söndag 31 juli 2016

IAD - Ad abolendam

IAD is a underground black metal band from Germany and has been active since around 2001, now very soon they will release a 7" picture disc consisting of two satanic rituals....and that 7" is what i will write about now if you have not figured that out by now.

The first and title track "Ad abolendam" is a very effective song with great tribal drummings that evokes a feeling of an ever closing danger, the guitars they too mix from dramatic haunting & somewhat dissonant sound to some grand smokey chuggings, witchy ghastly vocals croaks in and out the production. Also some nice samples for infusing dark atmosphere, satanic and demonic just as i like it. well made song from start to finish.

Next song "erwachen der alten" continue with similar style but includes some major bestial war metal stuff so one can say first track was the gathering of hell spawns this track is where they unleash the massacre! Solid slaughter even if it is not as engaging as the first one...

Here over looks like a new band logo also

Production does it job well with both enough clarity without loosing the rawness and power in it.

All in all this is a nasty and  possessed release that is well worth your pennies...and gets you wanting more from IAD! 

And also this is a good start to get into this horde.

It will  be released via Hatework label next week!

Have listen here:


fredag 29 juli 2016

Korgonthurus Interview 2016

This Finnish horde don´t need no further introduction!

1. Hailz!
Last time we spoke was in september of 2013 so its been awhile.
back then you had just recently had your first live gig in five years and felt
pumped for more live rituals. Have you played live much these last 3 years and was there some
highlights and/or the opposite?

Necron: We haven't done that many gigs in the last years. One of the definite highlights was Under the Black Sun Festival. Good to see the positive response from the audience.

2. Talking about having a full line-up the i guess the band dynamic transforms,
what would you say has changed in the core of Korgonthurus with the new blood, is there a chain of command?

Necron: I wouldn't say that we have a chain of command, but majority of the songs are done by Corvus and Kryth. Otherwise we are quite democratic band. With the new blood we have gotten some new insights to the songs.

3. The new album really kills! It has a more headbanging infusion into the music a bit more like the start of the band rather then the more longer, bleaker hypnotic structure of like the Marras album, how did you talk around this change or did that just happened with the new members involvement? 
Besides listening to the album this rockier style fits the stage great.

Necron: Most of the songs in "Vuohen Siunaus" are from the time before the new members were recruited.
I don't feel that we have changed during the years, only evolved with our playing and composing skills.

4. Could you introduce the new members, what they do and their past crimes.

Necron: Well, Saturnus is a long time friend of ours, also familiar from Nordlys and Horna former
 guitarist in his past. Incisura, we recruited him originally to play live guitar for the mini tour
that we were suppose to have with slovenian band Somrak.

5. Could you speak some about the the split North Karelian Black Winds that came out in 2013 and also some about the Ikuisuuden arvet (Alternate Version).

Necron: Not much to say, North Karelian Black Winds is basically a compilation from the one festival
where we were headliners. "Ikuisuuden arvet" is basically a re-re-release of the promo/demo.

6. Going back to the new album, how was the actual work experience and (i cant read much Finnish) what does the album title means and what is the direction of the main lyrical content?

Necron: " Vuohen Siunaus" - " Blessing of the Goat". As you can imagine, main lyrical content is around satanism.

7.How does the rest of this year look like? 
Where will you play next?

Necron: So far nothing confirmed yet.
At the moment we are composing new material for the third full length.

8. Thanks again for your time.

Necron: Hail Satan !

Here is a link to my first interview with Korgonthurus:


onsdag 27 juli 2016

Unsalvation - Swansong of Zion

This Finnish band has been active since around 2011 and has before this released one demo "Fall of the Tetragrammaton" and one split "Psalms of Chaotic Darkness" with Deathcraft from Spain, what i fell for first with Unsalvation was their mix of quite doomy death metal parts and noisy war metal that is a bit like  if you take GoatPenises "Biochemterrorism"(but turn the groove into doom) and any Nyogthaeblisz release and melt them together with a blowtorch you will get something like this "Swansong of Zion" ep!

Yeah its is great in other words... or that is if you like to either ruin your good mood or if you are about to go out and bring death & chaos to "insert preferred target here".

The is ep from start to finish murders and even if it has a wall of noise the drums and guitars come through nicely and is effective and sinister, vocals is a type of low growl but often with echoes or similar effects on so it spaces out and blows around the soundscape.
The production really fits and pump up the thick disgusting heavy atmosphere so it almost becomes claustrophobic which is really fitting this type of hell music.

First i was about to moan about that no label had snatched up this creation but now i just read that it will be out on Deathcamp Rex.
Keep an eye out for it! (It will come in handy soon as the war is closing in here in Europe)

Track list:
1.     Jerusalem     01:45    
2.     Wolves of the Iron Forest     02:50    
3.     Vehement Chants Invoke the Abysmal Spirits     06:06    
4.     Behead the Subhumans     06:05    
5.     Omnipresence Eradicated by Impetuous Holocaust     08:21    
6.     Swansong of Zion     01:34    

lördag 23 juli 2016

LASTER - De verste verte is hier

Atmospheric Black Metal nowadays seems to more then often be stained with shoegazing/post black core bullshit (sure it can be done great but i rather have them more separated in their own playfields) and so too is Laster...BUT it is done great and those inspirations is not too obnoxious, often these mixtures becomes very hipster pretentious...very much the "emperor's new soo avantgarde clothes syndrome" that i rather eat my own shoe then listen to.

