds up sometimes in an trollish fashion . the song structures has enough dramatic & personal touch to them to stand out from the crowd, the singing is like a mixture of hatefull and disgusted shouting and gnarling and some deep vile Beelzebubian growling.

Every song is dirty & great but my personal choices is track: 3, 5, 8

Track List:

1.     Jesus Perversions         
2.     Rotting Nazarene         
3.     Black Metal Night         
4.     Philosophy of Dark and Light         
5.     Raping the Virgin Mary        
6.     Christian Slut        
7.     Father Satan         
8.     Satan's Little Cunts         
9.     Palace of Blasphemy         
10.     (Hidden track=outro)