lördag 29 augusti 2015

The Cloven Hoof #1 -cover promo-

Achlyphos Interview

1.Hailz! Greetings from Sweden! 
How are the swollen sun treating you over there in Santa Rosa Carlifonia? 

- Hailz! Oh the sun, it's wretched rays can be quite bothersome at times here, lately it's been scorching hot out I can only wait and hope for the cold winds to pick up, and rain to finally fall upon this land before we run out of water here...

2.As you are a new "demon on the block" i must ask the rudimentary questions. 
First i like to know about your own paths towards this kind of music and state of mind regarding satanic ideology, how was the surroundings growing up and was there a time/moment you remember as a eye-opener(for this path)? 

- Well for starters growing up ironically I went to a catholic private school where I learned everything about the enemy and threw knowledge I slowly realized how disgusting and ludicrous they have been threw out the centuries and even now they continue to purloin the minds of people and tarnish the tales that they have stolen and made their own. Realizing all these things at a very young age opened my eyes causing my hatred for Christianity and most humans in general spark and grow. Starting around the age of 13-15 my whole world revolved around Satanism, black magic, and meditation as I got into Theistic Satanism and had several profound and surreal experiences. Only after I started getting into darker music I became entranced into the black metal genre how it's music it's atmosphere is which fits my state of mind and life best. 

As for Achlyphos, our music is war against humanity with transcending occultism, rituals against life... While my personal goals and path, as I am no longer a satanist I'm still an occultist and i look into anything i can learn, learning ancient knowledge from several grimoires and cultures incorporate certain things I learn into my lyrics, I seek power and knowledge and yet I may use knowledge that perhaps other beings in the universe may or may of not given to us whether they are humans, some mythical creature on some other plane, or some sort of alien lifeforms I refuse to bow down for anyone or anything for I am my own ruler, I am the controller of my fate and I will mold myself into my own god...

 3.And besides the personal stuff which BM bands got you hooked & what was your first bought record? And was there some active bands in your area thats worth knowing? 

- The bands at first that really got me hooked I would have to say was Burzum, Sargeist, Immortal, Darkthrone, Mayhem Nokturnal Mortum and Taake. 
First record I bought was actually a year ago at a Wolves In The Throne Room show I got there album Two Hunters, I just recently started collecting and the collection will continue to grow! 
As for good active bands in the area I'm not that into the whole scene here especially how my city doesn't really ever have any black metal shows, but the closest one which is in the next city by mine would have to be this Blackened Doom metal band I've seen a few times Barren Altar and then there's a few further in the area such as Embers, Torture Chamber, Xenotaph, and Valley of Thorns.

 4.How did Achlyphos members meet and what was your vision of it? 

- It's rather funny how I met the drummer of Achlyphos, Lotan. About 3 years ago I was trying to start a black metal band called Nyctophillia that wasn't working out very well due to members and other things at the time and one day my bassist randomly brings this guy who was to be our vocalist even though I said I was going to be our vocalist once we get a PA and when he I arrived I was just like "who the fuck is this?" And then we didn't really talk or anything for a while until one day he invited me to this 4th of July party and to do some black metal vocals for his death metal band and at the time I wasn't doing much so I was like sure we can try getting something going.
 But pretty much once I joined the guitarist quickly left we decided to do a split vocal Blackened death metal band called Altars Ov Abraxas and had many people join us but non of them really worked out and in the end we had our friend be a part time Drummer and just us two so we just decided in order to get the sound we wanted for that project we needed more dedicated members which we didn't have so we basically just said fuck it he'll be the drummer and I the guitarist/vocals and so we spawned Achlyphos a project that I was trying to get going for a while but wasn't able too due to not having the drum skills that I wanted for it and so we commenced our melancholic journey of raw chaos as a two man band.

5.Is it correct that your first release is the coming 3-way split with Kynisk - Woodswalk? 
How many tracks do you contribute with and what can you tell about your songs & lyrics? 

