lördag 30 april 2016

Soon a new Anal Blasphemy album will surface!

The coming full length is called "Western Decadence" and will be released by the ever trusting Iron Bonehead label, out on the first of July.

After the split "The Perverse Worship of Satanic Sins" with Forbidden Eye i have been longing for more AB (yes the Azaghal split "Baying of Lycanthropes" i have totally missed...will fix that error soon) and this new release is really interesting...and after the little tastes i have indulged in i can say quite sure that this will be splendid!

torsdag 28 april 2016

Daemoniis Ad Noctum - Shade

Here is another vile slab of hostile meat from last year that should not be left unnoticed!

This 4-piece band (USA, Portland, Oregon) has a strong and diverse background with bands like Dead Conspiracy, Raptor, Panzergod, Witches Mark and more so some kind of assumption of that this debut release "Shade" would be good is in place...as this is pretty bloody good!

Both the tight and fat production and deathish black metal music is hitting hard my ear drums...only complaint is the short play time but the tracks holds well with repeated listening.

As i said this satanic assault has a shimmer (well a bit more then a shimmer though) of death metal that is nicely integrated without losing its black roots (hehe) it makes the whole sound a bit more militant and ball kicking! Guitars has a sinister and piercing tone and the drums is mixed just right not to drench the rest with its frenzied beats, vocals is strong and slimy and sits just right with the rest.

The songs brings both parts of demonic war mongering and bits that is indulging in more heavier doomy vibes. All in all a good start for this band!

...So now i hoping for some more raw meat!  ....longer meat! hehe

Track list:

1.     Obsequium In Damnatam     04:00    
2.     Crafting the Abyss     05:12    
3.     Shade     03:59    
        Total: 13:11

The tape was released by Exile Music(k).

Ah and look here! A cool t-shirt from them with my drawing on it

tisdag 26 april 2016

SIVAD - Whores of the Sabbat

Last year the debut release of this Memphis, Tennessee based horde SIVAD was released through Occult Roots Music (Diabolus Amator, A.V.D.L).

This first offering is a demo they say but i get a more "real" feel of it as it is a (looks like that anyways with that great cover art!) a proper pressed cd in crystal case... cd demos for me is like some simple cd-r in a self xeroxed paper folder with some band logo slapped on or similar...or on a tape. I am not complaining by any means as i prefer this all times over a simple cd-r thingy, i get a nice straight Ep feeling almost album as it clocks in at almost an half an hour.

Over to the important stuff - the music. What you get here is a chunk of dreadful blackened death experience!
It plays often in a mid-tempo with ugly riffings and a upset drummer...or so it seems hehe as he bangs those drums hard and nice then suddenly to burst out in some blasting infernos. Vocals is also much in mid-range dry growlings to demonic screams, all feels quite organic both in the actual playing and in production (i guess here is where the "demo" label comes in, for a real release the music would benefit with a bit more "ompf" in mixing department)

I get a nice evil war vibe from the primitive but engaging compositions  through out and even if you heard similar stuff before (they are old school after all) they have a own style and one of their strongest points for me is their diversity without leaving the genre(s).

This is a promising debut and i look forward to the coming split with Funeral of God coming this summer!

For all the satanic cellar dwellers out there in need of a gruesome fix!

Best 3 tracks is: 3,4,6

Track list:

1.     Serpents of Plague     08:04    
2.     Watchers of Satanael     04:36    
3.     In The Thralls of Heathen     05:14    
4.     Whores of the Sabbat     02:32    
5.     The Fall of Heaven's Dominion     02:07/instrumental
6.     Angels Dripping Blood     05:26    
                                Total: 27:59    

torsdag 14 april 2016

Immatura Morte - Perditricem Sui Possessionem

Down in Mexicos deepest...depths Immatura Morte is rising slowly up to show its ravaged face!
With rotting dead babies hanging on poisoned hooks!

