tisdag 30 december 2014

RAW WAR #3 -Final promo-

RAW WAR #3 -Final promo-

Now all is completed only have to wait some due to the print shop is closed over
the un-holy days.

Updates will follow as i get it.

söndag 28 december 2014

Pure Interview!

1.Hails Bornyhake Ormenos! 
As i understand Pure was conceived sometime last year and you alone are the leader/creator for it?

- Yes, I created Pure last year, I wanted to come back to more raw things. Borgne and Enoid’s music have evolved a lot and are now far from black metal roots.

2.Your debut album "Kingdom of Wrath" is out from the grave! How was the process behind this release? Was there any ups and downs? Or just a solid stream of misery?

- In Pure as in all my other projects, the process is always the same.
First I have all the melodies in my head and then I record them all in a row. This album has been recorded at the same time as the second Pure album "and the waters turned to blood".
It was a bit difficult to transcribe into music what I had in mind -melodies, feelings and thoughts.

3.How did the maniacs around you reacted to the album?

- I did not expect people to like Pure music as they do... For my other projects it has taken much more time. Pure music is more primitive, basic. It is easier to express yourself in such a music ; maybe it is what people like in Pure.

4.On the technical side, what instruments do you use and prefer?

- Usually, my favourite instrument is drums but for Pure I had mainly focus on guitars. Concerning the composition, it is very standard for raw black metal : drums, guitars, bass, vocals.

5.I saw you wrote that you had record a new song for a compilation, is it something you can speak of now?

- Yes I had record a song for a compilation for Asgard Hass records which will be released in 2015. You can already watch the clip of the song on Youtube ("Darker than my heart").

6.As i understand you have been and are involved with quite a lot of other bands, is Pure a personal side project or is it your main focus, if not which band is your main "job"?

- I play in a lot of bands as session member or composer, and for me there is no band that is more important than another, but I focus on bands depending on the moment.
 I consider these projects, working together, as a unity.

7.How did you come in contact with Humanity's Plague Productions?

- I know HPProd because I made some trades with them in the past. When I started searching labels for Pure, I contacted some, hoping that of them would be interested by my project. I'm sure that HPProd was the right one for Pure.

8.Besides the bands you are connected to, which bands would you recommend that comes from Switzerland?

- I don't need to recommend you Darkspace because it is already well-known, but I could recommend you some more underground bands : Cendres de Haine, Euclidean, Helslakt.

9. Whats the story behind the song "The Red Moon"?

- In the Pure albums' booklets, I put some words (but not the lyrics) about the songs. For this song, I wrote " When life never sees the light". The song is about a depressive state of mind, similar to a big black hole which impedes light to pass. By a rainy night, after spending a bad evening, I felt awful, sick... I started to write the lyrics of this song to bring out all the rage I had inside me.

10. Time to end things here, Thanks for your answers!

- Thank you for the interview, and keep the black metal flame alive!

fredag 19 december 2014

Sadokist - Thy Saviour's Halo, Held by Horns

After 4 demos, 1 split & 1 compilation the first full album is out !(got out this summer)
This Finnish band of demented warriors is waiting for your blood to be spilled!

This is a twister filled with an demons mutated with speedy old school thrash and sadistic black metal fingers!
From the get go you get hacked and smouldered by the both creative and venomous riffs and blasting hell-drums! Vocals spits and screams great and has just the ugliness and cockynes needed for this witch soup!
All this plus it has a kind of surrealistic occult level intertwined into it which makes (lyrics also) it last even longer. Not just a great blood pumping action but also intrigues one to dig deeper into it.

Its really engaging and is filled with nice musical ideas so no songs feels repetitive or samey, both like a yell from the dark past as it is a timeless punch in the gut!
When i heard it the first time i felt that this should be on my top list of the year (if i did one) and i feel the same now after many more moons with it!

If you like dirty fast devil music with great meat hooks this is it!

Production is as good as it needs and keeps the slimy and filthy rawness as well as it has a sweet fat wholness that helps the heads banging into the 7th day.

Its now out on tape via  BLACK GOAT TERRORIST 666 !

Cut it out from the twilight plane and get killed!

