lördag 17 juni 2017

Bloodlust - At the Devil's Left Hand

The second album is on the horizon (release in the end of August) from this Australian Blackened Thrash metal band, first album "Cultus Diaboli" fro 2015 was great and was my eye opener for the band. So when i got the news that a new full album was on its way i naturally got exicited.

So here we have been given a teaser track which is also the title track, it sounds as great as one could hope for.How it sounds? Like hungry demons riding the brimstone horses down the graveyard path! A pleasure in hell for sure!
Some new musical and vocal ideas is heard in this song besides the solid but classical style... i for one will pick this up anyways when its released from the burning crypt!
 A fast devilry attack!

And also i hope for a vinyl (cd and tape for now) in the future as i dig the cool cover artwork by  César Valladares....i want it biiig! hehe

 released  by Caverna Abismal.

oh by the way if you did not read last years interview i did with them here is the link to it:


måndag 12 juni 2017

Solum - Enthrall

Suddenly i got a cd in my snail mailbox, a very kind gesture from a Fb friend (thanks Zunko!) that thought i should give it a listen... and i did and it is actually a pretty good debut release from this Australian band.

....My first impression (before i heard any of the music) was quite low due to the overall aesthetics as it looks like an uninspired average black metal band with a DSBM appreciation....then i look inside on the member photo and i got slightly confused...two of the members have knee long shorts and THAT makes me think of American death metal haha yeah i know i´m being  superficial now but that what came into my mind.

So with a tilted brain i started to listen and the say first minute or two it sounds like a typical start for an DSBM record with the rain effects and calm & moody guitar picking away until some man starts wishpering & talking in autistic way...but then things start to improve drastically! next minute has the cold sharp black metal riffings soo ok so far its blackish metal but the vocals sounds quite intense and just very good!

Suddenly the band blast off into death metal territory! I knew it i said to myself!
Those shorts means death! haha That aside the death here is played very meaty and hard, sounds great i think both the delivery from the members to the production, clean but very crunchy! (yeah their sound is not "old school" as in muddy,dirty lo-fi monster style but a more "proper studio" style but in a nice effective way)  From mid-slow to mid-fast they slay from song to song! It has also some nice bleak atmosphere that complete the package....

They should have no problems to get signed to some label with this kind of release, i could see them fit well into Lavadome Productions rooster for an example.
The only thing i would recommend to change is the confusing visuals of the product, i think the people that like to listen to this the most would not get curious by the way the cover/logo/fonts look now.

If you like to listen to death metal with some slashes of black aura and also being "well produced" give this a go!
 I did not regret it.

Track list:

1.     Purification of Fire     06:02    
2.     Tomb of Black Mist     03:03      
3.     Sex Song     05:04      
4.     Enthrall of Evil     04:55    
      Total: 19:04

...oh! In the start of track three does he sing/scream: Dustbin!!! Dustbin soul!   ?   hehe probably not.

lördag 10 juni 2017

Zine work update!

I have started a while ago on two new zine issues, one is the reborn printed RAW WAR (#4) and the other is #3 of Cloven Hoof which this time will be focusing only on Mexican bands.
Here under are the latest flyers for these to issues.

Click for larger pic.

Ghaisiuan - Neverending Knife in The Mind

Yeah i feel that knife alright! hehe

This is demo compilation from the USA-based artist/artists from the raw/atmospheric band Ghaisiuan. First time for me hearing them so i had no big clue to what to really expect but as it was Hateworks that released this i was quite positive about liking it.

Their sound is raw yes but the songs sound and flow is almost like some harsh spectral filled storm, it almost feels like all tracks is bound together in a great dark flow and not like separate tracks...guitar is steely sharp and dominant and the vocals rasps and screams around in the foggy night sky. It  is a very consuming downward spiral of audial attacks.
 The production is raw and on the verge of over powering...cracks and dust ignite and electricity is not far from popping out from the speakers.

 The overall sound is oppressive and negative.

Some parts is manic like running blind in a corridor filled with broken glass, other parts feels detached and cold. A nice complete package if you are after this type of primitive suffering....dont come here and look for nice empowering grand compositions.

Besides the primitive raw style and sound their style/sound is keept well together which is a good thing....a bit into the tape there is a riff that sound very alike the main theme of Terminator 2 hehe even if it was not on purpose it was a neat touch...ah and also the cardboard tape box was neat!

Track list:

Side A
1.     Untitled     07:14    
2.     Untitled     03:40    
3.     Untitled     05:21    
4.     Untitled     02:23    
5.     I     06:24    
6.     II     04:28    
7.     III     02:34    
8.     IV     04:19    
9.     V     02:02    
10.     VI     01:59    
11.     VII     02:55    
Side B
12.     Untitled     04:59    
13.     Untitled     09:47    
14.     Untitled     03:46    
15.     Untitled        
16.     Untitled        
17.     Untitled        
18.     Untitled        
19.     Untitled        
20.     Untitled        
 Total around 90 minutes

Released by Hateworks