fredag 31 maj 2013

Vobiscum Inferni Interview!

A pitch black chaos resonates from Brazil in an shape of satanic devotees gathered under the baptism Vobiscum Inferni!

1. Great infernal hails!
    First of i am really curious about how & when Vobiscum Inferni materialized on this earth?
    Where there any specific moment that you remember when you realized your path in life?
- It was the year 2005 In the cold forests of the west, where the slow decay devouring the flesh of victims immolated on the altar.
In cold weather stone was generated more umpure offspring of fire and damnation.
2005 ...
After some time of its revelation, fertilized in the cradle of rotting flesh between the scales of the ancient serpent ... The evil eye has launched its radius his first ray of gnosis brilliant!
With the office of the bowels of the belly of putrefaction was generated called the stillbirth (Gloria Sathanas Rex Infernus.) Wafers three matches in the coffin of frogs ...

2. What other kind of bands inspired you in the beginning and who inspires you now days?
- In the early '90s there were major releases!
The bands were more original than today!
I remember the great epics as Old * Samael, Master Hamer, Decide, Acheron, Sarcofago, Necromantia, Varathrom, Impaled nazarene*, Dark Throne*, Mayhem*, etc ...
Great inspirations from the past when black metal was creating forms!
Nowadays black metal had a huge change in every way.
Both musically as well as philosophically!
addressing several issues and cultures worship death.
Some bands I've heard today are Pseudogod, Chaos Invocation, Sanguinary Misathropia, Flagellant, Behexen, Erebus Enthroned, Blaze of perdition, Deathspell Omega, Watain * Nefandus, Teloch, Psalm666, Luxcaelis, Sargeist, etc

3. By looking at your extravagant promo photos one cant miss the extreme ritual feel to them!
    Can you tell me little about your satanic beliefs and what kind of "actions"  it does needs from
...and one wonders where you got all of them human/animal skulls from? It looks very grand anyway.

- I'm 37, and I'm involved in the practice of the black arts since he was 18.
known for having a family practitioner secular witchcraft and black arts I developed my way of knowledge and practice in these years.
developing these energies day day learning to separate from jealous vampires and energy I put myself in the way that unlike cattle going to slaughter!
The Vobiscum Inferni è a horde active in all its currents and has a serious commitment to his art evil, all your art is seriously devoted the black abyss entities.
His photos were always capitate after some sort of ceremony of worship of fire and blood.
had contact with several current ONA. Draconian flow, 218 azerate, Goetia Nigra and currently have dedicated and in-depth development of 131.Sancte Qayin, our teacher handed.
By whom our blade shines ...
For those who burn our candles ...
For whom our incense rises ...

4. Describe the themes and background to each of your hellish releases.
- Gloria Sathanas Rex Infernus ... infernal office 2006. The ars Diavoli in this tower burned his bones  stacked First Review pyre ...
His ashes were scattered in the four winds strong direction. with clouds of black pestilence, her birth was announced. 

The Temple first a preview of the Opus! 6 psalms of devotion to the abyss for higher purposes! 

Ordo Sinistrari et cutus pentaculum sanguine ... lapidated since his first prayer, worshiped in the bowels of the night and warm in the high flames of fire. with his intro and his six psalms an offering burned  offered entities abysmal.
The principle of the verb built by architecture hides. Containing the flames to elevated souls with black essence.
With their concealed weapons probably some understood. 
 For the greatness of his kingdom of fire and blood ...
An evolution at all levels. Our tree of death was nourished with the blood of hanged wombs of virgins, fetuses blind witches copulating with goats. With Woods created the fire to light our altar in the woods cold. Viewing the seals between the black flames invoke Psalms 6
catechism for Luciferian. Each of these 6 flames light candles, in this work shine our devotion. Which for its greatness ... we bleed! for those who do not know this black light, I urge you!
For a conexion to this great kingdom. one Orthodox vigil Luciferian.
With the stench of darkness and prayers to the devil.

 5. How does Brazil treat people with satanic beliefs and is there enough places to play on?
- I believe that everywhere the adept of the left hand has to keep his cult closed.
Especially not to attract ignorant people!
there are many cults here because we are a country of diverse cultures and beliefs.
Some covens practicing various currents.
A good space to show here!
Lately there has been good events and many European bands have played here! Watain, Mortuary Drape, Enthroned, Marduk, etc. ...
But we believe most of Vobiscum Inferni in a fire ceremony with Arosian black mass, something like that is what we are waiting for our first feast of the devil!

6. What does the near future of Noviscum Inferni hold? Is there some new music coming out or some oversea gigs maby?
- We are preparing for a split with the Sanguinary Misanthropia!
maybe another with Funeral Winds?
If we receive a good proposal for shows next year we will go to europe to accomplish our feast of the devil.

7. I would really like an black t-shirt with that red logo on, that would look super! Such a masterful designed logo! by the way can you tell us about the symbolism that your band logo inherit?

- You will!
  I was the creator of this hellish signature!
 Infamous horde called Vobiscum Inferni which means (in hell with you)
This contains two trident logo on each side, our arms satanic!
And the three secrets of the trinity of the abyss!
Lucifer, and Astaroth Belzebulb.
Distributed in the form of an altar, and of course the secrecy of baphomet the large cap the well of souls.
I believe the logo is very important that our hope does justice.

8.  Is there any Brazilian horde that you like to shine some light on that deserves more focus?

- There are many good bands here!
But I do not belong to the black metal scene in Brazil, I do not like with the topics covered by them.
I like the prose built for the worship of our Lord left and themes Orthodox.
there are few that caught my attention here, Vulturine and Ain Soph Aur are some.

9. Thanks for this interview! May you succeed with your agendas and goals!
    Any last words?

- Thanks to you for giving me this space!
I wish you many victories in his black path.
The Vobiscum Inferni was generated in 2005 since it comes to showing your oficium nigrum.
I hope people seeking music Necrosophiac Orthodox devoted entities abyss find us.
Soon our material will be spread in Europe through the black souls like yours.
Lucifer illuminatio Mea.

torsdag 30 maj 2013

Interview Update!



 Nocturnal Abyss





Bastard Sapling... Inprogress

Warwulf ...Inprogress

Infestus.... Inprogress

Plaggha ....Inprogress

Svartidauði ....Inprogress

Cult of Fire ...Inprogress

Taakeferd ....Inprogress


Vinterthron ...Inprogress

Gestalte ....Inprogress

lördag 25 maj 2013

Svartsorg Interview!

From the Upper Austria comes a great grief and mad hate in shape of Svartsorg!

Bloody hectic days I presume?