My pick out tracks are: 2,5,7

Track list:

1.Poisoned Souls
2.Cult Fire
3.Damnatio ad Bestias
4.Udar Ghul
5.Darkness Prayer
6.Dreaming of War

torsdag 18 december 2014

Arthedain - Arias Exalted

Here we have a very newly born band (2014) with one Ep "By The Light Of The Moon" released prior to this  Ep... i have not heard that one but regarding the short time in between them two i guess the style they play is the same. (USA/Germany)

What we get under these aprox 14-15 minutes is a dramatic both cold and bleeding assault of Nordic Black Metal, my mind wanders to the likes of mid-era Watain occultish atmosphere with blistering drums and sharp riffings that aims to shatter heavens hymen in a dissonant strike & also some bleak soul searching alá Flagellated Seraph.
It is a sound that is very 2010-14 which is no negative thing but it has potential to blossom into a more individual black burning flame...and the first and last tracks here show a strong will and power to convey both in engaging melodies and personal grief.
Song 2 & 3 is good too but i get most out of the above mentioned.

Production is also like what one can demand from this with a well balanced levels from all instruments, strong and hard hitting but also let details shimmer in the slower melancholic parts of some songs. Not raw but not over produced either.
Vocals is both harsh ghastings and some lower deathish growls that floats right into the rest of the mass! Some slower segments has a slight DSBM sound to them but only in the compositions not the vocals...no tormented witch howls.
Just as well.

So to summarize this has some modern/traditional but strong songs on this Ep and they show potential but to really know how much i look forward to a full album to do the final judging!

That will be the important portal for them to pass.

Track list:
1.Through Immolation Sparked
2.Visions Of Fire
3.The Constant Void
4.Traverse The Path Of Thorns

Take a listen:


onsdag 17 december 2014

Black Cilice - Mysteries

I have heard some song here and some other song there in the past and it have teased my appetite for BLACK CILICE quite much! This is of course very "underground" in the sense that getting physical copies 
of his releases can be painfully hard...so i used some know "tube" to help me scratch my itch some.... and of course the music that is served here fits six feets under the mainstreams of regular BM also.

 This latest third album is now  released through Iron Bonehead so this will make things a little easier in getting the "real" thing!

For those who is not familiar with this band i can say that it is in many senses traditional second wave black metal but with a flair of getting extra hypnotic and trance inducing through its reverbing repeated ghoul riffings. Its both a lo-fi wall and at the same time melodies cuts out of the fog! And just when you thought "this is its sound" "he" throws in some up beat drumming bridges and takes of into another road without loosing its base nature. 
Vocals is used more like anther type of instrument in that it does not "sing" rather then howl in an dissonant echo that melts very nice into it all.
Its raw but has depth both in sound and feelings.

Many has said that Black Cilice music is hauntingly beautiful and somewhat elevating melancholic  its true here as well, it has also a sphere of distant horrors that encapsulates the whole album and leaves one with a feeling of old unrestful souls banging inside of the head.

This is surly some night time music for introverted thoughts and rituals. 
I like it but that i already knew i would hehe. 
Sure there is nothing "new" to be found here but its personal and powerful enough to warrant a purchase... and it has never been as easy to buy a BC release as now either so go get it and dip your ears into the mysteries!

Track list:

01 To Become
02 Into Morbid Trance
03 The Truth
04 Ceremonial Energy
05 A Prayer from Beyond
06 From the Long Forgotten Past 

tisdag 16 december 2014

Nuclear Anticristo - Unholy Weapons Against Humanity

Damn this is an morbid demo! hehe

After the satanic movie sample (should i know from which movie this is from? Probably
some Fulci or Argento flick) the guttural wall of buzzsaw meatcleavers
blast you in the chin! All the acid fluids burn your skin and leaves an un-animated
corpse with a nasty grin on its bony face!
This thrashy blackened death music is sure pumping up ones panzer-blood!

Sure this is no doubt a goat/war metal attack in their traditional murder style
which means that you either love it or not.... lucky for me i already has a thing
for this type of relentless hellhole vomiting.

There are 4 tracks here which is not so much but the band has enough of personality
and dirt under their fingernails to make a mark.

Production is works well with its over powering force, vocals, strings, drums etc
is there and they are doing the job as they should! No more no less.

Time to hunt down the bands other releases now.

No prisoners survived

PreEmptive Strike 0​.​1 - Pierce their Husk

Now to something completely different!

Those who also have a thing for dark electro/techno stuff should take notice here!

Odium Records (Black Altar,Crepusculum , Thy Flesh) has recently opened a sub-division
 called Sonic Hell Records which is focusing in on electronic music that is from the other side, this is their first release!

Besides the Odium connection here we have Niklas Kvarforth (is he cloned?) as
guest vocals....and it works quite well i say. Sure the main music style here
is not what i listen to so i cant comment on the quality of it but Niklas
vocals blends nicely into the whole "body" of black shimmering zeros & ones.

