söndag 26 juli 2015

Gigim Xul Interview!

(1)  Hailz!
Thanks for taking time for this little interrogation!

2. First i like to know how Gigim Xul got together?
How did your ways meet and if i understand correctly you are only two members in the band?

- Well Gigim Xul choose to keep the band with only 2 members, because of difficulties of finding people that could fit in and handle our music. So for now, the band will only release music and maybe in the future the band will go live again.

3.How did you come up with this nice name Gigim Xul? it fits i know hehe,
 As i understand is Sumerian for Demon or evil Spirit. was there other band names that
was in consideration?


- The name Gigim Xul is an ancient name from the sumerian mythology. It means evil spirit, and this obviously explains what the band is and what the band will become. 
The spirit comes from the band's soul and then fills the listeners with the purest form of musical art. 

4.How would you describe your beliefs?

- When it comes to the typical question everyone asks black metal band's, "what is your beliefs?", I would like to point out that i am not a pathetic copycat that tries to recreate the 90s. 
The band has not and will never have a satanic or pagan message. 
We instead question our psychological subconscious and hint of anti religious themes .

5.At the end of last year you released the first 4-track demo "Beyond the Grave", a good
and cold release i think.(not that i am really surprised when i saw a member from Man Gremmes Kan was involved.) both primitive and negative but with hints of melancholic compositions.
How was it to record this one? 

- Beyond the Grave was the band's first release ever. It was produced by Venomenon, the man behind the black metal band Man Gremmes Kan. He also contributed with some vocals on both Asphodel and Beyond Life. Over all the EP was a success. We did get our self signed up with the german label Ewies Eis, which we are satisfied with.

6. I saw news that your first album will be released this winter!
What can be said about this beast? 

- The upcoming album will have around 6-8 track. On the musical side, it will have a more BM/DM style, than our previous work. But it will still have the cold and grim sound of Norwegian black metal. The biggest change will be that Kristian, the vocalist on Beyond the Grave, will not take part in this project. 
Because of him moving out of town. So the main vocals will then be done by Venomenon from Man Gremmes Kan, and some add vocals will be spoken from another grim character that goes under the name of Cranii.

7. How is life in Stavanger? 

- Outside of music-------- no comment 

8. Here is a silly question...if you knew you would get away with it whom would you like to "end"?

- You are asking me if I could end something and then get away with it? 
Hmmm that's easy, I would smash the gates of mecca and then blow up the hole shit of course.

 9. So whats up next besides the album in Gigim Xuls chamber?

- For now the album is the first priority. 
Besides that I would maybe consider playing live with the band again. Sentauruz (composer of Gigim Xul) 

The end of the road is here.
Thanks again & best of luck!

måndag 13 juli 2015

VarulV - Wolfszorn

Yeah VarulVs new album is here to howl up your lycanthropic adrenaline!

So after saying that it would not come as a surprise that they hammer on here in a quite hectic tempo, but besides its full on attack they throw in enough of stuff in the songs to put your teeth into, yeah sure it is traditional and nothing new (not intended to be either) but they do it with a good dose of tightness and experience...yeah it shows these three members is no beginners because they know the trade and know how to put together a song with just enough of sticks & stones to make you grin & crush your bones....all the way to the end.

The main characters here is the manic steel-claw-guitars and the high shrieking-beast-vocals as they dominate the sound and energy but the drums plays a great backbone as well as the bass do (especially in track 5) The overall production is clean and work well with the musics intentions even if i personally like it a bit more gritty. It has power either way and i think they have a more Austrian/German atmosphere this time around also...cant really put my finger on it though.

As energetic the album starts out i thing the best songs comes towards the end starting with song 4 with its hurricane riffs & howls and then to the a bit slower but has many great compositions song 5, track 6 has a nice upbeat drumming and a nice moody guitar flow and build ups nicely to the last one which is again a bit slower and also has a nice Nordic epic vibe to it all.

As i said in their interview i did with them earlier (just look some month back i think) that they seem to work great on stage with their music and this record only cemented that feeling for me, if they come here to Stockholm, Sweden i will go and see them.

An album which dealing a straight black metal punch with both a modern sound and old school feeling, a plus for the nice production design and artwork.

Track list:

1.     Wolfszorn        
2.     Witchhunter         
3.     Die elende Knechtschaft         
4.     Bastards of Black Metal        
5.     Galgenblüten         
6.     Pesthauch         
7.     Eternal Darkness

tisdag 7 juli 2015

Dødsskuggen Interview!

Great to have you here!
From what i understand Dødsskuggen is a new band and you are the sole inventor and ruler of it?

- Hail, great!
Yes, this is, I play the guitars, bass, keys, vocals and programming the drums.
2.Can you tell a bit about the way towards the start of the band
...and what drove you on?

- I always have been into the music, and of course the Black Metal, playing in some bands, and last year I decided that was the time to start my own project, on my own ideas and feelings.
3.How is the city you grown up in general & regarding black metal?
Is it some bands also one should know about in your region?

- Well, not so much to say, small place, far from everything... no pubs, no more bands, maybe two or three, but I can't remember now.
4.What can you say about the first demo released last year "Dauden"?
I liked it and its pretty dense negative atmosphere. For me the three songs feels like a 3-step drama, first exploring the unknown then confronting death itself then at last linger in limbo wondering if one is dead or not. What where your goals doing it?

- I think it is a good material, Black Metal in the line of 90' maybe?! I don't know, is hard to talk about my own music, Black Metal with dark passages, negative atmosphere as you said, angry vocals. I really think you describe it very well and don't let my words explain by myself hehehe.

5.Did you do some physical copies of the demo or is it only digital?

6.Have you been in contact with some label for future Dødsskuggen releases? If so which?

-Not, I have talked with some labels, some of them are not interested and some of them I don't like the deal they offer for it.
7.Regarding the next creation what can you say about the music?
Will it be a "un"natural continuation from the demo themes or?

- I have started work in the new songs and sounds like "Dauden", in the line of "Det ukjende" and "Er eg daud?", I don't think will be more songs so fast and aggressive as "Djevelen er her", but we never know how will it be before it's done.
8.Planning on making Some merchs?

-Absolutely not.
9.As i am a damned Swede i wonder if you have some band from my country you like? hehe

- Yeah, of course I do, Lord Belial, Ophthalamia, Ancient Wisdom and more...

10.Thanks for your answers, and best of luck!

-Thank you too so much!!

måndag 6 juli 2015

Bestiality - Stuck in Bestial Vision

If you like to get a fornicating dose of devilish Polish thrash metal look no further!

Right off the bat this album (wonder why it says Ep?)  injects you with a lethal amount of blistering old school riffings in the great vein of Bathory (no wonder they include a cover here and its also very splendid one!) and similar bands (reminds sometimes of Nifelheim also), sure this band is worshiping the past but they feel enough genuine and true to themselves (not that i know them though...) that its no problem buying their sincerness.

All songs is more or less in the higher end of the speed limit and the satanic thrash ingredients is riding high
on the rolling musical waves!
All the songs is tightly composed with no filler parts or so only Mortalist did get a little boring but thats just its compared to the rest of the great tracks!
Guitars and vocals is king here but the rest is just as good and as a whole its just right! Production is fitting and i cant find much to complain about hehe...ah well its not a complain but the songs "Raped by the Devil" & "Way of the Cross" which is also some of the best songs here share some almost identical vocal part at the ends hehe but hell it sounds good anyway.
Head banging madness will erupt!

Best tracks: 1,3,8

I would like to see them live here in Sweden also, looks like a bloody great time!

Track list:

1.Ode to the Dead / Tales from the Crypt        
3.Raped by the Devil         
5.Hades (Bathory cover)         
6.Visions of Doom        
7.Blood Red Like Sodomy         
8.Way of the Cross        
9.Ritual Genocide

Released by Old Temple

Band FB link:

torsdag 2 juli 2015

Slaktare - Journey into Darkness

This Bavarian maniac has here composed his first full length album! After 2 demos 1 Ep and one compilation this journey into Darkness has begun!

As this is my really first thorough listen to a release by Slaktare (means Butcher in Swedish) i cant compare to old stuff from him but now i feel inclined to do so more then ever...

Anyway this is a great versatile album with a mix of Nordic second wave BM but also the Germanic blood is evident here in both sound, structure and vocals. It is quite melodic and dramatic from start to finish with much effects and stuff besides regular instruments that makes the experience very demonically grand & a strong stable production that back it up is a plus.

One could get the idea from the song titles that this music would be some kind of DSBM but its not this is more offensive & defensive rather the crying defenseless, the songs rolls over you and does not look back...

Each song escpecially in the start of the record has much stuffed inside them, inspiration & energy seems to be quite expansive & intensive for these butchers. some clean vocals that i will always have some issues with is found here and there but not so much it would ruin my day. hehe

I would say the first song and last songs is far the best ones here but no song feels like a filler either so thats nice, track 6 is one and only "slow" song that is the one that could reminiscent most as a DSBM but it has a nice build up to it and grows after some spins.

Production design and art is also good looking and rounds of the whole album nicely. The new logo is great as well.

A good blasting beast album in other words!

Track list:

1.     Journey into Darkness        
2.     Satanic Insanity         
3.     Psychotic and Fucked Up        
4.     Souldestruction         
5.     The Mystic Fog of the Soulless Being        
6.     Laubfall II        
7.     Built on Ruins

Released by Misanthropic Art Productions

onsdag 1 juli 2015

Wendigo - Anthropophagist

A new spasmatic corps has come out of the Norwegian wood(worm)work called Wendigo!

This cannibalistic spirit has finally gotten a good album with its name on it... i mean just google Wendigo and check its musical projects attached to it and you see (...puke) so this is more then welcomed!

First that hit you is the fat rock sound, this is like Entombed dipped in some blues founded horror rock then digested inside a big foots unruly stomach the pooped out into a trashy psych ward... or in their own words    -  Blackened Horror Thrash Metal -
Back to Entombed inspiration i would say its from around the Uprising time but scraps away some of the more extreme rock & roll swings that record has and infuses more raspy ugly sound, even some of the earlier tracks here makes me think of some Hardcore"ish" sounds both from vocals and compositions, not much but something like Cancer Bats. hehe

Yeah so those whom only wanted more black metal from Kvalvaag can look elsewhere.
Songs themes dissects things such as...well look at the song titles and you´ll see.

A nice debut album that is easy to get into and works well with booze or whatever your choice of mind alternations is.

Best songs is: 1,4 & 8

Track list:

01.Gore Infested Basement
02.Cannibal Ritual
03.The Anthropophagist
04.Serpent Master
05.Wendigo Psychosis
06.Fear (is big business)
07.Human Flesh
08.Live Lobotomy

Released by Fallen-Angels Productions