tisdag 25 november 2014

Pictavian Necromancy - Underground Extreme Metal Ceremony !!!

Time for another hellbound terror-advert!

Putrid Ascendancy that is the organizer here is the same one that did the Mighty Impiety gigs earlier i wrote about here.

If your are there!

Be there!

The fires from these Belsebubian hordes awaits to burn your ass into oblivion!

Information about this:

"PICTAVIAN NECROMANCY is an Underground Extreme Metal Ceremony as 'Pictavian' Black Thrash Legends - MANZER invade Kolkata to perform a 'Necromantic Rite' along with NECRODEITY and more Deathordes!

Putrid Ascendancy, in conspiracy with The Hellion Distro proudly presents


MANZER (France)
Pictavian Black/Thrash Metal Masters

Kalikshetra Bestial Death Hordes

BANISH (India)
Old Skull Deathcult from Kolkata

Brutal Death Metal Regiment from Darjeeling

Spiritual Black Metal Warfire from Kolkata

Raw Black Metal Retribution from Kolkata

Date - December 14th, 2014
Doors open at 11 AM.
Pass - Rs.300/-

NOTE: As a respect for support for the Order of the Heretical Trident Festival pass holders get their passes for ONLY Rs. 200/- "for those willing to make use of this opportunity!" Which is actually more than the 30% PA spoke of before!

Contact - Arka Desecrator Farzand for passes or the number written on the poster!

Mail Us - putridascendancy@gmail.com

MANZER - http://www.manzer.fr/

And for sound sonic spell:


lördag 15 november 2014

Black Force / Fröst Rot - Dungeons of Depravity

I have planned for awhile now to write this review and now finally i get my demon thumb out of the ass!

After i heard the Black Force  "Cult of the Bloodstone" tape demo some month ago  i was eager to find more from them because they come from of just the kind of bloodstained cemetery dirt i love! Early trashy satanic speed/heavy-metal all the way to the grave! ....or "Speed to the grave" if i should quote Necrocurse. hehe.

These two (damn only two!!) new songs from Black Force delivers in just the same chaotic fashion as last time with ugly metal-cave riffs that gets your barbaric blood pumping again, it is quite primal but not losing its headbanging demon groove for a second. Production is mid-raw i would say as this music is meant to be in. Good songs to put it simple...but it would not hurt a bit if one would at least one song more each from the bands, i am a demanding bastard i know hehe. (now i the only thing i miss from BF is the Ep"Keep the Banner of Old High")

These tracks from Fröst Rot is the first i hear from them so i did not know what to expect but it did not take long before i understod why these bands did this split! Fröst Rot is just as good! They lean a bit more towards heavy metal riffings rather then the little more speedy BF but thats not a negative point as they compose their filth with classic (but personal) vigor. Vocals here is more higher produced  (but nicely ugly & vile) but dont overpower & drench the rest of the music.
Seems like i have to keep an eye on these hellhounds as well! ;)

A nasty but short split tape that should be picked up.

Track list:

Side A - Side Black
1. Black Force - Mites for Satan
2. Black Force - Shadow of the Vampyre
Side B - Side Rot
3. Fröst Rot - Grave Robber
4. Fröst Rot - Satanic Speed
*Out on - Into Dungeons Records


The stinking reaper is soon ready to drop a new baby on the floor!

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