Bloodier than hectic, we recorded our new album in March of last year, so the hectic
part is gone – just the bloody aggression to finish it has come,
because we just received the master-mix of the songs this week.

2. Pretty big to play with Nargaroth! Did you know each other from before or
    how did this thing happened?

- Yeah, it’s definitely an honor to play with them again. In our opinion one of the best
BM bands ever!
We knew each other before, but that had nothing to do with the actual booking for the
concert! We contacted the promoter and told him about our interest in playing the gig,
thanks to the mighty dark lord; we got the Slot and will raise hell with Nargaroth once

3. In your own words how would/should a traditional Svartsorg concert be like?

-A Svartsorg concert should be located in an old dark stone cellar, with dark light,
feeling yourselves and the environment rotting while listening.
The Emotions should go up and down; people should be confused between aggression
and depression!
A “Manic Schizophrenic Storm” in your head!

4. Your first full album "In Jenem Kalten Winter" that was released back in
2011 but you have been active since 2007,
Have you released some demos before the album or? And please describe that
album for the people in the unknown.

-Svartsorg was founded in 2007, but there are no demos or releases, because we were
only a two-man project until autumn of 2009.
We finished our line-up in the end of 2009 and played our first show in March of
2010. There are tons of unreleased songs that we will bring up in the future. But there is no
other previous material of Svartsorg.
“In Jenem Kalten Winter” and our new album “Agonie des Lichts” differ in the
emotional part. The first Album had much more Depression in it, because we chose
slow Tempo and Guitar Riffs to represent these emotions there.
“Agonie des Lichts” also contains lots of Depression, but there is much more Odium
against Life and the World itself in it. In our words: “Hateful Depression”. It’s about
pain, sorrow and overall: HATE!

So as you can imagine, it contains much more aggression!

5. What’s Svartsorgs internal aim & motivation? And how did you come up with
a Swedish band name?

-The internal aim and motivation is the music itself and the emotion in the music. It’s
our only way to describe the feelings deep in our lost souls and that’s exactly our aim:
To describe these feelings!
Our only target is the music!

Regarding our Swedish / Norwegian name:

We were looking for a name which expresses what we are and what our music is
about. We could of course have chosen a German or English name, but Svartsorg
expresses exactly what we are. It describes us and our music better than any other
name could ever do!
Svartsorg is a journey through the Black / Svart feelings and emotions!

6. As I understand you work on your second record now "Agonie des Lichts",
how is the creative blood force in Svartsorg camp pumping?

-Let us surprise you and let your blood be frozen when it’s released!
As we said we added a massive charge of hate to our usual depression.
As a first impression, we put a rough mix of the song “Cold Mountain of Torment” on

YouTube. (

7.How would you describe Austrias BM-scene and is there any band that should get more attention?

- I think it is like everywhere!
The most concerts are underground and you have to know the scene to get the informations about the events.
There are many Bands in Austria who should get more attention, e.g. Sakrileg, Grimforst, Asphagor, Selbstentleibung, Svarta and Gefrierpunkt. But of course also bands outside Austria like Sadistic Sacrament and Morgengrau."

8. Any nice merch in the pipeline? (I like a t-shirt size M!! he he)

- We have T-Shirts / Girlies and patches, more things will be coming up soon and will
be available via Cursed Records and the Band.

9. Are you pleased with your record label Cursed Records? Not that you should
not like it but I don’t know so much about them.

-Then you should find out more about them ;)
 It’s a great Fucking Underground Label and yes, we are pleased with them

10. May the great serpent guide you to HIS throne! Any last words?

- Stay Black fucking Metal!

Ars Macabra - III

And like a cut through the sky the the third occult opus from Ars Macabra begins!

Some have a theory that it is a good sign when a record starts right off without any intro or stuff, well i cant really say i share that belief but this is one of those "signs"!

The hellish twister of blasting drums and desperate growls and dissonant riffing guitars march right over
your skull and crushes it, so fans of like Katharsis, Deathspell Omega & Flagellated Seraph will feel right at home.... or do they?
Cuz towards the end of the first song things start to change.... pleasant surprised i heard parts with inspirations of 70´s progressive rock as King Crimson and THAT was not something i thought would pop up here. It works like a witch-charm and song after song has many experimenting interludes and bridges and what not whitout losing any of the satanic epic assault.

It is done with both introspective struggling and outrospective violence, it is both intimate and has something for every connoisseur of brutal and exploring black metal.

The dynamic on the whole album also shines well and the second best thing is that this album grows after every listening and that is something that many artist strives for but not succeed.

Buy it and listen & listen again because this is good.
And by the way you can find an interview with the mastermind  Sathor here at RAW WAR just a few days back.

My three best (hard to choose) tracks is: 1, 5, 9


1.    Cursed Paradigm        
2.     Fire of Seraphim        
3.     Cerum Luciferi        
4.     Illuminati        
5.     Ubique Daemon Ubique Deus        
6.     Panpsychic Khaos        
7.     Deneb (Alpha Cygni)  instrumental
8.     Thanatos Projection        
9.     Manifestation of the Curse        
10.     With Fires of Titan        

fredag 24 maj 2013

A Transylvanian Funeral Interview!

On this bloody friday i give you A Transylvanian Funeral!

1.Greetings A Transylvanian Funeral!

- 93! Thank you for the interview!

2. As you now have made & released your third full album how do you feel about your existing in the BM world?

- I rarely give thought to my place in the BM world. I don't play live on a local scene or anything like that, so other than the experiences I receive from running Forbidden Magazine and Records, I don't pay much attention. I would rather focus on writing and recording, when the energy is properly directed, it is also properly received.

3.It seems for me like you have gone from strenght to strenght! Have there been many trials and tribulations along the way?

-Not so much. I would say I have grown as an artist but there have been few problems with A Transylvanian Funeral. Being a one man cult affords as many benefits as it does problems. I try to focus on what works for me as a songwriter and spend little time trying to please others.

4. Tell us abit about the theme & story inside your new album "Gorgos Goetia".

- My main goal for Gorgos Goetia was to write and record an album that was a stark contrast to my previous full length, 'the Outsider'. Instead of laboriously striving for pristine production and full album lucidity, I wanted a collection of songs that were relative to each other only by their raw recording quality. 
I also wanted live drums, minimal guitar tracks, no keyboards, minimal vocals, etc. 
I had and still have no intention of parroting Darkthrone or any other 2nd wave BM band, I simply didn't want to spend another 8 months fine tuning my songs and production sound like on the last album.

5. And i am curious about last years split "Alchemical Manifestations" with Plutonian Shore, did you know each other from before?

