söndag 28 juli 2013

Pestreiter Interview!

The bringer of plagues, the carrier of the final salvation from life. It´s the Pest rider! Or as it is called in germanic  language - Pestreiter!

1. Greetings from Sweden! How are you doing on this rotten & dry summer day?

-Greetings. Yeah, it's damn hot in Germany as well. All you can do is to cool you down with a fan and lots of cold beer! I hate summer and hope it will be over soon.

2. So how does it feel now when your new born album "Todesweihe" (Consecration of death) is out & screaming on the cold outside?

-It feels absolutely awesome, but too much time went by. It was planned to be released in 2008 and so it's not very representative any more in my opinion. We had many line-up changes during the past years, which was very energy-sapping. But now we hopefully have a stable line-up and can play some more concerts and release a new Album in 2014. 

3. How was the artistic process for the album? And how would you say it differs from the debut(under the Pestreiter banner) album "Der Virus Mensch"?

- In fact "Der Virus Mensch" never was a real album, but a demo. Some information on the internet is wrong. It was completely recorded live in two days at Schallsucht Studio. This time we just recorded the drums and the vocals there. All guitars and the Bass track were recorded at our own home studio in the rehearsal room. 
We had more time to fix things. 
Our song writing is very simple: somebody is coming with an idea and the others say 'yes' or 'no'. When a riff is cool, we are working it out together, the is no mastermind in the band. 

4. And where/how did the studio time go? Smooth like a babysbutt or rough like a demonic beard?

- It was very smooth, because we had no stress while recording. 
Our past drummer L, who played on the album, recorded all tracks in two days and as I mentioned before, we had a lot of time for the rest. 
 We are now going to record some new stuff for a split with Sarkrista and we are going to do it the same way. Our new drummer M is going to record his parts at the studio and the rest will be taped at the rehearsal room. Over the years we learned much about recording guitars and bass and this will definitely be heard on that split. 

5. As I understand you begun this horde under the name Berzano in around 1998, this is maby old news to some but what made you change bandname? ...combined those active years with the time under Pestreiter one could say you celebrate 15 years now.

-Yeah, that's right. Steelcrusher was the founder of Berzano in 1998 and G and myself (under the pseudonyms Akaras and Aragon) joined up one year later. We had a fucking great time with many ups and downs. We were very young and inexperienced but because of this we sounded exactly like Steelcrusher wanted Berzano to sound, hrhr. But we became better on our instruments and wanted to show it. 
So, after 8 great years, Steelcrusher decided to leave, but didn't want us to use the name Berzano. 
We saw this as a change for a complete reset for the band and choose the name Pestreiter, because it sounds nice and is memorable. In the first line up were 3 of 4 Berzano member and so we played Berzano songs in the beginning. 
Today, we have only two old songs left in our live set. 

6. Nice to see you team up with Sarkrista for a split! How come you hooked up? And the choice of cover artist was a good one.(Misanthropic Artworks)

- They contacted us via Facebook. We played a concert together a few years ago and now they came up with the idea to make a split ep. 
They contacted Sang from Misanthropic Artworks for a cover and the next day it was finished. It is absolutely awesome. I think we're going to work together with Sang in the future again, because he is such an incredible artist!

7. How did the gig go at Metal Night 13 that took place the 20 of April in Hagen?

-Oh, it was just one of the best gigs we had for a long time. It took place at our home town and this gave us an extra bonus of course. Our new guitarist J and our new drummer M are just, what we needed. 
They both fit in perfectly and I think, we just reached another level with them. 

8. How looks the plans for the rest of the year?

-We are entering the studio in a few days to record 4 songs for the split ep and hopefully it will be released soon. After this we want to play some gigs with Sarkrista and one or two other bands. 
At the moment we are looking for some cool locations to play. 
Maybe we come to Sweden, too. It would be awesome to play a few gigs outside of Germany, but it's difficult to organize, so if you know a club or so, just inform us please hrhr! 
We are also planning to shoot a video for one of our new songs. I just can't wait for it!

9. Thanks for the interview guys! As the traditional procedure you get the final laugh.

- We have to say thanks to all the sick motherfucker who supported us over the years and especially to RAF from Humanity's Plague Productions for believing in us and giving us the chance to release our first album worldwide. And thanks to you for your interest in our music! 
Hopefully, we will talk again in the future! 
Have a good time!

torsdag 25 juli 2013

Review Update!

