söndag 26 februari 2017

Unryht Interview!

Here is a little talk with Blodspan from the interesting and promising black metal band Unryht from Bavaria, Germany!

1. Hailz!
How are things in Bavaria these days?

   - Too little snow in my city!

2. As you are a pretty new band and little is known about it please
share the details of the first gathering and visions you and the members had
when it all began? What is important to achieve with your creations?

 - The idea has existed since 2007; to keep the bleak emotions that  sometimes surface within me.  But i was never satisfied, so it took me a long time to choose these 4 songs for the first demonstration. First i started alone with programmed drums.
There are about 10-15 songs that will never be released because they are not good enough.
Then i asked the, in my opinion , best compositional drummer to work with me after we were drunken and stoned in our halls of bones.Kadaver has a really good feeling for emotional riffs, so he always knows what beat to play. This is absolutely great!

3. After hearing the great debut release Niþ i felt it was about time to do an interview.  For those of you who read my review of it, (posted some months ago) you would know that i really enjoyed it, on more levels than one. Please shed some light around the writing process, what the songs are about and how you feel about it yourself.  Also, what is the meaning of the title?

 -First of all thank you very much for the great review, we were very surprised when we read it.
 niþ is a word for social stigma and it describes my personality and my thoughts in the society as an   ejected person.The songs are about dreams of nature, witches and personal death thoughts, which make me an outcast.

4. From here on how do you see Unryht evolve in the near future? Do you feel you have started
a long road with it or do you think it will be a low/slow activity?
Are there other band activities besides this band?

 - Unryht will have a slow but long way. I am working in many projects like Schrat, Drudensang, Oscult, Schyach and other upcoming stuff.  I have found my passion and this will not change until my death. I will live and die with black metal. It gives and drains me from energy.
    This is a repetitive process.

5. When did you personally realize that black metal was for you to put your energies into?
Which bands helped you to grow and besides music are you active in some Satanic path?

  -I started making classical music when i was 5 years old, with the violin and the piano and i never stopped doing music. At 14-15 years old I had my first exposure to black metal-bands like old Dimmu Borgir, Burzum, Gorgoroth, Satyricon and i realized that this is the feeling where I was at home. The combination of criticism of mankind, the black metal aesthetics, satanism, anti-religiousness, the atmospheric and broken sound imprinted my brain and i knew i would never get away from it! "Liber AL vel Legis" should be enough to reveal my path.

6. By the way who did the great band logo for you? I have seen this person's logos for some other bands now and i think much of them are connected to some specific label...
 - This was made by an Austrian, whom I have not seen for a long time. A great artist! His name was Cornelius C.

7. So what are the band's close plans now this year?

 - This year we will make the second demo and a split with niht, a friend's band from the surrounding area. A total of 6 songs, 4 for the second demo and 2 for the split.

8. What releases from 2016 would you recommend?

 -Vuohen siunaus - Korgonthurus, Forteresse - Thèmes pour la rébellion, Krater - Urere (a masterpiece of a befriended band of Nürnberg),  Ravencult - Force of Profanation, Nachtwelten, a german oldschool jewel of good buddies from Pestnebel, Vitsaus - Ajan ja ihmisen haudoilla (released in 2004 but not until 2016 discovered by a well-known buddy Skilnir,the second guitar player of Schrat and Drudensang)

9. Talking about other music, which bands were the first to start doing black metal in your city?

 - I think it was us with Schrat in 2003, but maybe i am wrong. In Augsburg there is no real black metal scene.

10. Thanks for all, looking forward to your next release!

  -  Thank you!

lördag 25 februari 2017

Sarkrista - Summoners of the Serpents Wrath

After around 4 years comes now the second grand Devil opus from Germanys Sarkrista!

This is how good i hoped it to be!

after hearing almost all of their previous material (except the split with Sad) it is safe to say they have grown steadily all the the time but without loosing their Sarkrista sound. This album is very well crafted and each song contains traditional but great thundering and sweaping melodies, the winds of old and proud warriors glimmers in the moonlight!
Besides the competent song writing and delivery the production is very nice and strong, a extra plus  for inserting the piano bit at the end of track 6(&7), things like that gives the dramatics an extra dimension to the whole experience. Great atmosphere! Often they go all out with their mix of blistering and melodic black rituals but they also throw in slower and more moody and bleak songs like the great track 7.
I enjoyed the album from start to finish. It is a black pearl not to be lost in the deep sea!
And after repeated listenings i can safely say the album grows well and it should last for a long time.

