onsdag 20 november 2013

Black Altar - Suicidal Salvation

With the starting alarming vibe thundering i feel  that this new Black Altar Ep is wearing a new epic black uniform and with an sharped poisoned  & levitated spirit underneath it.

Drums is hard & agitated and gives this new work an underlined awareness of the blood that runs through out "Suicidal Salvation", guitars is also on frontline with dissonance and ready to cut away the bad weeds.
Vocals is harsh & demanding you to realize that this a new "key" to the higher plane that Black Altar has now arrived to.

 I liked much the last album with its more old horror movie atmospheres and fat sound and then with the triple-split with Varathron and Thornspawn  Mr.Shadow showed that he was preparing a new phase....
....and i must say this is his most sophisticated and harrowing (and cleaner) music which leads unavoidable to a bigger craving not this Ep can muster.... but the ride is well worth the time and it should open up more humanoid ears around the world to Black Altars existence.

So yeah i think this is good but at the same time this would have deserved to be a full album but one cant have all in this damn world. hah
Then i dont know what future plans Shadow has for this? Maybe is this a part of something bigger?
Only time will tell.

All in all a solid and blacker release that should be enjoyed by a larger crowd with a hunger of  what i just described here.

 1.     The Sentence          
2.     Suicidal Salvation         
3.     Journey to the Astral Realm - instrumental
4.     Pulse ov the Universe         
5.     666 MegaBeast
 (an extra mention goes out to the great cover)

måndag 18 november 2013

Putrified - Sacrilegious Purification

Take another cut in your eardrum from this Swedish fiend!

With an fitting bleak church organ tune as a mood establisher this Ep begins.
Then straight of the bat the death metal frenzy strikes!
First song sets the standard that also stays constant and firm through out it all with a tasty mix of classic Swedish death metal with some "roll" in it & blackened auras that circulates and intertwines all music and lyrics. I say "Swedish death metal" but it should be underlined that one can hear many other death metal styles also but the Swedish ground is its breeding soil....
 One thing that i liked about the songs is that they a filled to the brim with a lot of neat compositions and don't solely rely much on repeated constructions, nasty bits fly in there and morbid chunks fly out there both in haste and linger!

 Even the emotions vary from somber, ecstatic, desperation and rage.... and it feels like as a whole this creation ask more then confirms something.... like an bleeding "?" carried on the skeletal wings of death metal.

It is both inspirational, engaging and headbanger friendly and the Ep grows well from each listening with the revelations of the many layers of music that lays deeper within....

Putrified has existed for around 3 years and has some albums , Ep´s & demos under its belt but this is my first real swan dive into their stuff so i cant really compare to their older work but i can say with confidence  that this Ep is a good way to start listening to Putrified.


1.Sacrilegious Purification         
3.Sacrificial Death Salvation   
4.This Poisoned Chalice (start and the end of this song has a sweet feeling of Slayers"angel of Death" scream  mixed with a smell of a rotten "shout at the devil" from Mötley Crüe !,did not see that coming.that was no critic only a strange compliment.)
6.Sacred Putrefaction

Hellthrasher Productions

söndag 17 november 2013

Werewolf Front Interview!

From Sweden comes a new bloodthirsty beast!

1. Thanks for take time for this interview!

First i must say congrats for the release of your debut demo "Wolves of the White North"!
How has the reception been? Sorry if i flatter you but I must say i liked it much myself.

A: The reception has been quite good so far from my understanding.

O: You don´t have to excuse yourself; it is a pretty generic black metal album.

2. One thing one often wonders when i new band pops up and especially in this kind of bloodthirsty good fashion like this is who is behind this massacre and how & when did this had its start?

A: Our names or who exactly are behind Werewolf Front is something that will remain undisclosed in order to put a larger focus on the music as well as the lyrical content.

O: We (Werewolf Front) are behind Werewolf Front. We began writing this kind of music some weeks ago.

3. In regards of the demo how did the creative process go? Did it take some time constructing it or did it whent from clarity to clarity? And can you describe its lyrical content?

A: Lyrically, we are influenced by the current state of society, the loss of identity and the complete deconstruction of the Western world. The first lyrical ideas were first influenced by the writings of Karl Maria Wiligut as far as metaphors and symbolisms go, but later on, the writings of authors/thinkers such as John Järvenpää, Frithjof Schoun, Guillaume Faye, Oswald Spengler etc. has been of influence as of late.

O: Since I didn´t write any of the lyrics for the demo, I can only explain the musical construction. It began with the idea of recording a cover of a Satanic Warmaster song. After that I recorded some riffs in the same style and it resulted in some more tracks. All written in the span of four days. So, at the same time I wrote the guitars “A” wrote the drums, lyrics and recorded the vocals.