-We had been in contact previous to the release as I have worked with a handful of bands from San Antonio. When the band travel to Tucson, we meet up in my studio and discussed the possibility of releasing a split album, as we each enjoyed one another´s work. 
Plutonian Shore is a hard working group of musicians who are honest and pursue the Great Work. 
We both agreed our alliance was a natural event, so we aligned with it without difficulty.

6. There seems to be quite a few BM bands from the states that is just a one man constellation, is it hard to find people in the USA thats into this kind of satanic & occult music?

-It is, if one does not look. I rarely look for fans or people to work with. Recently, I think I offended someone because I stated I didn't have time to 'jam' or whatever. I stay extremely busy with music, my studio, etc. and unless someone has already established themselves to a certain degree, I remain uninterested in collaborations.
Many people enjoy the music from a fan perspective but have little emotional investment in the music or its philosophy. For many, metal is metal is metal and just another form of entertainment. I like to think of real art as something little less shallow. I certainly have no intention of entertaining anyone with my music, I would rather inspire them to write their own music, etc.

7. Do you have any prior bands before your current one?

- Nothing so extreme. I did a project called Scorpio Rising that recorded an album right around the time I stopped drinking and using drugs.
I had been working on the material for years, so in my inebriated state, I was unable to have an honest vision of my work, and a less honest representation thereof.

8. So whats in store for the rest of this year?

- I hope to begin writing again soon. There are a few bands I am working with and hope to have a few more releases out by the new year.

9. As i understand you have the Third Eye Audio Recording Studio also, which bands has done their hard & bloody creations in there?

- Previously, the studio was open to the public but that has not been the case for many years. I am talking with a few artists right now about mixing their material and I have done mastering for a few bands I have released. The name Third Eye Audio has not been used for years, although I have considered it for the future....

10. Great many thanks to you for little interview!
Any last words?

Thank you again for your time. I appreciate the support. 
There is no law above do what thou wilt! 93!

onsdag 22 maj 2013

Ogdru Jahad Interview!

From Denmark straight home to you! This Cthulhu infested horde will spread its tentacles around you and drag you down into the depths!

1. First i want to congratulate to your debut album achievement!
It seems like it did go quite fast from your demo to this full album. Where there more labels than Iron Bonehead Productions that were after you?

- Thanks and I don't really think things were going very fast. We started rehearsing in 2011 and at that time I had already made more than half the tracks. The idea of the band had been there for some years and I had talked with Sod and Undeity about it while they were playing session in Sadomator for live gigs. So when we started out we were already quite far in the process and after first rehearsal Necronuntius joined and added his lead guitar. After a few rehersals we decided to make a promo tape to spread to friends and bands we were in contact with, we dubbed the tape in 50 copies and it was soon gone. After some time we ere getting more and more people asking if they could get a copy of the promo, so after our debut gig (playing support for Blodfest and Vulcano) we decided to make another promo tape out of the live recording. The recording was not the best, but it showed the direction of the band and was good enough to spread. 

We dubbed around 250 copies and brought them at Ogdru Jahad and Sadomator live gigs to spread for free, trade for beer or we traded with other bands for their tapes. Non of the tapes ere actual demos, it was a rehearsal tape and a live tape spread for promotional reasons and non of them were ever up for sale.

Early on in the process I contacted Iron Bonehead and asked if they ere interested in releasing Ogdru Jahad, since they were already releasing my other band Sadomator and the relation to the label has always been great. Patrick said they would be happy to release the LP and as such there were no reason to seek anywhere else and also no other labels have shown interst, but I don't know if that is because no other label is interested, maybe they were not aware, since we mostly spread the tapes direct to the fans we met and not sending to labels, also we made deal pretty quick with Iron Bonehead.

After the LP deal with Iron Bonehead we took contact to Ancient Darkness to hear if they were interested in doing a CD version and they showed interest right away. This was done because all members of Ogdru Jahad have dealt with Ancient Darkness with other bands and that has always worked out well. I know I have been playing for years with Sadogoat/Sadomator and never wanted to do CD, but Ogdru Jahad is a completely new band and I wanted to see if this approach could help us out and maybe give us some chances for better gigs or such. I don't know, but at least people will be able to hear the album in their car, if they have a car.

2. Can you tell us about this Album "I" as its called.And what is your aim with this new force?

- Yeah, we were thinking about different titles for some time, but non of them really seemed to fit and then we began thinking of just doing the classic self named debut, but that didn't really feel right either. So in the end we decided on "I", this can be understood to ways, it can be just number one, because it is first album, but it can also be I as in ME, which should be the focus in the satanic message of anti God and be your own god instead. So the title is a bit symbolic in that way, but it will be harder to explain if our second album gets to be called II, hahaha.
At first the aim of the band was simply to re-record the old Sadogoat songs from the EP, I always felt they did not really fit in with the rest of the Sadogoat songs and not really would fit to re-record with Sadomator and they needed to be re-recorded since the old recording didn't really sound that good and had lot of different problems. Also I was working on a couple more songs in the same vein. So we wanted to record just these few songs and see if we could get the chance to play some gigs. But as we were rehearsing we made more and more songs and at that point Sadomator was resting and so was Blodfest, so in the end it seemed like a good idea to get more serious with Ogdru Jahad and so we decided to record a full album and see how far e could go with the band.

3. For the people that have heard or will hear your official demo "26th April 2012" will
they feel right at home with "I" or?

- Well as mentioned before I don't think either of our tapes are official demos, they are promos spread to get people to know the band. They were not recorded as demos or such. But I think if people liked the tapes they will probably like the LP too. The tapes are rough and both are full of errors and bad production, but they show what path we were going at the time and I think it is easy to get into the LP after that. After all half of the songs on the LP is on the tapes too.
So I don't know, I can't really not see any reason why anyone would not prefer the LP to any of the tapes, but you never know.

4. As i understand you guys have been active with other bands under the past say ten years, are you still active with some of them and see Ogdru Jahad as a sideproject or is Ogdru your current main band now?

-We have all been playing in different bands for a long time. Sod is playing in Ligfard. Undeity and Necronuntius is playing in Blodfest and has also been active in some of the most important underground bands in Denmark since the early 1990s. I have mainly been playing with Sadogoat/Sadomator since 1998, but have also been active with other less important bands. Sadomator is still active, but it has been some time since we recorded anything, hopefully we will record new material later this year, but it might be 2014 before anything happens.
I don't think any of us see Ogdru Jahad as our main bands, but I would not really call it a side project either. It is hard to explain, but for me Ogdru Jahad is my main active band at the moment since we rehearse, record and play live, but Sadomator will always be my main band even though it is not very activefor the moment. I am not 100% sure how the other band members think. On the first album I have made most of the music and lyrics, so I guess they might feel that it is more side project to them, but since Blodfest is not active right now it seems Necronuntius and Undeity is not having other bands which are more active right now. Maybe Ogdru Jahad is our main side project, hahaha, I don't know, fuck that.