-Yes, the split is with Kynisk and Woodswalk, it will be all of our first step for our projects. Achlyphos has two part one and part two 10-20min songs. The first part has a more melancholic and mysterious atmosphere while the second has a fiercer and faster paced. 
These two songs tells a tale that Lotan and I have worked on but how he has had the main contribution on the lyrics he will answer more about the lyrics. 

Lotan: "With the Grey Mask on the cover of the split as a huge influence, Erebos and I crafted a tale weaving together, not only the elements of suspense, mysanthropia, Occultism, and cold, unrelenting hatred, but also the combined folklore of the legends of the headless horseman (or huntsman in some cultures). I, Lotan, researched several varieties of this story and with Erebos' contribution, we were able to forge our own calamity on the creation of the decapitated warrior. With Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven" for inspiration on lyrical and poetic structure, Achlyphos has effectively given rise to a unique twist on the original tales an
original tales and stories. 
We  look forward to releasing the Two-Part contribution to the Achlyphos - Kynisk - Woodswalk Split."

6.After this split what release plans do Achlyphos have? 

 -  After our split we have planned to start working on our full length which I have already about 5 songs all sketched out in my head mainly guitars, so I'm quite excited to start working on that as soon as we finish recording our split.

7.Any merch on its way? 8.Do you have plans on playing gigs? 

- Yes we are planning after recording our split to invest on CD's, tapes, shirts and patches.

8.Do you have plans on playing gigs? 
We certainly will, it will only be us two for now. We plan on putting on a full on black metal show and getting bands from the area before the end of this year!

9.Well we have come to the bitter end, thanks for your time. 
Last word is yours.

And thank you for this interview, I would simply like to say that Achlyphos has lighten the sparks as they continue to ignite the fire shall burn brighter and brighter as this ritual continues and chaos spreads... 
Look upon forth towards the incoming storm for this is just the beginning and there's much more to be unveiled in the dark fiery void.. 



måndag 24 augusti 2015

Initiation - A Ritual of Blood, A Pact of Ashes

With a bit paradoxical mix of calm water shimmering and a clear clinging..cling clings in a ritualistic fashion, moody keyboards and some anguished screams you is welcomed into this new album release from this American one-man band Initiation. (First release was the demo Nyctophilia I from last year)

The music is both harsh and melodious in a way that strokes me the right way...straight away.
It has inspirations from both Australian hordes (DTL etc) as Finnish ones (Sargeist etc), sure some comes from his own soil as well but either way it is its final outcome that is really delightful here.
Cold but emotional as well as hateful and engaging.
A. Nycteriis fills his rituals with a good variation of mid speedy guitar work and overall compositions to make sure each song has its own purpose and drive, the mix is quite clear but stern and the only part that could be called "raw" is the vocals. drums and bass sounds just right as also.

Best songs (was a bit hard to pick out only three) is the title track that represents the albums sound and style and then i pick track 6 "Visions of Dread Enlightenment" with its more threatening and slower atmosphere and the extra raspy monolog vocals puts the I in Initiation in place.

Last but not least i take the last (9) (not counting the outro, which sounds more like a song without song rather the an outro. ) with its very nice guitar parts that really gets stuck in your mind,tight and conscious composition that really gets your appetite for destruction levitating higher.

As this album is released on the great South Korean label Misanthropic Art Productions you´ll know you get
a great product production and it should not be hard to secure your own copy of it which is recommended.
A extra plus for the layout design by Azathoth from Entsetzlich!

tisdag 18 augusti 2015

Lord of Depression/Infernal Sacrament/Tetragrammacide - Atomic Regurgitation from the Three Mouths of Humanicidal Hate

Fits as description both on this releases title length and music avalanche!!

This is like a one, two, three punch of hate that sends you straight down to the fiery depths of Hades!

First off we get a well composed and constructed trinity of songs from Lord of Depression that smells both of 80´s evil metal (also gets a composition hints of Plasmatics and some Turbonegro) as well as putrid black metal coating that surround it all ...sounds like a weird mix but its works really good as a great unclean rocking hate crime both with hooks and chains! Mid raw strong mix with vocals that spits puke in your hair.