My personal favorite songs is track 2,7,9

Go and get this one! (and if its not out when you read this it will be soon so keep your eye ball out from the socket so you wont miss it)

Released by Purity Through Fire

For the new comers Sarkrista play a mix of bleak and nostalgic black metal wich has both a harsh and clean production and compositions and also one could say has inspirations  from it own country BM heritage as well as inspiration from the Finnish deep cold forests.

Track list:

1.     Intro        
2.     The Lurking Giant        
3.     The Gathering of Blackest Shadows        
4.     Summoners of the Serpents Wrath        
5.     Ascending from the Deep        
6.     He, Who Liveth and Reigneth Forevermore     
7.     The Sea pt. 2 (My Cold Grave)        
8.     Black Devouring Flames        
9.     Rituals of Flames and Skulls    

i guess regular version will exist but i only found a photo on the A5 version, great art and design!

Dom Dracul Double album review!

Time to swing by my home country Sweden this time and review the second (sort of) coming  of  the black metal artist Lord Therramons Dom Dracul!

But before we dwell into the new releases let us take a look on what came before.

From what i understand he started his activities with DD in 1998 and some early demo called Alkoholic Evil was released...probably self released but i am just guess as there is little to no info to find about it, then in 2004 the first official demo "Genocide in the Name of Satan" was out on tape (and perhaps on cd...) by  Satanic Propaganda Records.
In this demo he has found pretty much his sound which will run through all of his future music as a base, he plays a very traditional Skandinavian second wave black metal, mostly mid paced and grim compositions, lyrics is as you can assume from looking at the visuals..nothing more and nothing less. Vocals are raw and gurgly but also is quite easy to hear what he sings. Production here is a bit muddy and semi-raw. A promising start but nothing more...

The year after the demo the full album "Attack on the Crucified" was released but that one i have never really heard except some track here and there which sounded cool but i cant really say much about that and that goes also for the split "Satanic Butchery". ( with Necroplasma / Sarin / Capitis Damnare .)

Then it got quiet for around 10 years!

I have no clue why this was but i know these two "new" albums that is reviewed down under here was created in 2002 and 2005...and that means that the split is the newest recordings by Lord Therramons (if now that track was made in 2006 as the split was releases), dont know why they did not see the day of light back then but i am glad they are out from the grave now!

-Cold Grave-

This album that seems to be DD first real album plays out as much as the early demo but with cleaner production, as a whole this album is a solid release perhaps not so exiting to listen to as he creates a very familiar atmosphere and sound, some light European pagan melodies can be heard in some guitar parts which works nicely. Mid paced and cold as the other releases but also i found some songs like Mighty Winter has some first wave black metal a bit like Mordant whom flirts with some heavy metal compositions.
Lyrics is of standard satanic concepts and vocals is also raspy and slimy as before, works good all together and i think the album is well worth getting as serves up a well cooked demon stew, you have eaten it many times before but it still tastes good. Fifth track is one of my favorites...oh and it is a bit of a short album but it does not hurt to spin it again then.

By the way i must be dumb but i SO recognizes the base melodie on Sons of the North United! From what i understand this is not a cover song but i guess he put his own spin on this old compositions...wherever it is from.

Track list:
1.     Intro - The Birth of Evil     02:21    
2.     Mighty Winter     05:14    
3.     Heil the Apocalypse     03:22    
4.     Sons of the North Unired     03:42    
5.     Unleashed from the Abyss     03:38    
6.     Blackened Sight     04:38    
7.     Cold Grave     04:09    

- Devil Dedication -

For me this is where DD hit its head on the Jesus nail! This is a great album in other words!
All the compositions are more tighter and the riffs more intense and the overall atmosphere drips with hate and creativity, it feels like a more indepth developed construction and you enjoy every minute here, yes he has still his signature sounds as before but here he has pushed further into the waltz inferno with the devil himself and as a result this is the best stuff i have heard from Dom Dracul...grander & altogether an engaging attack!
...i wonder if the first released album that came out the same year as this was made if that one was also made in 2005? Probably not but i feel inclined now to really listen to that one if its holds a candle against Devils Dedication or not.

 The subtle pagan melodies that was on Cold Grave is nowere to be found here but that is no big issue when it is as enjoyable is this is.The lyrics even feels more inspired.

 All songs are good but my best three tracks is: 1,3,7

Track list:
1.     Devil Dedication     04:16    
2.     Hell Is Here     04:31    
3.     Beyond Order and Chains     04:41    
4.     Luciferian Light     04:52    
5.     True Spirit of Evil     05:50    
6.     All for Satan     04:47    
7.     Dead, Angry and Drunk     04:28    
                         Total: 33:25

These albums are released by Sun & Moon Records, nice print and paper quality for a great final touch.
 Label link:

torsdag 23 februari 2017

Arkhaeon - Beyond

Ooook...here we have the second album from the Switzerland based band Arkhaeon.... they like to call their music Black metal but it is quite far from it, well the lyrics is at least more or less from an satanic existentialistic occult point of view but the music is a mix of some generic black metal riffs but mixed in a cavernous sound and the vocals in some parts is in a dramatic wailing/screaming that is ok but also a bit annoying after awhile....but then it starts to put in compositions more in a 80´s dark synth style or something and some parts even sounds like some damn musical (mostly in the vocals), they play around with quite long ambient parts with inclusen of some  tame guitar pickings and whisperings etc to try to sounds as "spiritual" as they can. 
And the whole 33 minutes album is in one long track so one cant skip over some tracks which is more tedious then interesting.

 I dont know what to say but first time i heard it i almost blushed from embarrassment, yeah it is pretty awful all together.

They know their instruments and sound mixing and all so it sounds professionally done but nothing can help this missguided mess, for the record i have nothing against experimentation in music but sometimes it goes soo wrong!

The best thing about this release is the first few minutes and the last 3 minutes (expect the absolutely last 30 seconds which sounds like a musical again) & its layout and production design which feels classy and neat.

This was released by BergStolz, regarding this label they have put out some good stuff so dont make this album turn you off from its other releases, check out the releases from bands like Enoid, Freitod, Menegroth, Forbidden eye.
 Many good things to dig up!

label link:

tisdag 7 februari 2017

Malleficarum - Shadows from the Walls of Death

Evil spectral night skies decent unto our scorched earth.

The Mexican great underground label Caligo Arcanum Productions brings forth here a new (plus one old) opus from the 2-member band Malleficarum!

The first thing that got me going was that the vocalist Besharth from Immature Morte was one half of this duo, his vocals is really great and totally mental and hateful blown through a utter cruel dist! Love it!
So with that part secured i just hoped the other member Lugubrum Malleficarum (dont know any former band activities) could suit up and match Besharths performance.... and he does!

Their sound is firmly based on the second wave black metal with quite long wandering compositions that drip of cold vast landscapes, remembrance of the old and negativity. If you have been into BM for awhile you will feel quite easy at home here as it is very traditional in its construction and melodies but that being said Malleficarum does not sound like a tired copycat... no it has more then enough of its own scarred soul and purpose.
As i said the vocals kills in Besharths personal brutal way and infuse and melts into the great musical score and the production is both raw and clear and nicely fronted. Good delivery from start to finish!

Now the text above is directed to the first 4 tracks which is the new Ep the text under here is for the extra bonus material which is the Ep "Chalice of Obscure Conjurations" that came before this in 2015.

First thing you hear is that the production is not as good and is quite muffled and low, not that nice satanic fack punch as in the first 4 songs. The music is good though but not really reaches the standard of the new stuff, the taste of compositions is as before and it is enjoyable to to listen to and i am glad they included it as i guess the original release is not easy to get hold of anymore... if this was the first Ep i would had review on Malleficarum i would said that this is an interesting start (even if there is an even earlier demo from2006  but i have not heard it) but it would need a bit more memorable riffs and melodies....

All in all this is a top release thanks much to the new Ep! 

Track list:

1.     Shadows from the Walls of Death     06:22    
2.     Sacred Carrier Of Chaos     06:43    
3.     Remains Of Ashen Light     04:10    
4.     The Curse has Come     10:09    

5.     L.F.O.W     03:58    
6.     Possession of Hate     04:29    
7.     Bring the Sacrifice     03:57    
8.     Covenant of the Black Flame     07:00    

This is how the first demo from 2006 looks like, like the look a lot! wonder how it sounds...