5. You have an interesting bandlogo, can you tell us abit of its symbols aside from the obvious satanic statement & Who did it?

- Ehm, this guy from Grigorien did the logo, he has also been working on covers for Ligfaerd and such. I told him the concept of the band and he gave me a few sketches to choose from, at that point I must admit it was a bit hard to see where he was going with everything but after that it took form and ended like this. There is lot of different symbolism in the logo which incorporate some of my different interests, also some which has not been really part of the band so much yet, but we will see what the future brings. There is the antichristian/satanic stuff, which is very representative of the lyrics and concept of the band so far, we have a goat which would probably be more part of my other band, but since we are taking some old songs and re-record that fit in well too and then there is the Elder Sign which is part of the Lovecraft mythos, which again is more of my personal interest and more used in Sadomator, but since it links in good with the Ogdru Jahad and general cosmic horror I think it fit in well with the band and also the mix of mythology we have in the first album cover and probably will mix more intro the lyrics of the coming songs.

6. How did you come in contact with the splendid artist Alexander L. Brown of BNB Illustration & Design?
And did he has free hands or did you have a "plan" for it already? the look of the great cover it seems like you had a clear vision, fits the bandname good & it would look cool as a giant backpatch.

- Early in the process of the album I was beginning to have ideas for the cover and I contacted Patrick of Iron Bonehead to hear if he knew anyone who would be good to work with. He had a few suggestions and one of them where Alex and I already knew some of his work and I thought his style would fit my ideas. I made contact to Alex and told him my ideas and he agreed to do it. 
I don't know if I had a clear vision of how the cover would end up but I knew most of the things I wanted to have included on the cover and such. Alex added soe of his own ideas and sketched up everything and after that the final cover took form. Alex also did the layout for the rest of the LP and CD, so the complete packages just ended up awesome. The cover includes a great deal of mixing different mythology and lot of symbolism, so everything might not be completely clear right away, but I think that is one of the great things about it, there is always more to everything you see and in the end it ended up being one of the best album covers I have ever seen and I really hope Alex will ork with us again in the future.

7. Speaking of patches is there some nice merchs on its way?

- There will be two different shirts, one from Iron Bonehead which will have a design by Alex and one from Ancient Darkness which will have a completely unrelated design. There will also be a patch from Ancient Darkness, it will probably only be available as a free bonus to everyone who orders the CD direct, but I guess that depends if the patch is ready for the CD release. In the future we might get more merchendise, but nothing is planned right now.

8. How does the plans for gigs look like this year?

- Not many so far. We are going to play at Killtown in Copenhagen and we might play some warm up gigs for Morbosidad if their European tour gets to happen. Things are a bit hard right now, there is lot of things in the way of rehearsal and we have been laying low for some time, waiting for the LP to get out.

9. A big thanks for doing the interview! Best of luck to you!
Any final earth shattering words?

- Thanks for the support. Cthulhu fhtagn

lördag 18 maj 2013

Djevelkult Interview!

From fire & brimstone new steel forges with the purpose is to slay the lambs of god!
One of those steels is Djevelkult from Norway!

1. Hails!

   So you are in the last stages in recording your first full album?
   Did everything go alright in the studio?

- Ave.

That's right, we've just a couple of vocal tracks left to do, then the recording itself is complete, and then the songs are ready for mixing and mastering. 
It has gone quite alright, with little trouble. I could prefer to have more time in the studio to make small changes here and there, but it is of no matter. We are paying for the whole recording itself, so the time is a bit limited since we’re recording in a serious studio, with two most professional technicians, Nils Harald Mæhlum and Ove Husemoen. 
They both have work with many of the Urgehal albums, and they really know their stuff.

2. Have you been in contact with any label now to get this devilish beast out on the streets? (...shops.)

- We have been in contact with some, but we’re going to make much greater effort when the album is done, and we will make a promo with a couple of songs and send it around to various labels. It’s a method that’s become usual to do in these days, and it seems to have payed off for other bands. Then the labels will know what we have to offer.

3. Describe your albums internal fire?
    What kind of themes run through it and what kind of experience did you get working on it?

-The music itself I will categorize in two parts, we have those songs that are sheer brutality, music inspired by bands like Tsjuder, Marduk, Katharsis, Urgehal, Antaeus and so on inspired, with fast riffs, brutal and powerful drums. And on the other part we have songs with a more typical Norwegian black metal touch, like Taake, Kampfar, Ragnarok, Ljå and so on feeling. 
And you can say the same about the themes in lyric of the songs, for the hard songs I choose to have more blasphemous lyrics towards religion and to the life itself. And on the other part I try to make more tales of darkness surrounding life itself and a longing for death. I always try to make the lyrics reflect my mind, on the matter of everything. 

So on with the music, I try to live my feelings of hatred and despair for the life through the music. But of course, to finally be able to record the songs have been quite a satisfying experience. And it has been satisfying for my whole band too, although I run this band all the band members have done their part and influenced our music with their musical talents.

4. Is your first release the demo "Skapt av Helvetesild" that came out in 2011 a firm indication on how this album gonna sound as or has your style change? And what kind of response did you get from your demo?

-Well, we still play the same kind of black metal, but we have evolved as a band and the complexity of the songs has improved. But you can say that we’re a band that directs make a line from the demo, since some of the songs are quite old, at least on the riff part and the lyrics, from the time before the demo. 
We have in fact re-recorded the song ‘’Dødsriket’’ from the demo, we felt that the song is much better than it sounds on the demo, since the drums especially is not that hearable. 
But other songs are new and more advanced than those of the demo.

5.  I understand that Visceral Depths of Art will/has made your album cover, how did you come in contact with them and have you seen the result yet?
 If so are you satisfied? And by the way what will the album be called?
-Yes, in fact I just received a sketch with an idea for the cover art today, so we’ve just discussed some of the details of it, and I really have faith in that it will be amazing. The way we came in contact was that I saw the cover art Visceral Depths of Art had made for the band Svarthaueg, and I was quite impressed with his work, so found the person and made contact with him. 
The title for the album will be ‘’I Djevelens Tegn’’ (In the Sign of the Devil). It is the same title for one of the songs that appears on the album I wrote for some years ago.

6. How did your early year gigs this year in Hammerslag & A black night at Felix go? 

-Both gigs were great, with big attendance, and we preformed quite well would I claim. It really was two energetic rituals. And the bands Kirkebrann and Skaur are both great band to play alongside with.

