söndag 28 juni 2015

Putrid Christ - Burning Temples of the Holy

Damn this is so much better release then their debut demo!
...even if some songs is from the demo but they are sounding much better in this  incarnation for sure.

Things must have changed quite big from their start regarding either members or just plain satanic focus!
Either way this first full length throws a slab of rocking blasphemies right in your face!

It is like an unholy mix of the obvious European Nordic cold second wave of black metal but also an equally large bit of American old school diabolic heavy metal and also i hear some Polish blood here and there also especially in the drum department (digital and/or human?), vocals has a good crisp evil rasp & gurgle to them and upholds this fortress just right. some heavy deathis parts intermingles with the other speedy hell rhythms for some nice dramatic changes and all in all the songs in themselves have enough variations to them to make the whole package an pleasant surprise, also production is clear but punchy.

Sounds like this could work great on stage as well!

Best tracks: 2, 4, 7

Track list:

1.     The Walls That Surround You        
2.     I Am Your Angel of Death         
3.     Grab the Nail         
4.     Putrid Christ         
5.     Queen of the Wolves         
6.     Raped in the Ruins of the Woods         
7.     Birth of the Damned        
8.     To Your God You Are Dead

Released by Times End Records

Deeper Vileness - Of Darker Realms

It all starts of with a nice moody organ composition that sets the tone just right for some...

The classification of this band would be something like dungeon raw black metal noise with a mental twist.
The tracks consists of both what it sounds like more or less improvised guitars, synths, pounding drums and echoing screams and witchy gnarls that floats in and out of a void, i feel it has enough of strangeness and disturbed fits to become an own entity and not someone that just fucking around.

The production is pretty evil and in your face and does not take the back seat like some raw stuff which is nice, you don´t have to concentrate like a hell-ear to hear whats going on in other words.

Like a unrestful morbid soul it slithers around, no rest or home for it exists or perhaps this very chaotic limbo is just that...home.

Both ritualistic and primitive this is and it fits perfect for a tape release as you see here.
Lets see how the next offering will sound like, if  Kadesh Le Morte & Lord Havoc will evolve this vile ideas that birthed here and put even more meat on the bat wings....time will tell.

Track list:

1.(Intro) The Necromancer
2.Of Darker Realms
3.At The Gates of Sodom
5.Screams Of Perdition
6.Where Evil Dwells
7.Death Mimic
8.(Outro) Corpse Rot

Released by Austrian Label Schwarz Klang Produktionen


tisdag 23 juni 2015

Aek gwi - Forest & Ghost

The title describes the content very accurate!

What you get here is partly beautiful and partly chilling forest ambient music and partly chantings
 from morbid ghosts, some distorted guitar chuggings surfaces that forms like an armor for the vengeful ghosts. All flows naturaly from part to part and the experience feels good, this type of  musical genre can sometimes fall into the realm of boredom and dont give enough to the listener to grasp but here i feel it works well and sometimes it feels somewhat of a movie...without humans.

The promo i got is divided in two long tracks and each track is
dramatized enough and is a bit  meditative despite and spiteful acts of the past. 

As you see this release graces Korean letters and thats because its a South Korean one-man band and just as logical that is the music here has a strong Oriental touch to it.

One could say it is the sounds of  the remnants of a lost Korean world where the energies and souls wont forget or forgive this new hollow modern world that is more or less blind to everything.

Track list:

1.     靈樹林 (Forest of Ghost) - Part 1
2.     靈樹林 (Forest of Ghost) - Part 2

måndag 15 juni 2015

Gurthang - I Will Not Serve

This Polish horde have here served up a mighty & heavy fourth album here both in sound and length...

This mid to slow tempo blasphemy is in both attitude and lyrical wise (pretty intricate lyrics i must say) clear
with its themes and a clue lies in the title... well its not directly subtle hehe.

But aside from the misanthropic and life devouring themes also here one finds some kind of soul searching and pondering, as the songs is pretty long (Black/Funeral Doom Metal) there is much time also for personal reflecting and dissecting the emotions.
It is a bit on the long side as a whole album (could work better as 2 Ep´s but thats just me) for my ADHD personality hehe...you sure get value for your cash.

As i first listen to it i could not really settle down and float into this album but after a few spins i gradually "got it" especially when i draw or paint this music can easily find their way into my consciousness...

The production is somber & firm and quite big but not soulless and the wandering chugging guitars sounds good as do the drums and the fitting vocals brings the message as it should.

Gurthang play a style that is not new in any way but its done with a competent hand and goal but in coming creations it would not hurt throwing in some twist & turns to make it come alive more... but then again death is a closer subject to hand here so....

