torsdag 13 december 2018

Megalith Grave & Wolve´s Winter tape pre-orders!

So finally these 2 releases are in the factory which means its a good time to 
open up the pre orders!

mail me on : to secure your copies.

7 euros each //// 50 copies produced on each release.

Megalith Grave (raw cryptic black metal from the States, 4 new tracks)
no teaser clip on this

Wolve´s Winter (Grand melodic black metal from Argentina with a Finnish flair)

click for larger view

torsdag 15 november 2018

New TC Tapes out!

Here is a flyer for the 2 newest titles from Triumphant Cadaver.
7 euros each /// 5 euros shipping( no tracking) for one or two tapes .(with tracking its 10 euro)
mail me to get your copies!

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tisdag 16 oktober 2018

söndag 14 oktober 2018

Odvas / Perceneus split

Here is the third release from the atmospheric Dungeon synth project Odvas and as last time its through a split tape, last time it was with Etheral Mist which i already knew (same dude from Entsetzlich etc) but on this new split i have no previous knowledge of Odvas split partner Perceneus so we´ll see what i think of that track in a bit....

Anyways Odvas starts of this journey with a long (around 14 minutes) dark and "airy" feeling song which works in 3-4 layers of details, besides the almost moody air booming a top over your head lighter tones also shines beneath plus some gnarly cracks and chews comes in and out almost sounding like a mix of an animal chewing on bones and you stepping on dry branches...hehe.
It works as an grand overture of a track like an outro from some major dramatic battle.

Good as before in other words! As it feels like a story has ended here i feel next chapter will bring some new interesting experience.

Ok so over to the next and to me unknown band Perceneus.....

....From the start its clear this side is more a industrial noisy with a horrorish flair, rotating sounds both like some old factory machines and some high pitch spectral banchees swooping in and around from start to finish. This is more like a track aiming to sound like some state of mind rather then to tell a story which is fine of course and it for sure makes both tape sides stand out from each other.

This one ticks in on about 15 minutes and it ends just as one feels that it is time to end haha !
(To be clear each band has one long song each.)

After some quick research i found this band has like 3-4 other releases including a 12" from Viva Angel Press. (China)

Released by Far From... Records

onsdag 3 oktober 2018

Mavorim / Totenwache - Verbrannte Erde

From the noble Germany comes two relative new dark forces in a combined hell carrion!

Mavorim that starts this split is a new existence for me (but been active since 2014) but with that very nice atmospheric intro track i was ready for them or should i say him(P.) as its a one man band.
What plays out infront my apparition is a mid-tempo melancholic but proud black metal with a hint of pagan sensibilities, clean production but organic and vocals is fittingly harsh and brings my thoughts a bit to Blutkult and similar "über  Germanic" bands other words i like it!
Good  songs with just enough compositions and dramatics to fit inside the 6-8 minutes songs.


Now over to Totenwache which i am more familiar with as i reviewed their Ursprung demo last year....that demo gave a good first impression on me so this split was more then intriguing for me to hear. And to not beat around the bush they have delivered a great 2-song delivery here, much of what i liked on the demo they have built upon and i feel they will only go from strenght to strenght in the future. Good melodies, build ups and atmospheres flows through out their music. (feels a bit inspired by Sargeist -Let the Devil in era)

 Grim & Galiant!

Also often with splits you feel this side or that side is best but this time its hard to pick which band material i enjoy the most...

A split worthy of getting!


1.     Mavorim - Intro     01:18    
2.     Mavorim - Krieger, voran!     06:41    
3.     Mavorim - Ein ewiges Leben     07:47    
4.     Totenwache - Säuberung     08:02    
5.     Totenwache - Treacherous Sorcery     05:45    
6.     Totenwache - Outro     01:27    

Selfrelease, contact the band to seccure your copy!

Triumphant Cadaver release #5

Cosmic Funeral - Lucifer Excelsius (2 track EP / 10 min)

(Thunderous Black metal from Turkey / 2015)
 limited to 50 copies
--- 3 euros ---

There is still tapes left from the Vore (7 euro) release so if you have not that insane creation a perfect combo would be then to combine with CF for a total of 15 euros (including standard shipping)

click for larger picture

onsdag 5 september 2018

New Vore tape out on TC!

NEW tape finally out!