7. Are you booked to more gigs this year? If so where & when?

-Not yet, we have been focusing on the recording for the coming album. But we will soon start to look for gigs for the summer/autumn.

8. If one like to get some Djevelkult t-shirt or something where do you turn? Who designed you neat logo?

-The shirt is sold out for now, we didn’t make that many copy of it, but after we are down with the payment for the album we will invest in some shirts again. 
The logo itself was made by Dáublódir of Gandreid and Skygge. We had it slightly modified afterward.

9. What kind of bands do you like thats from outside of our nordic countries? Is there some band that should be more know you think?

-Well, where shall I start? There are countless of good bands worldwide to mention, just in the black metal scene alone. But of course bands like Deathspell Omega, Inquisition, Wolves in the Throne Room, Black Witchery, Forgotten Tomb, just to mention a few of so many bands is bands I think that people that are into the black metal scene should have checked out.

10. You first bandname "Skadefryd" (2009-10) what doeas that name stand for? And why did you change?

-That is correct. The name ‘’Skadefryd’’ is a Norwegian word that translate into ‘’the pleasure of others suffering’’ a quite sadistic word. But it stood for me for hatred for all humans, and the joy of watching them all suffer. 

But, for me the named did give me a punkish vibe also, and I wanted a more blasphemous and satanic approach to it. And when the former drummer Drome was due for 2 years of imprisonment I saw a opportunity to make a change within the band when Ond joined our ranks.

11. Thanks for you time! Any last words?

-Thank you for setting up this interview and your support! 
And I want to hail my brothers in Kirkebrann/Svikt, Gandreid/Svadilfare/Skygge, Skaur, Svarthaueg, Endezzma, Dystopia Nå!/Hinsidig, and all out there whom support Djevelkult!

fredag 17 maj 2013

Ars Macabra Interview!

Straight from the land that one of the true evils still prosper namely Italy Rome with the pope and his hollow followers comes a art of the macabre....

As a cut through the putrid catholic air comes Ars Macabra forth with a great thunder & might!

First i want to say that your new third full album "III" sounds menacing good & harrowing dissonant!
( a review will be posted here soon!)

1. How has the overall reception been towards it?

- Personally I am satisfied, We are receiving good feedbacks and  many from people from all over.One thing that make you more confident with the music that you do is when your work is appreciated from the most variety of individual that have different tastes different background and different attitude. 

When there is something that cant be denied is that the work that you have done has something where is like the sound,the melodies, the feeling that you are able to create the themes that you are able to make understand, something  is hard but "III", is a solid work , period.

2. Describe the themes that run deep as red through "III".

- Basically, just some references to Chaos Magical consciousness , its fulcrum is finding patterns and meaning where others don't.
crash most modern life paradigm, linking psychosis and madness , creativity and genius. The deconstruction and demolition of the "Being".

- Prometheus -Lucifer !

3. As this is your third full album how did the creative process go compared to your previous works go?

- I really wanted for the creation of the songs take the necessary calm and concentration to really bring into sounds the feelings
that constantly vibrates within my and the band's aura, after all , music as I perceive it , has to be like that, is a matter of approach and capturing something, a sterile ,rationalistic approach I consider it a failure.

The less we talk and rationalize, the  more we let to the right  things happen , and music is not excluded. So this to explain that this time I dived completely in the right mood I didn't take any shortcut all I had to pleasure to me as a listener forgetting everything else, you got to lower a lot your ego to do properly that something I rarely notice these days all over especially in the artistic field.

4. Tell me little about how you choose & came in contact with the illustrator & album designer P.

- Was just a proposal of the label that we agreed with, so it just fitted our idea ,concept and visual , I didn't know that much work from Perversor before but I must say he surprised me a lot with this excellent work.

5. By the way, i know you paint & draw yourself Mr Sathor! Tell me little of your work for the fanzine Sadistic Noise.

- Was a long time ago, there was a lot of genuine enthusiasm and I loved it! I was more into comics etc Sadistig the zine editor was enthusiastic of my work so we collaborated on a solid base until we could. I was into putting a lot of graphic violence and blasphemy and doing that on a paper  was much more rewarding especially when was associated with occult articles on magic and witchcraft with a naive approach but still a good start.

6. As you live in Rome Italia a place where real old and active catholicism prolongs and have power how has that shaped you as a person and do you think that this "hotspot" of catholicism make the black metal existence more important in a way...
 I mean when the big enemy is just around the corner you take the war more serious.... (or some just give up i presume?)
                ( AAHH! I miss that last pope! he looked almost as a cute living corpse.)

- Absolutely, as we think of black metal  today not only is a pretty new phenomenon itself  alone can not be considered the only enemy (and if it is then actually…) to Catholicism.
It is not a matter of what kind of music you listen to or what kind of lifestyle you choose to live , there is must be something more consistent to represent an enemy to a mass religion .

Black Metal seems many times to  focus excessively  on itself and not care enough the spiritual aspect , fails often  in awaking consciousness that could endanger catholicism or christianity dogmas, looks like Black metal today rely more on just a lot of "props".
Take apart each and every individual from the black metal context and analyze their real life, do you think they tact in a way that destabilize  any church or religion?

The roots of the freedom from any mass religion resides in also being able to detach and disrupt the ego and self

7. Besides your BM band inspirations tell me some other types of bands that you have or still like?

- from the early 70s Led Zeppelin ,King Crimson, to the metal of the  80s the early black bands as Mercyful Fate,Venom also on other styles Swans,Current 93,Coil, to new bands like Arktau Eos,Aural Hologram and Halo Manash all sort of stuff no limit...

8.And is there any specific literature that you like that goes hand in hand with Ars Macabra creations?

- At the moment a clear link of association can be made with literature on the chaos magic but not exclusively.

9. Please tell us about the split "Nil Sine Deo" you did in 2011 with Cosmic Ekpyrosis (From Greece), and how did you come in contact with Grom Records? (that also releases Mephorash)

- We just got in contact with this Serbian label which proposed us to do this split with C.E. we were very glad of doing that  since music and theme wise we are very similar, actually I was quite surprised by the good quality and professional attitude of the Greek guys I like a lot their music.
I am not that familiar with Mephorash though , sorry.

10. How come you showed up in the Norwegian TV documentary Svart Metal?

- Wasn't me but some of my drawings I did for Sadistic zine, at that time there weren't that many dedicated zines apart from Metalion and another couple so the documentary pointed at theme as the background literature that were circulating within those bands at that time in Norway.

11. How does the plans look for this year now? Gigs and stuff?

- We are looking for some gigs right now to at least promote a bit the album, , but it looks like that there are a tons of cliché ,stereotypes and commercial exploiting mentality behind all that , that are hardly to overcome ,is a giant circus where very few individuals  desire to give underground bands a stage unless there is a speculation of some kind behind… so we will do what is feasible we cant pay to play or prostitute ourself .
I have different material to arrange I cant wait to start recording new stuff to tell you the truth.