Then next step down the ladder is Infernal Sacrament, you hear directly a change in brutality and it starts to become clear how they planned the band order here, this sound is more of the war/goat metal in the styles of Weregoat etc and even if quite short songs they gives enough disaster and explosions to eliminate a smaller town. Nice varied menacing riffings to the feverish drum blasts!

A bit closer to hell...

Punch three! Tetragrammacide enters the earth sphere and annihilates it all with their tracks!
The production blows up in your face as well as the actual barrage of  atomic compositions!
Tetra has made them selves a name quite fast and it is easy to see/hear as they sound like a
monster machine simply put! One can get the idea that they only is of evil noize but no they have "real" songs and despite the extreme overpowering mix the guitars cuts clear inside & out the layers etc, to make some sound reference i guess Nyogthaeblisz would not be far off.

Great three-way split in all three aspects! You get a varied plate of 10 lethal ear murder tracks that dont let you go before you died!

Released by Freezing Records

torsdag 13 augusti 2015

Salts of Ruin - To rub the salts of ruin into the wounds of faith

Here we have another promising tape from Sovereign Anomaly Cult!

 It is not so much to say about this as it is only two songs long (but pretty long songs though)
but this is like a boiling witch cauldron to say at least hehe.

Through the bit cracked sound (thanks to some nasty drums+mix i think) the cold mid tempo riffings floats out both in a bit grand & sorrowful way but cuts time to time in with some heavy riffs and after awhile the songs morphs into a ritual with evil monk gospels echoing beneath the fog...

On the b-side the track "The lusts of the father" gives way to a full on atmospheric minimalistic passage, hard to really put into words but it feels like if the first song was the key this is the doorway.
Smouldering dark & convincingly done and in others hands it could easily have become nothing...

I saw recently that new music from Salts of ruin is on its way so lets hope its more meat on the bones this time around! It sure will be poisoned & tasty!

Espectrum Interview!

1.Hails from cold Sweden! 
How are the devils work going in Colombia? 

-Hi to all people there in Sweden, Thanks for this interview we are so exciting to know that people like Espectrum in your country. 

2.First of i am interested in when you started this horde and how did you meet each others? Is it the same line up then as now? 

-Espectrum was formed in early 2005. Lord Equimentor decided to created a band with a sound and own styles, for this reason he decided to called ‘Oscuro y Sombrio Black Metal’. in the beginning Espectrum was formed by Lord Equimentor and Manitu. 
They meet each other in Medellín in several local concerts and they had the oportunity top lay together in other Medellín band. Then Equimentor decided to invite Manitú to play the drums in Espectrum with him. And then in 2012 Equimentor decided to invite to Baphomet Lord, who plays in Nocturnal Sanctuary a black metal band from Bogotá, to play with Espectrum because they had the opportunity to share a stage in a several concerts in Bogotá, and Lord Equimentor liked the way that Baphomet played the guitars. In the same year Mantus Joined the band, he is one of the most importan player bass in Colombia and plays with important black metal bands from the country. 
In 2014 Manitú, drummer, left the band, for personal reason. Sobse, a drummer important in Colombian metal, joined the band and this allowed that Espectrum can reach a better and powerful sound. 

3.In 2011 you released your debut demo "Under the Shadows"! As this great demo was my "ice breaker" to seek you out how did this demo got received back then? Manitú Records released from what i understand?

- Yes, this Demo was a blast, people got crazy with this work not only in Colombia in others countries too. We released 500 copies and we sold all of them and then that means that people support our music. "Under the Shadows¨ was released under Manitú Records, but Lord Equimentor and Manitú share the costs. 

4.Can you tell something about the lyrics behind the song "Queen of the Black Night"? 

- Queen of the Black Night is a nocturnal magic representation, where a lugubrious female demon is there. This women is the empress of the night that with her beauty presence vague around the World bringing  torment darkness and terror. She claims souls weak beyond the kingdom of shadows. 