Triumphant Cadaver release #4 : VORE - Elephant! (also in Vfanhthore) ---

Mail me to snatch a copy! ***

fredag 24 augusti 2018

Dieblod / Vrag

From  Eternally Cold Records comes a split with one band thats been active in almost 20 years (Vrag) and another around 2 years...both from Australia.

First of we have Dieblod, really raw sound which suits its mental breakdowns and moon howlings, melancholic guitar pickings works as a backbone to the bleak psychotic vocals that screams and howls....feels like this soul want to be invited to Midian (where the monsters live)
The musical structures is preety loose with the vocalist floating above it letting its own impulses roam free...mid tempo to slow pondering parts float in & out the tracks which in the end as a whole
feels like black brain prison.  Pretty helpless feeling....
Reminds me a bit of Vetala or Mons Veneris and the alike. Good stuff!

I cant really remember if or when i heard anything from Vrag before even though they been activ for so long...Hmm strange...either way they play compared to Dieblod in a more structured fashion and has a nice bass drenched sound, mid tempo nastyness with evil echoing vocals. Good cold atmosphere is a overall coating through out these three songs.
And as you see the song title like "Hallucination" there is some surreal nightmarish bits here and there, i get a bit of French black metal feel which is not a bad thing in my book.
Also some nice untraditional compositions sneaks in towards the end  which works great....Great murky BM with a mental twist on the side.

Solid split...or "solid" is perhaps the wrong word to use here as both parts is in a more or less state of personal dissolvement.... get it if you can and if it sounds like something for you.

Released as i already wrote by Eternally Cold Records and the link to them is:

Track list:
Side A - Dieblod
1.     Dieblod - Knowledge of the Six Moons        
2.     Dieblod - Forbidden Keys of Torment        
3.     Dieblod - Ancient Curse of Khentika Ikhekhi        
Side B - Vrag
4.     Vrag - Pilate        
5.     Vrag - Wells of Moonlight        
6.     Vrag - Hallucination

also regarding the cover art/design i think only Dieblods tracks has anything to do with it.

onsdag 22 augusti 2018

Vorus - Inflicted Sufferance

I remember liking the first demo "Chamber of Laments" from last year even if it was a straight up traditional death metal with legs in both the past and present, it was a enough solid start to make me sit i got this latest demo to review and damn this is a big step up!

One thing to know is between the first demo and this they have released an full album and a split (which i have not heard) so they have for sure sculpted their craft quite a bit this year...and it shows!

The things i found rising this up from the early material is all their extra and somewhat unexpected inclusions (it is not avantgarde DM haha luckely but it has its own personality carved into the ugly deathscapes) in the song structures and dynamics. (and a extra plus for the strong bass lines through out) The production sounds like a a clean rehearsal  take which works fine for a demo, nice touch with a reverb on the grunting vocals for the added sepulcral morbidity.

These three songs has venom and musicality (not dragging caveman slow death and not blasting fast  away but it has good diverse semi fast style with a heavy dark layer) to make it stand above the shore line, their death metal has a quite international sound to it (band from Romania) i feel so it should please dead heads from all corners of the earth.

...hmmm now if the album has this quality i feel strongly that i have to hunt it down! NOW!


1.     Inflicted Sufferance     04:48      
2.     Self Comatose State     05:22      
3.     Ravagers of the Earth     04:57    

Released by :
Traumatic Records

TC Update!

måndag 20 augusti 2018

RAW WAR #4 -Serpent Hell- Is out!

Latest issue of my RAW WAR zine is now out through DTB/M.O.D, it is A4 pro printed 136 pages & interviews with : Vargrav, Blood Tyrant, Morgal, U.V.S.S., Ordem Satanica, Immatura Morte, Medieval Demon, Varulv, Vore, Spectral Kingdom, Ifernach, Todeszone, Swamp Temple, Svatan, Yohualli Checatl, Forgotten Soul, Funerary Temple, Megalith Grave, Inferno Requiem, Total Inferno, Rapid, High Command, Ensepulcher. (Plus Reviews!)


lördag 4 augusti 2018

Entsetzlich - Tormentous Lamentations

I think it was around five years ago we had a full album from this Australian morbidus...i almost wrote Ep to this new one as it is a bit on short side as an "full album" but whatever it is nice to have new release out from Entsetzlich eitherway.

This time around Azathoths creation was released by the sadistic Danish people at Skjold! Yeah so if you got a copy consider you lucky or a monitoring-slave hehe.

So what do we get here this time around?

