lördag 12 maj 2018


So like a month or two ago i started a label called Triumphant Cadaver with mainly forcus on releasing raw and obscure (for some perhaps) black metal.
To pre order or order write to this mail:

Here is a flyer on two close coming titles
Click for larger pic

Here is the first release the latest Krypthall (few tapes left)

And here is two booked bands that which release info will be disclosed when the time is in

Soon info on release 6 will be official plus some secret releases as of now is being discussed about

Holokauston - Hymns For An Unavailing Tragedy

Ok it is not everyday that i review an BM band from India.....probably happened like twice in the past 5 years.... so i cant say i have a solid image what Indian BM is or sounds like which makes it a bit extra exotic bracing this band.

First this is i think the third release from the one man Lord Chaos (does it all) and my first reaction was "Hmmm this is pretty impressing!" also from what i understand this Lord is a young Lord...dont think he hat hit the big 20 yet so that makes this music even better. I was a retard that young and could never see me come up with this type of music.

The music is a semi raw & somber melodic black metal with a mix of traditional second wave Bm and some more long progressive (not Prog!) and quite personal compositions that does not feel ripped from the greats. Songs is between 5 to 10 minutes and during the individual playtimes much interesting atmospheres is building up.... both be a bit meditative and dark like a distant wrath looking down on life. Lyrics seems to be on the more pondering side rather then lashing out in hate.
Feels pretty mature...

Production is as good as it needs to be, all is audiable but organic, cold sharp guitars, dry varid drum patters mixed nicely in the back and some synths is used in a tasteful way, vocals is raspy and works fine. Feels pretty much like something that could be found in the 90´s UG, a bit Swedish, Norwegian and also a bit Greek sounding if one should pin point it some more.
Track list:
1.Pessimism I 08:53
2.Pessimism II 09:24
3.Pessimism III 10:24
4.Fists Of A Crusader 09:26
5.Ærie Descent (Thorns Cover) 04:59

I dont know if its release on physical format but here is the bandcamp page:

RAW WAR #4 .....Soon

This is the last month work on the fourth massive return issue of my RAW WAR-zine.
here is last flyer before the actual release flyer.
It will be Darker then Black label that will print and sell it, so it will pop up at MoD shop when its out.
click to see it larger

onsdag 9 maj 2018

Waffenträger Luzifers - Ten Years of Total Goat Worship

Last year this Germanian horde released their summarizing CD-hell of 10 years rizing the evil fires high!!
For those who have not come in contact with these maniacs they play in a manic satanic black metal with a heavy leaning towards the rythms of RAC/punk. Vocals are mental, shouty & spitting.

It is primal and stomping and hatefull, the nice thing with listening to a compilation like this in cronological order is to experience their evolution (well perhaps a bit grand word for this subject...)
The biggest jump in sound (not a big jump per se) is from the first and second release, first has the least black in it and it brings my thoughts a bit towards the Japanese band Antifeminist which is nothing bad but not Black metal, then with the riffs on 666 track on second release "Blasphemic hymns for the Horned one" just hits the head on the nail! Really  sharp and venomous and Thrashy (love this track!)
Then trough out all these twenty songs they they stick pretty much to their brand of manic hysterical primitive hymns, front line demonic party songs!

Production is good enough even on the live and rehearsal it sounds ok.

A must for the fans and for new ones it is a good place to start getting into this barbaric hell-club.


1.     Satan's Gift        
2.     All Power for Satan        
3.     666        
4.     Dämonen der Hölle        
5.     Satan's Terrorist        
6.     Bastard        
7.     Fear the Fury of Satan        
8.     Hail the Race of Satan        
9.     Thunderbelial (Heretic-Cover)        
10.     Rock for Satan        
11.     Tanks of Satan        
12.     Master Satan        
13.     Shut Up Bastard and Die        
14.     Slut of Hell (Bitch-Version)        
15.     Blood for Satan - Cut Your Flesh        
16.     Waffenträger Luzifers (Live)        
17.     Destroy (Live)        
18.     Satan Starts the War (Live)        
19.     New World Order (rehearsel-version)        
20.     The Blachk Cult Will Never Die (rehearsel-version)

Released by :
Totaldeath records and      Stunde des Ideals Produktionen

fredag 4 maj 2018

Funerary Temple / Nihil Invocation - Occult Longing for the Essence

First off the American one-man band Nihil Invocation starts with his slab of gloomy hatred, honestly i have not really grasped this bands funk as i have not heard enough from it, i think the only one was last years split with Nyctophilia which was the bands second release...soo here we are a bunch of releases into this bands life....and it is a good kick of pondering mid tempo illness, raw and organic sound with a nice dose of melancholic melodies (like track 2 which sounds a bit like old DTL).
Also from time to time i get a sense of deliberate deconstructing the compositions to i guess take the atmospheres into uncomfortable places...not in a big way but just enough.
A nice trio of songs that makes me want more.

For side-B we have of course the Australian band Funerary Temple and this band i know a bit more, as the first song hits i am in familiar but threatening territory. FT cranks the sound up some notches with its wall of noise and insanity.
They have from the get go another goal in mind compare to NI to simply climb up on your back and push you down into the swamp. If NI is on the fringe of insanity FT has jumped over the fence with a happy shout! It seems a bit improvised but it works just fine here, vocal shreiks float over the cacophonia as a mad man on the run.
It is not all loose around the frames though there are some enough focused patterns that underlines it all. Good shit!

Also plus to the nice tape layout.

Oops! Here you see the next tape review also hehe

Side A
1.     Nihil Invocation - Chaotic Forms Absorb Existence     04:32    
2.     Nihil Invocation - Darkness Entrenches My Being and I Become Whole     04:36    
3.     Nihil Invocation - Destructive Specters Beckon Steadily     03:39    
Side B
4.     Funerary Temple - Morbid Coffin Lust     04:25    
5.     Funerary Temple - Vessels of Blood for...     05:49    
      Total 23:01

Another solid and interesting raw split released from Hateworks!

torsdag 3 maj 2018

Oppressive Melancholy - Ascend to Nothingness

As the final tone has ended i feel a sense of sombre calm....and also a nice balance in this Eps overall feel, it has the introspective and slightly experimental compositions that the first release had combined with the second ones more straight barbaric black metal chugging....
....yeah i feel this release perhaps shows OMs top moment on what they are in this moment.
(i bet their sound will transform as time linger though)
, the one thing that has added on to their creation (as i hear it) is a sligthly harsher production and for me that only works in their favor.
Very nice textures.

As i said they mix their two first releases sound but they also do it in the best ways so that the dramaturgical journey works extra good. (holds well trough repeated listenings)

The vibe i get from this release is like you reunite two opposite forces or rather try to do so and from that the sudden clashes happens and thoughts comes falling after...a bit like a bleak argument taking place in musical form.

Another good release from the Finnish band Oppressive Melancholy! Easy recomendation!

Released by: Iron Scourge

Track list:

1.     Blind to Truth     04:44    
2.     Kasvot valheesta     07:09    
3.     Elämää suurempaa     06:13    
4.     Kuunympyrä     04:30    
5.     Manifestaatio     06:04    
      Total: 28:40 Oppressive