5.Going back to when you first realized black metal music, which band was your eye opener and which album was the first one you bought? And which bands would you say has inspired Espectrums sound the most? 

-As a matter as fact it was long time ago and is so difficult to remember what was the first cd that i bought but i guess it was Ride the Lightning of Metallica. About the bands who has inspired Espectrum to sound like this are Burzum, Darkthrone, Satyricon, Samael and others bands like Nyktalgia, Sterben and Arvet. 

6.In 2013 the first full album "Awakening in Darkness" was released (again on Manitú?), mighty front cover photo, how was that photo shoot? Any interference from the Police thinking your where some pyromaniacs? 

-The photo shoot is was made in a mountain, near Medellín, in an abandoned place. We took the photos at the same time that we recorded the video called Awakening in Darkness. We didnt have any problem with the Police, but Lord Equimentor had an accident and almost lost his life. But Lord Equimentor thinks that it was a just price that he paid in exchange for to live the magical and dark moment there. 

7.How was it to work on this album? Did you reach your musical & other goals with this? 

-It was hard and exhausting because of the distance. The recorder studio was far away where the musicians lived. The Awakening in Darkness could reach the goals because their sound was more professional and the photo shoot and video allowed the band to show their musical quality with out lost the essential that they were working since Under The Shadow demo. Further this work has been welcome from the black metal fans. 

8. As i cant read  your language can you please describe the lyrics behind this song "Del crepúsculo al amanecer "? 

- This lyrics speak about at dusk, when the light disappears and the darkness rules the world, in this moment the kingdom of darkness come and spectra and demons wake up from their cold home in a night of lust, perversion, blood and power. 
The breaking Dawn always be short for whom wait the at dusk again.

9.How did you come in contact with Infernal Moon whom drawn your band logo? 

- Lord Equimentor meet him several years ago, they were a really good friends and they share stage. Equimentor known that Infernal Moon had a great talent to drawn and then he asked him to make the logo under his supervision. 

10. How and where was your latest live ritual? 

-Our last live ritual it was 01 de Abril – 2015 and we share the stage with the american black metal band Thornspawn in Bogotá Colombia. And the show was really dark. 

11. How would you describe your Satanic beliefs? 
Besides that what occult practices is the most common in Colombia?

- I think that my body and life are from the service of evil. I am consequent with my ideology, with my acts and thoughts , I know that in this hypocritical world only the strong people can survive and there is not space for weak people that bends to a fake idol that calls god. And Colombia is a country that had lived in hatred, blood, dead and agony, thats why i believe Colombian people that loves darkness are radical. Shamanism , witchcraft, invoking the dead under the great eternal night practices are certainly not pass up. We come from indian they are our roots so we are pagan, We inherit that from our ancestors 

12.Is there some new music on its way from Espectrum soon? 

- Yes In this moment Espectrum is recording our third musical producción that will bring with new 8 tracks and we will make our second video profesional. This work will bring a powerful and strong sound. 
We are working really hard in this álbum because we want that this work will be a piece of cult, keeping always the line and sound original that Espectrum had been created.

 13. Thanks for your time, last word is yours! 

-Espectrum want to say thank you to sweden magazine Raw War and all their audience. 
Thanks for supporting Espectrum band and colombian Black Metal. We continued working with the idea to keeping providing with our dark music from the scene underground and evil from the Black Metal around the World. (Hails and remeber that Black Metal is music, cult and extreme ideology).

tisdag 11 augusti 2015

Sulphuric Night Interview!

1.Greetings from Sweden! 
How is life over there in Bosnia and Herzegovina? 

- Hail! We are waiting for the Winter to come and bring the snow to cover this ugly city and to cast away the sun! 
2.Growing up the only thing i really associated with Bosnia was Eurovision song contest and some military troubles... i was a dumb little boy haha. 
But seriously when did the Black metal started in your country and which artists/bands where important for putting the land on the "map"?

