tisdag 29 september 2015

DRAATH Interview!

First i like to say congrats to the at last released "Black Slumber"

-Thank you and I am really glad someone stepped up to represent this recording. OBVN did a fantastic job.

2.First thing i like to ask why it took around 7 years to
release this beast? Besides life did you had other business to attend to
like other band activities? And how did you come in contact with the
Obscure vanity label?

-This album was recorded and intended to be a "private" recording. After a while of keeping it silent I forwarded the recording to Justin of whom I have known for many years now. He expressed interest in releasing it and now it has been done.

3.Second thing is how did Draath start in the first place and what
vision did you have for it? It feels like a personal journey...

-DRAATH is a derivative of a surname I use which is Drathrul. Since I did all of the performance and recording and yes, a personal journey, I decided to shorten it to DRAATH for this recording. It was conceived at a very dark time and that's how it started.

4.Besides this album did you release some limited rehearsals or similar?

-No, this is the only DRAATH recording in existence.

5.On the flyer for this album it lays heavy focus DEATH worship, how does your
 necromantic interest look like and true to the sound of your spells
this feels appropriate as notes for ritualistic meditation...how
would you describe the experience from start to finish on "Black Slumber"?

-It is a very suffocating album, enveloped in total darkness. It was 100% improvised as to keep the spirit of true darkness prevalent. This is the product of the ritual, all recorded in one day in one sitting.

5b. Can you shed some light on the final song "Arrival Acceptance of the Throne of Hell"?

-Transcendence into the abyss of the mind, claiming the throne of one's own personal Hell. Embracing the all encompassing darkness.

6.What does Draath stand for? First i thought it had to do with Daath the
secret sephira where tidal forces of positive and negative come together.
Do you have interest in qliphoth?

-As stated above, it is a derivative of my surname Drathrul used in my other band ANU. And no, I have very little interest in previous writings or other person's ideas. This is my own vision. (--Here is where the 1334 comes in i guess?)

7.How is it to live in Richmond, Virginia? Is there some new active bands one
should know of?

- Richmond is pretty alright. Lots of great bands here, and most are of the post-punk / deathrock vein. Shadow Age for one and my own NEUROLOGY. being old-school Industrial based on magick...

8.Regarding all bleak and strange stuff happening nowadays in your country (well its fucked all over the world i guess)what is your views on Jade Helm 15, FEMA camps and Obama?

- I have no interest in these things until they begin to affect me directly. Then there will be a problem.

9.Whats the coming plans after this release?

-The future is hard to predict. I create very many different styles and types of music. Whatever strikes me next I guess. NEUROLOGY. takes up much of my time and so do a few others.

10.Thanks for your time!

-Thank you for this interview. 1334

fredag 18 september 2015

Supremative Interview!

How is you day in Spain!

Another warm day in Spain, summer is not for me.

2. First i am a interested in the standard thing like when & how did
Supremative got created as a band? Did you come from other constellations before this?

-We started Supremative in early 2013, we formed this primitive invocation without any idea of being cool or famous, we don't want to be popular around the modern black metal assholes, we don't need the acceptance of some 40 years old selective judges of the underground metal.
We forge our hate to spread it around the globe, that's the reason that Supremative got created as a band.
We play in other projects but we would like to keep silence about that.

3.Your first and only release so far is the demo "Servitude of the Impurity" from 2013, it looks
and sounds like you guys had a firm vision on what type of hate to compose right away but tell me
how your thoughts was at the start and under the work of this demo.

-As I said Supremative's existence is based on hate and impurity. It's not necessary to say that we don't want to play technical modern shit, we are focused in sound like a primitive horde of pure filth. 

4.Bestial Desecration Records released the tape (limited to 66 copies), how did you come in
contact with this label?

-The tape was release originally by Ruptura records and Conspiracy recordings, 100 was made, then, Bestial Desecration records wrote us for a reissue to help us to move it around America.

5.Ok, can you shed some light behind the lyrics on the track "Servitude of the Impure Messiah "?

- I think the song speaks for itself. It is a invocation of lust and death, another hymn in the name of the Antichrist, a menace for the devotes of the Nazarene bastard. The messiah that we claim is the Judeo-Christian representation of the Impurity, you can call him however you want, Satan, Lucifer, Azazel, Masthema, Belial or  Baal Zebub.

6. I understand that the info text on Metal-Archives says "Despite their similitudes, this
band hasn't got any relation with Proclamation."... Proclamation is great band of course but what bands would you say have formed Suprematives sound? And what bands back in the days got
you interested at all to start playing music?

- We don't have any musical influence from Proclamation. We are worshipers of Hellhammer, Pentagram (Chile), Sarcofago, Sodom, Beherit, Blasphemy, Archgoat, etc. These are our real influences...

7.When did the Brazilian label Soul Erazer released the cd version of the debut and is it exactly
the same release?(not it need anything more) Did the patch come with the cd?

-I'm not sure but I think it was released early last year, and thats right, it's the same demo but released as Cd. The patch is not included with the Cd, it was made by a guy that runs a label in USA called Unholy Black Abyss.

8.Is there or have there been some great hordes in or from Canary Islands?

-I think there is a small crowd of old school black/death metal worshipers that keep it real.

9....ok no one mentioned no one forgotten.
 Is there plans on a new release soon, a full album perhaps? And if so what can you say about it?

- We have 2 new songs that will be released as a new demo really soon, then we'll record a couple of songs more for a split 7" with the Greek hellenic hordes of Aiμα. We are planning to start the cycle with a complete album for the next year.

10.Ok, great news! Thanks for your time! 
Last beast-blast is yours!
- El anticristo arrasará y destruirá, sus manos empuñarán la espada y arrojarán fuego y todo lo quemará con la violencia de la llama enfurecida; su fuerza será la blasfemia, su mano el engaño; su derecha la destrucción y su izquierda será portadora de tinieblas...

onsdag 16 september 2015

Huqueymsaw - Goatfuk Havoc Slaughter Hell

It is not very often i get to listen to some South Korean music so that in itself is a nice thing,  the band/album etc then feels interesting almost by default.

Before i pressed play i got a positive impression of it, i thought -This must be some sick Korean mutation of Mayhems "Deathcrush" (yeah partly from the layout/design) and some ugly 90´s death metal!
...And i dare to say i am pretty close but at the same time i would not say their music sounds like they worship Mayhem or similar but has a similar maniac attitude and rough production, they would fit in without a problem between 1987-1993.

I totally forgot any type of nationality after some seconds into this Ep (from 2014) kicked off!
Great anarchic punkish drive combined an early death/Thrash metal atmosphere rises up from the putrid graves and whips up a head banging idiot in me haha!
So one can say this has a more rocking grove to it rather then some of the more unwelcoming "complicated" death metal, they have though some surprising twist & turns in the compositions and they feel pretty free in the way of doing things and not so colored by the many know vivid forefathers in this type of ass kicking metal which is nice. You both feel at home and also gets a fresh cut into your eardrums.

Sure one can find some obvious and funny "Engrish" like the title "Witch Metalfuck Hell" and some lyrics sounds a bit like that (not that i really hear exactly what is sung...) but the vocals is good and alco-raspy enough so that does not take away any enjoyment  and also in their own description they even say that some of the lyrics is parody & humor so....they know pretty much what they doing. And a extra plus for the drummer by the way! Not maybe so advanced but he Mr. M.U.N.B.A has an riveting and fucking sweet drive to it and gives the music a great base motor to roll on with.

All in all a ball busting demonic release that should be spread and listen to!

As an extra on this cd one gets a demo from this year called "Black bastards´speed metal" but even if this is also cool stuff it does not really come near the actual Ep as they here engages in more improvised (?) noisy guitar screaming and slamming..like some long hell-outro hehe. It is nice to have it as a bonus though.

Regarding their name: "Pronounced "hook-yum-so" (heukyeomso) which translates to "black goat" in English. "

Track list:

1.     Into the Goatfuck Massacre         
2.     Goatslaughter Havoc Mountain Hell         
3.     The Satanationale        
4.     Witch Metalfuck Hell         
5.     Damned in Blackthrash        
6.     The Serpent's Creep         
7.     Huqueymsaw         
8.     Outro - The End of Goatfuck
9.      Black bastards´speed metal (2015 demo, only on cd)

Cd released by Misanthropic Art Productions and tape i think was a self release.

fredag 11 september 2015

Sacrimoon / Cyhiraeth / Warground - Suicide Delusions

Here is a 3-way split i have had in plans to review for quite a while now not that it is ground breaking in any way or so but it is a split well worth seeking out...if one is a fan of the rawer end of raw that is.

So yeah this is a quite unfriendly sounding split and each band has its own specific primitive sounding production, so first i understand why Warground (Canada) comes out first because it is really the best of these three ones with a thick sounding atmosphere that i really enjoy, kind of a wall of smokey reverb and hate that draws bits of my mind towards DTL superb "As the Blood Flows on... " track.
Once ones ear adjust to Wargrounds sound murky guitar solos and nice parts comes out of the woodwork, the howling vocals melt more or less into the whole sound but thats ok here, second track is also a long great ambient track with minor nice selected notes spread through out it, track 3 & 4 returns to the rawness and kills off some minutes of your worthless life in a quite grand fashion... must check out more from Warground obviously.

Next comes Cyhiraeth (USA) which has not as thick raw sound but is a bit chillier and noizy and feels quite good, second songs guitar reminds me of some Wulkanaz style. All in all an ok & traditional but witchy contribution to the split.

At last we have  Sacrimoon (Mexico) which starts out with a somber instrumental piece thats very simple and standard but has a working downbeat vibe for sure, rest of  Sacrimoons tracks lacks much of the above bands engulfing productions and compositions and falls quite flat. He has some cool ideas here but not so much more...

So pretty much i would say its worth to get this mainly for the first bands contribution but it is a true obscure release through out, and you get much ritual music for the price.

150 copies was produced of this by  Caligo Arcanum Productions

Track list:

1.     Warground - By the Hand of God        
2.     Warground - Broken        
3.     Warground - Blood Tide        
4.     Warground - Your Holiness Has Failed        
5.     Cyhiraeth - Ancient Cry of Lost Wisdom        
6.     Cyhiraeth - Skadi Bonn        
7.     Cyhiraeth - Ankou the Collector (End Me)        
8.     Cyhiraeth - Invoking Your Inner Sorrow        
9.     Sacrimoon - Solitude and Coldness        
10.     Sacrimoon - Autumn Depression        
11.     Sacrimoon - Life, Depression & Death        
12.     Sacrimoon - Eternal Pain

torsdag 10 september 2015

Tetragrammacide - Typhonian Wormholes: Indecipherable Anti-Structural Formulæ

Having heard their debut demo and recently their contribution on the 3-way split Tetra has made
a lasting impression on me and also for what it seems a pretty sizable portion of the underground, for the new & coming listeners i could describe this band with many words and also with few as "total Tellus annihilation" or "Sonic soul devastation" but easiest is to listen for yourselves. (as always)

Here is a statement from this India (Kolkata, West Bengal) based band:

''Typhonian Wormholes: Indecipherable Anti-Structural Formulæ' is a product of
exoteric ophidian revelations and contains bonafide threats from the innermost
hidden void of ancient Kalikshetra's Raktachakra. This work was performed under
strict guidance of 'Typhonian Aiwass' and reveals extraterrestrial signals,
frequencies and consecrated g-noise-sis from the shadowside.
We hand this sonic-thesis over to those who seek it to hack the codes of
Tetragrammaton and open up the nexions to the otherside.
These data are not for faint-hearted and servants of morality. Strictly for
those who are willing to feed the Serpent through an endless cosmic genocide!"