Best songs, 1,3,12

Track list:

1.     Nemesis        
2.     Decaying Tombs         
3.     Visions         
4.     Non Serviam         
5.     The Unconquered Sun         
6.     Levant du Serpent Noir         
7.     The Scarlet Whore        
8.     Beauty of Misconception         
9.     Devouring the Echo         
10.     Equilibrium Pathology        
11.     O Ye, the Sons of Sion        
12.     Szklany Okruch

*Released by Immortal Frost Productions

*Band FB:

Monstraat - The one eternal

After the debut full length i was curious how Monstraats future works would sound like considering
that albums different types of ingredients, its was a rocking & enjoyable album but it felt also like the "first strong but shattered step"....well now on this new Ep they have cut off some fat and have a more focused and coherent material at hand not perhaps as much "fun" (but fun is not a necessity in black metal hehe) as their debut but more of a firm grim creation that´s screaming through the mist!

I would say one hear both Swedish & Norwegian sounds from the early 90´s but with a more up to date production, sure its has a clear storm of raw pounding tracks but all parts come out just enough without overpowering each other.Vocals ones again has a nice mix of traditional raspy utterings to maniacally screams...Psychotic dreams of/from the void...

Besides from the Nordic cold forest void songs they bring back some rocking segments but that is foremost in the drumming department and  it works nice all in all.
If these four songs is a correct indication for the bands future sound it sure will be something to look forward to.

...If i should pick one song i think the third one is best.

Track list:

1.     The One Eternal        
2.     Unchained         
3.     Voidlike Sky         
4.     Dead Eyes See

Released by Fallen Temple

tisdag 9 juni 2015

Embrional - The Devil Inside

The great cover art drew me into Embrionals nightmare world!

Sure i known this Polish band before and heard a song here and there but i never really
took the time to investigate further partly because this type of more "modern" technical
death metal has never been my main "thing" and partly because i probably had a lazy ear...

Anyways know i have had the opportunity to really listen trough a whole album (their
latest one if you did not already knew that) and i am gladly surprised that it got
its hooks in me deeper then i thought... no pain no gain i guess.

Their sound is as i stated above very much technical death metal but also they have their boots
firmly in some old school cryptic death as well which balances up the masturbation to a more effective
level of satisfaction! ...and to round it off it is coated & bloated in some nice chugging avantgarde horror slime...or evil mucus to quote them.

I would say that the ground speed is slightly over medium but their taste of throwing in some
dissonant fits or rhythm breaks it feels more varied then it is, in the middle of the album (around  track 4) there is a tendency of drifting away from "feelings" towards some distant colder machine like riff orgies but around track 8 they come back and each song gets better and better until the last one which is one of my favorite tracks. (including track 2,3)
The last song though is sounding quite different from the rest on this record with a kind of mix of early Metallica & Slayer both in the music and vocal style so maybe its not so representative for Embrionals current sound.

Either way i got some bleeding kicks out of this album with all its twists & turns, they have a nice balance between their ingredients and when they are on top of their game they delivers some serious annihilation in your brain! (And that cant be a bad thing! hehe)

Ah by the way if you not already have read it i did an interview with them here not so long ago, look for it.

Track list:

1.     The Devil Inside - instrumental
2.     Evil's Mucus         
3.     Funeral March        
4.     The Abyss         
5.     Sadness  - instrumental
6.     In Darkness         
7.     (Behind) The Mask of Sanity         
8.     910         
9.     Madman's Curse        
10.     Callousness         
11.     Venom        
12.     Whores, Drugs and Brain Dead

Released by Godz Ov War Productions

The CLOVEN HOOF #1 -Promo:4-

                                             This should happen sometime under this summer...

torsdag 4 juni 2015

Jarnvidr - Närwarelse

As Sweden (and most of Europe) withers under the constraints of human invasions one tend to grip after the old times a bit harder...for what was once Sweden and its old cultural heritage that is something Jarnvidr grips & unleashes in its most trollish and primitive way.

Think of it as a bit minimalistic early Arckanum but with a bit more hooligan feeling to it...the feeling of getting a troll club in your face, over and over.

This third full length is almost more dusty and rough then the last album except with some calm acoustic passages one is more then often surrounded by the Swedish dark woods and the presence of something evil.

Black metal this sure is but with an tint of punkish drummings and the grotto vocals is a bit free floating over the music.... yeah its raw and ugly but that just what one can resonate with when your a "old" Swede hehe and i guess that goes for most of the Nordic barbarians also.

Songs that stands out for me is 2,4,9 (the last song has also a sample from a bit mental part of Swedish criminology, one hears here how the "serial killer" taken to one of the made up killing spots gets a agro-fit etc. to long story about this case to bring up here though but its sure makes one smile.)

If you by chance happens to be near a forest in Sweden listen closely and you will more then likely hear the hypnotic tunes of this record.

Released by Fallen Temple
link: http://www.fallentemple.pl/


1. Dit dö människor från Hel

2. Urnordisk vrede
3. Gudaoffer
4. En jordfästning i all sin ensamhet

5. Djäfvulens försåt och list
6. Blothäll
7. Grå forntid
8. Mot ett kylslaget Guds hus, del II

9. Botdagen