- In the 90’ our city (Sarajevo) has been under siege for 1,425 days and it was the longest siege of a capital city in the history of modern warfare, so not just a “military troubles”. Regarding the Black Metal bands/projects, there was few of them in the past but none of them are active by now. The circle of our people and bands/projects is the only one making Black Metal at the moment!

3. So when you started getting into this satanic path which bands and what experiences inspired you the most to walk this walk? 

- I’ve been into music since young age, but when I heard Black Metal and the bands like Ildjarn, Von and some of LLN stuff I’ve got a very different feeling and perception from the one I had before discovering Black Metal, so I found expressing myself that way ‘till this very moment and will until the day my Dark Soul will leave my body and this pathetic existence. 

4.Is there much interaction between the bands in the "underground" and besides the Black Plague Circle is there more tight knit circles that one should know of? 

- Like I said before, there is no active circles and bands from our city – only few of us being devoted to Satan and its Path of Death!!! 

5.Lets talk about Sulphuric Night, what where your vision of it as you started and how was it to record the first Rehearsal Demo in 2013 ? 

- Sulphuric Night started as a band and we recorded Rehearsal Demo but soon after it was released two members left the band, so we continued as a duo and we shaped our sound and new direction was set on “Endless Night”. 

 6.Then the first proper demo "Endless Night" came out last year, How would you describe these two songs "Endless Night" & "Morbid Visions of a Dead Soul"? Was it out on Nocturnal Emissions? 

- Correct, “Endless Night” was released on Nocturnal Emissions as a cassette limited to 33 copies and it was a first demo with a different sound. Both tracks are dedicated to the wisdom of the Dead ones and their endless wanderings through the night. 

7.Also last year the split with Primogenorum "Of Infinite Cold Wanderings..." got out, how did you get together for this and your song has in intriguing name "A Man Who Had Swallowed Death ", what is it about? 

- I’ve been in touch with Lucifug/Primogenorum and we wanted to make unholy pact in a form of a split tape through Parasyte Curse, so we did it. 
“A Man Who Had Swallowed Death” is a personal experience with the Great Death…Nothing more is to be revealed!

8.So i have a feeling some new music is on its way from Sulphuric Night, what can you tell about it? 

- Correct, we have 2 new demos going on; one is recorded last year but it is not released yet, and also other one recorded last month. 
Both will be released soon. 

9.Any Sulphuric Night t-shirts going to print? 

- Yes in fact, there will be a shirt version of “Endless Night” soon available. 

10.Thanks for your time!

- Spread the Plague upon this waste of flesh called humans! 


Pimeydentuoja - The Devil's Epoch

Here is the first full album from this Finnish blackened death metal 3-man band, first release the demo "Black Goat Psalm" that got out in 2012 so this new release was about time i say!
Let the bloodletting begin!

I dont know if the members has worked on this beast the whole time but if they said they did i would not been so surprised because this album is really well made and is filled with both meaty & murderous guitars, pummeling doomsday drums, fat bass and a crawling mid-dark growling (and some black metal shrieking for some evil backups) vocals! One can hear inspirations from both the 80´s & 90´s obscure death metal as well as from know bands but they have a nice personal Varieté on its own and their satanic/necromantic ritualistic approach is solid regarding the lyrics (worth reading) and overall atmosphere.

Sometimes i find myself get bored with some of these bands of this genre after some songs in but Pimeydentuoja has a good sense of drama in their compositions and have no problem to incorporate variations without loosing its way. Both headbanger inducing as well as it is cavernous and putrid, even some suitable (made me smile) movie samples pops up here & there.
Production is balanced and is mixed in "beast-mode"! hehe

A demonic well above average blackened death metal album to keep it short, get it!
Would be cool to see them live also...dont know if thats in their plans though.

Best three songs is 1,2,6 but no fillers to be found either.
And a plus to the great art and layout and the high paper standard, feels sweet to hold.

Now where is the vinyl release?!

Track list:

1.     By Death We Shall Conquer        
2.     Necrophilia        
3.     Annihilation Anthem        
4.     The Devil's Epoch        
5.     The Beyond - Demonical Apotheosis        
6.     Paganlågor        
7.     Bloodtide        
8.     Awakening of the Ancient King        
9.     Heavenless Abomination        
10.     Morbid Sacrifice        
11.     I Al Purg Vonpo / My Blessing (The Beginning of the End)
                       (Impaled Nazarene Cover)

Released by :      Misanthropic Art Productions

söndag 9 augusti 2015

Withering Despair - Hopecrusher

From the states the despair was and is still withering like hell on three legs!

This recording is from the period 2001-2003 but i just recently found out about this little evil tape!
If you are in the mood (why wouldn't you?) gnarly harsh Transylvanian sounding spells this is a good
place to start. The music rattles in mid tempo and has a very suffocating atmosphere, the very raw vocals is almost talking rather then singing (sounds a little like Shagrath) but it fits the bill perfect here.

Guitars besides from the vocals are much in the lead of it all with chilly primitive compositions but also some well used keyboards is incorporated here and there. Production is in similar raw and pretty loud state as the performance is.

It is a reasonable long journey under these 10 songs and i like the best the first song that is also the title track and the second (and last in an alternate version) song "Pitch Black Torment" & lastly "Descent into Fire".

A misanthropic & ancient sounding release from & handcrafted by the label Sovereign Anomaly Cult.

lördag 8 augusti 2015

Panphage/Jarnvidr - Gøthalandom

Here we have a split from two pretty young Swedish beasts!

First out is Panphage and it was a pleasant experience to finally get to hear this band, Panphage has a
 mixture of inspirations but to put it simply you can hear a base of the rolling badness of Motörhead then
ad some sick folkish melodies that sometimes reminds you of Wulkanaz then ad some old school black metal and finally put in some storytelling flair to round it off... if you did not understand a word of that go get this split!
Panphage has a quite big/open sound but don´t loose any rawness for that and each song has good personal compositions and touches. The best songs is the first and third "Black Dawn Guerilla"!

After the Panphages four strong tracks the band do a collaboration song which is also this release title song, it works really well and one could easily hear that this constellation could release a whole album like this.Do it! Or perhaps do it like Satanic Warmaster / Clandestine Blaze split and do four songs together and end it with one "solo" song each. Just a thought.

Then Jarnvidr takes over and starts of with a calm but distorted guitar intro that for first time listeners is a
trick because soon after they will be run over with Jarnvidrs chaotic hooligan troll music! hehe
As i have reviewed two full albums from this maniac so i can compare this stuff a bit fair i think, this has of
course Jarnvidrs unwelcoming mental black metal going on but i can hear some refinements in guitar parts all through his tracks which makes it levitate higher. A special mention goes the the last long song "Från Svedimark till ovigd jord" which takes you on a journey like trip with gives both harsh cuts and brings you into calmer & melancholic Nordic woods. Good stuff!

A great & interesting split that gives more then music you also get a bitter taste of Sweden, despite the
bitter taste its good to see/hear that our old world/countries soul is still not forgotten and carries on in the shape of sound & art.

The bands is like two sides of an rusty coin (or "mynt" like its called in Swedish) and it will grow from each spin...not getting you richer with money but with culture.

Track list:

1.Panphage - Söner av Osämjans Länder        
2.Panphage - Hagalaz Automat         
3.Panphage - Black Dawn Guerilla         
4.Panphage - Tag Till Vapen        
5.Panphage/Jarnvidr - Gøthalandom         
6.Jarnvidr - Helveteseld Faller Från Himmelen        
7.Jarnvidr - Hagelstorm        
8.Jarnvidr - Klockringning i Dalen och Åkallan av Makterna        
9.Jarnvidr - Det Svarta Vattnets Gåva           
10.Jarnvidr - Från Svedjemark till Ovigd Jord

Released by:
Ætergap Productions


fredag 7 augusti 2015

-Random mix update-

* Work on my my next slimmer zine  (around 45-50 pages while last RAW WAR printed issue was 109 pages) The Cloven Hoof is soon finished, full update on that will follow.
Here is the latest update promo pic on that.