12. And the final words is yours.

- Thank you for your time and interest in Ars Macabra , I think we need more of zines like RawWar.

Arkhon Infaustus - Annunciation Dubble 7"

Found this satanic candy in my local recordshop! Neat looking & brutal as always.

torsdag 16 maj 2013

Moonkult Interview!

Deep from the Finnish vast & old forests the Moonkult comes forth!

1. Thanks for doing this interview!
    How is it now under this album "Profane Nightmare of Seers" release days? Hectic?

- Thank you! Well, somewhat hectic. There have been now representations of the songs on two radio channels (Radio Heretica and Radio Revolta) also there has been talks that Moonkult will be given radio time on Radio Killers channel and there are new songs on the works as well. I have been in contact with some zines for reviews and one other interview is coming. Also, I'm composing new songs for a coming split release.

2. As i understand Moonkult was first a one man band and released one demo called "Teers of Seers", how & when & why did you connected with the rest of the current high quality( comes from Azaghal, Wyrd, Malicious etc) line-up?

- Well, I met Niflungr after their gig in Steelfest 2012. After that we remained in contact and then when I needed somebody to play bass for "Profane Nightmare of Seers" debut album I asked him and he agreed. Riku Polameri(known as R.I.P in Moonkult) I had met earlier in some ordinary beer party which I can't really remember exactly and I had been in contact with him occasionally. After I (Moonlord Akhkharu) released "Tears of Seers" demo in summer 2012 which was done with drum machine he heard it and he thought it needed real drums. 
Then I said I have enough material to make an album, so we started rehearsing the songs and then we recorded drums and guitars.
Of course all of us are from the same town in Finland, known as Hyvinkää.Up to this point Niflungr and R.I.P have been just session members but atleast Niflungr is now a full member of Moonkult.

3. Describe the Moonkults new and first full albums sound & aim?

- Aim for the first album "Profane Nightmare of Seers" was basically to make Black Metal in the style of the beginning of the 90's, to stand out against the "modernization" of the scene. But I wanted to spice it up a bit so I made a story album and the goal was to make the songs represent different parts of the story. I also had a very ambitious plan to make the songs to create varied emotions in the listener and to add the story like lyrics then the listener could vision a "movie" in his/her head.

So I was planning to make a musical dark fantasy short story. This I didn't implement too much though and I wanted to have unity in the album so instead majority of the riffs are made with a "punk" formula. The basic 3 or 4 chord riff formula spiced with minor chords, of course there is some dissonance effect created with two guitars so it's not that straight forward. Some variation between songs there is anyway.

4. How did you come in touch with the superb artist Rafael Tavares who did your cover art?

- He did the cover art for Azaghal's "Nemesis" album and also made a t-shirt art for them. So I was searching for an artist and then Narqath and Niflungr suggested me to contact him. Rafael also did the art for Moonkult t-shirt which is just modification of the album cover art.

5. I am a bit curious about the music you work on to the split! What i understand will this songs be a bit different from the albums?
   Tell about the artistic goal here & which band do you share this split with?

- The other band is a hungarian one-man band called Solus. At first I made some songs with a new style, I tried somewhat using the methods that Hollywood uses to create movie music.
Then I couldn't even myself get a hold on what is going on in the songs, there were no clear structures and one song had almost like 10 riffs... So now I toned it down and I am trying to approach songwriting  just with variation in the moods of the parts in a song. 

Let's see what comes out :D
But I think there is not too big difference to what is on the debut album, still mainly dark and aggressive Black Metal I suppose.
Rehearsals for this split start in June and I hope to have it mixed down by July. Same timeline for Solus as well.

6. Do you have any gigs planned now under this coming tormenting summer?

- No gigs planned and Niflungr and R.I.P have been busy with their other bands, Azaghal and Malicious respectively.

7. There seems to be an forever stream of black metal bands from Finland these days and many of them is grueling good also if i may say so, whats your own opinion about the BM climate in your home country?

- Well, the biggest (and oldest) bands in Finland I guess still continue to make stuff in their own style. I really liked Baptism's new album "As the Darkness Enters". Also I have heard Horna's new album as well as Behexen's new album but to me they didn't strike as good as their earlier stuff was. 
Luckily in Finland we don't have(anymore) some sell out acts, instead bands stick tightly with the underground and many bands still maintain the poor production even though there are computers etc.

8. apart from the obvious great bands is there any new band or bands that should get more focus then they gets?

- There have already come great new releases from bands in Hyvinkää(the town in Finland) this year and more are to come!
To name some of them: Sawhill Sacrifice, Hautakammio, Kalmankantaja etc.

9. And you have the last word!

- Long live our original true pagan spirit!

onsdag 15 maj 2013


Get a venomous single taste from DØDSFALLs upcoming album "DJEVELENS EVANGELIE".


måndag 13 maj 2013

Djevel Interview!

As the cold moon rises again over us the devil shows its unspeakable face for its second time!
The norwegian Djevel is here with its sophomore album "Besatt av maane og natt"!

1. Greetings!
    Thanks for taking some time off for this talk on RAW WAR!

- Ave- Appreciate your support .!.

2. Now when the time is ripe for Djevels second full album people seems to be rightfully eager to
   get their filthy hands on it!
   And it is not so strange when you read some of the reviews you got on it! Overall very positive!
   Do you feel the surroundings has grasped "Besatt av maane og natt" as you hoped for? Are you as
   satisfied yourself?

- Well the album is not out yet, only two songs that we leaked ourselves. I do notice that people are much more interested now  than  when we released our first album in 2011- Obviously we have made a name for ourselves. I am extremely satisfied with this album, i believe it is on another level than Dødssanger- Its more complicated and intense, but still holds the melodies and atmosphere that i see as important for the black metal i create.

3. As i understand the main focus on all of Djevels lyrics is about worshiping the devil in the old Norwegian ways, as an curious bystander do you have any litterature tip if one likes to deepend one's knowledge of this old tradition?

- I highly recommend the book "Trolldom i Norge" (" Wichcraft in Norway") written by a Norwegian professor named Ørnulf Hodne- Not sure it its translated to english though

4. As you have stated "We’re not a live band." how do you feel about the only (?) gig you play at Bunker 2013 Music Festival in Oslo (22 august-24)?
    Is it the same for the other band in your coven Nettlecarrier? Your FB teaser text "We are allready preparing something special for this night .!." gets ones evil juices flowing anyway...