Compared to previous album Eternal Funeral Cries i feel this new one is a bit deeper down into the cemetery grounds, a bit muddier and ...calmer is perhaps wrong word but it has a more  lifeless atmosphere like the last hours of an old specter.... taking slow steps down into its demise.
Accepting its soon to be ended cycle of existence.
Tunes for the putrid and mouldy chambers of nothingness.

And as before the music of Entsetzlich is raw and almost deconstructed, more or less improvised buzzy guitars  and drumplay similar to a slow carcrash hehe so yeah not much of solid frames here but it is a familiar playground for the main man and it is used accordingly.

Ugly and anti streams flow from start to finish, also i nice inclusion is the dungeon synth tracks on the b-side. Vampyr feelings galore i can assure. A Very nice and fitting conclusion of this Tormentous Lamentations album.

Limited Standard version


Side A - Side Torment
1.     Spectral Faces in the Swirling Pale Mist     12:30      
2.     Broken Oaths & Chaos Omens (A Futile Existence) 04:44
Side B - Side Lament
3.     The Cursed Mausoleum that Plagues my Dreams     04:39    
4.     Channelling Spirits to Seek their Communion     09:42    

Even more limited Special version

måndag 9 juli 2018

Giboraltar - Lichtgeburt

Next year is the 10th anniversary on this obscure gem!

This 2 (pictures of 3 persons in the booklet though) member band from Chile plays a forceful in your face raw heathen black metal with a nice dose of atmosphere, Straight away when you press play it attacks! Makes your blood boil!
Quite extreme in production regarding putting most levels high in the front of the mix and this combined with the brutal harsh vocals makes it unavoidable to escape hahah.
 More or less familiar northen guitar melodies (proud and  harsh) but at the same time they make them their own, drums is more in the back but audiable just enough to work as a good rythmic fondation.

Vocals and mix remind me a bit of Immatura Morte which in my book is something very possitive.

Dont know why this band has not released any more material after this and it is a shame as it would be much interesting to see what they would have create after this delighful debut!

Oppressive and raw release that should be more know i think, nothing new or so but just a fierce solid black metal record that holds the test of time (well 10 years is maby not so long time but you get what i mean.)

Time for a re-release is feel!

Track list:

1.     I, Key Made Flesh     02:15    
2.     Eine andere Drehung des Rades     01:50    
3.     Riding Between the Mist     02:50    
4.     At the Gates of the Blazing Sudpolar Circle     02:54    
5.     Gathered in the Vision of the Black Sun     03:04    
6.     Gesang der Wanderer in der Morgenröte     01:10    
7.     In the Trance of the Green Path and the Other Light     03:01    

Released by      Frenteuropa Records

söndag 8 juli 2018

Ethereal Mist / Odvas

 Here we have a new delivery from the ambient/atmospheric entity called Odvas, like last time (check link at the bottom for review on the first tape) we get put on a plane of both distant hostile vibrations and close spiritual ambiguity...a bit like hovering inbetween layers of existence, is it the past life that send up aggravating sentiments or is it from the coming place?

As before you get a well dramaturgical structured pieces that easily creates inner visions. I  look forward to coming  releases/segments of this ongoing journey... as it feels surley like a new chapter is around the corner.
Soothing and chilling stuff from Hungary.

Next up we is presented with new music from the Australian Ethereal Mist. (side project from a member of Entsetzlich, Kryptus)

 EM goes for a more clean synth dinner which is both a bit on the "spooky" side but mostly it goes for a distressful introspective sound dialogue, like inner argumentation morphed into synth tones.
Some sudden sounds here and there for good measure, the structure is dissolving more or less on its way and at times its testing your endurance haha.

A sold dark atmospheric split tape!

Track list:

Ethereal Mist side
- A drift in Death´s Gaze -

Odvas side
- Obscure Levitation -

 Released by :
Far From... Records

Past Odvas review:

tisdag 26 juni 2018

New Triumphant Cadaver tapes is on the way!

click for larger view

Häretischer Kreis 5 band-split tape

Take a sharp knife and prick your eardrum apart then pour this melted satanic tape into your brain!

Swine Soul

A raw sliding mental disaster but with good rythm and bestial blues
insane varied vocals, self destructive with a base of afterlife curiousness perhaps but
for sure there is a need of cracking open the physical body and leave this
flesh prison for whatever reason(not that it is hard to find reasons).
 a plus for the intense ending.