This is semi-primitive, semi-melodic raw mid-tempo (more or less) hateful black metal that is dipped in the blood of slaughtered virgins....first of i really like their sound, quite raw but not in the low fuzzy raw where one barely hear anything but more in-your-face raw with nice disgusting & crunchy vibe going on. guitar and vocals is fronted as it should be but the drums is not forgotten as it is just mixed right for them to bring power to the pot. i hate when some get it wrong and the drums just rumbles like giants all over the mix and the rest is drowned...not here!

Besides the tasteful unclean production i think the vocals is the second thing i like the best here (dont know why i am dissecting like this...) it has it start in the traditional harsh BM vocals but he/it puts on his own personal touch on it which makes it quite mental disturbed and wild. in the second track he almost only sounds like a schizofrenic priest walking around talking to him self in some abandoned church...almost silly haha but it works but on the first and the last track he more or less leaves that priest alone....so he can put his sore mind on a soft pillow or something hehe.

Worth to hunt down (this version i have was out on Caligo Arcanum Productions (link below), a obscure and deranged  occult demo that makes me look forward to hear their full length "Mors Vocat Me" that was released last year (this and the first demo also was released last year) by Dementium Records AND one must take time to hunt down the split with Exumbras "From the Realm of Shadows U.C.F.N." released not long ago by Svart Hat Productions! (links below)

Track list: (track length was not to be found but they are around 6-8 minutes each)

1.     Perditricem Sui Possessionem        
2.     Lux Signifer Incarnatum        
3.     MAledictum Aeternum

*Svart Hat Prod link/mail:



*Caligo Arcanum Productions


söndag 10 april 2016

Defecrator - Tales of Defecration

Last year in Northern California the band Defecrator emerged from the graveyard with members from bands like Killgasm, Rotten Funeral, Larry David (haha!crazy shit!) &  Gloriam Draconis, Valley of Thorns.

With this background one can assume that Defecrator would be pretty bad ass...and it is.
As the band name hints this music is in the bestial/death metal genre coated in Satans
cum & feces, it has both that thick churning wall buzz but incorporates a dose of interesting
and heavy death metal riffs, drums is also nice and comes through the wall without hurting
the other parts, good mixing in other words and dont fall into usual fall pits.

This demo (i could call it Ep easily) is the bands debut (it first released the first track
as digital single though) and it serves as a meaty introduction with its solid 3 songs
and a bloody cover of Condemned to Hell by Impaled Nazarene.
(Tape version through Transylvanian Tapes)

Besides the nice logo i like the hand made cover mask (made by Zachary Lopez)
 with horns and all and i hope some in the band use it during live sessions, would
look killer...as long as one can breath through it...a cool mask to die in though!

One thing that made me smile some extra was their "true to the genre" artist names like
Abhorrent Orgy Ejaculator of the Dead. Anti-Human Unholy Sexslayer of Hate, Angel Raping Invoker of Bestial Chaos, all good beastial fun!

I had a little hard time choosing the best track here but i think it is either the first one
or the third one... they all clean sweeps the room without a doubt.
Morbid evil crunching!

And i recently saw that they are planning on releasing a series of splits in the near future
so better look out for them!

Track list:
1.     Depredated        03:09    
2.     Subjugated         04:21    
3.     Purged               04:10    
4.     Condemned to Hell 03:22
        Total: 15:02

torsdag 7 april 2016

TITAAN Interview!

1.Hailz and greetings Lalartu into the realm of RAW WAR!
How is your day in the unknown place you live in?

L: It doesn’t exist any known or unknown world where I live; my soul comes alive from my own anguished mind, which is master of my own self but at the same time slave of the eternal debate with the universe. 

2. As you seemingly  have chosen to be as anonymous as you can for the public i think i can ask you though about your way into this world occult Cosmology, Cosmogony, Ancient Mesopotamic Beliefs and i feel that it is quite heavy subjects so some kind of study is needed i guess, have you learned about some of this through some school courses or just by your own.