4. In the quest of ones ancestral heritage how complete do you feel your search have been?
Maybe it is a life long study but i get feeling you are at a stable point of knowledge.

A: I don’t think that it’s about ”searching” per say, but considering that most people are more or less sleepwalking through life some methods in order to ”rekindle the voice of the blood” to allow an archaic renaissance to take place, is in order. You can read how many books you like concerning things that touch upon your heritage, history etc., but that does not necessarily mean that you will ”wake up” from egalitarianism, rootlessness and consumerism. 
You will reach a point in life when you will have to either take action one way or another or bury yourself in unnecessary guilt and self-loathing. I’ve always been aware of my culture, history and tradition since it surges from my entire being as I am an extension of my ancestry, something that many people seem not (dare) to care about due to the fear of being socially exiled.

O: I don´t know where to begin on this question. Because I don´t know what answer you seek. I can´t say that I´m on a quest for my Ancestral Heritage, I could say that I´m rather a biological product of my ancestors. I don´t know how complete my search can be since I don’t know what it means to complete the search and what the completion of the search itself is. 
What I know is that I search for some kind of “completion” but whether I should call this my Ancestral Heritage I do not know. I would rather call it something else.

5. So is it correct to say that this first release happened a little out "accident"? Except of doing the SW cover did you have plans in starting this band anyway?
Either way i hope you have thoughts of continue and produce more Werewolf Front music.

A&O: To put it simple, yes, you could say that. However, although our first release was recorded under such a short time, I am still quite pleased with the outcome. 
We have started writing on new material and whilst it is somewhat similar to the first release, we have decided to elaborate both the music and the lyrics so it gives off a more focused impression.

6. I guess that one or both of you have some prior experience in some bands besides this, is there some you like to mention?

A: I have played (and still play these days) in a number of bands throughout the years, but they are of no real importance. It’s been many years since I last performed live and it’s nothing that I really miss in all honesty.

O: Yes. No.

7. Besides the great Satanic Warmaster what other bands do you respect and enjoy?

A: There are quite a couple, but to be perfectly honest, I do not listen to black metal that much these days. As of late I’ve been listening to martial industrial/neofolk bands such as Art Abscons, Atomtrakt, Leidungr, Solstorm and Triarii, just to mention a few. 

O: I pretty much enjoy everything from choral music, such as Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, to modern electronic music like Venetian Snares. But for metal I don´t have that many bands that I really respect and enjoy. There are however some really good bands which I listen to now and then. Skepticism and Portal (AUS) for example.

8. Is there some merchandise coming out from you in the close future maybe?

A: If you by merchandise mean t-shirts, patches etc, then no. 
Sword Productions and Blood and soil productions did however re-release our debut ”Wolves of the white north” not that long ago.

 9. Is there some bands out there that you would like to do a split with?

A&O: We have been discussing the possibility of putting out a split with some other band, but we have no specific “dream band” that we would like to collaborate with.

10. Thanks for your time and good luck with all of your endeavours.

A&O: Thanks.

fredag 15 november 2013

Himonas Interview!

1. Hails! How are you doing? How far has the winter progressed over there in Greece now? 

-Hails! Thank you very much for you interview proposal! I am afraid that you are asking the wrong people… Right now we are both in different countries. I am in Canada for work and John (Psychros) is in Bulgaria. So I am going to answer about Montreal! Right now it is already too cold for a Mediterranean person, with the temperature inside the city already below zero degrees.

2. First i like to now how this band got started and what kind of bands inspired you to embrace this kind of warlike black metal?

-We began the band back during the spring of 2009. 
We consider this band active since our very first recording inside our rehearsal room. There is a huge number of bands that influenced us in order to create our own style (If we have such a thing). 
I am going to mention some of the most notable for us. Horna, Satanic Warmaster, Sargeist, Behexen, Baptism, Goatmoon, old Burzum, old Darkthrone, old Ulver, old Siebenburgen, old Behemoth, Black Witchery, I Shalt Become, Hate Forest, Noctis, Kristallnacht, Seigneur Voland, Abyssic Hate and many more. Regarding the vocals part, I wouldn’t be able to do such a “Punk” approach if I wasn’t familiar with Greek bands like Γενιά τους Χάους (Chaos Generation), Βανδαλούπ (Vandaloup), Ναυτία (Nausea), despite the different (sometimes completely opposite) lyrical themes. 
Speaking about the music, although we are Greeks, Himonas is mainly influenced from the Scandinavian Black Metal scene, especially the Finnish.   

3. From your start up to this debut release album "To the Battlements" has it been a bumpy or smooth ride? How did the creative process look like?