The thematic seems to be something in the vain of Starship Troopers 2,0
considering the cover art but i cant say for sure.
But from the musics multi-layered semi-agro ambience it would
fit the mould of a new Starship Trooper movie sound track, nothing wrong in that.

Be sure to hunt it down if you are into this style of digital creations or if you just feel
curious about its exotic futuristic war compositions.

This is released on a cd (with extra tracks) & a 7"

måndag 15 december 2014


Of all the stuff i have reviewed here this is a release
that is probably the one that is most correct to
label "Noise", but besides from my lack of "noise" experience
this one was not so hard to digest...as an experience due
to its dramatic nature.


I cant say if it has an "theme" or "story" but my reflections
of the "music" and the visuals on the cover and inside leads me to
think this is a really bad mindfuck! Like one is stuck in a void of
 guilt, prostitution, days in some  run down sanatorium...like one is in the
core of someones psychosis and cant breath...and then some more guilt!
Thats a nice feeling i can assure you!


It has some kind of segments of real noisy electric overloads but
one can hear some voices whispering underneath it all...then there is some
calmer but colder parts...as i am not an expert in this field i cant comment on
the quality or non-quality of the technical part but for me it serves its purpose


All in all an uncomfortable tape which is exactly what its is supposed
to be... i guess. hehe


filth for the filth

fredag 12 december 2014

Vritrahn-Werwolf Demo 1

Here we have a new & very interesting project!
For those who hunger for more music in the raw fashion where Mr Werwolf is included here is the fix!

Vritrahn-Werwolf  !!!

A collaboration between Vritrahn (White Death) and Werwolf (Satanic Warmaster) have released their
first demo.

Track list:
1 - Blasphemies
2 - Burning Strife
3 - Darkness Inside
4 - Crux Satanae 

Out trough Astral Temple! *sold out*

Track taste:


lördag 6 december 2014

VERMAPYRE / Vehrmöedr split 7"

Here we have another split but with a quite different approach towards their musical endavours, First of we have the Belgium based cigar box horror maniacs Vermapyre!

For those who dont know what a cigar box guitar is i can tell you that is the most basic electric vile contrapment to be made... and its perfect for this noisy fright-mare relics that they do. It should be known that this is no mare noise band but rather a very old & raw sounding  "movie soundtrack"... as they themselves have stated that this is "Flickering imagery haunts, concealing the forgotten past of our vaudevillian apparition known as Vermapyre. Distorted, broken sounds from the deteriorated reels of many lost, 1920s silent era horror film devours the listener within the blackened, grit-pocked nightmare that is conjured through thee Vermapyres home-made electric cigar box guitar."
Yeah its just like that and i enjoyed it a lot! 

Feelings of gnarly pointy fingers in the shadows reaching out to pierce your smoke filled lungs... Hundred year old bat wings dust up the cave walls as they flaps their way out into the dead night air. 
The coffin worms awaits!

For the other side we found Vehrmöedr (Canada)...info about this band is quite harder to find but compared to Vermapyre this entity is sure fitting for this split. The first thats evident is that "their" sound is much thinner and more minimalistic, i guess the cigar box is used here too (now i know that they dont) but not in the same strong way... strings plinks here and dry low screams pours there. A much more suffocating style but quite interesting...  feels like the last hour of a ghouls flickering life. They are also connected to the label Under the Eye Productions.(Schattenreiner, Ossuary, Devotion)

All in all a ghastly split that i think many of you would like!
Great visual production also!
But that can anybody see anyways
Released on the bizarre label Negromancy (they also released HERXSEBET / WAMPHYRE split and VVLAD which is just as good!)

fredag 5 december 2014

Förgjord / Nekrokrist SS

Here we have some Suomalaista Mustaa Metallia!!! (Finnish for "Finnish Black metal")
Damn this is a good split! A very forceful hold onto the great horns of the north!

These two bands serve up 8 songs filled with deep feelings and just as effectful compositions, they stand with two raw goat feet´s firmly in both the past of the cold early 90´s and their living horrors of the present.
Their melodies contains both the glorious melancholy of a past now in ruins and riffings that kills any opposer (& poser). quite long tracks (often in mid tempo) but they never falls into some dull slopes, all is well carved out with skill and all the parts fit together perfectly and builds up a wholeness & atmosphere that can be carved with a knife. (morakniv)
Much tasteful (wonder if that a fitting word for this..?) variation and dark ideas is stuffed into all the music from start to "finish". Empowering one minute and devastating in the next.

Production fits just as well with a just right rawness without leaving out any instruments, its cold feeling but at the same time not... vocals is both bone chilling screams and also some semi barking angry men... hehe but it works splendid.

Both bands share many audial & mental tastes which results in a split that molds very smoothly... i dont know shit about Finnish language (i wish i knew more then the a few cursewords) so i cant really tell anything about the lyrics but their music talks more then enough anyways so that does not really matter.... and i wont try to "Google translate" some lyrics cuz that will fuck to much with my mind haha!

All is super but my two pick out tracks would be: Förgjord - Mieltensä sairastama & Nekrokrist SS - Musta viha.

First i did not notice it but they did a quirky thing with the band logo combination! 

*Essential split in other words*

Track list:

1.     Förgjord & Nekrokrist SS - Jättäkää minut korpeille (osa 1.)
2.     Förgjord - Kasketun maan laulu         
3.     Förgjord - Mieltensä sairastama         
4.     Förgjord - Kerpeikkari         
5.     Nekrokrist SS - Musta viha         
6.     Nekrokrist SS - Tyhjyys         
7.     Nekrokrist SS - Hyljätty         
8.     Förgjord & Nekrokrist SS - Jättäkää minut korpeille (osa 2.)    

Released by: Hammer of Hate Records

måndag 1 december 2014

Phosphore Blanc Interview!

1.Hails SKVMPAT!
I guess you are the one and only member of this musical-weapon?
As PB released its debut album this year what did you do before this
and what made you to put this band together?

- Hails! Yes, I am the only member, I'm more comfortable alone without external influences
regarding my projects. Before Phosphore Blanc, I had another black / death / rac project called MustardGaz, it lasted from 2008 to 2013. I didn't had any clue about mastering and mixing so it sounds quite raw. Released it only for my friends and knowledge circle.
I learned little by little how to record better and make it sounds as I want to.

2.The first album "Xenophobos" I think is a really interesting hard hitting
entity all from the poisonous neo-occultish cover art to the seven devastating tracks!
Please tell about the time creating this and what goal you had in mind?

- Thanks! I draw since childhood, I always picture things in my head that I have to put on paper.
Since a few years it is quite the same recurring avatars I draw for my projects, a skull headed larva / snake
and a gasmasked vulture with human torso I use within the MG and PB imagery.
I play music and draw according to my inspiration. I want to create my own symbolism and meanings,
visualizing this kind of pictures while listening to the stuff I do and vice versa.

3.I am no expert in weapons of war and all the evil stuff the military invents but
i think your band name is something that could "irritate" the skin if it came in contact
with it? hehe

- Hehehe yeah this is some sick shit! Love how the victims looks like after being exposed,
and what it does to the mind and spirit of the witnesses.
I was always attracted to the vicious, burning and corrosive weapons,
the stuff you can do homemade like combat gaz, toxic smoke or exploding devices.
I wanted to give a french name to my project that inspire something like that.

4.As i understand you do all the great artwork yourself have you done covers etc to
some other bands one should know of also?

- Yes i draw all the covers for my projects.
I drew for the two MustardGaz EPs, and the PB covers and symbolism.
Recently I did the artwork for the next Seges Findere t-shirt ( At war against the Zog)
and the cover for the split Ep with Ritual Genocide.
I used to draw some stuff for an underground french BM fanzine 6 or 7 years ago I don't remember.
I'm ok to draw for some bands if I dig the music and if I get along with the guys.

5.What kind of ideology do you have regarding this band?

- It's all about my feelings concerning this world and mostly the cesspool I live in.
France is filled with this fucking stinking scum everywhere and it's ruled by useless fags and cowards.
I believe the only answer for us is to act alone and low profile.
I dream everytime of the day we'll wipe out those degenerate fucks; for where I live, and for Europe.
I'm making my own spiritual way and the background and how things work here is a brake to it.
PB lyrics deals about all that.

6. If i understand correctly you released the album yourself but know you have tied
knots with the label Deathcamp Records, will they re release the album?

- Yes, I put the album on Bandcamp for sharing with some mates at the other side of the world.
After i reached out with Strigoi to talk about Seges Findere,
he listened to my tracks and was up for a cd release of "Xenophobos"
in early 2015.

7.I look forward to the coming split with Ritual Genocide! Tell me about this work and
how you came in contact with each others?

- I randomly found some stuff about Genocide Coven, their previous black metal band, I fucking liked it
so I took contact with the uploader of the videos who told me about Ritual Genocide.
I reached out with them, really cool dudes,
we started to share our respective projects and they came up with the idea of a split together.