*Coming interviews in progress on here is:

* Hekel
* Bloodlust
* Diabolus Amator

             and more...

Music reviews to come is:

* Idolatry Infection Born of Ending
* Tetragrammacide - Typhonian Wormholes: Indecipherable Anti-Structural Formulæ
* Vapnvm - Closure
* School Sniper
*  Lord of Depression/Infernal Sacrament/Tetragrammacide 
     - Atomic Regurgitation from the three mouths of humanicidal Hate

           and more... 

* I also recently finished doing artwork for a coming book, here is the cover and some info from the source.

"The first project of ATLHOS Multimedia is the upcoming book by Russell "Lord Matzigkeitus" Drury, the vocalist of the black metal band Idolatry. The book is entitled "Catharsis Spoke Her Virtuous Evil" and is a book of black metal poetry.
The cover art, and much of the interior art, is being handled by JDW, who has penned covers by Drowning the Light, God Disease, Incarceration, and many more.
The logos on the cover have been handled by the immortal Christophe Szpajdel, The Lord of Logos, which should be obvious to any fan of the black metal genre."

* I also plan to release a first art book collection on a selection of my artworks this winter, here is the first promo for that. more to come.

onsdag 5 augusti 2015

Oath - Saatanan myrsky yllä pyhän maan

What more fitting song can there be to this end of times when the veil is lifting?
I am talking about the opening track "The Beast of Revelation" which is a grand yet sorrowful song that really sucks you into this first full album from this Finnish band Oath!

You will also feel right at home as the music you´ll find here is very traditional...in a good way of course. Besides the familiarity of the mid 90´s sound these two Finnish devils carves out enough strong melodies in each song that you´ll never feel bored or such, song one,two & four is the best ones here but non other feels like a filler either, well it not so surprising this is a strong album considering the members background of past & current active band involvements like: Azaghal, Hellkult, Hautakammio, Kalmankantaja,Lathspell !! Yeah i guess i dont have to spell it out for you. hehe

The music in Oath plays in mid-tempo to quite slow but they have really constructed the compositions with care as everything fits together perfectly, half raw half clear production and no instrument really overpowers the other, vocals is harsh but also has a "out in space sound" and intertwines & floats into the music in a nice way, also some tasteful sparse use of keyboards is to be found.

A great melancholic and epic satanic album that both fits in the current dire times and also brings back the ancient winds! A album that is worth picking up by all means... and after that look up their back catalogue consisting of 2 Ep, 1 split & 1 compilation.

Track list:

1.     The Beast of Revelation    
2.     Lucifer Rising II    
3.     Herrani liekki    
4.     Antichrist Reign    
5.     A Monument of God Ablaze Before Me    
6.     Ei Jumalaa, ei pelastusta    
7.     Saatanan myrsky yllä pyhän maan

Released by: Immortal Frost Productions


söndag 2 augusti 2015

Ars Veneficium - The Abyss

This Belgium based horde started in 2013 and this is their first official release.

This Ep has a undeniable traditional Nordic second wave black metal sound & soul but i also hear vibes from their home country and also some Russian "colors"....

The music overall is well put together and runs from mid-tempo to pretty fast attacks, vocals contrasts a bit with a bit darker and raspier sound then i thought i would hear to this music. it works good in an dreary and a "tired of humanity" kind of way.
Besides from their classic compositions that is both a bit downer and also aggressive throws in some nice variations here & there and by that levitates it self above the standard BM band.

Especially the third track this shines like the lightbringer thats being worshipped! This is also the best song on this EP, the main guitar parts is great and brings nostalgic flow to it and also towards the end it puts in a bridge (or similar) that almost feels a bit avantgarde. Top stuff here!

All in all a nice and tight debut Ep that makes one remember them and look forward to their next release!
Which is by the way a split with the great Finnish band Azaghal!

Get both of them i say!

Ep track list:

1.     The Abyss    
2.     The Hour Approaches         
3.     Torment Feeds the Act of Satan        
4.     Night Preacher

-Released by:  Immortal Frost Productions