tisdag 21 april 2015

Goatblood Interview!

1.Hails & greetings to the crypt of RAW WAR!
First i like to say congrats to the new first full length album "Adoration of Blasphemy and War"!
Must feel good that it is soon out! (15 may?) How has the work been on this one compared the your older stuff?

- Thanks for your contact & support!
The Album is officially unleashed on 1 May 2015 - of course, we are   really glad that the first full-length is finally released. For several reasons it was prone to diverse delays – we  already did the recordings back in October 2013 – still in our former rehearsal room. Well, it is here and its good and the artwork is just genius. The works for it has been no different than on older recordings: Just terror.

2. When doing this full-length, did you have another frame of mind considering the content/lyrics throughout it whole rather then churning out separate slabs of evil meat?

- First we do the music and then later the lyrics. No, there was no special feeling before or after the recordings. This have to run a little bit sober – or it`s out of hand.
Anyway, there was no Goat on the set. It`s been a while ago....

3. Can you go a little in depth on these songs: Animal Anal Acrobatic ,Necromorph Application Point & Op Vulva.

- Ha... I knew this would come up! The lyrical content is almost an intellectual trademark of Goatblood and always weird and special. Animal Anal Acrobatic is about a debaucherous orgy and it`s a homage to the Horned! Maybe some cattle party to hard and there is smoke and goo out of every hole but that’s ok. Necromorph application Point is a splatter story about an ancient alien race that attack and occupy Earth. OPV stands for Operation Vulva... guess it speaks for itself.

4. As the band started in 2011 how was it then, was it the same line up and how long did it take to get your manic doomsday murder music sound going? By the way what type of gear do you use?

- Satanic Death Vulva and Reverend Slayer met in late December 2011 for a hang out with beer and morbid sounds. Both former main BM-bands (Genocide and Morannon) were put on ice. We decided to create something new and different in comparison to our old bands. So Reverend Slayer bought a Drum and the first rehearsal happened back in March 2012. After two or three times of noise the first Song was written: “Ibex capra climax”. Yeah, so that was then...

Currently we play with guitars and drum from Fame. Drumsticks are from Pro-
Mark and cymbals from Paiste. The guitar-amp is a tube amp head by Engl with

4x12” cabinets. Also we use Boss footswitch pedals and some more secrets.

5. How do you rate your first two demos from 2013? Not that there gone much time since then though...

- That’s right, but we do music since the mid of the nineties. At first –everyone of us in different bands, some at times already collaborating together, but just with Goatblood, its like just we wanted to do. Songwriting isn’t such a big deal and rather we are productive. Just recently we wrote the 60th Song – and we still like every single one of them, ja.

6. How was the response on your first split "Rex Judaeorum / Wolves of Apocalypse" with NUCLEAR PERVERSIONS? It looks great! I got to get it soon! How did you find each other to hook up for this constellation?

- The cooperation with Iron Bonehead was the result of placing orders and personal exchange. Satanic Death Vulva knew Patrick for a while already. One day, he asked us, if we`d be up for doing a 7” Single with Nuclear Perversions. This didn`t have to be asked twice and so we agreed immediately. The sale runs quite well and (until now) there are just good feedbacks.
You have to get it now.

7. I saw another split is on the way this summer with Satanize! 
What can you say about this hot stuff?

- At least it`s everyone`s intention to make it happen but if and when it really does, I can`t say. Anyway, the nine Songs are written and mixed. We wrote & recorded them in one session without any rehearsals beforehand. There are some weird surprises by this piece of hatred – but it`s worth.
Watch out.

8. What would you say is your main reasons for playing this type of music and when did you start? Do you remember the first little song you made ever?

- We started playing music in 1994/95 in different local Black Metal Bands. We know each other for a long time and in between we always helped each other out musically. After the split-up in 2011 with the above-mentioned Bands it still was important to us to make music and to do a little different type of Metal.
Goat Metal!

9. How was last years gigs for you? Looks like you was out and played quite some! 
How about this year?

- No next gig is scheduled yet, sorry.

But the shows and the whole Tour with Mystifier, Horrid and Satanize were indeed the highlight of the last year. And stress aside – it`s been even adventurous. Not all days you travel in an old Bus across Germany and Poland. I remember one day as we had to spend the night outside, because the hostel was overbooked. Or one time we were stopped by the police... nice. On tour we met a lot of crazy and decent people from different countries. It`s been worth it for the experience.
Greetings to everybody who was a part of it!

10.Thanks for your time & "beast" of luck!!

- Thank you again for the questions and we return! Animalistic heils to the North!

torsdag 9 april 2015

Mørktår - Dark Years

It was awhile ago i heard Mørktår so it is nice to get a chance again.

They serve up as before a slab of raw primitive black metal that is draped in dystopian madness... what is different now is the production as it sounds more solid even if its raw, balanced is the word perhaps.
Vocals sounds more incorporated and effective and the elecric buzz feed thats running underneath and between some tracks heightens the feeling of a lifeless void or....coma.

The compositions has no intentions to be nice or melodious or aggressive in a speedy way its more like a prolonged suicide rather then a shoot to the head, i would though be interested to hear more melodies just to see how that side of them work...

Their sound reminds me of some of the ritualistic raw black metal from Mexico like some of the bands from the Caligo Arcanum productions.

This debut full album from the London based Mørktår is ugly and hateful, nothing more nothing less.

Just a minor thought...this should fit best on tape i feel.

onsdag 8 april 2015

A Monumental Black Statue - Excelsior

Even if this was first composed to be for a Criptum (RIP/2013) release this album fits AMBS perfectly!
I guess when this decision was made so was also some parts of the music and/or lyrics adjusted more or less for its new destination.... whatever the case this album reeks of power and agression and some distorted psychotic fits to round it off.

As with earlier AMBS releases they/him show here much talent with a delicious mix of über-agro mixed vocals & guitars and grand building atmospheres that can move mountains! Yeah the production and mastering is great i think as it blows a hole from ear to ear.

 Here is also some tasteful inserted pagan/folk vibes into the whole witch cauldron that excels Excelsior even higher, as ever AMBS has not lost any of its personality  and madness and thunders on through all nine tracks like there was no tomorrow....well i rather should say the feelings i get from the songs is a dark nostalgic kick in the bollocks from yesterday!

Both a proud and misogynical album that fills all songs with much musical creativity as tainted soul shards.

If i should pic three songs it would be "Humus" with its manic depressive vocals and music, then the strong & brutal Titano and lastly the vastly enjoyable & slowly building song "Forever Bound to the Alps" that ends in an extatic climax.

Last song is a re recorded song from their first album "Aere Perennius" which is solid and good but cant compare because i have not heard the original.

Track list:

1.     Praeludium         
2.     Folk & Mazzate         
3.     Humus         
4.     Hangover & Spiritism         
5.     May AIDS Help Us to Decimate Your Race    
6.     Titano         
7.     MMIII Black Metal Overdose        
8.     Forever Bound to the Alps        
9.     Gestaltung (new version)

Released by:  Lower Silesian Stronghold

torsdag 2 april 2015


I have worked quite silently with another zine project and it is called:


Well i realized that need a slimmer and easier to get out zine, RW has been
bloating from each installment and harder to get out... i am doing all myself so...
This zine will be cheaper and around 40 pages and printed in larger amounts.
More updates will come, will be out around juni-july this year.

onsdag 1 april 2015

RAW WAR #3 -Medium Beast Version photos-

Here is how the first batch is looking for the new RW issue.

Next batch (next month) will be sent out to this two distros:

Northern Heritage Records

Terratur Possession