4 reviews in the making:

Khashm - Portals of Inferno

Hautakammio - Kukaan ei opasta teitä pimeässä

Pest - The Crowning Horror

Hats Barn - Voices of the Ultimate Possession

              ****And by the way!!!! The RAW WAR-zines is now shipped to the two distros!****
  (They should arrive on monday at their places, be quick to order now because there is not many copies!)

Terratur Possessions:

Northern Heritage:

Dødsfall – Djevelens Evangelie

As i really liked the Ep "Kronet i svart eld" i was feverishly awaiting this third full album from the ungodly creator and ruler of  Dødsfall - Ishtar- !  And my worries about a new singer to fill the shoes of V-REX (which was great and fitting)  showed itself was unfounded because Adramelech (Svarthaueg) do here a superb job of aggravating Jesus lovers and other weaklings with his mighty & salty vocals.

One of the first things i notice is that this third album has leaved most of the coldness and downbeat atmosphere in order to straighten the spine and crawl out from the shadows and aim for a more proud satanic warcry!
Besides my small bewilderment from that my mindset was on to getting more of the style of the splendid previous Ep i got easly engrossed in "Djevelens Evangelie"!

It´s frontline actions that is moving holy mountains here has many great melodic riff structures that is drenched in nice menacing vibes. The drums is pumping in a nice variety of styles and not just blasting its way to nirvana, the songs lenght is through out between 4-5 minutes and they never become unfocused  or boring. Seems like they were clear in mind for the final grandeur of sound.... if there were any clouds in sight they were quickly devoured and disintegrated.

Yes this feels Norwegian (as it should) but they dont only give hails to their glorious past but also take it a step forward with a "true" streanght & self confidence (flying sharp guitar solos will pop up!)

Get this rocking (no its not black ´n roll) both traditional hateful and freshly anti-christian offering!
As always its unjustifiable to only pick 3 tracks from an album but i do it anyways.
Then it is: 5, 7, 9.


1.     Azerate         
2.     En hymn til døden         
3.     Slangens kall         
4.     I et endeløst kaos         
5.     Djevelens evangelie        
6.     Svart magi         
7.     Stemmer fra tidens skapelse        
8.     I djevelens tegn    
9.     I det lyset går ned  
 Total running time is closing in on almost 43 well-spent minutes. Released as before on Obscure Abhorrence Productions.

The surprisingly qualitative music year of 2013 continues....

onsdag 24 juli 2013

Ondfødt Interview!

Finland has a new hellspawn!

As your first Ep "I" has been out in the free cold world now how has the response been? I myself thinks its a good & meaty debut that gets you want more. A salty mix of the second wave and personal brutality, i even get some feelings of Ofermod & Grá.

- The response has been quite overwhelming. The EP was sold out soon after it was released. We were indeed a bit surprised first of how fast the music started spreading. The massive interest was one of the many things that made us realize the strength and potential of our music.

2. If we take it from beyond...the debut, how do you to lads meet up and what kind of music connected your sinister minds?

-We first met at a bar in Pietarsaari and soon realized that we had the same taste in music as well as musical visions. 
A year after that we decided to start a really raw black metal project and a couple of days after that we were in recording the EP and once that was done we released it. 
Our influences are mostly from the Swedish and Norwegian Black Metal Scenes. Bands like: Dissection, Watain, Marduk, Tsjuder and Mayhem, are bands that should be mentioned. We are also influenced by lots of other stuff such as Old-school Thrash, Old-school Death Metal and Grindcore.

3. I see your full album is rescheduled until sometime in 2014, what was in your way?

- The first date we were planning turned out to be overly optimistic. The creation of music is a long process that should not be rushed. Other reasons are that we have not been able to make music and record it as frequently as before in the summer due to distances. Also after discussing with the label that will be releasing it, we came to the conclusion that it will be most convenient this way.

4. Can you shed some light over what the listener will witness when experience the coming album...if that is not to early to tell? And has it been baptised to some title yet?

- On the full-lenght we will delve even deeper into the darkness, hatred and aggression we are expressing within our music. The album will surely be a journey not to be missed. As for titles and such that will be presented when the time is right.

5.About this years gigs, where and when will they take place?

- In the near future... We have no confirmed gigs as of yet, but there is interest both in Finland and abroad.

6. How is Pietarsaari to be active in? And is there any other bands one should know of coming from your town?

- Pietarsaari is a small town that lacks venues and events for extreme music. So for gigs we are ready to do some traveling. There are a couple of noteworthy bands from the Pietarsaari area. Such as Gangrened, The Iniquity Descent, Chthonian and Magenta Harvest.

7. Have you talked to any label to getting a proper release for the album?

- There has been interest from several labels. 
   However one of them is more interesting for us than the others.

8. Pick a stage-prop that would be perfect for your live rituals but can be a bit hard to fix or be allowed to have.

-We will be using occult themes and satanic symbolism in our liveperformances. 
As for stageprops we will use whatever it takes for us to deliver the same feeling of anger and pure hatred that is the foundation of Ondfodts music. We have many ideas about elements within our live rituals but we will leave that for you to witness there.

9. So i guess you will work hard this year with the record and gigs, is there any other activities you are attending?

- It requires lots of time to record, rehearse and do gigs. So unless something unexpected pops up, that will be our main priorities this year.

10. Thanks for your time! Last words?

- Thanks for your support. If you wish to contact us you can do so via our mail at:      (Ondfodt666@gmail.com).
Also you will find us on facebook for more news and gig announcements! 

tisdag 23 juli 2013

TOBC Interview!

Here is a little chat with the man behind the Polish band TOBC.

First i like to congratulate for the finishing of your new second full length
album of yours!

- Greetings and thank you very much for the congrats hoping you'll be able to lay your hands on the new material soon and that you'll love it:-)

2. You released your first record "Heart of Darkness" in 2011, how would you
compare this new one to the first? First one was really inspired by the likes
of Burzum etc...i feel from the tracks you have put up from the new is that
your "inspiration-platforms" have increased.

- There's a couple of things that come in my mind when I listen to the new album. The frist one, as you noticed, is that it's definitely not heavily Burzum inspired this time. I was getting inspired by so many different bands and music genres when writing this album that it's impossible to even mention it all. Another thing is that the new material is much less repetitive and the songs differ from one another much more than the last time. 
I included some delicate electronic additions, increased the complexity of keys and chord progressions and changed the vocals totally. 
I think the new sound is thicker, more dynamic, aggressive and of an overall better quality. But that's just my opinion that may not be so accurate as I am the creator of it - I'm curious how this will look in other people's eyes.

3.As you started out in 2008 what were your aims for this artistical outpoure?
Why do it alone?

- Back in 2008 I had no other aims than just to record some music to satisfy my artistic needs and for fun - TOBC was just a means of my daily 'artistic fix' so to speak. 
There was no other philosophy to that. I wasn't even planning on releasing anything - TOBC was meant to be just an amateur creation existing solely on Myspace. That's why I didn't even bother to establish a regular band with other people. Things changed when I got in touch with Krignord of the Fulgurum project though - we kept on ecouraging each other to create more and more music which resulted in us completing our own full-legth materials. 

And then the thought of releasing them came to us - why not try, these materials don't sound THAT different than other underground bands / projects - we thought. And so it happened - I managed to release 'Heart Of Darkness' and I think that was the REAL beginning of TOBC. From that moment my goals have been very simple - to get better in this whole music creation process - in songwriting, recording, instruments playing, message, etc. 

I want to make TOBC a developing and respected project. To make at least one step forward every time I create something and I hope my second album will prove that.

4.Besides from TOBC have you been active in any other bands?

- Not really - at least it wasn't anything serious - I just had a short-term garage band during school years.

5. What does TOBC stand for?

- I had been keeping this a secret for a long time to add some mystery to the whole project, but it's not a big deal anymore - TOBC means Taste of a Battered Coke - which may sound ridiculous to most of you but believe me it has a very deep meaning - that's a story for another time though. :-)

6. Have you performed live anytime? If so where and when was it? Did it go
as planned?

- During the garage band period I mentioned 2 questions before - I happened to have a short performance for a 300 people audience which was a lot for such amateurs we were. I won't be getting into details but let's say I was not really satisfied with the outcome. It was fun though.

7. Will the second album also be released from the label Kunsthauch?

- No, this time it will be a completely different label. Don't know if I can reveal its name yet, so I better not do this now, but the info will definitely show up on my websites soon.

8.Can you dissect a little in the heart of the fresh track 'Into The Fray'?

- Of course. Basically it's a song about us struggling in this seemingly endless battle called life. It's about the obstacles we have to overcome and our own weaknesses which make it even harder for us to stand our ground. It's also about the cost of staying in the competition to honourably lead our lifes. 
But that's only cutting the long story short - you'll be able to get the full meaning from the lyrics that will be included in the album artworks this time around.

9. How does your plans look like for the rest of this year? Any release date
& name for the coming album?

- I don't have an exact release date yet but it should happen quite soon:-) The album will be entitled 'What It's Like To Be undead.

10. Thanks for your time! Best of luck.

- Thank you very much for the interview and for the interest in the band. I wish all the best to all of you reading this. Cheers!

Here is a taster from the album:


lördag 20 juli 2013

Sattvarium Interview!

Let the finnish sweeping darkness embrace you on this dry summer saturday.

1. Greetings!

Can you first tell me little of your existence, when and where did your journey take its start?

-Greetings! I exist and live in South Karelia, Finland. After years of studying and practicing music and instruments, I tried to form a band a couple of times. Things didn't go really well, so I kept practicing. The journey of Sattvarium began when I got a simple recording equipment at the end of the last year. The first songs came out at the beginning of this year.

2. ...and what kind of events & bands forged your path towards the dark & black side of music?
And as i understand you are a one-man band?

-Understanding the fact that what kind of world we live in. So, it has felt natural to me to listen the dark music for as long as I can remember. I can't only say for certain bands, however mostly Norwegian-, Swedish,- and Finnish black/death metal bands. Yes, Sattvarium is a one-man band.

3. As you already have released several songs into the free world of the web one can feel that you
have enough material to release a full album or at least a Mcd/Ep, have you been in contact with some label?

-Fortunately we have the internet and freedom in that sense. I have planned to start making a full album or Ep in the future, possibly next winter or next year. No, I haven't been in contact with any label and at the moment I won't. I enjoy working alone and without schedules. But in the future, I'm not sure. We'll see.

4. Can you describe your type of BM, what kind of lyrics/beliefs does you soul emit?

-The lyrics deal with Satanism, esotericism, misanthropy, my life philosophy and beliefs.

5. What does the band name mean/stand for literally and for you personally?

-Sattvarium doesn't mean anything in any language. Coincidentally I ended up with this name. Meaning is personal and motivational for me.

6.Whats Myrkvud?

-Myrkvud (mirky+wood) is a large, and dangerous forest in the Scandinavian mythology. When I tried to form the band for the first time (2011), I used that name. Myrkvud's story was quite short because technical problems totally surprised me and ruined everything.
Nowadays I call some of South Karelian forests Myrkvud.

7. How does the local BM-climate looks like at the part of Finland that you resides in?

-I think black metal is really alive in South Karelia. At least here are many well-known BM bands (Horna, Hoath, Satanic Warmaster, Sargeist, Goatmoon...) and possibly many more less well-known bands.

8.How looks the rest of this damn year for you?

-Everything looks great! I'll continue making songs. Autumn and winter are my favorite seasons and I look forward to a great motivation.

9. Thanks for this interview!

Last word is yours.

-Thank you for your interest!

Creations can be found in
www.youtube.com/sattvarium and www.reverbnation.com/sattvarium
In the future I'll open the homepages: www.sattvarium.webs.com

onsdag 17 juli 2013

Waldschrat Interview!

1.HAILS! Only a few days left until the DarkMoon Festival kicks off. I guess you guys are already looking forward to it? Any specific bands you’re looking forward to?

-We were really forward to it, but unfortunately we had to cancel the Show due to job-related reasons.

2. As i understand Waldschrat is formed by members from Black Forest? To make a long story short what happened between BF and the return in 2012?

-T.R., the Mastermind behind Black Forest and I formed Waldschrat back in 2009, because my ideas weren’t really fitting for Black Forest. Due to time-related reasons, we unfortunately had to stop with both projects. From 2010 to 2012 I was also involved in another project, but after this one split up as well, I called Waldschrat back to life in 2012 with a completely new Line-Up.

3. You released your first 3-track demo, “Der alte Pfad”, in 2009. Was it self-released? Can you tell me something about the songs?

-Yes, it was self-released, but in bad quality. The songs back then sounded a lot different than today. The thrash and folk influences were very high. I’m pretty some fans would be shocked if they would listen to our old songs!

 4. And now some years later your first full album "Nostagie.Resonanz" is released through Talheim Records (Seelenfrost, Portae Obscuritas, etc). Describe the records soul and blood.

-Nostalgie.Resonanz is very melancholic, but still aggressive. Our music is like a mirror to ourselves, it reflects our feelings and thoughts. The album contains a mixture of all our musical ideas we created over the last year, but one important message always pops up: Freedom. In a world where we are monitored, supervised and enslaved, without even noticing, it is time to stand up and fight for what is our right: The freedom to decide ourselves what we want to do and how we want to live!

5. Whats the story behind the mythical being that you named your band after?

-A Waldschrat is a kind of forest-demon, he destroys decadent people who seek to destroy his world, but helps poor people who walk upright and honourable through their lives. Furthermore, some of the legends from our home relate him to Wotan’s wild hunt. Therefore he was also deeply anchored in the Germanic Mythology.

6. How does the plans look like after the coming show?

-We still have several upcoming gigs this year. In Winter, we’ll hit the studios once again to record a few songs for a Split-Cd.

7. How does the creative process look like for the band? Is there one leader or is it a collective sphere of energy?

-We work together on our songs. Often, someone has an idea or a riff, and everyone else then puts his own ideas and refineries into it.

8. Where do you see the band in 5 years? It feels like its growing stronger....

-This is a very hard question to answer. Half a year ago, we would have never expected to be at the point we are right now. So who could say where we are in 5 years?
We’ll see!

9. Thanks for the interview! Keep the war raging!

-I thank you!

Any last comments?

-Stand up and fight for your freedom!

tisdag 16 juli 2013

Interview Update!

Now i work on interviews to these bands: 




Terrorsaw (hopefully in the end of august)

måndag 15 juli 2013


Here you can feast over some photos of  RAW WAR #1.
The last few copies can be found at Terratur Possessions own distro & Northern Heritage distro at the end of NEXT week. Send them a mail to secure your own mag before its gone forever.


Band Interviews:

Ars Macabra
Flagellated Seraph
Vobiscum Inferni
Ogdru Jahad
Sardonic Witchery
Transylvanian Funeral
Old Witch
Bastard Sapling
Burning Bethlehem
Nocturnal Abyss

Visual artist Interviews:

Misantropic Artworks
Visceral Depths of Art

Plus artwork by me

and a bunch of reviews

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Patronymicon - All Daggers Towards The Sky

I dont know whats with this sick year 2013 but besides from all kinds of bad shit that happens really good music is poring out! And this time its poring out from the Swedish hellbringer Patronymicon, this record is their second full length (first one "Prime Omega" was released 2011) and i gladly must say its damn good and a big step up in quality since last time (and that i already liked)!

The reasons why this kicks jehovas ( or whatever bastard you choose ) butt in a hard way is:
 All songs are well structured and builds both great in tension and dark atmosphere (not just blasting all the way), all songs stands out great by themselves and fits at the same time perfectly together, there are also many interesting & varied parts inside every track and sometimes an almost "deathish" vibe & rythm smashes forward and circulates and intertwines with the flames of blackness. The singing is cold but at the same time desperate in a sincere pissed-off way. And even that it is somewhat easy to get into it grows after each listen.

All in all it feels that this was made under a quite dark time and also a time with much creative input.
Also feels like a "searching" album and i get some Flagellated Seraph vibes from some parts of this...
and thats not a bad thing.

 The production is a good mix of raw and meaty, it lunches out a hard & gritty punch in other words!

 If i had to (which i dont) to choose only just one song from this year (so far) it actually would we track three "Fortifications Failed", it has such great melodies and delicate black song construction. I get a craving to listen to this more then often.
Then i would choose song 5 & 6... but all is good evil shit.

And i get a feeling that they would be a blast to see live....hope i get that opportunity.

Track list:

1.     Balamuthia Mandrillaris 
2.     World Closure         
3.     Fortifications Failed         
4.     The Great Pestilence         
5.     Mourning Cold        
6.     Unleash Hells Fire         
7.     Age Of Contamination         

Great artwork too!

tisdag 9 juli 2013

Kvalvaag Interview!

Please greet this new pest from Norway with open & rotten arms!

1. Greetings!
You seem to be a fairly new band, when and how did you start up this band?

-It all started after I bougth my own recording equipment to do pre-productions for my other bands (Astaroth and Attentat). Since these bands have been a bit on hold for the past few months, I found myself wanting to create something on my own without the help of others.
This seemed to work fine until it came to the drums. I therefore contacted Isthar after I heard the latest Dødsfall album through a common friend.

Everything went smoothly thereafter since he was a very cool and creative guy who had much to contribute with to the completion of the project.

2. Do you have any former band activities?

- Playing in bass in Astaroth and Guitar/vocals in Attentat. Astaroth has finally completed the first album as we speak. We will also use this summer to complete the Attentat debut (the drums were already recorded last summer), and hopefully it will be out around November.

3. Please describe what kind of subjects and themes that goes into the music.

- The lyrics deal with everything from self-knowledge and philosophy around my own world view.

4. How did you come up with the band logo? (Talking about the first version)

- I came up with the band logo after I shared some bottles of wine with myself, and tried to create a logo that represented my own taste in music, listening to a lot of Punk/Crust beside black metal.
A former band mate will draw me a new one
(thats the one at the start) when he has time between his work as a graphic designer, and it will probably be something more representative than the one that has been presented during the pre-production time.

5. And from what I understand, you are working hard in finalizing the first full album. Can you tell something about it?

-The plan was to have ten songs. But since some of the songs were difficult to complete, it now appears that we will end up with seven. The vocals were also a big challenge because I usually do not sing myself, therefore I will have to re-record some parts.
I am satisfied with the result even though it turned out to be a little different from the visions I had when I started.

6. And is there some label this will be released on?

-Maltkross will release it on tape since we have kept in touch after they released
the first Attentat EP for a couple of years back. 

7. Are there any gigs planned for this year?

- I'm not quite sure if we're ever going to play live, but Perhaps if we get a direct offer. I do not consider it as a problem to gather a line-up since 90% of everyone I hang with play instruments themselves.
Time will tell.

8. Is there any specific band that you like to or will share stage with or maybe do a split with in
the future?

-Metallica or Darkthrone perhaps?, haha!

9. Thank you for this interview!
    Best of luck!

-Thank you for your interest

You got the final utterings!


RAW WAR Test Print!

Here is some photos of the test printed RAW WAR issue one. i hope to get the final print package later this week or next.

måndag 8 juli 2013

Skuggan Interview!

The frosty grim winds of shadow pasts closing in over your dying soul....

1. As Skuggan is a new dark entity on the Swedish nightsky please introduce yourself.

-Skuggan rise mostly in March 2013 in one of the coldest and grim forest of Sweden but its not completed until May, starting with the release of the first demo song called "Fördömde Till Avgrunden". Yes, Skuggan is a new entity but I am not new into the Black Metal world, I have been playing Black Metal for a while on another bands/projects before and right now.

2. Your first one-track demo "Fördömde Till Avgrunden" that got out earlier this year, was this only digital released and is this song also on the coming full album “Kejsaren Av Ett Svart Rike”?

-Yes it is only digital, I haven’t press any cd or tape yet but im planning to print one copy for me sometime in the future. The track will come on the CD debut yes.

3. Can you describe a little more in depth about the themes that resides in the album “Kejsaren Av Ett Svart Rike”?

-It was formed as i said in the Woods so most of the lyrical concept is related to the dark side of nature along with some Satanism and Darkness which is always part of Black Metal. Never is enough talking about Darkness and Satan.

4. How was the workprocess for the album and where did you record it? Do you play all instruments by yourself?

-It was recorded on a cabin in the forest where i have some equipment and such and yes I play all the instruments on the album.About the process, I decided to lock myself into the cabin for 2 weeks and write and record the album, that includes mixing, engineering also.

5. It must felt great that the German label Ewiges Eis Records took you under their wings so to speak? Do you feel that the working relationship between you & the label is fruitful?

-Well, I tried to contact many labels around the world trying to get a record deal to release “Kejsaren Av Ett Svart Rike” but I think most of labels are fucked up you know, only Ewiges Eis was the one who came up and offered me something attractive so yes, Im really glad to be with this great label now, I can’t tell you if its fruitful yet since the album is not out yet, we will see that in the future.

6. Is there plans on some grim t-shirt, etc?

-Yes there is but it will be until the album is released i guess.

7. I must say i fell in love with the cover, that black epic feel of it combine with the nice red Skuggan logo and red frame around it made a sweet impact on me, nice traditional and grand! Who made the art by the way?

-I like Black and White on cover arts but Red always has a good impact too. I did the artwork.

8. So after the album drop how does the future plans look like for you?

-Plans are to keep working on new songs for a 2nd album, thats all, Skuggan is not meant to play live or something like that, is just to unleash the darkness inside me and to press how the cold, grey sky, the dark forests and grim lakes of Sweden inspire me to write evil music.

9. Thanks for your time! Looking forward in getting my teeth deep in the album.

-Thanks for your interest in Skuggan, is really appreciate it.

lördag 6 juli 2013

Förgjord Interview!

From the gripping cold dimensions of honor & hate the force of Förgjord is unleashed and it will not let you go!

1. Greets!
How is the work going on the new second split of yours? With whom do you share space with this time?

We just got it recorded, last part were the vocals and we got them done week or two ago. At the moment we are waiting it to get mastered. Have to say that this was our fastest sessions, it took only two months to record those songs. 

Last full-length “Sielunvihollinen” took almost two years to get done, from first drum track to final curses. We just have our special way of working and sometimes things take longer than they should. But when we do everything by our own and don’t use any studios, schedules nor promises, we can record whenever we want. It needs special mood to make this kind musick and not every opportunity is a right one. 

When we took third member to the band, we just wanted to do smaller release, split or MLP or EP. Just to see how things start working with him. And it went really well, our chemistry worked perfectly and everyone can hear that Förgjord has more energy than ever. So when fire burns bright, we just went on and on songs were ready in no time.
I bet that some people will say that its most likely our best material. So its interesting to hear that it took over 15 years to make our strongest material. But this wont end here, now we know how to work and give everything to it. 
But no, I won’t reveal the name of other band we are doing this split, not yet. Be patient. 
But it isn’t the band that we chose to co-operate cause we do same kind musick or anything shallow like that, but its cause we are close comrades of them and been talking about doing split for many years. 
Now the time is right, now is time to strike.

2.The earlier split "Uskon Kuolema" (2009) that you did with Musta Kappeli was brutal cold as one would suspect but can you tell a bit of its lyrics?
The sample thats in it from who and where is it from? From what i can understand its about
adultery in catholic churches.

-The lyrics tell about man of Christ who have sinned and knowing that secrets have been exposed and soon he is getting what he deserves. So one stormy night he takes the shortest way by walking down the woods with pistol in his hand. 
But when he turns the barrel to his forehead, the sorrow drops him to his knees and tears start to fall, it isn’t so easy after all to end ones own life. And till the very end he awaits the miracle to happen that could save him, but nothing happens and finally he pulls the trigger. Those lyrics were written by our vocalist and he has his own visions and way of saying things. So translating Förgjord lyrics to English is quite hopeless. In finnish language there is not just what has been said but also how its said. Lost in translation, as they say.
Don’t remember which documentary we took the sample. But its authentic police recording of one pedophile priest scum. May he rot in hell.

3.Some how is the new members doing? Do they melt together well in your mesmerizing darkness?
How did you hook up and came to this conclusion?

-They are fine. Me and Prokrustes been like brothers since kids and together we found bands like Mötley Crue, WASP, Dio and others. And years later thrash metal and later death metal and finally stepped deeper in the world of black metal. So it’s a matter of course that we have samekind taste in musick. It was time before internet and even compact discs, so finding new musick was really hard. Especially in small town which didn’t had many metalheads nor good record store. So there wasn’t any musick that other had which other hasn’t already dubbed to his own collection.