8.Is there any plans on bringing your war-music unto the "live-platform"? Any gigs
in the plans? How do you think the France musical climate is for a band like yours?

- I don't have any plans for now. Maybe if I can gather some mates as a line up, and find the time and the room to rehearse on a regular basis this could be cool, but at this moment I'm not that interested playing live,
or maybe just in front of a restrained audience and some friends.
I think if we stay between us, just the scene and not make a fuss with too much information about the gig,
anything is able to play live everywhere in France. 

My city is filled with antifa and left sided cunts but we usually don't give a shit about their "threats".

9.If one like to get some sweet Phosphore Blanc t-shirt where should one look?

- Nowhere for now hehe. I have some designs ready and many ideas for some t-shirts and hoodies
but I'll wait to find somebody serious enough to work with, or I'll do it by myself,
I don't know yet, I have to enquire a bit about all this.

10.So after this split how does your next attack look like?

- I have already a few tracks ready, I don't know if i'll use them for a split (too soon to say) or an EP.
And i'm working on 4 or 5 past and unreleased MG tracks I want to release with Phosphore Blanc.
I guess i'll release some stuff within a few months or in the mid 2015 if things keep on going this way.

11. Thanks for your time & answers!

- No problem, my pleasure. Feel free to ask me anything you want about PB.

Thanks for your support!

tisdag 25 november 2014

Pictavian Necromancy - Underground Extreme Metal Ceremony !!!

Time for another hellbound terror-advert!

Putrid Ascendancy that is the organizer here is the same one that did the Mighty Impiety gigs earlier i wrote about here.

If your are there!

Be there!

The fires from these Belsebubian hordes awaits to burn your ass into oblivion!

Information about this:

"PICTAVIAN NECROMANCY is an Underground Extreme Metal Ceremony as 'Pictavian' Black Thrash Legends - MANZER invade Kolkata to perform a 'Necromantic Rite' along with NECRODEITY and more Deathordes!

Putrid Ascendancy, in conspiracy with The Hellion Distro proudly presents


MANZER (France)
Pictavian Black/Thrash Metal Masters

Kalikshetra Bestial Death Hordes

BANISH (India)
Old Skull Deathcult from Kolkata

Brutal Death Metal Regiment from Darjeeling

Spiritual Black Metal Warfire from Kolkata

Raw Black Metal Retribution from Kolkata

Date - December 14th, 2014
Doors open at 11 AM.
Pass - Rs.300/-

NOTE: As a respect for support for the Order of the Heretical Trident Festival pass holders get their passes for ONLY Rs. 200/- "for those willing to make use of this opportunity!" Which is actually more than the 30% PA spoke of before!

Contact - Arka Desecrator Farzand for passes or the number written on the poster!

Mail Us - putridascendancy@gmail.com

MANZER - http://www.manzer.fr/

And for sound sonic spell:


lördag 15 november 2014

Black Force / Fröst Rot - Dungeons of Depravity

I have planned for awhile now to write this review and now finally i get my demon thumb out of the ass!

After i heard the Black Force  "Cult of the Bloodstone" tape demo some month ago  i was eager to find more from them because they come from of just the kind of bloodstained cemetery dirt i love! Early trashy satanic speed/heavy-metal all the way to the grave! ....or "Speed to the grave" if i should quote Necrocurse. hehe.

These two (damn only two!!) new songs from Black Force delivers in just the same chaotic fashion as last time with ugly metal-cave riffs that gets your barbaric blood pumping again, it is quite primal but not losing its headbanging demon groove for a second. Production is mid-raw i would say as this music is meant to be in. Good songs to put it simple...but it would not hurt a bit if one would at least one song more each from the bands, i am a demanding bastard i know hehe. (now i the only thing i miss from BF is the Ep"Keep the Banner of Old High")

These tracks from Fröst Rot is the first i hear from them so i did not know what to expect but it did not take long before i understod why these bands did this split! Fröst Rot is just as good! They lean a bit more towards heavy metal riffings rather then the little more speedy BF but thats not a negative point as they compose their filth with classic (but personal) vigor. Vocals here is more higher produced  (but nicely ugly & vile) but dont overpower & drench the rest of the music.
Seems like i have to keep an eye on these hellhounds as well! ;)

A nasty but short split tape that should be picked up.