Immatura Morte

As i have been a fan of IM (Mexico) some years now i can still claim IM
has not lost its way or soften down, this perticular track
has an more somber and mid paced tempo with introspective lean...
but with fiery hights and lows, bleak and screachy raw. Another
cut in the idea of "self".
Good as always. If you have not listen to them make sure to look
 up their previous material also (well that goes for all bands here)


This is could be the most raw song productionwise...perhaps a rehearsal
but it serves as a good cloak for this unknow(to me) band to
strike out! it has a semi wall of noise in mid peace that hammers
on with a slight but nice use of melody, vocals has a very out spaced
echoing effect on it so the experience gets even more ghastly and
creates more levels down into the smog. some fitting keybords
shows up a bit into the whole blender. A surprising and interesting
song even if its nothing really new. Got me intrigued to look after more from
them.This has a sneaky but firm aura of doing great things in the future...


A melancholic but still barbaric raw black metal from Germany, screaching vocals
go well (as before) with the rest perhaps a bit more vicious (then before). Song goes
through some interesting variations, from attack to drowning then back....a bit more
mental then early songs which works great. Would be very interesting to see what they could do on a full album release.
A solid slab of evil meat!

Funerary Temple

Here is another band i have enjoyed quite a bit in the last say 2 years, the is second in line if you range ttem in rawness and also like  Xzælthu has some spacy effects on the vocals that make it sink deep in shit. Both traditional sound for the band and not... i like its very dissonant murky vvampyric sewer sound.
 A fitting and killing end of a great split-collection of current raw bm bands.

..............Hmmm  strange the music keeps on coming after the "last" song.....

Track list:

1.     Swine Soul - Violent Self-Spiraling Forever Towards Utter Oblivion        
2.     Immatura Morte - Exclamavit autem mortis vocat me et nigra ignis ante exitium est nomen         meum fatum est interis mors, dementiae et putridus        
3.     Xzælthu - Untitled        
4.     Gormanudr - Ages of Blood        
5.     Funerary Temple - Chanting Woes Through The Chambers of Flesh

Released by Hateworks (in conspiracy with Perverse Homage)

onsdag 13 juni 2018

New tape releases out now!

Fresh tapes is out now from my label Triumphant Cadaver!
Limited stock. 7 euros for one tape (shipping is 5 euros for both one and two tapes)
For order mail:

Hedendom sample:
Agalarieth sample:

lördag 12 maj 2018


So like a month or two ago i started a label called Triumphant Cadaver with mainly forcus on releasing raw and obscure (for some perhaps) black metal.
To pre order or order write to this mail:

Here is a flyer on two close coming titles
Click for larger pic

Here is the first release the latest Krypthall (few tapes left)

And here is two booked bands that which release info will be disclosed when the time is in

Soon info on release 6 will be official plus some secret releases as of now is being discussed about

Holokauston - Hymns For An Unavailing Tragedy

Ok it is not everyday that i review an BM band from India.....probably happened like twice in the past 5 years.... so i cant say i have a solid image what Indian BM is or sounds like which makes it a bit extra exotic bracing this band.

First this is i think the third release from the one man Lord Chaos (does it all) and my first reaction was "Hmmm this is pretty impressing!" also from what i understand this Lord is a young Lord...dont think he hat hit the big 20 yet so that makes this music even better. I was a retard that young and could never see me come up with this type of music.

The music is a semi raw & somber melodic black metal with a mix of traditional second wave Bm and some more long progressive (not Prog!) and quite personal compositions that does not feel ripped from the greats. Songs is between 5 to 10 minutes and during the individual playtimes much interesting atmospheres is building up.... both be a bit meditative and dark like a distant wrath looking down on life. Lyrics seems to be on the more pondering side rather then lashing out in hate.
Feels pretty mature...