- Since we played one gig last year and will play again this year i probably have to change my statement to saying that we only play very special events.
I was very uncomfortable last year when we played, and i did not enjoy being on stage. On the other hand i appreciated all the people traveling from abroad to the show and i must admit that it feels good to see such devoted people.

 This year i feel more secure about the whole thing and i am actually looking forward to playing- Yes its the same for NettleCarrier- we will play 2 or 3 songs from that album as well.

There will be an announcement later on that will tell more about what we are planning...

5. Will there be some nice merchendise from Djevel at Bunker and/or directly from you?

 - There are some shirts from Aftermath now available with pre-orders limited to 50 x, and we will print some more with different designs

6. How many x did you press of the limited 2 track 7″ EP  “Besatt av Maane og Natt”  you released last year? And does the songs differ from the album version?

- I think it was printed in 250 X- Those versions on the 7" are demo versions. They differ from the album in many ways. The drums are different as well as the guitars.

7. Now that the summer is approaching fast will there be time over for some tenting trips with Fenris?

- Yes. We are actually heading to the mountains in a few days for our first trip this year. I am extremely eager to get out in the woods and inhale the pagan Norwegian air.

8. When will the vinyl outing of the new album "Besatt av maane og natt" be out?

- Its scheduled for release on may 31st, so i hope that it will be on time

9. Best of luck to you at Bunker and all! Any last devilish warnings?

- Thanx for your support.

Tornekroner og Geitehorn!

lördag 11 maj 2013

Vobiscum Inferni Propaganda!

Embrace the Brazilian satanic horde Vobiscum Infernis creations of death & torment! And stay tuned for the interview that soon will show up here!

For more info:

torsdag 9 maj 2013

Huldrefolk Interview 2013

As one of Belgiums more horrific & great black metal bands Huldrefolk decides to leave the putrid swamps a final chat is the least one can do for a fitting closure.

Respect to Drang and the pestkult!

1. How,when & why did you start this Medieval Trollish Pestkult called Huldrefolk?

- Somewhere in 2004 Leshyj and I started jamming. Leshyj played guitar, me on drums. Our actual plan was to make pagan black metal but due the big trend of pagan metal coming up that time, I decided to stop that and concentrate on another theme. A few moments later we found Hammerman who was quite enthusiastic about our plans. Because of the fact that medieval history was and still is interesting stuff for me, I decided to write lyrics about the dark ages, when superstition was very common and late pagan belief was mixed with early christianity.
I decided to make a concept about trolls living in the swamps, brewing pestilence to unleash upon mankind. That’s how Medieval Trollish Pestkult was raised out of the filthy swamps of Flanders.

2. Whats does Huldrefolks lyrical themes consist of?
- All our lyrics are about the middle ages. Most of them about the negative and cruel facts like famine, pestilence, natural disasters and social problems by then.

3. Please describe each of these vibrant musical releases!

Pest Alchemie:

- Our demo, was recorded at a rehearsal with very very low quality, I think we only used one micro hanging in the middle of the room. That was also in the time MySpace was popular and useful for bands. A few months later Slava Satan discovered us on Myspace. 100 pieces were made (50 tapes and 50 cds) and it was all sold out very soon, despite the horrible quality. I didn’t had a good voice by then, it developped better after this one.


- First full album and first with a complete line-up. Was recorded at the homestudio of Hammerman. Some songs of Pest Alchemie were re-recorded and you can hear there’re sometimes a lot of difference between the songs. Hammerman did also the mix and that wasn’t a very good move because he wasn’t very experienced by then. Drums were way too loud, guitars and vocals too silent. Also the whole stuff wasn’t mastered at all. But also despite that, the thousand pieces were sold out quite fast.

Morbide Elite:

- Also with full line-up and this time the lyrics were way more poetic. The songs were more similar to eachother. The theme was “elite” on this album and also our looks changed. The dirty old destroyed shirts were changed to capes with hoods and huge boots. The story was that the drunk dirty trolls got very rich of brewing pestilence and became “morbid elite” now. 
We used also samples of the old Swedish film The Seventh Seal in the intro and outro. 
But, same problem as on Eeuwenhout, Hammerman did a better job but again the drums were way to loud, and guitars too silent. 
We got a great deal with Iron Age to release the album. Unfortunately we got many gigs cancelled because of several reasons, so we never had a good chance to promote this album.

4. I know that you have been clashing heads with human dumbness like back in 2010 with your gigs in Roermond etc, have more or less Huldrefolks existence been "under attack" or was it just this sole time?

- It was that time and it was mostly our own fault. We were a black metalband, so we liked to provoke a lot by playing with the “wrong” and we thought we would win sympathy of people thinking we “dare” to play with these bands. But actually it turned out differently. 
We got sympathy but it’s negligible, we were punished a lot by cancelling many concerts. Still people think we are dealing with politics, while there’s nothing we say in our lyrics about that.

5. I guess your real audience see you what you really are and are fans by the correct reasons, how has the responses been from your "followers"?

- We got and still get great responses of our fans. Sometimes I couldn’t believe people knowing Huldrefolk in their country or seeing people on festivals wearing our shirts, that’s of course amazing. For that reason we also receive many sad reactions when I announced our split.

6. Can you tell us why Huldrefolk is closing its swamp filled crypt now?

- We weren’t all three fully committed anymore as we were before. For me, Black Metal was once a very important part of my life, but I developped and my visions do not fit anymore in a typical (negative) blackmetal atmosphere. 
Don’t get me wrong, I still listen to BM and I still stand for 100% behind the words I wrote for Huldrefolk. But other music and things started getting more important. That’s also the reason we didn’t had any time left to write a new album. And I didn’t wanted the band bleeding to death like so many bands.

7. Are you satisfied of the art & legacy that you leave behind or is there something you would like to have been differently?

- Of course I am very satisfied and I’m sure we could have pushed it much further in Black Metal. If I could change something it’s probably the production of both Eeuwenhout and Morbide Elite, but without that we wouldn’t have learned so much. Same with dealing with politics. It was actually because I hated (and still hate) bands with statements on their website like “we are not a political band blablabla”. How on earth can you be credible when playing the most controversial genre on earth (black metal) and while making statements that you don’t want to hurt people’s feelings? But of course we could have avoided problems by avoiding some things, without making stupid statements, but it’s too late for that.

8. As one gate is closing another is opening they say.... can you share with us some future visions?

- We’re all in several bands right now, and some of them aren’t black metal. In my bands are no other members of Huldrefolk.

9. Thy last & final words is yours to have!

- I already said thanks to all our fans, bands and labels, but I forgot to mention you guys of the zines, like you! So thanks for your time and effort. 