About our new drummer, BLK, he is right man for this band. Haven’t known him personally too long time but knew his musick, way of playing and most importantly, his way of thinking & ideologies for some time. 
We’ve been in contact for some time and earlier this year asked if he wanted to join us. He agreed to try if things starts to work well and it did, very well indeed. Few of my closest friends are also really great drummers who would gladly joined to us, but for me its not just how good musician someone is, black metal and especially Förgjord is much deeper than just “playing good musick”. Fuck that, its opposite, black metal is first about ideology and secondary musick. Its BLACK metal, not black METAL if you know what I mean. 
Anyway, so even if we could get capable drummer nearer, we decided to take one from city nearby. And we, me and Prokrustes, haven’t regret that decision. Fratrest militia inferi isn’t just two brothers anymore.

4. As i am not the best at finnish can you explain a bit on the two songs "Suohauta" and "Tulilahti 1959"?
The finnish newspaper clips is a clue on this subject i guess...

-“Suohauta” and “Tulilahti” tell the stories of two of most wellknown murder mysteries. “Suohauta” (“swamp grave”) is about girl named Kyllikki Saari who disappeared on his way of home from church’s evening happening in 1953. Months later her half naked and rotten corpse were found on shallow, marshy grave. “Tulilahti 1959” had samekind story. Two young women disappeared in Tulilahti’s camping area in 1959 and soon their corpses were found from samekind shallow grave as Kyllikki Saari’s corpse. Those murders touched whole Finland in their time and even now, half century later people are still speculating who the murderers were and what had really happened. 
Even I have my own theories of some of the suspects. Those two cases with murders of lake Bodom are the Jack the Rippers of Finland.

Needless to say that I’m obsessed with those kind of cases and want to make tribute to them. Dying, tragedies and suicides are part of finnish heritage and represents our nation perfectly. In this new material we have song that tells the story of Juhani Aadaminpoika, first and only finnish serial killer. In 1849 he brutally killed 12 persons in less than two months killing spree, including his own mother, little sister and little brother. He never regret anything .

5. As you have been around since the middle of the 90´s how do you feel the finnish BM climate have changed?

-As an outsider i feel that Finland has grown stronger and stronger with many great hordes, if one have an urge for really cold and harsh quality BM your turn to your country.

In mid nineties we knew only the big finnish names and only few smaller ones. It was something like 1997-1998 when we got to know some underground and noticed how many great bands there were. Some of those bands are still going strong and its great when one have seen where they came from and what they have now obtained.
We have great bands, great labels and most importantly, great individuals. But also back stabbers and shit talkers. Luckily situation isn’t so bad anymore than it was some years ago. Finland is small country with 5 million citizens and underground is like a network. So everyone know atleast someone who know someone. And when finnish nature is that mans word can be trusted, the liers and shit talkers usually get what they deserve. 

6.And besides that how do you feel your own creative black flame have been sculptured since your band birth to now?

-Hopefully it haven’t changed at all. I hate to rehearse and don’t try to be better musician with my instrument cause I want our musick to be brutal and unpolished but still melodic and dramatic. But have to say that we have grown as individuals and our lyrics have changed from very simple destruction to more thoughtful texts with message. 
You know, when something gets killed without deed its worthless, one have to have reasons and goals for it and something have to be destroyed if one needs to create something new. Lyrics are the tools of satan in us and our way of spreading his propaganda. 

7.Other then the coming split is there some working on the next album or Ep?

-Because recordings of split went so smoothly, we shall start composing songs for full length in near future. But not until the split is out, only after that we can concentrate on new songs.

8. Is there gigs booked for you to play this year?

-No, not for this year and not for years after that. 

9.I saw your sweet "Sielunvihollinen" t-shirts, will there be a new for the split?

-We shall see. Been done some graphics to this split release and they should fit perfectly to shirts. But that is our labels decision. Even if we have interest to make some DIY shirts, we don’t have time or resources to do them. 

10. Thanks for all your answers! Best of luck!
Any final frosty words?

-Thanks for your interest and support towards Förgjord.

onsdag 3 juli 2013

RAW WAR Issue 1 Out soon!

I have been heavy at work with completing the first printed version of RAW WAR, it will be "out" next week.
I will write here when its out (and upload some photos on it) and info where to buy it.