- Tetragrammacide

That pretty sums it up i guess but also creates many questions and frenetic dictionary searches...i can go along pretty much of their very elaborate descriptions of their audial minefields but the "reveals extraterrestrial signals"... i dont know hehe.
Sounds intriguing anyway.

As in my last review of them i compared them to Nyogthaeblisz which still stays true here but
 it has its own very peculiar acid rain storm attached to it and also the oriental
exotism is very tangible which is a big plus in my book (of death)... So in other words
Tetragrammacides music is of a very distorted & twisted wall of noise but it is done in such a calculated evil
fashion that it exhumes a highly sinister atmosphere, so i guess you by now gets that Tetragrammacide
dont make songs in traditional patterns or compositions... and it does not need it...
...But their many strong descriptions (as quoted above) almost comes to life when you press play and are engulfed (or should i say fried) within this release, it sure will not let anyone comfortable off the hook....they rather like to see your face burn up from some air born toxic chemical load.
A plus for the surreal artwork by Alex Shadrin

Track list
1.     Intro        
2.     Paramilitant Entropic Initiation    
3.     Intricate Acosmic Engineering        
4.     Interlude        
5.     Extra-Terroristical Chaosophic Intelligence         
6.     Eructation of Anti-Existential Consciousness    
7.     Outro

The 7" is released by Iron Bonehead Productions
And the tape by Behold Barbarity (look flyer)

måndag 7 september 2015

Diabolus Amator Interview!

First i like to say congrats to the now released debut album "The Dawn of a New Flame"!

- Thank you brother its been a long time in the making and I'm happy its finally been released.

2.When you started out working on this record what where your visions and what where
your goals? Has it been easy ride or bumpy?

-Honestly with this record, my vision was to spread the message of black metal and what it truly means and to give people something different in regards to USBM.
The true goal behind this album for me was to speak out my hatred of religion, man made lies. As well as put my foot down against the whole "raw/static" trend lately.  I felt I should go back to the roots of what black metal used to be about, and stay true to my own music, message and still make it, "Unique" in a sense.
So far it has been quite enjoyable and stress free.

3.If understand correctly Diabolus Amator is a one man band? What is your main reason
for doing this alone? And how would you describe your satanic path?

-Yes, it has seen some live session members but ultimately it has, and always will be, me.
My view on being a one man band is simple, but complex. Most bands these days play occult metal for the shock value and the stage shows/cinematics are dull and over done. If I can play all the instruments needed, complete a record, without the gimmick of a live performance for the shock value, false pretendance of pseudo-satanism and still capture your attention WITHOUT the elitist mindset....then I have done a small part of what I am here to do.
My path in satanism varies. A lot of spiritual enlightenment is organized and false, every one wants to just blindly be led by something or someone to feel safe, be it a belief of Satan himself is your savior or by believing that the bible is just flipped and god, the yahweh is just an evil figure out to condemn humanity. The is truly what being a satanist/luciferian is not about. Lucifer is a philosophy, a mindset to seek your own truths, your own way of spiritual enlightenment and to find what truly works for you, free from the human ego and morals. To seek knowledge, is truly what being a satanist is.

4.I think i saw you are or where active in some other bands, can you say something about

-My previous projects, all but one, have been learning experiences.
Those who pretend, will surely fail.

5.How is Winchester growing up in? And where there some bands in that area that one should know of? What is the general view on black metal there?

-My hometown was heavily christian influenced and very rejective of black metal. Growing up in it was like living in a place where you could not be yourself. I love my home don't get me wrong but my place is not there.

6.Could you shed some light on these three songs?
Black Sun, Opening the Eye  & Unbroken Will of Lucifer

-Black sun is about the vampiric shade in all occult workings, Lilith.
To drain energy from someone, be them enemy or unknown in the astral plain is a very "unique" experience.
Opening the eye is about awakening the eye of the mind, in working with Thoth. For opening the mind is the key to opening your eyes.Unbroken will of Lucifer signifies rebellion against conformity and removal of the spiritual being.

7.Who did the design & art to this first album?

-Riaj Gragoth of Luciferium War Graphics, in conjunction with assistance from Morbid of Happy Days.

8.Any merch on its way?

-Yes, shirts, patches and much more will be available later in the month of September.

9.What are Diabolus Amator close future plans now after this release?

-Continue the writing process for the beast that is the next release "Pure American Hate".
And to possibly look at some live performances. That, is still to be determined.

10.Thanks for your time , last word is yours!

-I would like to extend my thanks to you for this interview, for the taking the time to like and support my music, and to each and every legion of the abyss that supports Diabolus Amator.
In the dark corners we wait, to once more join the circle that is the coven in the black metal elite.

Suicidal Madness - Au Crépuscule d´une Vie

DSBM is not a genre i general like nowadays without some exceptions here & there so that being said you understand that i hesitated first to review a band named Suicidal Madness...

But fortunately my hesitation was not in place this time as this French band concocts a bunch of pretty solid and engagingly bleak black metal, the usual fall pits in this genre is more or less avoided here and nothing really gets on your nerves as the vocals (in French which is a plus) is working nice without going overboard with crybaby screams etc. Some vibes and atmospheres is both reminiscent of some good mid-era Shining and some Burzum (not surprising that they also here have a Burzum cover.)The riffs is not repeated to much and has some really nice parts especially the main riffs in song 3 and song 5, the music does not really gets me down and depressive but gets me more interested in listening to the actual music here rather then go and play some "meat-violin" with my arms. hehe Production is well balanced and suits the mid-tempo music, all is heard as one could wish for.

A good put together release (actually this is a tape re release demo from 2013 and a new full length album "Les larmes du passé" is out now also) that gives enough of dark personality and musicality to stand above the average in this genre....which is not that hard really though, but they feel sincere and also quite mature which is seldom the case.

Well worth testing out even if you are like me and dont usually enjoy DSBM and if you already are a fan of this genre then go get it now!


Track list:

1.     Intro        
2.     Exile        
3.     Le chant de la nuit        
4.     Poussières        
5.     Ballade nocturne        
6.     Decrepitude (Burzum cover)
7.     Mort naissante d'un songe (i think this is a bonus song as i did not see this on the first cd release)

fredag 4 september 2015

torsdag 3 september 2015

Unrest / Idolatry - Infection Born of Ending

Unrest rustles its way into the start of this quite bizarre split, Unrests sound is pretty raw and messy and has no interest to welcome the listener which is in this case...welcomed.
It has both an unplanned & planned vibe to it thus it dont comes off as just bad played raw one-man BM but takes your mindset to an insecure state and attacks it with sudden blasts and fuzz and shit...nice start!

To end this split Idolatry gets the throne of flies to sit on as they have prepared a seven minutes (and 10 sec) long journey into the dark towers of a psychotic king(not literary) , the music here is well played and structured while nothing new they do their job and emits both darkness & vastness...and to this drama the vocals (the sick emperor) wanders around in a jail of pain and...questions... that is what i feel from the gurgeling, muddy gremlin vocals i feel he has issues he seek answers to....but in that black chambers he walks for the rest of his life with only the echos of his voice.
The last segment of this song changes a bit and some kind of strength comes forth via clear doomy spoken words and gives of both an exiting opening for their next release and also as a fitting chilling end to this split.

Track list:

Side A
1.Unrest - Of Filth 
Side B
2.Idolatry - Clefs au Chambre de Tristêsse / ...Once Thought of Webs

Released by   Appalachian Noise Records