You will hear us again soon and maybe you won’t get it that it’s us, so, up to you to find out! Sieg Pest!

onsdag 8 maj 2013

Blodarv Interview!

From a ancient corner in Denmark a cold & strong wind is building up, a hord called Blodarv has been growing and going from strenght to strenght and now this pitch black energy is at an all time high.

The moment for talk is now.

1. HAILS! Thanks for doing this interview!
First of i just got to ask you how your experience was to be supporting Carpathian Forest at Loppen in Copenhagen? And how did you hook up with them in the first place? Was it the one and only gig with them or was/is there more shows in the pipeline?

- To answer your first question first, It was great to play with Carpathian Forest, really cool guys both on and offstage so yeah we had a good time, And then I got to hear and see “Mask of the slave” “Knokkelman” And other equally great tracks of Carpathian Forest live for the first time which I really enjoyed. It was a small stage with an intense atmosphere where there are less than a meter between the band and the audience and you can look the fans directly in the eyes, which always is something special and which Nattefrost as well as I enjoyed as we spoke of after the concert. 

As for how the whole event came to life, it was our manager Patricia Thomas -which manage both Carpathian Forest and Blodarv- that contacted me because there was a chance that CF could come to Denmark on their way to -Kings of black metal festival- in Germany, and I was asked if I could get in contact with Tchort and maybe help arrange it . 

So I spoke a little back n forth with Tchort from CF over email, and to make a long story short, I contacted some of the venues that I knew would be able to pull this off, and as you know it ended up with a show at LOPPEN on Christania Copenhagen which was all good. A one-timer so far though, we haven’t planned out any other shows together, but who knows..its hard to predict the future right’. 

2. Tell a bit about the DVD "A Doorway Between Worlds Chapter 1" you released back in february, and by the "chapter 1" you seem to have nasty plans for the future as well?

- Yes it was released in February 2012 mainly because there were a lot of fans asking us if we couldn’t release some of our youtube videos on a DVD/ Video CD. It was never supposed to be seen as a pro “BLODARV DVD” meaning that it just contains videos from our youtube channel, and were made for those fans who are weary of trying to watch our videos on YouTube, at the mercy of the vagaries of their internet connections and with poor sound quality. 

 the Video CD contains videos for tracks from ours albums “Soulcollector”, “Linaria Amlech”, “Civitas Diaboli” and the newly released “Gâst”, as well as a live recording from the show at Club Brutal, in Aarhus Denmark, filmed in December of last year. 

In all, eight Video’s from our official youtube channel. Its DVD player and PC compatible and is limited to 666 hand-numbered copie , and is available exclusively through the BLODARV STORE at for only 10 euro. And yes, there will be a “Chapter 2” released sometime in the future with videos we have put on youtube since the release of “Chapter 1” .

3. Your last full album "Gâst" that you released last year was a mighty record with a lot of bleak, harsh but grand emotions, very well made through out. By your own words what does that album mean for you & describe its essence.

- Thank you, yes Gâst was released on the 12 of december 2012 on Self Mutilation services . 
It contains 8 tracks in all, which is a little more than 45 min in total. Every album of BLODARV means something special to me, and Gâst of course also has a personal meaning to me just like all previous releases.
Its the essence of my mind, my most inner demons, thoughts, visions and beliefs. It explores life philosophies and life and death itself , the forces of nature, the power of the universe and all the energies that cling to it. 
Its full of blasphemous poetry in both Danish and English. Powerful songs, dark visions, possessive muses, soul-seeking demons, haunted and haunting souls, tragic destinies and chilling dreams. In other words, a glimpse into the dark universe of BLODARV 

4. Is there new work in process? Blodarv seem to be in good condition now with this current strong line-up.

- Yes indeed we are in the best condition ever, and right now the first seeds for the next spell are being put in the ground. Right now it’s mainly just riffs and ideas about the tracks that are getting sorted in my mind and we haven’t begun writing complete tracks down yet or recording. 
The next months we will focus a lot on our Live ceremonies, improving the show in every way we can, but we are always in a constant creative circle in BLODARV so there will also be worked a bit on new material for the next album these following months I believe. 

5. How would you describe todays BM activity in Denmark?

- Not the worst, not the best. I think we are going towards a better period. 
There are some good bands rising in DK over the last few years. Some seems to have real potential, and Black Metal is beginning (after some pretty bad times) to pull crowds again here in Denmark. 
When this is said I live very isolated with my art here on the island of Bornholm, so there is probably a lot of bands and stuff happening that I am not the first one to hear about. 

6. How would you describe todays Denmark with one word?

- I wouldn’t, because I can’t.

7. How does Blodarvs plans for the rest of this year look like?

- Its hard to predict an entire year, but next show will be a headlining act on June 28 here on the island of Bornholm were we will set up a special show as we´ve done the past years. 
When we play here on the island we can bring as much stage stuff as we like because we are not limited to what can fit in the van, as we do when we travel, so we will make a very special stage for this show and we have also made a longer set-list than at previous shows, which will be a perfect blend of old and new tracks

We also got some other shows in mind but its to early to say more about those. Beside from that we have a video on the drawing board for “Indelukket”, and again a video for “Korset Paa Baalet” set to be recorded –if everything goes as planned- at the end of june 2012. And then as I mentioned before we are slowly sinking into the next album. 

8. How did you come in contact with your label Self Mutilation Services (Mexico)? Did they have a better contract etc then Northern Silence Productions (Germany) that you were on before?

- Actually it was a question of not compromising our art, and release it through a label who could apriciate it for what it was, not what it could be. Yes, we were on NORTHERN SILENCE as you correctly state, where we had released the “soulcollector..The thousand years tale” gatefold LP + CD, and also the “Linaria Amlech” CD. But with the new stuff we started to create after that, (which was also ment to be released on Northern Silence) there suddenly wasn’t the big enthusiasm around from Northern Silence. 

At that time they wasn’t so keen on Black Metal unless it had commercial potential, and in general we had to many different views on to many different things concerning BLODARV, and as I said we never compromise on our artistic freedom which is the most important thing for us when it comes to being signed. 
Long story short, we broke with Northern Silence, got them to send our master CD and cover-layout back, and paid northern silence the money they had given us to record the album back to them. This way the master and the layout was ours again, and we needed a new company to release it through, so we send out a few mails to various labels that we knew we could work with explaining the situation. 

We got offers from half of them, some better than other but ended up with making a deal with Self Mutilation Services, recommended by B.G Black Hate among others and we have been very satisfied with that. They might not be the biggest label, but they are dedicated to what they do and they give us the freedom we need for our art. 

9. Any last words?

- Thanks for the interview, and a big fucking hail to all those who walks with us through the fire!!