Production is as good as it needs to be, all is audiable but organic, cold sharp guitars, dry varid drum patters mixed nicely in the back and some synths is used in a tasteful way, vocals is raspy and works fine. Feels pretty much like something that could be found in the 90´s UG, a bit Swedish, Norwegian and also a bit Greek sounding if one should pin point it some more.
Track list:
1.Pessimism I 08:53
2.Pessimism II 09:24
3.Pessimism III 10:24
4.Fists Of A Crusader 09:26
5.Ærie Descent (Thorns Cover) 04:59

I dont know if its release on physical format but here is the bandcamp page:

RAW WAR #4 .....Soon

This is the last month work on the fourth massive return issue of my RAW WAR-zine.
here is last flyer before the actual release flyer.
It will be Darker then Black label that will print and sell it, so it will pop up at MoD shop when its out.
click to see it larger

onsdag 9 maj 2018

Waffenträger Luzifers - Ten Years of Total Goat Worship

Last year this Germanian horde released their summarizing CD-hell of 10 years rizing the evil fires high!!
For those who have not come in contact with these maniacs they play in a manic satanic black metal with a heavy leaning towards the rythms of RAC/punk. Vocals are mental, shouty & spitting.

It is primal and stomping and hatefull, the nice thing with listening to a compilation like this in cronological order is to experience their evolution (well perhaps a bit grand word for this subject...)
The biggest jump in sound (not a big jump per se) is from the first and second release, first has the least black in it and it brings my thoughts a bit towards the Japanese band Antifeminist which is nothing bad but not Black metal, then with the riffs on 666 track on second release "Blasphemic hymns for the Horned one" just hits the head on the nail! Really  sharp and venomous and Thrashy (love this track!)
Then trough out all these twenty songs they they stick pretty much to their brand of manic hysterical primitive hymns, front line demonic party songs!

Production is good enough even on the live and rehearsal it sounds ok.

A must for the fans and for new ones it is a good place to start getting into this barbaric hell-club.


1.     Satan's Gift        
2.     All Power for Satan        
3.     666        
4.     Dämonen der Hölle        
5.     Satan's Terrorist        
6.     Bastard        
7.     Fear the Fury of Satan        
8.     Hail the Race of Satan        
9.     Thunderbelial (Heretic-Cover)        
10.     Rock for Satan        
11.     Tanks of Satan        
12.     Master Satan        
13.     Shut Up Bastard and Die        
14.     Slut of Hell (Bitch-Version)        
15.     Blood for Satan - Cut Your Flesh        
16.     Waffenträger Luzifers (Live)        
17.     Destroy (Live)        
18.     Satan Starts the War (Live)        
19.     New World Order (rehearsel-version)        
20.     The Blachk Cult Will Never Die (rehearsel-version)

Released by :
Totaldeath records and      Stunde des Ideals Produktionen

fredag 4 maj 2018

Funerary Temple / Nihil Invocation - Occult Longing for the Essence

First off the American one-man band Nihil Invocation starts with his slab of gloomy hatred, honestly i have not really grasped this bands funk as i have not heard enough from it, i think the only one was last years split with Nyctophilia which was the bands second release...soo here we are a bunch of releases into this bands life....and it is a good kick of pondering mid tempo illness, raw and organic sound with a nice dose of melancholic melodies (like track 2 which sounds a bit like old DTL).
Also from time to time i get a sense of deliberate deconstructing the compositions to i guess take the atmospheres into uncomfortable places...not in a big way but just enough.
A nice trio of songs that makes me want more.

For side-B we have of course the Australian band Funerary Temple and this band i know a bit more, as the first song hits i am in familiar but threatening territory. FT cranks the sound up some notches with its wall of noise and insanity.
They have from the get go another goal in mind compare to NI to simply climb up on your back and push you down into the swamp. If NI is on the fringe of insanity FT has jumped over the fence with a happy shout! It seems a bit improvised but it works just fine here, vocal shreiks float over the cacophonia as a mad man on the run.
It is not all loose around the frames though there are some enough focused patterns that underlines it all. Good shit!

Also plus to the nice tape layout.

Oops! Here you see the next tape review also hehe

Side A
1.     Nihil Invocation - Chaotic Forms Absorb Existence     04:32    
2.     Nihil Invocation - Darkness Entrenches My Being and I Become Whole     04:36    
3.     Nihil Invocation - Destructive Specters Beckon Steadily     03:39    
Side B
4.     Funerary Temple - Morbid Coffin Lust     04:25    
5.     Funerary Temple - Vessels of Blood for...     05:49    
      Total 23:01

Another solid and interesting raw split released from Hateworks!

torsdag 3 maj 2018

Oppressive Melancholy - Ascend to Nothingness

As the final tone has ended i feel a sense of sombre calm....and also a nice balance in this Eps overall feel, it has the introspective and slightly experimental compositions that the first release had combined with the second ones more straight barbaric black metal chugging....
....yeah i feel this release perhaps shows OMs top moment on what they are in this moment.
(i bet their sound will transform as time linger though)
, the one thing that has added on to their creation (as i hear it) is a sligthly harsher production and for me that only works in their favor.
Very nice textures.

