onsdag 31 oktober 2012

Tortorum - Extinctionist

Released earlier this year this debut album from Tortorum made some noticeable waves around and when i read the background on the two front men Skyggen & Barghest (Dead to this World, Spearhead etc) it made me realize that i had to get this!

And it was soo easy (thats not always a good thing...) to get into this album! After the moody Bathoryish intro the record just brutally bash your head in from the start to the bloody finish (9 songs)! And with the members history in mind it is not a surprise that some of the tracks leans a bit toward death never to much just with the right amount of black pepper into it!

Vivid streams & hints of Polish black/death metal like Infernal War sweaps and cuts your eardrums but even more 90´s old school sounds like some Darkthrone and such is here to. The singning is on the same page and mix as the rest of the music and fits very well.

The production & mixing is loud and hard and clear but never overshadows the madness and hate.

Hope this guys will put put out more material soon because one gets a increasing craving real quick!

måndag 29 oktober 2012

Ofermod - Thaumiel

Finally the new album is out!
It is not every year an Ofermod album is released (last one was in 2008)
so it is natural to be psyched up about this!

Does it deliver? YES of course it does!

It is a really fulfilling experience to go through all the 8 tracks and
it feels and sounds like the band had much inspiration when
creating all this Draconian spells, maby the new blood is one reason
for this energy?

The soundmix is of high standard and everything sounds clear but
meaty organic and with some unexpected sonically inserts, the singing
is quite fronted & high in the mix but it works well and Mika Hakolas voice
is strong and puts much weight on the "rolling RRRR"... and mr Niklas
"the human knife" Kvarforth guestvocals on the song "Undead Moon"
suites the album & song great! Great sincere emotions and enough poison for 
the lungs of humanity to collapse.

The only minor negative detail i see is some not so great artistic
design on the back of the cd and in the booklet (cover is good.)
other then that everything is king!

And dont miss their gig in Sumpan (if you live in or near Stockholm) now in early

Look it up or crawl in your own vomits!

lördag 27 oktober 2012

Kadotus - Seven Glorifications of Evil

This debut album from Kadotus (2003) plays out just like you expect it to do, it is quite raw but clear enough and blasts its way to the bitter end with evident roots from the "first wave"  like many other bands from the "second wave". Satanic and somewhat depressive.

It is a little bit like an mix of early Bursum and Behexen (the finnish blood is here!).

Everything is dipped in a big sea of misanthropic spit, the singing is really raspy but it is well placed & confident so it never becomes annoying or anything. The songs is relativly short and fast but some do tend to have an atmosphere build-up in them thats makes this album a bit better.  

The album consist of seven songs but it is quite short (a bit over 33 min) so thats can be both a bad thing or good depends how you like this.

This is an decent debut album and i will probably get the urge to play it many times more... now i only like to here there second album... i have heard that it is even better.

fredag 26 oktober 2012


New reviews is coming soon!
I have a little hard time choosing which cd i should do....

torsdag 25 oktober 2012

Second impact!

My second big jackpot arrived today! Everything besides Behexen, WAN, Repugnant & Weregoat is from the great Terratur Possessions in Norway! Works like a charm!

Goatwhore - Blood for the Master

On the first spin i was a bit let down because i hoped for something
more in the black-metal vein that one could come to believe by the
cover... this is more thrash/death-metal then anything else with a tiny
bit of "black blood" in it.(nothing wrong with that though.)

On its second spin i started to "feel it" in the right way and on
the third spin i liked it quite much! Sure this is nothing new in any
way and i have heard  better albums in this genre but this is
a solid and groovy accomplishment.

This is my first time i listened to this American band so i cant compare this to the other
stuff they released (this is the fifth full-length) but bands like Entombed, Dismember and some Slayer
 is an inspiration that is evident here and that is perfectly fine,  they bring it together with an more serious backbone (then entombed) and it does not hurt to ...read the lyrics...
and the singer has a bit more of a poisonous and deep tone to his grunting & growling. (then L G Petrov)

Dont take me wrong i love some of Entombes albums (like Uprising) but the lyrics is often so silly it just takes the "edge" off the music...

Over to GetHoran! (Goatwhore in swedish)
 These ten songs blast its way from the start to the end with not much
of slowdown and it works fine but i would not had cry if they had some
track with more extra focus on atmosphere and lingering darkness etc.

Anyway, this is an entertaining record, not super  but good enough to
listen to when you like to give the mood an uppercut ot two.

Track 2,5 & 9 stands out as the better songs for me.

onsdag 24 oktober 2012

My Art

while i wait for the "chemicals" to slow down i post you a little tape-cover (for a band that dont exist...yet)  i just did...

tisdag 23 oktober 2012

TAAKE - Noregs Vaapen

This man dont need any introduction i think and if you dont know him....

This latest album from him is an groovy & cold blass-mass massacre and it has some very unsuspected  elements integrated i must say... like the manic banjo (?) parts in song five "Myr" (if i remember correct)

All in all is the production of high standard without loosing something valuable on its way, all the songs is very balanced and exciting much thanks to its somewhat unpredictability and power.

1.     Fra vadested til vaandesmed  
2.     Orkan  
3.     Nordbundet  
4.     Du ville ville Vestland  
5.     Myr   
6.     Helvetesmakt
7.     Dei vil alltid klaga og kyta

It is a rocking and rewarding album and TAAKE manages to get away with many "wrong" things that other bands not often would/could handle & levitates the whole thing to something that could be called an "black-evolution" .(not in a grand scale though) 

Good shit!

lördag 20 oktober 2012

Satanic Warmaster - Nachzehrer (2010)

Just look beyond the controversy of this band and it is easy to see the great artistic embodiment Satanic Warmaster has to offer, if you seek  truly dark, strong,  hatefull and raw black-metal you dont have to look any further!

This "Nachtzehrer" is SW fourth full-lenght album  and it is as primitive vile and melodic mournful as one could ever want! A dark and raw (but clear enough) production with a lot of memorable tunes and moments, you can almost feel the freezing nightsky forest biting your skin and feel the hostile werwolf presence.

Track list:
1.     Intro - instrumental
2.     Satan's Werewolf    
3.     Vampires    
4.     Warmaster Returns    
5.     One Shining Star    
6.     Bestial Darkness    
7.     Rotting Raven's Blood    
8.     Utug-Hul    

So if you hunger for something like this dont hesitate! See for yourself before you pass your final judgement.

Great music & great visuals and atmosphere forges this to a perfect satanic mental ritual!

fredag 19 oktober 2012

Inferno - Black Devotion

They may not reinvent black metal (whatever that means...) but these czechish hornbearers sure blast out some nasty beatings! Like a mix of early Gorgoroth and Immortal (quite traditional) and the alike but with a extra touch of sonical thunder & depth.

 This album that is their fifth "Black Devotion" is dark and unhuman enough all the way to the end epilog.

I have too little time on my hand tonight to write a more proper review but just give a shot! It will not set your world on fire but it will please your inner goat just enough for you to be ...pleased.

The visuals is well done but not so exiting...

A Little Friday Jackpot!

A little something of ...something. Good shit!

Teitanblood - Woven black Arteries
Merrimack - the Acausal Mass
Throne of Katarsis - Ved Graven
Menace Ruine - Union of Irreconcilables

Vampire - Demo
Infuneral - Torn from the Abyss

Nice flash huh? ;P

tisdag 16 oktober 2012

Order of the Ebon Hand - XV: the Devil

It is SOO easy to fail in the symphonic black metal genre! Either it gets so shallow and lacking with real  depth or it just gets utterly silly like some known bands that sounds more like som ghost-opera for children...

So when hearing this cd i got a big smile because it was just great and the grandeur parts is mixed is very good, every song is well planned and played and all the wirvelwinds from hell feels close!

It is also an album that displays that you can also include some "new thinking" without loosing its belsebubian sting, i mean that you will hear some musical bits thats dont usually is used in BM but it works just well like some saxophone solos in track 3 "Gateway to Silence". (last time i liked that was in some old Carpanthian Forest song...)

Give it a try cuz i think you like it!

måndag 15 oktober 2012

Hellhammer - Demon Entrails

So after three days partying without no sleep whatsoever i got the brilliant idea to finally buy Hellhammers remastered demo collection! ...it might sound like an bad idea BUT it was the quite contrary in fact it helped my "hungover" to slightly fade away!

Why you ask? Well, it is because of two reasons. One: the nostalgic feeling was like a soothing lament.(last time i had this demos was in the late 80´s)
Two: Hellhammers hellish grassroot black/death-metal music is just enough primal and rough for my blank & lost (postpartytrauma) being...

 All the remasterings is great and the whole package is a good as one could wish for, if you dont have it buy it! (or the vinyl version.)


torsdag 11 oktober 2012

TORGEIST - Time of Sabbath

Oh good old times! This takes me back in time to exactly 1995! Well i did not have the opportunity to listen to any of the France bands from Black Legions (Les Lègions Noire or LLN) back then but i remember people talk about them...when they tired of  talking about "the count" from Norway that is.

Of all the LLN bands my favorites is Mütiilation & Belkètre by for me obvius reasons but Torgeist is well worth your time too! Their approach is a bit different but at the same time very similar to the other LLN´s, YES! This is crude, satanic and very undergroundish but they go one step further in making the experience for the listener painfull... like piercing your eardrums cuz the sound (mostly the guitar) is like a soaring highpitched buzzsaw or like killer bees from the crypt ! Pure hell!! And the singer sounds like a wind from an ritualistic nighmare

This is matter of taste if one likes this type of mix or not... i like it very much but it is nothing that goes  well for every mood or moment in life but if you searching sometime for something that will put you in that indefinable state of sinking down in a dark void this will do the trick!

This is the third and final demo (beast)  they did and would only be followed up by one split "Black Legions Metal"  then they split... to bad but thats life, the other thing thats a bit bad is the short playtime of ca 16 minutes other then that this is a good  & pure LLN release!

Arosian Black Mass 2012

I´m planning on going to Arosian Black Mass 2012.... anybody else?

onsdag 10 oktober 2012

Satans Wrath - Galloping Blasphemy

There is always a risk of producing something that people will take more as an concept album rather than a "true" debut record from an new intriguing band when you cling unto so many old gimmicks and sounds as Satan´s Wrath do.....BUT! They succeed! (even if it feels more nostalgic then fresh.)

There was no surprise that this release got the spotlight when Taz Danazoglou  was in charge(former bass player in Electric Wizard) but at the same time one got a bit skeptic when the other member was a dude from Scar of the Sun... But that is just me maby... everything went fine though.

Anyway, i must say that Satan´s Wrath whole visual design from its fold-out cd "package" (greatly illustrated)  to its cool & tattoo friendly logotype .

And their influences is (WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED?!) Venom, Bathory and a Beherit and a lot of Iron Maiden guitar vibes... but after much bragging in the press that this music entity would be really evil and satanic i had some high hopes but as alomst always one should not have high hopes...
this is not dripping of filthy demonic blood and semen as Taz would like.... but it is really good and enjoyable, it is more of an romantic look-back at a time when no "rules" where set in stone etc and everything where burning & creative!

It is evident that they worked hard on it and had great energy and power conceiving it all, it is certain that i will let this "Galloping Blasphemy" spin many times before i will get fed up with it and that is not a bad verdict.

tisdag 9 oktober 2012

Bestial Holocaust - Into the Goat Vulva

You get what you see!

This is a no holds barred of old school destruction and if you did not already know this black/trash metal band the singer is a.........GIRL! GHAAA! Well, she (Sonia Sepulcral) does a super jobb! All the demonic screaming and vomiting (and squealing) is just as hellish as it should be.

The influences is the obvious Bathory, Sodom, Slayer, Possessed, Venom etc etc and that may be boring to some but once in awhile i like my steak rare and bloody and then i would love to eat (with my ears) this album...

This is their third full length album (and best!) and there is no signs of "selling out" or anything, just plain sadistic war with some heavy touches all the way!

buy the ticket, take the ride (into the goats ...)!

Here is a taste of the Bolivian madness tracks!

1.     Dios Despiadado         
2.     Eterna Posesión         
3.     Virgin Lust         
4.     Demonios Devoradores         
5.     Premoniciones         
6.     Tierra de Apariencias         
7.     Eterna Transmigración         
8.     Sacrificio        

The playtime ends on around aprox 37 evil minutes!