fredag 24 augusti 2018

Dieblod / Vrag

From  Eternally Cold Records comes a split with one band thats been active in almost 20 years (Vrag) and another around 2 years...both from Australia.

First of we have Dieblod, really raw sound which suits its mental breakdowns and moon howlings, melancholic guitar pickings works as a backbone to the bleak psychotic vocals that screams and howls....feels like this soul want to be invited to Midian (where the monsters live)
The musical structures is preety loose with the vocalist floating above it letting its own impulses roam free...mid tempo to slow pondering parts float in & out the tracks which in the end as a whole
feels like black brain prison.  Pretty helpless feeling....
Reminds me a bit of Vetala or Mons Veneris and the alike. Good stuff!

I cant really remember if or when i heard anything from Vrag before even though they been activ for so long...Hmm strange...either way they play compared to Dieblod in a more structured fashion and has a nice bass drenched sound, mid tempo nastyness with evil echoing vocals. Good cold atmosphere is a overall coating through out these three songs.
And as you see the song title like "Hallucination" there is some surreal nightmarish bits here and there, i get a bit of French black metal feel which is not a bad thing in my book.
Also some nice untraditional compositions sneaks in towards the end  which works great....Great murky BM with a mental twist on the side.

Solid split...or "solid" is perhaps the wrong word to use here as both parts is in a more or less state of personal dissolvement.... get it if you can and if it sounds like something for you.

Released as i already wrote by Eternally Cold Records and the link to them is:

Track list:
Side A - Dieblod
1.     Dieblod - Knowledge of the Six Moons        
2.     Dieblod - Forbidden Keys of Torment        
3.     Dieblod - Ancient Curse of Khentika Ikhekhi        
Side B - Vrag
4.     Vrag - Pilate        
5.     Vrag - Wells of Moonlight        
6.     Vrag - Hallucination

also regarding the cover art/design i think only Dieblods tracks has anything to do with it.

onsdag 22 augusti 2018

Vorus - Inflicted Sufferance

I remember liking the first demo "Chamber of Laments" from last year even if it was a straight up traditional death metal with legs in both the past and present, it was a enough solid start to make me sit i got this latest demo to review and damn this is a big step up!

One thing to know is between the first demo and this they have released an full album and a split (which i have not heard) so they have for sure sculpted their craft quite a bit this year...and it shows!

The things i found rising this up from the early material is all their extra and somewhat unexpected inclusions (it is not avantgarde DM haha luckely but it has its own personality carved into the ugly deathscapes) in the song structures and dynamics. (and a extra plus for the strong bass lines through out) The production sounds like a a clean rehearsal  take which works fine for a demo, nice touch with a reverb on the grunting vocals for the added sepulcral morbidity.

These three songs has venom and musicality (not dragging caveman slow death and not blasting fast  away but it has good diverse semi fast style with a heavy dark layer) to make it stand above the shore line, their death metal has a quite international sound to it (band from Romania) i feel so it should please dead heads from all corners of the earth.

...hmmm now if the album has this quality i feel strongly that i have to hunt it down! NOW!


1.     Inflicted Sufferance     04:48      
2.     Self Comatose State     05:22      
3.     Ravagers of the Earth     04:57    

Released by :
Traumatic Records

TC Update!

måndag 20 augusti 2018

RAW WAR #4 -Serpent Hell- Is out!

Latest issue of my RAW WAR zine is now out through DTB/M.O.D, it is A4 pro printed 136 pages & interviews with : Vargrav, Blood Tyrant, Morgal, U.V.S.S., Ordem Satanica, Immatura Morte, Medieval Demon, Varulv, Vore, Spectral Kingdom, Ifernach, Todeszone, Swamp Temple, Svatan, Yohualli Checatl, Forgotten Soul, Funerary Temple, Megalith Grave, Inferno Requiem, Total Inferno, Rapid, High Command, Ensepulcher. (Plus Reviews!)


lördag 4 augusti 2018

Entsetzlich - Tormentous Lamentations

I think it was around five years ago we had a full album from this Australian morbidus...i almost wrote Ep to this new one as it is a bit on short side as an "full album" but whatever it is nice to have new release out from Entsetzlich eitherway.

This time around Azathoths creation was released by the sadistic Danish people at Skjold! Yeah so if you got a copy consider you lucky or a monitoring-slave hehe.

So what do we get here this time around?

Compared to previous album Eternal Funeral Cries i feel this new one is a bit deeper down into the cemetery grounds, a bit muddier and ...calmer is perhaps wrong word but it has a more  lifeless atmosphere like the last hours of an old specter.... taking slow steps down into its demise.
Accepting its soon to be ended cycle of existence.
Tunes for the putrid and mouldy chambers of nothingness.

And as before the music of Entsetzlich is raw and almost deconstructed, more or less improvised buzzy guitars  and drumplay similar to a slow carcrash hehe so yeah not much of solid frames here but it is a familiar playground for the main man and it is used accordingly.

Ugly and anti streams flow from start to finish, also i nice inclusion is the dungeon synth tracks on the b-side. Vampyr feelings galore i can assure. A Very nice and fitting conclusion of this Tormentous Lamentations album.

Limited Standard version


Side A - Side Torment
1.     Spectral Faces in the Swirling Pale Mist     12:30      
2.     Broken Oaths & Chaos Omens (A Futile Existence) 04:44
Side B - Side Lament
3.     The Cursed Mausoleum that Plagues my Dreams     04:39    
4.     Channelling Spirits to Seek their Communion     09:42    

Even more limited Special version