As i said they mix their two first releases sound but they also do it in the best ways so that the dramaturgical journey works extra good. (holds well trough repeated listenings)

The vibe i get from this release is like you reunite two opposite forces or rather try to do so and from that the sudden clashes happens and thoughts comes falling after...a bit like a bleak argument taking place in musical form.

Another good release from the Finnish band Oppressive Melancholy! Easy recomendation!

Released by: Iron Scourge

Track list:

1.     Blind to Truth     04:44    
2.     Kasvot valheesta     07:09    
3.     Elämää suurempaa     06:13    
4.     Kuunympyrä     04:30    
5.     Manifestaatio     06:04    
      Total: 28:40 Oppressive

onsdag 25 april 2018

Blessmon - Imperial Hordes

Blessmon is from Austria and has been active for a good 18 years now and this is their third full length album.

For me this is probably the first time i hearing this band though...perhaps i have heard some from the first album from 2007 but if i did it did not make a strong impression....

Blessmon play in a cold and sombre mid-peace to fast 2nd wave black metal, no extra bells and whistles just straight evil darkness. Drums fly off with some blastings mixed with calmer patters, vocals is a bit obnoxious in the mix but works fine with its croaky declarations of war. The guitar is where the real gold is at! Almost all songs (first 6 is the strongest i think) have a bunch of strong and sweaping compositions that enhance the overall feel greatly!
 They have both an nostalgic bleak atmosphere and a oppressive nihilistic vibe. Top stuff!

Perhaps the only negative thing here is that it has no big personality to it as a whole, a bit like the cover art and logo looks like so you cant say you´d get fooled hehe.
Either way it has a bunch of strong material in it and i have no problems recommending it as long as you take it for what it is, a solid but traditional black metal played with a straight face. (with some splendid guitar parts!)

Besides the music this album seems like it is a kind of a WW1 concept album...i am no expert on that war but much indicates that this is the case which is a nice extra touch.

Released by : Total Death Records & Stunde des Ideals produktionen

Track list:

1.     Styrians Gloria     03:27    
2.     Blutzoll     03:25    
3.     Gasmaskrider     02:43    
4.     Bloodtrench     03:20    
5.     Eternal Dark Vision     01:44    
6.     The Death Rides In Flandern     05:01    
7.     White Death     03:09    
8.     Hell 1916     03:18    
9.     The Great Emperor     02:03    
10.     Trenchreaper     03:47    
11.     Grabengesang     01:07    
12.     Where The Corpses Lie     04:45    

lördag 3 mars 2018

Oppressive Melancholy

Time for a double review!
This time we head into the Finnish woods again for some experimental black metal!

This two-member band showed up with their debut release the album "I" in 2016 so it is a young band in this regard but it feels like they are not exactly new musical composers...

Anyways this first album "I" (fitting title as it sounds very introspective) is a very good debut in both personality and effectiveness, its experimental labeling comes i guess from their mix of clear and unusual sounds (from a synth i suppose) with the very abrasive raw, many has done this type of  frictional mash ups before but i feel MO do it good enough and in their own stylistic way.

Even if  like the drums are clearly programmed it does not take away from the overall experience, the different use of keyboard sounds is interesting and works well without becoming something overbearing. The ultra raw vocals are great and clashes nicely with the production, also aggressive and calm passages is intertwined good and gives the 45 minutes album the twists and hooks it needs to work all the way.

Bleak and harsh, good stuff!

Track list:
1.     Grandeur of Gold     02:40     
2.     Emptiness & Loss     05:55     
3.     Astuminen ikuisuuteen     04:23     
4.     Thorn's Embrace     05:14       instrumental
5.     Abysmal     05:31     
6.     Inner Self Torn     06:50     
7.     Dragon Spawn     02:02     
8.     Skyline, Red like Blood     04:55     
9.     Rememberance of Dark Past     05:03     
10.   Keskiyön aurinko     02:57       instrumental
        Total 45:30 

This was my introduction to the band and i ceternly did not hesitate to throw in the the second tape namely the Ep "Kuroitus mielen totaaliin"!
 This new one is abit less experimental with its sound and is more on a stomping attack mode and less introvert, a bit more straight but it works nice like this to as they know what they do. Some good heavy death´ish bits also. Whats still left is their barbaric raw mix and delivery.
As it is an Ep its shorter (duh!) its easier to digest but dont leave as much of a mark as the album.
I like it but i think the album is more unique.