- 2009, 2010 and most of the 2011 we were not really active. We made a few handy recordings by our own. We even did a live rehearsal recording in a studio but that’s all. 
We were preparing ideas for a serious upcoming work. I would like to mention that until the middle of 2011, we were using a different name for our band. December of 2011 found me inside our rehearsal studio, recording by my own my drum parts with a multichannel recording. 
Later, during March of 2012 we recorded the guitars in my home studio and around the autumn we completed the vocals and the base guitar. As you can see we were not really in hurry… The real Golgotha began with the mixing and mastering. 
At the end of 2012, I moved in Canada, leaving the 2 final steps uncompleted but John had just made the deal with Werewolf Promotion, so we had to finish as quickly as possible. George Chr., the drummer from my ex grindcore band (Delete the Mass), assumed to complete the mixing and mastering stages but the huge distances between 3 people, from 3 different countries caused a lot of stress and countless collusion problems. 
Finally in the end of April 2013 everything was ready and in June we had our album released.  

4. As i understand your bandname Himonas means winter in Greek but how did you come up with it and why?

- The name Himonas came in my mind around January of 2011 for a solo project of mine that never came on surface. Later I proposed that name to Psychros and he accepted so that’s how it starts. 
This name comes with our obsession for winter landscapes, snow white covered forests, iced rivers and all those things that remind us this season. Although Greece is a southern country, it’s very mountainous so a visit around the mountains nearby Athens during winter, could be quite interesting to witness those type of landscapes. Additionally, if you think about the seasons circle, winter is the darker, more mysterious one from all seasons. He is the black and the cold side of this endless journey. That’s all about our name… To be honest with you, there is no really deep or sophisticated explanation about our choice!  

5. Even though your band is not straight out political how has Greece current state of being affected you as a band and on a personal plane?

- Politics, especially here in Greece are strictly limited around two major, outdated political terms. Those terms are well known as “left wing” and “right wing”. Himonas is indeed an apolitical band, but only if we limit politics between those 2 major political poles. 
In fact, if you take a look into our lyrics (probably uploaded soon), you can realize that we try to give a direct sociopolitical message. Our bands sociopolitical message is something really different from the majority of every Greek political band message (left or right wing). 
We talk about national unity. 
There is a certain phrase I would like to mention inside the lyrics of the song “Path of our ancestors”: “Now that the difficult times have come, I see all of us as brothers standing as one.” Well… I know that if someone reads that phrase, can easily blame us as paranoids who live in their own, fantastic Greece, but this phrase is our vision. 
This is what we want and hope. Unity. 
We have well in mind that a lot of our listeners, probably support extreme right wing political ideas. This is the nature of this “warlike” subgenre of Black Metal. 
And this is exactly the reason we declare that we have nothing to do with racism or white supremacy. It’s extremely sad that many people (usually left wing) consider patriotism as synonymous of fascism and we knew from the beginning that our pro – Hellenism lyrical content is going to provoke, although we don’t have this purpose. Unfortunately, in a country that political murders (from both sides) are becoming part of our reality, we feel obligated to declare ourselves completely disgusted with this “two poles” way of thinking. We would rather prefer to stay away from this awful kind of political culture and concentrate in our music. 

6. Have you played any live gigs? If so how did they go?

- No, we have never played a live show. We have only invite friends to see our rehearsals. As long as both of us live far away from Athens, there are no chances for a live show in the near future. Actually, as long as we are only 2 members, we always considered our band more like a studio band. But we are not going to exclude a possibility for a live show for the later future.

7. How does your close future plans look like? Any plans of doing a split with some band?

- Right now, the only way to release something is by participating in a split album. I have some ideas enough for recording 1 or 2 songs but as long as nothing is on plans I can’t say anything more.

8. Greece has some good & respected hordes as we all know but which ones do you like personally the most?

- I am going to mention only the newer Black Metal bands (after 2000) that I really like. 
Abyssgale (check out their upcoming work), Sad, Dodsferd, Nadirawth, Impure worship, Burial Hordes, Windstorm, Vetusmora, Enshadowd, Angstriden, Necrochakal, Ravencult, Human Serpent (Check out their demo) and many more. I belive that if our scene was not so introvert, it could be as glorious and well-known, as it was back in the early 90’s.  

9. Well thanks for this interview! Best of luck to you! 

Last warcry is yours! 

- Go to live shows! Buy the original albums of the bands you like and don’t steal them by downloading them. Try to support your local bands as much as you can. Speak with people and try to get involved into the scene with anyway possible (playing in a band, create a small label, have a distro, organize a live show, write for a fanzine or webzine). 
And last but not least, if you have a good word to say for a band or an artist, say it! Stay united. 
That’s all. 
Thank you for your time. 


tisdag 12 november 2013

Misanthropic Art Productions

Here is a recommendation, take your ass into Misanthropic Art Productions for some great and quality BM music and related products! Satan lives also in south Korea it seems. ;)