Label link:

söndag 5 februari 2017

Funerary Temple - Lerderderg

The Australian label Australibus Tenebris have since its birth in and around 2013 been very active and prolific and with bands like Mardraum, Rattenkönig & Goatblood they did not go unnoticed...

So here we have another hell-horse from the stable and it is a really pest-filled tomb, as one that knows the other bands mentioned it comes to no surprise that this is of a high standard, ultra raw and brings vibes of  a foul wind. Hateful crackling vocals spire up into the engulfing dreadful compositions and brings a sharp smile unto my face.  It is a very nice witch soup this!

Besides the nice bitter atmosphere this demo brings also a fair enough of  bleak melodies, it has some really strong parts really and i would not be surprised that their (hopefully) coming album will be a ice breaker from this 2-member band.

A strong second demo that does the underground black metal justice. Seek it up!

All is good but i think track 2 and 3 is the best.

Track list:

1.     Odious Vermin     04:16    
2.     Lerderderg     06:53    
3.     Forgotten and Left to Rot in a Shallow Grave     04:55    
4.     Path to Decay     05:51    

lördag 4 februari 2017

Megalith Grave / Entsetzlich - Beyond Morbid Fascinations of Cryptic Spirits

Hatework crawls up on the corps filled shore once again and presents us a  7" split with two very raw & macabre entities from the deep underground...

 Megalith Grave gets the first cut and if you have not heard MG music before it is the sound track to a dungeon filled with rats and limbs! All is primitive and negative to its core both in the compositions, vocals and production. It is obviously not for the casual black metal listener as it tries not to be welcoming in the slightest....i get some vibes of early Drowning the Light in the song and that can never be a bad thing.
It has a nice suffocating atmosphere and let you have no hope for tomorrow.

Next up we have Entsetzlich, this act has been around some time and it is more then great to see material on wax for the first time from him. Entsetzlich has always been a interesting satanic cacophony with much music improvised and looking outside the frameworks of "normal" song compositions...so if first song on the split is the "way" to your death this song is where your puny soul stumble its last steps and falls into the ravine of despair. Bleak drumming and buzzing loops with screams and cries from inside the damp cellar.

All in all this is an demented, introverted ghost symphony in 2 acts, with two bands that dont care in the slightest what you think of them.

Worth getting of course but dont come expecting any fancy pants!
And also worth getting any previous material from these two artists if you can find some.

label link:

fredag 3 februari 2017

Heaving Earth - Denouncing the Holy Throne

Here we have another black gem from Lavadome Productions!

This is the blistering second full album by the Czech Republican band Heaving Earth from 2015!

This is my first experience with them but after hearing this one i will try to hunt down some more from them as this is a death fest in the realm of Morbid Angle, Immolation and similar.

Besides the heavy and dark death metal vibes there is a great dose of murdering technicality infused into each track, and no i would not label it as "tech-death" as they retain their heritage of old monstrous death metal gods plus they dont just hyper masturbate for the sake of it... all works to each other benefits and just heightens the atmosphere and pushes tension to max! The guitars are perhaps the biggest thing that makes my blood boil here but all the members are top of the death-chain!
They deliver the deadly goods all around!

Hard hitting and swirling tornado of utter destruction!

Production is strong and lets both the low and dirty vocals to rumble in dirt as the instruments is tight and clean, i myself like all kind of productions all from the rawest shit to the cleanest sword as long as it is fitted for the actual music and this album is just right in those aspects.

You can go no wrong with this album if you are after some high quality death metal, just get it!

Best songs for me is 1, 7 & 11 but there is no weak point here so...

Track list:

1.     The Final Crowning     06:07      
2.     Nailed to Perpetual Anguish     04:45    
3.     Doomed Before Inception     03:40      
4.     And the Mighty Shall Fall     01:41       instrumental
5.     Worms of Rusted Congregation     05:31    
6.     ...into the Sea of Fire     00:40       instrumental
7.     Forging Arcane Heresy     04:38      
8.     I Am Nothing     05:57    
9.     Into the Depths of Abomination     06:17      
10.     ...Where the Purified Essence Descends Ablaze     01:50       instrumental
11.     Jesus Died     07:35       Show lyrics
12.     Endless Procession of the Holy Martyrs / Final Termination     02:26       instrumental

**Label link: