måndag 30 mars 2015

Embrional Interview!

1.Greetings & welcome to the courtyard of RAW WAR! 
First i want to congratulate on the new album!

- Hi, great thanks for your interest in Embrional’s music and the opportunity to speak on the pages of RAW WAR! We must admit, immodestly, that music of our new offspring has met our expectations. It is, in fact, not only dirty and full of tar but also clear, heavy and dark at the same time…
 Our joy is even greater that the record has been receiving very positive feedback from listeners all over the world. Now is the time to introduce ourselves to the readers of your webzine.

2.How was the the thought process when starting creating this very album? 
Was there something specific you wanted to portray from start or did it evolve under time? 

- When it comes to the content of the album, the whole material had formed for two years and evolved constantly with us,. When we created the tracks we had no clue what they would be like in final form. Some of them are mutual ideas, which emerged from improvisations at rehearsals, and the rest was a conscious and premeditated work. Kamil brought some rhythms for which we assembled some tunes, and the other way round. We enjoy every note of the material . It was precious for us to achieve abrupt plot twists of the songs in order to directly influence listener’s mood and imagination.
The Devil Inside is sultry, grim and sometimes depressing… Many songs from the album reflect our, not always pleasant, state of spirit. It is a very honest record for which we have prepared quite long.

3.Compared to your first firm full length out in 2012 the "Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors" this new album seems both richer in the Embrional soul and more "play full" without disregarding origins i think. How would you review it nowadays?  

- AAHB is certainly different from the current record and it is what we consciously aimed at. We learn all the time, develop and search for our own path… We work hard to serve music that is intriguing and stimulating for imagination of our listeners… 
This is what art and its beauty are all about. We love playing with music as a way of self expression. Of course, we are not indifferent to AAHB, but still it is history which produced positive conclusions. Comparing the two albums one can hear considerable progress, new ideas, sprouting own style. The bar is set high but we love challenges

 4.As you already know the new band photo with the mask & scythe is a very eye catching photo that i think will suck in new listeners and get back old ones. How was the photo shoot and who did it with you?

- All photo credits go to Semen Turkowski who did everything with very professional attitude. Ideas for shots and paraphernalia were born live with no special preparation. It was supposed to be raw, without unnecessary cosmetic treatment. First of all, atmosphere of the picture was supposed to suit the album, which went perfect. In the photo Kamil, our drummer, wearing the mask wields the scythe, the rest of the squad stay in background hehe. To be honest, atmosphere of the music and the place of the photo shoot fit perfectly, yet it is a coincidence. 
The place is really possessed and tells some story… It carried us away along with the photographer and, well, the results were surprising. Another surprise is our first official video clip that is going to show a little bit different attitude to picture than what is spat out in the Internet. I think that the final results will surprise you either.

 5.Well this comes natural talking about that photo, tell me about the small limited versions of that mask/skull.Really evil & petite! hehe 
Some 3D machine did it?
- The limited version came from some of labels (Godz ov War and Third Eye Temple) in an amount of 100 copies. It was supposed to be something rare and exclusive for the first 100 people who are interested in our history. We have the mask, made by our friend (cover illustrator since Annihilation demo album 2007), that we use at concerts, photo shoots and wherever possible. It is kind of a mascot like the zombies from Iron Maiden. Since it is a symbol of our band, something precious and symbolic, we decided to share it with our listeners by giving them a miniature clone on the album’s cover. 

I believe, the idea is not bad as they have sold very quickly, and the owners enjoy having something precious.The mask was scanned and printed by Marek Gromada at his GROMAR3D studio. 
We are planning on shooting “the making of” and you will be able to see how the clones of evil arose. 

 6.How was last years gigs for you? disasters? victories?

 - Well, year 2014 was not abundant with gigs due to perturbations in lineup. We had trouble finding new bassist. When we finally succeeded in finding a proper person, the first gig with Gorguts and the new lineup was called off. We played one concert (quite a good one) in August at a festival in Pyskowice (PL). Unfortunately, at the end of August Kamil, our drummer had a bad bike accident, which totally eliminated us from any live activity until further notice.

7.I might missed it but did there come any new merch with the release of The Devil Inside?

 - Of course, we are planning on releasing new t-shirts and sweatshirts. We already have demonstrative graphics from Mentalporn, so they will be available soon on our page. Keychains, pendants and other rubbish are of no interest to us, so we are not going to make them.

8.Going back to the album content can you tell something about the lyrics of the songs 910 & Whores, Drugs and Brain Dead? 

- Song name „910” relates to the story of an American sect, whose creator and leader was James Warren ‘Jim’ Jones. In 1978 910 believers committed mass suicide… Of course, it does not mean that we glorify such acts, we only show human inclination towards manipulation and its outcome. Psychologically based phenomenon of the story is that blindness and faith in words of the ‘godly’ mentor led to mass slaughter of the followers, despite the fact that they could quit the gathering any time. The story fits any fanatic form of worship in today’s world… The problem is omnipresent and dangerous… It is an act of evil in the purest form… Abominable but fascinating, isn’t it?
When it comes to song entitled Whores, Drugs and Brain Dead… well, there were no pompous ideas behind it, hehe. One day, at one of alcohol parties we watched horrors of 70’s and 80’s , The Brain Dead among others. The evening was fun and I came up with an idea to write down a few words to commemorate the event. In this lyric human being was treated in a vulgar, soulless and dispassionate way, because generally, death of an individual from the margins of society is not even counted in statistics. It is our reflection concerning value of life that all people make so much fuss about, but in the end, apart from our family and closest friends, we end up being forgotten.

9.So how looks the rest of this years plans look like? Gigs? some new split?  

- Well, as I mentioned earlier, our live activity is kind of suspended, so we cannot promise anything, but we would really like to show our new material on stage! 
We are not idle, though. We, that is guitars, meet regularly at rehearsals and practice to be ready for a precise strike when Kamil recovers. Despite appearances the material is very difficult and we want to be well prepared, so we do not suffer from boredom. 

We have already been thinking about a successor of The Devil Inside, but without the core, that is Kamil, his ingenious mind and skills, it gets complicated and will surely delay. We hope that the situation will stabilize soon. In the near future LP and the video clip will come out. What’s next? We do not know for the time being…
 10.Thanks for your time answering this little interrogation.
 Last slice is yours!

- Thanks for the interesting questions. As for me, I would like to encourage readers who have not heard about us yet, and who came across this interview, to listen to what we have created. 
You can buy it directly from us via e-mail or from OLD TEMPLE REC. 


That would be all.
Marcin & Embrional


söndag 29 mars 2015

Stormstone - Heirs of All Fights

From Spain it comes with great wrath!

The tyrant and only master of Stormstone is Erun who has been active in the field of  dusty black metal and pagan sorcery for around 20 years, you can find him in bands like Hrizg, Briargh. Deamonlord, Wolfthrone and many more.

For as far as i know this is the debut release for Stormstone and from what i can hear i would like for it
to continue to flourish because its a well made solid mid-tempo medieval black metal slab of music!

Sure you have heard it before in many ways but after listening to it a couple of times it grows pretty strong and some parts have splendid compositions and fitting dramatics that makes this stand out!

The riffings are both grand and dark in a straight forward primitive fashion that suits this mission just right. drums are mixed good strong without overpowering and the tasteful keyboards are well used. Especially this can be heard in track three (best track if you ask me!) where it heightens the feeling of doom and bloodshed of that unavoidable end. A certain melancholy is running through out it all and the mid-harsh vocals underline this nicely. It is sung in English which works of course but i am also interested to hear him sing through his mothers language....

It is quite gloomy but at the same time quite epic and one can feel the old winds of warriors on their way to the battlefield.
All in all a enjoyable and solid album in this traditional type of black metal.

Released by the Lower Silesian Stronghold!

Track list:

1.     The Glorious Storm        
2.     Clash of the Gods        
3.     Unleashed Hate        
4.     Cryhavoc of Northern Iberia        
5.     Black Woods

måndag 23 mars 2015

Deep Dark Forest - Demo 2015

From dark side of Mexico comes the first gloomy demo from Deep Dark Forest!
With a flair for romance of the lost dark empire this release opens up with an eerie
intro that makes a nice start for this primal debut.

First real song "Sangre & Honor" is the best also with quite strong melodic composed parts reminiscent of early Satanic Warmaster and some Drowning the Light. Dark forgotten dreams of a grand past.

All songs keeps inside this raw bunker style with venomous intent, the production is ok for a demo with both hearable instruments & the necro aura intact. The drooling vocals could be a bit higher but not much.
I look forward the their future music because i feel they can bloom out much more.

Fans of  hateful raw black metal should take a taste of this!
A taste of murky blood and cold skies unfolds!

A extra plus for the good overall package design!

Track list:

1.     Intro        
2.     Sangre & Honor        
3.     Mi Tierra        
4.     Lluvia Negra

lördag 14 mars 2015

Eternal Armageddon - Black Trash Bastards

This is the second and updated demo from the Bangladesh based horde Eternal Armageddon, what we find here is a rehearsal sounding demo which by nature includes a organic live vibe and a bit distant sounding which is nice but it somewhat clips my wings to really dig deep into their music.... but that i guess will changed for a possible Ep or full length release.

Their blackened thrash metal is old school (80´s) sounding and also includes a clear rock vain that helps the headbanging to be resurrected, the 4 songs here (the fifth is a Sodom cover) have quite dark cellar sound to it and many parts of the tracks have a certain playfulness which includes nice tempo changes and unorthodox fits like the end of "Satanic Whispers" with its solo bass interlude.

I am optimistic about the bands direction and personal quirks and as long as they continue to create their hymns they will conjure better and better stuff for sure.
Keep an rotting eye open!

Riffing violence and putrid screams !

Track list:

Darkness Shalt Reign (Intro)
Hate Reincarnated
Black Thrash Bastards
Satanic Whispers
Blasphemer (Sodom cover)

onsdag 11 mars 2015

RAW WAR #3 -coming out soon-

Here is some photos again on the first test print plus photos (deluxe version) on the posters, the cd bonus is also soon finished.
Also a regular binding with regular price (6-7 euros plus shipping) will be posted photos of soon.

torsdag 5 mars 2015

Jarnvidr - Landzplågor

Here we have the second full length from the Swedish Jarnvidr!

This is the first time i come in contact with their music so i cant compare to the earlier work (3 demos, 1 album) but what i can say is that this is like good cold storm attack!

It would be wrong to say this material is raw & primitive rather then raw & cultivated... even as the sound is necro in some ways the production is well balanced and strong & avoids becoming some thin buzzing meadow without a spine and they have interest in melodies...in the best sense that is!

By the "cultivated " i mean that the compositions has its legs in both a personal evolved state and in its old & dark Nordic soul. Aggressive but with a flair of ancient gloom. And the lyrical themes has also interest in  Swedish history/Folklore.

Winds from old times (and i mean older then our modern times!) is soaring and plowing through out (as an example) Jarnvidrs veins like the Gryningsräd (fans of Likvann should like this by the way.) & Vapenoffer!
There is some eccentric taste in intermissions/intro/outros with the quite positive sounding acoustic intro to the cheery military march outro on track 6, all considered this creates a solid persona and i feel that this band will not just be quickly forgotten and buried like so many other bands in this territory.

This release should/could be enjoyed by most BM minions  as i see/hear it!

An all around strong album with no fillers and no excuses.

The cd is released by the great Fallen Temple!

Track list:

1.     Salutation
2.     Der Hammer     
3.     Längs midnattens stråk     
4.     Ett brinnande hat som aldrig slocknar    
5.     Gryningsräd     
6.     Vapenoffer     
7.     För tvedräkt och uppror    
8.     I förbund med makterna         
9.     Edsvuren

måndag 2 mars 2015

Auztaroth Interview

1.Hails Auztaroth D. Dragon!
How is your day?

- I am perfectly fine, thank you!
And I thank you also for giving me space for my work!

2.Let start of with the usual question about
 who you are and when & why you started this band entity?

- My name is Alfredo, and I am Brazilian.
I started in November 2014 this band called Auztaroth, which
 is my particular solo project. My AKA is Auztaroth D. Dragon.
 I started in a single day, talking to my wife. I have other
bands, including Black, Viking and Folk. She said that in addition
 to bands that had already, why not create something according to
my personality and tastes? Something only mine, to show the content
 of what I am, and taste.
So I thought to do many things, until the
 idea of Orchestral Dark Ambient worked very well, so I put forward
the Auztaroth, and I'm really happy with it!

3.What is your first release and can you describe your thoughts behind its creation?

- In fact, my first release is a tribute to the series that I really like!
 The album is free, and is called DARK TALES FROM IMAGINATIONS.
In this album I tribute to renowned titles such as Harry Potter,
Lord of the Rings, Castlevania, Zelda, and others.
What I think about this album?
I believe just what are my sincere views and heart on each series, showing my admiration!

4.I saw something about a split soon coming out?
With which band do you split with?

- In March I will be releasing an album-split with Almofar,
Epic Dungeon Dark Ambient Argentina. This split, I consider
 another work demonstrating a loyal friendship. Unsilent, besides
 being a brother, was very supportive at first. And we already had
 ideas to make a split ... Just did not have a fixed idea about what to do.
 After a while, we talked more and decided to make the album
We approach the classical theme of the dangers of great
voyages during the Modern Age. Almofar contains a song, and I am conducting
 four songs. I honestly can not wait to launch this album-split.
Will be in DVD digipack A5.

5.I see you have a firm grasp on your visual directions, can you please tell
 something about the visual artistic ideas?

- I've been practicing for many years to visual art. To my every project I do a
 different type of image. For Auztaroth, I thought about doing epic, beautiful,
 classic images, trying to maintain the authenticity and essence of the modern age.
 For now I have worked in old boats images, Victorian Gothic images, autumn
 mountains. Always keeping golden brown accent colors. But is not always so.
 Here in Brazil it's summer right now, and the next season will come the autumn.
 The golden brown is a typical color of autumn.
When the autumn, I'll start making music with winter themes.
That is, depending on the season as I'm living, I'm always
 thinking about the future composing station.
That is, the next it will be winter, I will use black, white and gray. Classical to Dark
Ambient mode. I'm still wondering if I will use Black Metal in the middle.

6.How do you vision Auztaroth to be in say like 5-10 years from now?

- Difficult to answer this HAHA!
I'm married, and I want to have children! The least we can say is that I will be making
 music with the same love that I have my family I love very much.
But trying to answer ... Success is good?
 Yes, it's good, but it is only a consequence. I just want to make music
using my feeling. It may happen one day Auztaroth end up becoming a Raw Black Metal,
 do not know the future. But my main intention is to never stop the music.

7.How are the musical landscape where you live? Are the many other bands active
now that one should know about?

- I will answer in two options. About my country, Brazil, there are many, many bands it.
 Since metal to the environment. There are GREAT bands, but also there are bands
 that do not appreciate. But I'm proud of my country. About my city, the bands here
 are very hardworking ... All try their way to make your job. Like all I know here.
 Now the public in my city, sad to say this, but they are not united. I try to do
my part, but unfortunately can not possibly please everyone.

8.Are you active in some other band?

- I own the Warlord, Viking Metal


and I'm standing on a project called Ars Goetia, Symphonic Black Metal

( https://www.facebook.com/arsgoetiabr?fref=ts).

 Ars Goetia has my wife and I doing the songs, but walked out of time for that.
 I am also on a project called Karkav, Folk / Viking Metal. We have no page yet.
 The band consists of me, and my dear friend from Argentina, called Funes.

9.I saw some nice t-shirt merch etc, where should one turn to if one
like to buy something from Auztaroth?

To acquire Materials Auztaroth, it follows the links below:

Facebook Official: https://www.facebook.com/auztaroth1269?fref=ts
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alfredo.annie
E-Mail: auztaroth-ws@outlook.com
Panzer Records:

Winterwolf Records:


To purchase SHIRTS and MATERIALS LIMITED, only by Facebook Official of Auztaroth.

10.Thanks for your time & good luck with all!

- I should give thanks.
Warriors, never give up. And also my beloved family, mother, and wife, and friends!

All Hail!

Here is the cover of the second album!