Track list:
1.     Totaali     04:14 (written by Warmaster...the Satanic one???)     
2.     Tuntematta     03:12     
3.     Totuuden silmä on auennut     04:02     
4.     Löytämättä     04:30     
5.     Ikuinen pimeä     02:57     
6.     Elämän harha     03:44     
7.     Fire & Blood (Countess cover)     04:18     
        Total 26:57

There is one more Ep released after this that i have not heard so that one will be interesting to hear how they evolve or devolve.

All in all i think Oppressive Melancholy is an interesting and strong band that i feel we will see more of in the future...or will they go up in smoke?

Tapes released by:
Iron Scourge

Odvas - Decayed bark sets the World Ablaze

From Hungary we have here some dark ambient music!

This type of genre direction i mostly stumbles across as a intro or interlude or similar inside some black metal release but from time to time i get the chance to digest a whole creation in this vain.

From my interpetation i feel that this is a quite focused release in the sense that it is a clear  dramaturgical constructed journey through the 4 long tracks, it feels like a sound-track to some somber and bleak movie which is nice, the actual songs have both it own story to give but also let your own mind paint up visions a long the way. (works great when i paint or similar, gets you into that good state of morphing with your art.)

The songs has a nice mix of sounds in their ambience state like solitude piano, hostile mur murs, distant dark drums,echoes, cold winds and the alike. It dont fall into the traps of boredom like this genre is often close to.

The song structures and sound variations and time length here is spot on.

A really nice tight ambient tape!

Track list:
1. The Hunter
2.My own Truth
3.Decayed Bark
4.The Victim

Released by:
Far From...Records

band mail:

tisdag 23 januari 2018

AhnenHammer - Seelenwinter

I would rather call this debut album rather then demo as its described as but either way this first release from this Austrian band is a good one!

They play in a kind of mixed style but the overall main frame is in raw (as in production and delivery) Black metal but they have a flair of using ambient/atmospheric/samples in secondary layers that hightens the musics soul quite much, first track is a good example (and perhaps one of the best songs too) with these extra layers that both makes the experience richer and makes the band stand out from the crowd. Sometimes there is even a kind of a primitive punk/RAC/barbarian rythm and also quite slow/heavy tracks that oozes of melancholy and dread.
 Music in other words is both "simple" and "deep" which is a feat in its own to manage well.
Vocals is using both harsh screaching in higher and lower register and production is of course raw and in your face but enough balanced i think for this type of style.

All in all it is a great album perhaps a bit long (some song on side B could be excluded) but not overly so, i enjoyed it easily but it holds up with repeated spins, perhaps fans of NSBM bands like Der Sturmer, Wolfnacht and the alike will lapp this up like fine cream hehe....not that the AhnenHammer is waving  the NSBM banner but their sound and atmosphere is similar so besides regular BM fans those will feel at home even quicker.

War, hate and nobel vibes is streaming down the lake of time!

Solid debut release!

Track list:

Side A
1.     In Aeternum     04:50    
2.     Buried in the Woods     03:27    
3.     Spinning Black the Deathspelltune     03:51    
4.     Das Schweigen der toten Muehle     05:30    
5.     Das Tal des ewigen Nebels     05:01    
Side B
6.     Maidens of War     04:00    
7.     Schattenflüsterer     04:47    
8.     Wenn die Welt zugrunde geht     03:47    
9.     Dra til helvete     04:04    
10.   Heads Will Roll     03:23    

Released by: Iron Scourge

söndag 21 januari 2018

Moribund / Funerary Temple - Altars of Disease and Mortem

Here is the third split tape with Funerary Temple from last year, last times they "splitted" with Kryptus and Megalith Cave and now it is with a band called Moribund. For me this is a new band but they have already done some demos and splits (with Irae for an example) so i was intrigued on what they would puke up.

First FT kicks of with two pretty long noisy tracks, very organic and almost rehearshal-ish in production. It´s both hellish and demented in a crawling corpse fashion that rubs me the right way.
The songs hammer on and builds up to climaxes and vocals screams and wails (a bit away) pretty free over/under the mix, and not unusual for this type of "LLN" music is that parts if not the whole seems like its keep the true beast of impulse alive and the unpolished hate of direct creation i guess and it works fine here. FT has be building up its own world quite fast these recent 2 years and for each release i heard i have gotten bigger respect for them.