L: Culture and knowledge are in front of us and for us, you have just to comprehend and make them yours. Ancient texts and readings are able to satisfy whoever is thirsty for knowledge. Just, you should want it. No courses, exams or diploma could offer you the key to communicate with our subconscious and the entire universe, which has created and wraps us.
Be 100% anonymous is needed to guide the listener, specifically for the case of Kadingir is needed to guide through an intimate, spiritual, magical, occult and personal message without having to combine all this to a specific face or to a human being coming from somewhere in particular. Nobody has the talent or is allowed to embody with his own real figure, all that such an ancient magic professes and the huge energy coming from. Talking about anonymity, few weeks ago I noticed that a couple of webzine, obsessed from the need to discover by force my nationality, decided to review Titaan as an Italian product, maybe because my label ATFM is precisely Italian, rather than specified that the project has unknown origin. This has caused a kind of little viral chain reaction on the web, which sees now Titaan as unreasonable an Italian project. In my opinion, everyone can decide by its own to locate me in USA, France, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Sweden… the message will not vary. It’s Kadingir!

3. How was the process to transform your knowledge and thinkings about this into music?

L: Firstly I think it’s all experience enhanced during the years with my previous bands and the bands I’m currently part of. The remaining is created from my vocation and the will to express concepts and thoughts after translated into music. It’s a mixture of sensations, emotions and fascination developed thanks to the knowledge of the most ancient Occult.

4. Your debut release & full album "Kadingir" has just recently been released through the Italian label Aeternitas Tenebrarum Musicae Fundamentum (Arvas, Forgotten Woods, Kommendant etc.) How did you come in contact and are you satisfied by the end result?

L: I’ve been immediately impressed from their genuine message, highly elitist and exclusive and totally distant from everything might be considered mainstream. The music proposed by each bands of their roster, is solely valued, without any kind   of deception or stereotipe. Here is the music to be worth! When Atmf decides to sign up a band, it totally trusts the band and does not interfire in any way within the artistic message express and the line the band decides to follow and honorate.

5.Your album is really a giant clocking in at around one hour and eight minutes with 16 tracks. was it hard to get the dramaturgical overview as you wanted? i mean with such heavy interior the exterior must be pretty firm to hold it all together.

L: The writing of Kadingir has been simply what I wanted to communicate and describe about my dark and emotional side related to the whole Ancient Esoteric, Occult and Magical side of which the entire full is soaked. It’s such a private and intimate deeply rooted in my soul, mind and heart. A very dark and tortuous journey but at the same time also merely and intuitive for anyone sees and thinks like me. I don’t think it was pretty firm to hold but surely it was intense and real.

6. What can you tell about the tracks: Nis Ilim Zakaruh , Magururnuabzu  & Kuan ?

L: Kadingir is a whole. It’s a full that can’t be described only through single tracks, but it is an unstopping journey from the very beginning till the end. It’s then not possible to describe you just three tracks because they are part of a whole. I can instead turn the question to you  and asking to describe me your personal decoding of the message as pure listener.

7. Ah and dear old planet x/Nibiru! What is your belief about this twelfth planet and quite intriguing news about its existence came out recently also but from what i understand they have know about it a long time...
L: Nibiru is precisely what its name means in Akkadic: point of passage and transition. Recently, the name of the Twelth planet, based on cuneiform texts, seems it can be designed any celestial body able to sign the Equinox position, but it’s not this version that I trust. I instead  believe in classifying the Sky in Seven slices on the Celestial Equinox, where each of this is dedicated to each of the Seventh main Annunaki. In addition, we have to say that the Vernal Equinox has moved for centuries along the elliptical through the seven slices in which the Sky is divided. Each of this crossing segment is equal to the Earth diameter displayed on the Moon exactly during the Eclipse multiply for three. Nibiru is actually the crossing segment that doesn’t belong to any of the Annunaki , letting the Gods to be free to descend on the Earth.

8. Is there plans for some kind of live ritual? Can you find some live members if that was to happen?

L: I have been asked several times to play lives, even with members of other bands, but Titaan was firstly created as one man band in which Lalartu is the only Herald and it will die with him.

9. Is there some news that you can talk about for the future of TITAAN?

L: I am actually writing the Second Chapter of Titaan, which already has a title that will be revealed shortly before its still unknown release. I am also working to the side project Diĝir Gidim together with a second anonymous member. 

10.Thanks for your time! Last word is your.

L: No thank you for your time and interest granted to the Titaan project.

lördag 2 april 2016

Untergang (Norway) Interview!

1. Hailz! Let start off with the standards!
When did Untergang begin its journey? What bands ignited you
to embark on this satanic musical spell casting?

- Untergang started in early 2014 as a three-piece.
Me and Cranii quickly that the bassist was a poser, so he was kicked immediately.
Back than we were inspired by bands like Mayhem and Bathory, that we still like to to this very day.

2...And do you have some records in your closet you rather would
like to burn up rather then listen to again?

- Oh, we definitely have. One record in particular would be Finnish Steel Storm by Goatmoon. They all around terrible black-metal band, and the vocalist is a ginger. NOT OLD!!!

3. How was it recording the first studio song "Ossa Cranii"?
What do you feel gets lost and/or gets better from the rehearsal to
the studio?

- Ossa Cranii was recorded only months after the band was founded, so it could have been done a thousands times better than the final result was. Only Cranii was present that time, so we ended up using programmed drums.
Anyways.. that songs sucks, and threw it away years ago...

4.So i guess your first release is "Follow the Occult", was it
only tape and from what label? How do you feel about it now? How many
band logos have you used? I like the latest but also have a soft spot for the
red splatter one.

- I don't remember what label it was.. I just remember that 5 copies made "just because".. and it fucking sucked. After the intro it is a 6 minute pause for some reason.. Fuck that tape, man!!
When comes to the logos, i guess we've has like 5. Cranii drew the first ones and they sucked. Than Laura Stolsvard drew the red splatter one that you liked. That also sucked, big-time. Now we have a new un-released logo that is used on the tapes we made.
The girlfriend of Gigim Xul's brainchild "Sentauruz" drew this one, it actually is ok. Fuck logos, dude.

5. One of you are also active in Gigim Xul? How is that constellation
doing right now?

- Gigim Xul is a solo-project, but Mats did indeed record vocals for the upcoming album. That collabaration worked out great, so we have been meaning to form a band, solely for playing live. We wil go under the name of "Todesking" and we will crush. More news on that coming later..

6. You posted the third of October last year that the album was
fully recorded but only waited for mastering...then it took a while
before it was released? What was the reason for the delay?

- Well, we have not released the album, yet. The tapes we made contains to songs from the upcoming EP, and two from our earlier demo "Follow the Occult". These tapes will be sent out to several underground labels, and promoters the coming days.

7. Besides that how do you feel the album turned out? Close to your
visions? What is the main focus in the lyrics & What was the hardest
under the time of creation & is it a self release?
Cool morbid cover art also, who did it?

- The album turned out great. It sounds very fucking old-school and evil and it sounds way better than all the bullshit that poses as black metal these days. The lyrics are deeply satanic and lovecraftian. The hardest part was to get enough money, and to actually show up.The recording in it-self went very good.
We did almost every song on the first take. And no! It will not be a self-release as i mentioned earlier. The artwork was made by Manum Diaboli. Very talented lithuanian..maybe the only one?

8. For those who like to get some Untergang merch where to turn?

- We have not bothered with any merch so far.

9. Regarding Black Metal how interesting is the town you live in?

- Very bad. Only posers.

10. So what is the band next plans?

- I don't know. Probably rehearse or some shit.

11. Time to close the coffin now, thanks for your time.

-No problem.
Follow the Occult!