torsdag 31 oktober 2013

Death My Only Friend Artworks

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fredag 25 oktober 2013

Thorngoth Interview!

1. Hails! Would it be correct to say you could celebrate a decade of Thorngoth now?

-Yes, that’s correct! We started 10 years ago in 2013. But we got the name Thorngoth about a year later. 

2. Now when you have released your forth album "Schwarz-Karg-Kalt" how would you describe the bands growth from the start to now?

- In the very first days we were influenced by raw old school Black Metal and Thrash Metal. From album to album we developed our style and other extreme metal genres like death metal or doom metal got a larger part of our music. 

3. And as many bands that has existed this long (or even shorter) and been as active as you have use to run into creative draining or gets side tracked from their way, how has the ups and down been and how do you stay focused?

- We tried to do something different at every album but we did never get too far away from our roots. We always wanted to create that kind of music that we want to listen ourselves. That’s the only thing that matters. 

4.To get back to your latest album, where the goals set from the start here or did it change face from time to time? What would you say is the "red line" through all the songs?

- The red line is the lyrical concept and the atmosphere of the whole album. The album is about the universe and how it could end one day. At the beginning of the songwriting our goal was to create the music around this lyrical concept. 

5. Whats the motive behind the use of the pyramid on the cover?

- The pyramid is a symbol for everything that mankind stands for or creates is impermanent, also its very existence. The pyramid is a metaphor for the bygone. 

6. If you have done any gigs this year how did they go?

- Until now we did only gig this year, in September. It was great for us. And also for the audience, I guess. 

7. And about the gigs do you feel you can get your grand & massive sound as one get used from your records live? I guess it different from stage to stage.

- It’s always different when you’re playing live. The sound depends on the Equipment and the sound engineer who’s responsible at the show. To get the same sound as on the records is nearly impossible, except for the guitars. 

8. Is there any line-up with bands you would enjoy more then others to tour with?

- A line-up with Todgelichter or Dark Fortress would be great. We know these guys and get on well with them. 

9. Is there vinyl or/and tape versions of your releases?

- There are no plans to release our album on vinyl. We still got many copies of the CD and we don’t have the money to produce a vinyl version now. 

10. So how does the rest of Thorngoth year looks like?

- There are nearly two months left this year and we will play one gig in November in Innsbruck/Austria. Besides that nothing more will happen this year. 

11. Thanks for your time! Last howl is yours!

- Thanks for your support and the interview! 

Infuneral / The Last Knell split

Splits can be a tricky thing to make, either the bands can sound to alike or almost worlds apart but sometimes as in this case the both bands balances each other nicely and creates an interesting and meaty release!

Infuneral starts this hellbound party with three hymns of second wave black metal, what hits me early on is that
Infuneral has changed somewhat sure this is Infuneral alright but they have shifted a bit away from their bitter
cold shadow world to a more ancient sounding nordic warrior.
And with this almost medieval transcendence comes a even sharper and experienced song compositions and structures.
It all fits very well together and all parts boosts each other very good, it is clearly one of the strongest
Infuneral releases so far.
Their third track here (which is also sung in Swedish) "Inferno" sounds perhaps the most like the old Infuneral
and does not incorporate the sound of the old & proud northern heritage but leans more to the bleak and
anti cosmic void.

As good as these songs are i feel this is more teasing then fulfilling because now i like to have a new full
album from them! Goddamn i hope they have one underway soon!

The other and last part of this split is from The Last Knell and they serve up an dissonant witch soup of
blackened death metal and sounds like a bastard child of early Katharsis and Autopsy.
It feels fitting that this songs takes off after Infunerals "Inferno" due to the anti cosmic reverberance and
deep thuggin morbid riffs The Last Knell creates, they is also obviously a prominent horde and know what they are doing with their dynamic compositions and varied tempos and feels.

This is the first time i hear this band so i cant really compare this to anything other they done but after
hearing this i am more then eager to search for their back catalog and look out for their coming attractions.

All in all a engaging & solid good split and to top this beast off the artwork is obscure and great thanks to Sang Ho Moon from Misanthropic Art Productions who also releases this split together with Fallen Angels.

söndag 13 oktober 2013

Svartsorg - Agonie des Lichts

After the ancient & doomy keyboard intro the first song "Manic Schizophrenic Storm" blasts right in with aggressive and high pumping riffs!

The hateful depression attack!

One thing that hits me here and carries all the way to the lingering end is that Svartsorgs sound has the classical ground founding stones from the second wave of black metal but also influences of death metal can be heard here and there, it has also a evident sounding austrian blood heritage running right through it just as it should be. Keyboard is also used in all tracks and works well i think and the songs lengths is between 5- 9 minutes long but the compositions is varied enough.
The singing is harsh but hearable and emits all the mixed emotions from gloomy misanthropy to energetic disgust.

The whole album is quite a epic & meaty journey to sit through with all its ups and downs and ancient cold winds penetrating the soul, like an old warriors mental degeneration falling into a unknown void of darkness.... in search for the keys to his own freedom?

First i liked the first song best but after some spinns the record grows greatly and i fall also for the rest like the melodic track 5 and the dark dripping track 7.

The ending song works as a good closure to this second album from Svartsorg with its introspective self questioning & struggle with its own despair and hate for the surrounding world.

Track list:

1.     Introduction        
2.     Manic Shizophrenic Storm        
3.     Lost Cry in the Night        
4.     Baphomet Rising        
5.     Human Desaster        
6.     Agonie des Lichts        
7.     Cold Mountain of Torment        
8.     Burning Hatred

lördag 5 oktober 2013

Carthaun - Brachland

The black regiment attacks!

This third album from Carthaun hits the spot!

As they have grown from each demos and through the first two albums
they or i should say "him" (S.) because he composed most of it himself have
now arrived to a point of where Carthaun sounds fulfilled and enriched.

As S.says in the earlier interview here on RawWar "I wanted the audience to experience
the sound of war and battle but also the effects that war has on human life and landscape:
emptiness, loneliness, desolation. It’s up to you to decide if I managed."

I say he managed! and besides these well describing points i think the dramatic narrative
is important to focus on here because it is a driving force from start to finish.
It feels very much like a movie even with some acting lines, between songs and sometimes
cutting up songs comes atmospheric pieces that fits well into the storytelling as the sound of distant fires, raging horses and harsh winds blowing over the wastlands.

Even with all this cinematic compositions intertwining it all you still get the
great fierce black metal combat-tracks you are after and even some "post battle" mourning melancholic songs all sung with an highpitched orchish spite.

The only song thats on this good album that will really surprise you is track 8
"Lied vor der Schlacht" which is like an old folkish punk song that feels like one you
could hear in a pub under or after a war about some heroic but tragic fate of a soldier.
I like this song and it have the right "old" vibe to it, the only song i use to skip is
"Rezitativ II" which is just like the first one a on purpose repetitive song but i feel
it is a little to tedious for its own good.

Other then that a recommend this album for those who like experience their second waveish
black metal with a large taste of bloody cinematic war.

Track list:

1.     Initium Finis         
2.     Black Regiment         
3.     Allvater         
4.     Rezitativ I         
5.     Noch ist die Freiheit nicht verloren         
6.     Nicht betteln nicht bitten         
7.     Rezitativ II        
8.     Lied vor der Schlacht    
9.     Finis Initium

Released by Ewiges Eis Records

onsdag 2 oktober 2013

Sielunvihollinen Interview!

From Finland with hate!

1. HAILS! As you are a fairly new horde how has the response been for your intolerant and hatefull (& powerfull if you ask me) creations?
And what was the main intent for starting this band & what does its name stand for?

- Response so far has been good, we are slowly but surely crawling our way into the eyes and ears of the witnesses present. Sielunvihollinen was created to channel our devotion to the dark lord, the infinite mysticism and beauty of the surrounding nature, the dark side of the deadly path that is life and our hateful attitude towards the dirty swine of Islamic faith. It was intended to respect our roots, to follow tradition, yet walk our own path instead of simply retracing others steps. 
The name stands for "soul nemesis" and it is a name that has been used of our master by his enemies. We harness it to manifest the hateful adversary we represent. 

2. Your first 5-track demo "Musta Uni" that got out in 2012 is a brutal and firm debut, can you describe its lyrical content? And what kind of bands and musical genres has influenced Sielunvihollinen sound?

- As we mentioned before, the sound of Sielunvihollinen draws influence directly from the greats of finnish black metal while adding own characteristics to it. The lyrical content is as mentioned on the previous question.

3. And this year your second (also) 5-track demo "Ruttokieli" was released,is this a direct continuation from Musta Uni in terms of themes and audial hell?

- As for the music, I think it's much more mature than Musta Uni. It has it's own sound and it stands on it's own feet without having to be compared to other artists. The lyrical content deals more or less with the same subjects as the first demo and we intend to stay on that blackened path.

4. was this second demo a self-release? As i understand the first demo was released through Spread Evil Distribution?

- Incorrect. Spread Evil released it.

5. I see you used the master of macabre artist Maxime Taccardi for both covers, was these covers made specific for you and was he under some guidelines from you?

-We wanted the art to represent our message and our sound and Mr. Taccardi perfectly captured those with the artwork he provided us with.

6. Congrats for the demo compilation that Darker then Black will now construct and release! How did this come about and will this be a direct conversion to the cd or is some material remastered? (not that its needed though) And will Maxime stand for the artwork once again? And is there a release date ?

- Thank you. The compilation will be released by the end of this year. 
Our co-operation with DTB rex somehow evolved through mutual contacts and Mr. Möbus openly expressing his liking of the first demo. By the time the second demo came out we agreed to do the compilation when the time is right. We are truly honored to have the privilege to have our music released under his label. 
Taccardi did the artwork for the compilation as well.

7. Besides from this demos is there a "proper" Ep or album in the works? Or maby a split with some respectfull entity?

- We have talked about a possible split with a like-minded Finnish BM band, but that's not written in stone. We have been writing more music so eventually we will decide to release a full-length album, but currently we are in no hurry to do so. 
But as usual, our releases tend to shape up in short time periods so you never really know when its time to kill again.

8.Do you plan on playing live with Sielunvihollinen? If so is there any gigs booked?

- Most likely not. We would prefer to stay off stage. But never say never, I guess.

9. Thanks for your time.
- Thanks.