Track list:

Side A - Side Black
1. Black Force - Mites for Satan
2. Black Force - Shadow of the Vampyre
Side B - Side Rot
3. Fröst Rot - Grave Robber
4. Fröst Rot - Satanic Speed
*Out on - Into Dungeons Records


The stinking reaper is soon ready to drop a new baby on the floor!

***For questions and/or orders you can do it easiest through me at facebook :***

----- https://www.facebook.com/jan.p.whitney -----

fredag 31 oktober 2014

Entsetzlich - Eternal Funeral Cries

Here we have the first full length from this horrid Australian 1-corps band Entsetzlich!
After 4 demos, 3 splits, 1 Ep & one compilation album finally one has the chance to be fully suffocated by these eight ghastly songs!

For those who not already know about this bands sound... it hovers in the realm of the almost dead, the croaked gestalt of "the end" is fuzzing coldly the strings out over the field of the damned, this is a discomforting journey in the name of  both external & internal distress and hate.

As much as it has black metal vibes (as in track 5&6 for example) it has very much a coating of the ambient noise genre as many parts of this release disregards of any typical song structures (which Azathoth makes good use of) and shoots off to the edge of sanity & builds up the tracks in a slowly sinking collage pattern...
...parts surfaces as other drowns in itself... screams & mutterings unleashes both negativity and strength in a much vile way.
In its natural paradox of suicidal atmosphere & elitist stand point it gives the listeners a punch in the stomach and/or in the face.... resulting in either confusion or resolution.

As one sits through the whole album in one go it really gets under your skin and a claustrophobic weight is holding you down, a good deed and a great accomplish in my book.

So yeah Entsetzlich is maybe not for the everyday BM-Joe but that is just how it should be also as the BM climate is becoming a sanitized entity this type of unwelcoming acts is very much needed.

Track list:

1.     Contemplating the End of Life    
2.     Mesmerized by the Infinite Void    
3.     Condemned to Failure    
4.     The Cold Wind Rages Through The Dying Forest        
5.     On the Path towards the Funeral Gates
6.     From Hateful Visions    
7.     Curse the Abyss Part I        
8.     Desolate and Forsaken Nights

This cd version is released by the great Deathcult label!

måndag 27 oktober 2014

Sardonic Witchery - Kult of the Underground Warrior

Straight out of Texas burning fields King Demogorgon unleashes the first full length album upon the masses!

After the ominous intro it kicks off straight away with its primitive satanic almost punkish metal attack!
Yes this is both old school and timeless as this type of BM-music will always be included in its weapon arsenal, with a straight face it marches forward with one goal in sight and that is to cut down the weak lambs and reclaim the throne.
As i said earlier its a bit punkish and that lays most in the drum department but the guitars melts well into it with its blend of raw & sharp riffings, vocals is vomited forth with a raspy dominant disgust...and sometimes in a clean complaining "vatican-monk" style. hehe
The first three tracks is mostly played in a attack pattern with some nice guitar solos thrown in but around the 4-5 song some Nordic cold melodic guitar parts start to be incorporated to good results.

Yes its traditional but it it is just what it tries to be - a black flame warrior standing firm & tall. -
Musical wise its has its constant sound and never really lets up its "slightly faster then mid-pace gruffing" but here and there there are bits thrown in thats enriches the album as a whole which is good.
The only complain really is that some songs could been shortened and some guitar solo not used but thats minor things.

Feels good also that this band is spreading its plague in a place like Texas, hehe.

My favorite songs is 1,4 & 8  

Track list:

1.     The Path of Evil        
2.     Nihilistic Flames        
3.     The Altar of Pagan Gods        
4.     Depths of Darkness        
5.     Rites of Carnal Lust        
6.     Freezing Darkness        
7.     Dance Witches Cult        
8.     Endless Winter Blast        
9.     Bloody Night of Full Moon        
10.     Nation of True Warriors        
11.     Funeral March

fredag 24 oktober 2014

Lord of Pagathorn Interview!

1. Greetings! Great to have you here inside of RAW WAR! 
How has your day been in Helsinki?

C: Hail! It has been busy day here once again. Our first full-length “Nekros Phillia” is coming out from Woodcut Records 31st of October, so lots of things to do before that special date!

2.Last time (and first) I wrote something regarding Lord of Pagathorn was a review on your great EP "Shine Throvgh My Scars, Morning Star!", besides the Venom cover was this song  planned from the start to be on the full album? The song feels to me like a passage or a guiding light both towards this album and also spiritually wise... 

C: Shine throvgh my scars, Morning Star title song was originally written for that 7”EP. It was never planned to be included in Nekros Philia full-length.

3.As the promo/demo "MSILIHPORCEN" was said to be a part of the "whole" does that mean that  these songs is also on the album?

C: Yes, “MSILIHPORCEN” demo 2010 was presenting Chapters I-III from the “Nekros Philia” album. We re-recorded those songs again to “Nekros Philia” album with little bit of changes here and there.

4. I read some time ago that there were plans to re-release your first demo "The Chaos Spirit Among Us", is that still in the plans and if so who will put it out? Vinyl or on cd?

C: We are going to release both first demos (Rehearsal demo 1993 & “The Chaos Spirit Among Us” demo 1994 as a vinyl format during the year 2015. Vinyl will be released by Satanic Records from México. Also Satanic Records going to release “Nekros Philia” album as a cassette version too!

5. The structure is interesting and dynamic, what was the thoughts behind this kind of album build up? And for how long has the album been in the works?

C: “Nekros Philia” was massive project. I got the theme album idea around the year 2005 and I wrote the lyrics during the year 2007. Before that of course I had to make studies and background search which we related to necrophilia cases, rituals and human behavior. Searching the new line up, rehearsing the songs, recording, mixing and mastering took several years too.
 Finally the album is coming out!

6. Regarding the album title "Nekros Philia" I can quess fairly easily what´s the main theme is here...is it correct to assume that this album is a conclusion of your sophia gotten through your personal experience through your way in the left hand path? Or is the album the sound of the journey towards a coming new knowledge in this field?

C: Sometimes it is just better to let the readers to make their own conclusions. So grab the “Nekros Philia” album and drown into its mysteries.

7. As you been involved more or less in the Finnish underground way back from the early 90´s what would you say is the biggest difference now in Finland compared to then? And how do you feel the Finnish media value the death & black metal "scene" as it is a (as an outsider looking in) vast & prominent force? Not that it matters just curious...

C: When we started back then in the year 1992 here was only few bands, especially black metal bands. Now we have lots of more bands than back then but of course whole scene has grown a lot in general during these years. I don´t know if it is good, I think Finnish media is not interested of death or black metal bands in our country.

8. Just as your last EP this album is graced with a splendid cover artwork! Who did it and how did you come in contact? Has the artist done some other work one should know of?

C: “Shine throvgh my scars, Morning Star!” 7”EP cover artwork was made by Helgorth from Babalon Graphics. He also made album artwork for our upcoming “Nekros Philia” full-length. Helgorth has worked with many bands such as Behexen, Arckanum, Blut aus Nord etc. I knew Mr. Helgorth personally before we started to do co-work.

9. Is the right moment for Lord of Pagathorn to climb up on stage any time soon?

C: We have been thinking about it but at this moment we are not doing any live rituals.

10 .Thanks for your time and answers.

C: Thank you for the interview. I hope that those who are interested of Lord of Pagathorn, going to grab the “Nekros Philia” record to their hands and let the mysteries of “Nekros Philia” possess them!

-/Corpselord X/2014 A.B/-


onsdag 22 oktober 2014

Perdition Winds Interview!

Congrats to the album "Aura of Suffering"!! Great to finally have something new from Perdition Winds! It was like two years ago your debut self-titled Ep got out so how has the creational work been for this album? Was it a painful birth or did the baby slide out smoothly?

-(R.Ä.) This was kind of easy birth, since we didn't have any schedules about anything, so we did all the songs ready, and even waited and rehearsed almost one year before recording those. With the EP we were a bit too hasty.
The songs for that came out pretty fast, in couple of weeks, if I remember correctly, and we started recording those pretty fast and made the EP. Now looking back, I think we should have use a bit more time for that, so that would be a bit better also. I don't think it's bad, there is just some minor details that keeps bugging me.

2. I got to know PW by accident or was it evil fate? (hehe) Due to a mishap when i ordered a cd-package from Merchant of Death distro, i got your Ep instead of a Mutiilation album! 
First i was about to write an upset mail to them to get their shit straight (all the cases was cracked also...) but then i took a listen to it and was surprisingly pleased with it and forgot all about those whiny Frenchmen!
How has this good Ep regularly been received by the audience in other words?

-(R.Ä.) I think the EP didn't get much attention at its time, but that's nothing new for a new band, so I believe that when this new album hits on, maybe someone will get some interest to check out the previous album also. Hopefully Merchant of Death will do more mishaps like that, and the album will find more satisfied listeners, ha hah!

-(J.E.) That was interesting. But that´s how it goes usually in life, things happening by a chance (or do they?). Pleased to hear that you enjoyed that EP, we have not heard much feedback on it, really.
That is due to label who released it not promoting it at all!!! So it was buried by time and dust (pun intended)! Also we agreed on vinyl version too, but I guess you´ve figured already what happened with it…
3.While talking about the Ep i really like the ending song "Path Revealed" also, as it is a good ending song it feels also like an doorway to something else...to the new album i feel now. Can you describe that tracks lyric & meaning?

-(R.Ä.) That song was my personal favorite from EP, and I wanted to make it sound a bit depressive. J.E. can open the lyrics a bit more.

-(J.E.) Lyrically speaking that track is very, very personal to me. It is my thoughts and feelings on discovering the path of the black light. Path of Lucifer, hence the title “Path Revealed”. I did not want to reveal those lyrics at the time so respect that decision and do not share more than that about it

4.To jump from Darker then Black label to Woodcut seems natural but was there some specific reason for this?

-(J.E.) First of all we would not have wanted to continue to work with them since it didn´t work out. Secondly they did not contact us about future releases anyway (DTB). Woodcut had shown interest towards us and we got into talks with Mikki, ultimately reaching common understanding.

5. Back to the album... Could you decipher the great cover arts symbolism & what subjects & themes are consecrated and poured out through all these new songs?

-(J.E.) Theme on the majority of “Aura of Suffering” LP is Satan / Lucifer and infinite nothingness = Abyss. In my lyrics I do not preach to anyone.
This is because the Draconian path is different for all. It is individual path to follow so there is no point for me to tell anyone how it should be seen. My lyrics are merely my thoughts and feelings bled to the paper. I would describe my writing process as “painting” a picture, a very dark one with blood, vomit and shades of grey… I find a guide line, some thought and “paint” this horrid picture, describing that nightmare evoked by these sounds.

-(R.Ä.) For the cover picture, I wanted to represent how the man will be reborn trough ashes with aura of suffering. Although I think the temple is human body itself, but still I drawn the picture to be happening in the temple, so it's more easy to understand.
There is 11 snakes, and the smartest ones will find the connection by discovering the booklet that comes along this album. There is also Alpha and Omega in picture, for obvious reasons. There is one picture made out of every song by me and J.K.A., and by reading the lyrics and studying the pictures, you might understand the songs a bit better.

-(J.K.A) People with same kind of mental state might decipher my lyrics and pictures, but if no one gets it, i`m fine with that. I`m not trying to sell anything.
6. I saw you played earlier this year with bands like Lantern, Pyre, Corpsessed, Lie in ruins & Tyranny at the Bar Lepakkomies! How was that night?

-(J.E.) Yeah, it was good vibe playing there and especially sharing stage (although on different days since it was 2 day happening) with Lantern and Pyre! Otherwise everything were just fine except we missed almost entirely second guitar because of technical difficulties, hah!
7.And at the end of this month you will play at the Light Of The Black Sun II! Looks like it could
be a great event too!

-(J.E.) Yes, that is correct. It is a Finland mini tour entitled “Light of the Black Sun II” by Black Death and Blood Red Fog. We are just in supporting role at Helsinki night. That gig will be a release party also for “Aura of Suffering”. Helsinki date is October 30th 2014.

8. Is there any Hitler in the band? I mean is there one of you that like to run the show with an iron hand more then the other members or is there nice democracy residing in the horde?

-(R.Ä.) Luckily no. Would suck big time if there would some asshole telling others what to do all the time. If there would be that kind of guy in the band, then I wouldn't be part of the band anymore.

-(J.K.A) There couldn`t even be one, because no one in the band takes shit from anyone. You can have an opinion or an idea, then it either goes somewhere or gets shot in the head.

9.As this year soon ends do you know something that´s lays in store for next year?

-(J.E.) We are currently working on new material but can´t say in what form that should be out nor when. What comes to playing live, we have been signed to perform at Turku on “Turku Saatanalle III” event on 20.-22.2.2015. So far the other bands on the bill are Temple of Baal, Hoath, Hellspirit and Vanhelga, but more is in the pipeline.

-(R.Ä.) There is some half finished song structures in my mind, but how those will be transformed at the end, will see... Also we have one song ready and recorded for the split with Russian band Drama, but let's see if we can find a publisher for it.

10.Thanks for your answers!
Last cold word is yours!

-(J.E.) Promoters get in touch at: perditionwinds@gmail.com

Hail Lucifer!

Bar Lepakkomies 14.3.2014
Photo by Sampo Turunen