Laster plays rather in a convincing & emotive and harsh style (but the production have a kind cloudy filter to it so the harshness is to a extent buried) with long songs that builds up tension great with inclusions of effective outros (with piano/organ etc) that binds together it all to a neat little shady package... but on the last song they shit in their pants...they should not included that one i think. it breaks off to much from the other music in both genre and style...sounds more like some New order song dipped in washed out sulphur.

The themes is not seemingly satanic (i am no good at Dutch) but rather negative and existentialistic and that is fine and fits the music.

So all in all (excluding track 4) this is a competent modernistic atmospheric release, sure it can feel a bit pretentious but not too much for me this time.


1.     Alles wat mij bevalt, ontvalt me     13:37    
2.     Tot de tocht ons verlicht     10:03      
3.     Ik - mijn masker     15:03      
4.     De verste verte is hier     06:05    

Released by:
  Dunkelheit Production

Band link:

fredag 22 juli 2016

Lethal Infection Interview

From the devil caves of Chile comes a new deadly virus from which you get a...

Greetings and welcome into Swedens very own RAW WAR!
How is your day?

-R:  well thanks, here with a lot of activities in relation to the band

2. Let us start off with how this band got started, when, how and why did you guys meet and start this
hellish band? Was there something personally that you felt needed to be created?

-R:  The band started in 2013, what inspired us to start was bands like Celtic Frost, Bathory and the love of music and collecting records that is where the idea started to create a band and also that was important was to try to recreate the old sound but with better production.

3. What would you say is the main focus in the lyrics and feel? What is your view on religion like
Islam,Judaism, Christianity and do you have some problems where you live from these?

-our ideas based on religion is a clear view about their total hypocrisy in the world, all in the band share that view  from the beginning as a band and hate all aberrations committed under the Inquisition and the time of the Catholic monarchs, we maintained and maintain a deep rejection of religions and similar acts in the world.

4. Is "Dark Prophecies of the end times" the coming Ep you are working on? Tell me all about it!
I heard the "Holy Pervertor" track which was nasty & great (which got me to do this interview also), nice touch with the Norwegian news report about the burning church hehe!

-exactly, we are working on an EP, which autoproductos us, we have no label behind us, because here in Chile everything related to extreme metal does not have much support so all is very much self produced, we had a good reception on the national circuit Underground bands, so we are active playing this outstanding work but we have the idea to conclude it as soon as possible

5. Is it correct also that a split with Putrid is in the works? What can you say about these songs
and what can you say about Putrid?

-in relation to putrid, we contacted travez another zine (Absit Omen web-zine), which he questions us like you now and we came up with the idea of creating this split with both sides to make a tour in the countries of Chile and Peru, we are still in talks about it, but we're excited to realize it.

6. Looks like there is some nice gigs next month! What can you say about them and what are your
personal feeling about metal fests in general?

-well actually we are determined to show our work in these long years starting from 2013
and we want to realize them at this time we have already fixed within the circuit underground bands.

7. Any band merch on its way?
-obviously when we finish our album we think of doing some, but now nothing.

8. How does rest of this year look like?

-we hope to realize recordings in relation to Ep and do more dates to tour in that we are focusing

9. Thanks for your time answering this, last word is yours!

-Thank you for taking the trouble to meet and be interested in our material from the distant lands
of Sweden, greetings and long live Satan!

*Take a listen to their Holy Pervertor here:

Band link:

torsdag 21 juli 2016

Arcada - Serpent's Void

If this second demo from Arcada is something to go by then there is quite some promise in this band.

Sure nothing original or "new" here but they serve up a solid sincere stab of second wave black metal,
no fun, no mosh only grim reaping here!

All songs goes in a mid-fast tempo and the overall atmosphere is bleak and quite melancholic. The guitars
 parts is pretty simple but they use the chords with good taste and it provokes a semi melodious (but
 far from pretty) and effective dark reverbance, drums do their job well and dont take over or disappears.
Vocals is a raspy gloomy classic bm vocals (some spoken passages also) & works great, the music reminds me to some extent to Drowning the Light which is very nice in my book.

These for songs is all good through out (and all visuals is neat & fits well together with music) but i think the
last two gives the strongest impact, if there where something i could wish for to the coming releases is that they find their own expression even more, that combined with their already proven musical talent they could become a new shining morning star!

By all means hunt down this release you wont regret it, get the Promo MMXV if can also

Track list:
1.     Prophet        
2.     Luciferi Reditu        
3.     Lux ov Eternity        
4.     Serpent's Void

Released by Destruktor Records

Band link: