söndag 22 juni 2014

Filthdigger Interview!

1. Greetings & welcome! How has your day been? 
How is Oslo holding up?

- Hello. I´m good, been riffing and drinking coffee so I´m good. 
I cannot say the same about Oslo, but I think everything is OK, except the fact that Oslo is the same, lame, and ugly as always.

2. Please tell some filthy anecdote from or around Filthdiggers existence!

- It's the same story that is in the song "Filthdigger". 
It's about a freaky kid that digs up his old grandmother and eats her and do other nasty things to her. Mainly just a horror-movie story that I came up with. And the name fits the band musical style, so why not use it? 
I guess there is nothing more "Death Metal" than digging up dead people and eat them? 

3. How did you end up playing together and when was the official start for the band?

- Well, what can I say? It all came out of the Death Metal band I played in before. 
I made a song called "Filthdigger" and it didn't fit the old band. So when that old band broke up I just took the name of that song as a band name and just kept playing. 
Filthdigger turned out much more Old School and filthy than the old band, and that's no problem for me, because I naturally like the sound, feel, and "style" of the older and filthier Death Metal bands. 

What's important to know is that Filthdigger is an one-man-band, so I play all the instruments, write the lyrics, mix and record it. In the beginning it was meant to be a normal group with 4-5 member, but after some time there was nobody new Death Metaller that popped up, so I just kept it going myself.  

4. Tell me some about the creation of the first Filthdigger demo.

 -  I (the main man) came up with riffs as any other guitarist do. 
After that I recorded some shitty demo-versions of them, just for illustrating the songs. And after some time I recorded them. The funny thing is that I consider "the first" demo yet to be recorded and released. Because I´m not really happy with the first recording (Spawn of the Grave/ Filthdigger). 
So I am actually planning and riffing out the 4th song for "The first official Filthdigger demo" Haha. But If you dont want to know, then I'll tell you. 
If often starts with drum takes, with no backing guitars or no click tracks. 
I just play the songs on drums, and then it's done. After that I usually record the rhythm guitars, and after that solos. 
The last strings will be the bass, and at last the vocals are done. I am pretty fast too, I thing I used under 6 hours to record the "first" Filthdigger demo.(which one of the songs is on you tube).

5. How goes the work on the next release?

- The next release will be the 4-song demo that I've been working and planning on for over a year now. I got three songs down and written, and one last to go. Cover and logo is done, and all that's left is to write the 4th song and get it recorded! This demo will be absolutely old school, rotten and filthy. 
No bullshit, no triggers (I've never done that), buzzsaw guitars and riffs, Death Metal growls (not those shitty Death Core "screams" ...) and pure and real organic production.

6. As you mention on your band page your Influences is Autopsy, Nihilist, Carnage, Death (old),Repulsion, Hellhammer, Bathory. 
Besides these ones and besides Death Breath as i understand you like is there some relative new band that you get similar kicks from?     

- I got kicks from Morbus Chron, until they fucked up and gave out something that sounds like Pink Floyd. But Carnal Tomb (Germany) gives me kicks, Mabuse, Gouge, Maim, Under The Church, Graveyard Ghoul and maybe something else I don't remember now. 
If you look around, and in every graveyard you'll find some really good bands that good to go. Problem is that for every good old school death metal band you find, you'll find 10 bands that claim to be Death Metal, but is not even near playing Death Metal + 40 bands that call themselves "Death Core". Truth is, both of these kind of band sucks ass. 
Keep the music pure and don't mess around with us who actually play it like it should be played. 
7.And which band was the absolutely first death metal experience for you? 
Which album was your first you got in life and which was the latest one? 

- Haha, absolutely first was Six Feet Under, but that was when I was a little kid who surfed the internet for AC/DC and TNT covers, I came over this really wicked looking band that covered TNT, haha, I never understood how a band like that could play at a so big stage. 
Still don't understand that... But really, my first introduction to Death Metal was Entombed. Truth is I found the HM-2 guitar sound separately from the bands using it... 
But Entombed really gave me the kicks and interest to listen and play Death Metal.

 8. Are you still looking to get a full line up? Hard to get hold of death metal people in Oslo? 
Maybe you should move over here to Sweden? 
i guess we have to many of those here haha! 

- Yeah, Im looking for members. But they are hard to find since everyone here in Norway either love the technical Death Metal thing, Black Metal or already have a band. 
Maybe Sweden has something to bring when it comes to members, but as it looks, Germany has the "most" interesting band members or people I could find. Seems like in Germany as in Norway some people get fed up with Black Metal and Power Metal and just wanna do something primitive and rotten again. 
Sweden has always had some bands that kept the tradition, so it seems like the "Old School Death Metal" thing isn't as "serious" as it is for me and some Germans.

9. Some Filthdigger t-shirts in your plans?

- Maybe, but not before the band is a real band with members and gigs under the belt.

10. Whats your most immediate plans now? 

- Get the 4th song done, record the demo and get it pressed.

11. Thanks for your answers & best of luck with your future endeavours!

 - Thanks, you too!  

lördag 21 juni 2014

Nocturnal Damnation Interview!

1. Hails! 
Welcome to the RAW WAR crypt!

Bestial Desekrator: Hails! It is pleasure to interview with RAW WAR crypt!!

2. As i understand Nocturnal Damnation was born somewhere in Seoul in South Korea back in 2010? 
How did you guys find each other?  

Bestial Desekrator: Yes Nocturnal Damnation birthed in 2010. I was asked by a ex-member "Infernal Saviour Of Nuclear Onslaught & Warmageddon" to join a recording session. In 2013 he went back to an other band though.

3. What kind of view has the regular Korean person towards death & black metal?

Bestial Desekrator: The current situation is that most Korean persons  lean towards more of melodic death & power, symphonic black/gothic, metalcore, post thrash... It sucks! 
I have nothing to do with that korean metal scene.

4. Where do you get most of your inspiration for the music and lyrics? 

Bestial Desekrator: Always been a part of my earlier influences these brilliant albums from "BLASPHEMY, SARCOFAGO, VENOM, ARCHGOAT, BLACK WITCHERY, BATHORY, HELLHAMMER, cult demo from NECROVORE, MERCYFUL FATE, BLACK SABBATH, MOTÖRHEAD and other great bestial black/death metal albums..."

5. How was it when you created the first release "Sadogoat Warmageddon Command - Promo 2011" and how did the people react to it?

Bestial Desekrator: It was fine when it came out! Many peoples supported our band especially bestial black metal maniacs. 

6.The next year was really busy i presume? Which bands was on the two splits "Bloodshed for the Wargods" & "Baphometic Goat of Thermonuclear War"? 

Bestial Desekrator: Yeah.. you can presume. We joined forces with these bestial comrades! Purification Kommando(Denmark) & Seges Findere(Brazil) split 12" LP "Bloodshed for the Wargods" Nihil Domination(Ecuador) split 7" EP "Baphometic Goat of Thermonuclear War".

7. Even your first full album came out the same year "Desecration, Crucifixion, Perversion". How would you describe the album? Did it came out like you wanted?

Bestial Desekrator: Yes we had first full-length "Desecration, Crucifixion, Perversion". Hmmm... It is pure bestial black/death metal album for fans BLASPHEMY, SADOMATOR, BLACK WITCHERY, ARCHGOAT... Honestly, I was not satisfied with the sound quality. 
When we made the songs some mistakes was at the mixing table & also when it got mastered. I wanted many more songs also, unfortunately ex-member didn't composed songs any more by that time. 
By the way I really wanted to do a cover song but we couldn't.

8. How has the member line up been since the start?

Bestial Desekrator: In 2010, line-up consisted Bestial Desekrator Of Sexual Fornications and Goetic Ritual(Vocal) and Infernal Saviour(Recording session for Guitars, Bass, Drums) until 2013. The present is made up of Bestial Desekrator Of Sexual Fornications and Goetic Ritual(Vocals), P.(Guitars, Bass, Drums).

9. How was the year 2013?

Bestial Desekrator: Well... not good, just mediocre.

10. As you wrote on the bands FB timeline "Expect new war hymns!!!!!!" I guess there is some nasty stuff on its way?

Bestial Desekrator: Yeah!  Basically it will not completely change our style but we have a changed line-up so you can expect so much the better sound quality.

11. Best of luck now for your future wars! 
Last scream is yours!          

Bestial Desekrator: Thanks for the interview Jan & Raw War crypt. 
Worship the Nuclear Damnation or Die!!! 

Official Nöcturnal Damnatiön Hellsite:

torsdag 19 juni 2014

The True Werwolf - Winternight - Demo VIII

Well this entity is in no need for an introduction. If you dont already know TTW.... well that is nothing to brag about. hehe

Here we have the eight demo fittingly named "Winternight", so what have Mr Graf Werwolf cooked up for us this time around? ...Hmm to describe it can be a bit tricky but these six offerings is quite far from what you heard on Battlemoon, Death Music Compilation, Vampyric Magick and more like the utterly morbid and frosty stuff that is on Endless Journeys! (i understand that Astral Temple released these two at the same time)

There is no traditional black metal songs here but more wind filled low-fi organ pieces and hellborn noiZeZ.
It sounds like he have crawled up in to some castel tower attic and in total solitude unleashed his winterbeasts! It serves its purpose well and if you did not already felt sick this will do the trick i am sure.

 TTW is like a close secret evil twin to Werwolfs that gets rolling when der Führer gets his "fits" and need to pour it out that neither fits SW or ...Armour. TTW is both unwelcoming and a bit schizofrenic and dont care is your satanic ass is scratched or not and thats IS something great i think. hehe

Get this if you like to get some uncomforting luceferian tunes from the dark... who knows how fucked up demo 9 will sound, i love it!


1.     Entrance into Winternight's Kingdom        
2.     Sad Eyes of the Dead Raven        
3.     When Horns of the Goat Lacerate Christian Flesh        
4.     The Inverted Crucifixion        
5.     When Only Darkness Remains        
6.     Buried, Scourged and Forever Convulsed    

An obvious tip here but if you can buy this re release! Superb quality!

Man Gremmes Kan - On a Pulpit of Souls

Here we have the debut demo of Man Gremmes Kan (released almost exactly a  year ago) and i can say easliy that i was more then satisfied!

 Besides the obvious Norwegian black metal sounding songs it inherits much wider aspect of Nordic inspirations, it is a tight and almost majestic production and the songs muscles up into infernos of war and tragedies! The compositions is varied and dramatic & the vocals is perhaps the best of it all!  It screams and gnarls and barks like a rabid & burned soul... It kind of feels like a soundtrack to a king gone mad inside its own kingdom... No doubt in this voice.
Both grand & oppressive!
Riffs is both aggressive and melodic just they way i like it!

All songs is great but i choose 2,4,5.

And this greatness is no big surprise when one digs into the background of Venomenon because he has been active in bands like Manifestation, Nàttsòl, Sectumsempra, Ragnarok (live), Infernal Affinity, ex-The Deviant, ex-Graabein... and now he is no longer a one man band either with the new member Neievrut on Guitars (Ljå, ex-Knøfflihei).

It is safe to say one longs after the coming stuff from Man Gremmes Kan now!!

Track list:
1.     To Bear False Witness (When Mecca Burns)   
2.     Our Genocide God        
3.     Vaar Tornekrone        
4.     World Turned to Ash        
5.     Om Blekes Fall         
6.     On a Pulpit of Souls

Released on Glorious North Productions

onsdag 18 juni 2014

Unaussprechlichen Kulten - Baphomet Pan Shub-Niggurath

I have known the existence of this horde for quite a while but never got around
to give them a proper spin but after i saw this third full album "Baphomet Pan Shub-Niggurath"
 with the artwork of Daniel Corcuera i was spellbound!

As i started to listen the key-shaped pieces started to fall into place as i realized that
this "kult" is devotees to the deeper layers of Lovecraftian worship and as well as some kneeling for the great Ea...obvious.

It is surly a dripping and grueling slab of songs thats infesting on this "gift", it runs mostly in evil mid tempo
  but more them often it speeds up like an octopus on fire and as well it slows down to a doom filled cavity.
...Death fills the room as well as other unimaginable dimensional beings...

The compositions is filled with neat stuff that will keep your ears on its toes, they are good at building
tension which is a must for this kind of horrorish rituals.
Vocals is pretty deep slimy growlings which again is very fitting the purpose here.
And as i mentioned the lyrics is much based on H.P. Lovecraft so if one like to dissect them there is
much to find here.

My song picks would be track 4,5 & 8 but this album feels more like one big work (or maybe two) so it
feels a little wrong to pick some out.

Great album that also grows better by time, and i am extra happy that i finally listen to them because
now i have like four demos, one Ep, two splits and two albums more to look forward to!!

Track list:
Side A
1. Prologue
2. The Hooded Baphomet Bleated
3. La recta provincia
4. Yogge-Sothothe
5. Ceremony of Belial
Side B
6. Kadath in the Cold Waste
7. Nomen Mysticum
8. Spirals of Acrid Smoke
9. Epilogie
Out on: Iron Bonehead Productions
Dark Decent & Fornikator Productions

tisdag 17 juni 2014

Army of Helvete Interview!

1. Hails! 
How is your day? 
And how goes the work on the second demo? Has it been given a name and release date?

- Mephisto: Hail! It seems a good day since now… I hope that will finish like is now. It goes well: all members are working hard on it and I have the impression that we are more motivated than the first; about the info on the second demo I can say that it will be themed only about biological warfare, a virtually apocalyptic kind of massive extermination not much used ( I think) in this genre of music. For the release date I can’t say it ( probably this year if all goes for the right way) but I can say how it will be called: his name will be “Artificial Pandemia”. 

- Morgoth: Hail! The day was not too bad. We started to work on the second demo few weeks ago! In my opinion we need to leave our past lyrics and working on new real aggressive and hateful themes… I think this new way is the real concept of AOH horde. I’m proud to make a second demo that we will entitle as “Artificial pandemia”.

2. As you are a fairly fresh horde how did you all wind up together? 
And was your intentions for the band set in stone from the start?

- Mephisto: Since the new formation in 2013 we had found finally a stable squad: the will to work on AOH project is high like never before; taking a total different way from the beginning, when we wanted to make an Old School Black Metal band, we are marching all together on a wave of aggressive and warmonger music that want to sing the praises of most extreme kinds of war and destruction. 
This process will be evident on the future releases, starting with “Artificial Pandemia”. 

- Morgoth: No more words need to be added. Mephisto said all!

3. What bands pushed you in this direction of musical madness?

- Mephisto: Band that influences our works ( mainly those we are working now) are, I think, Diocletian, Teitanblood, Goatpenis and, more for lyrics than sound, Blasphemophagher: from first three bands we take inspiration for heavy and aggressive sounds and from Blasphemophagher personally I take the way of lyrics that combine massive destruction and total madness. 

- Morgoth: I like too much Black/Death metal and War metal bands but I reveal a great passion also for hardcore (NO METALCORE). I don’t want to make a list because my personal creations of AOH music (Desecrator and me are the makers) are influenced by no specific bands.

4.The first demo "The Age of Nucleares" that you released contained two covers & two original songs the "Blood Squirting Madonna " & "Morte!", can you describe your own two debut tracks?

- Mephisto: Sure.“Blood Squirting Madonna” was a concept born to take into the extreme the will to offend a main character of the weak Christian faith: I think that the idea to kill the not even born Jesus kicking and punching his mother since death is a noticeable peak of desecration well mixed with our themes of physical violence and aggression. “Morte!” is simply the Italian translate of “Death!”: is an hymn dedicate to the Death both like fourth Apocalypse Knight and like the ultimate force that kill all… simply and raw.

5.In the beginning you had a cool old school logo but for your second creation that got out in 2013 you transformed it into a mean & clean militant logo, what was the thoughts behind that & who created them by the way?   

- Mephisto: For answer this question I reclaim what I’ve said on the second point: also the logos difference represent the drastic changing that is happening into the band becoming from desecration and more demoniac music to a total militant and warlike Black Metal. 
About the creation of logos, I can say that they are totally AOH own made: I had made the first logo whereas Morgoth and Desecrator and Bio-Murderer made the last. 

- Morgoth: The first logo was old and raw as our past music! 
Now, we are working for clean, violent and brutal music, so it’s necessary to make a new logo that describe us like a militant warmonger band! In my opinion, a good and coincided logo is the first step to fuel us and make better music!

6. Please introduce the members thats in the Army of Helvete!  

- Mephisto: AOH consist of four members: me ( Mephisto) on vocals and lyrics, Morgoth on drums, Desecrator at guitars and Bio-Murderer ( ex Progeny of Nuclear Abomination) at bass… together allied since 2011.

7. How did you three bands end up doing in the split (well know for rawwar readers by now) "Umbral Regnum" which is also Army of Helvetes second release.

- Mephisto: The history of “Umbral Regnum” started when we was contacted by Drakkon of Sacrificio Sumerio horde that want to give us the chance of make a split with his band: it was an honor for us that a band from other side of the world ask to us to have a production with them; since this moment, we have worked hard and fast on our tracks ( “Legion”, “Maelstromageddon” and Venom cover “Leviathan”) and, during the beginning of this work, we had known that Ordnung was added at the split. What can I say? In this split we had hold the banner of our nation and we hope to have done this as best as we can. 

- Morgoth: Drakkon had the first idea about the split (as I know) and propose it to Mephisto. Days after, me, Drakkon and Bismarck talked about it and, in a short range of time, we made it. No fucking rip off! Real musical madness moved only by passion and ideas! Greetings and thanks to Drakkon and a special hail to Bismarck… Recover fast yourself, bro!

 8. Can you recommend some active Italian black metal bands?

- Mephisto: Surely, if they was active now, I recommend you Blasphemophagher… best Black Death Metal band that was in Italy I think. Of active italic hordes I like very much Noctifer, In League with Satan and a satanic legion that is going straight like a panzer in this years: Kurgaall from North Italy. 

- Morgoth: Imposer, Kurgaall, Voids Of Vomit and so on…

9.I saw your long-sleeved shirt merch which looked neat, will there be some new similar stuff coming out for your next outing?

- Mephisto: Yes… but is not into the primary objectives of the band now. Maybe, after the arrive of “Artificial Pandemia”, we will made a Bioterrorism themed combat suit… just to be hateful. 

- Morgoth: I don’t know if we will produce new clothing merchandise in this/next year. We are really focused on Artificial pandemia that the other things are all secondary! However we try to produce merchandise everytime it’s possible!

10. Well thanks for now and best of luck in the future! 
You got the last word.    

- Mephisto: Kill the weak: they are stealing your own oxygen. Greetings 

- Morgoth: Support world decimation! Only the elite must live! Greetings from Rome