Now over to Moribund, they have an even more rawer sound that almost is destroyed, their composition is more a structured one and has a melancholic atmosphere but also a bit upbeat (drums and guitar is the main drive force, a ghostly clean keybord part is a nice inclusion on the second track) in the  rythm department. Vocals mumbles away pretty deep in the "production" so they dont do much effect, it sound dirty as hell and the main tunes of importance is heard enough to keep clear impression for the the listener i long as you enjoy ultra raw stuff. Even the GG Allin cover sounds good...not that i hear much of the original in here though hehe.
All in all Moribund was a nice experience and i would not hesitate in the future to pick up something from them.

Released by: Hatework


Side A
1.     Funerary Temple - Laborious Undulation Emanating form the Void        
2.     Funerary Temple - Grave Spirit Worship within Chambers of Rot        
Side B
3.     Moribund - Deathvoid of Negative Emissions        
4.     Moribund - Adulations of Morbid Offerings and Necro Sorcery        
5.     Moribund - Commit Suicide (GG Allin Cover)

Lord of Pagathorn - Daimono Philia

Ever since i heard their 7" "Shine Through My Scars, Morning Star!" my interest has been activated for this Finnish traditional black metal band, they originally started and released 2 demos back in 1993/94 to then go silent to later pop up again in 2010 with the "Msilihporcen" Ep/demo. After this comeback they have stayed above the surface and kept a string of releases coming out and this is their second full album.

The first album was a solid debut album & also a very strong conceptual one ...soo how holds this second opus up? Well first few times i listened to it i was not getting any hot vibes from it and felt it was a bit boring and loose around its felt more like a random regular black metal album that was not bad nor good and i was missing the weight of the goat the weight of "Pagathorn"!! ...Luckily i did not write this review at that stage because now after 5-6 spinns more i have reevaluated it!

Yes this album needed some extra spins for me to open up show its treasures, so while i still feel it is missing some of its meaty personality as the first album and demos had there are some good songs to be heard here as the grand " Rise of the Celestial  Scythe"(probably the best track) or the heavy final track "Throne of Lucifer" or the melodic but evil "Ghosts Among Us".

If this was an album from a new entity i probably would have been more positive but as this is quite far into this bands history i cant say its their best release but saying that i cant say its a crap album as it is a good delivery of satanic music (also production is clean but punchy, guitars,drums and the nice raspy vocals is in great balance) just not as complete as a release as before.
Fans of the band shall of course pick it up as it is worth hearing.

professionally made record but uneven in songwritting i feel this is an album between albums.

Released by: Woodcut Records


1.     Intro: Nietzscherion        
2.     Evil to Destroy Evil        
3.     Ghosts Among Us        
4.     Prayer of Desecration        
5.     Rise of the Celestial  Scythe       
6.     Builders of the Higher Places        
7.     The Spirit of Perversion        
8.     Spiritual Spiral Stairs        
9.     Throne of Lucifer

torsdag 4 januari 2018

Regnans - Land of Fire and Blood

Early in 2016 i heard the split tape with Regnans/Draziw and i liked it but it was awhile ago so its existance had drifted away a bit so when this popped up i felt it was more then welcomed!

After a little intro where it sounds some heavy breathing man/demon is moving through a jungle or forest with birds and parrots noising around (Australian wilderness?)....hehe sounding a bit funny but it also set the tone for this new year (last year) of the band.

As before it is soaked in cryptic melancholy and hate but here i feel that the band has reached a new level, as i said it carries on with its previous sound but here there you find a new fresh compositions and especially new audial layers.(and perhaps production)
Its a bit hard to put in words but there are some nice clear guitar tones that works great in contrast with the rest which are pretty raw sounding...perhaps one could say its has a bit of pagan flair in it but only so slight.  Here the darkness is a bit cracked and sharp knifes of light is penetrating its veil, it is both a negative and a positive thats struggling here...and now not  so deep underground but rather closer to surface....closer to the light which brings out the ugliness in life.

Besides the good main songs there are some nice atmospheric parts that works well to bind it all together, overall it is a well done  demo (or EP it could also be called) with a big cut of integrity and strenght. I feel the band is in a good swing! Look forward to their coming releases!

Well worth getting!

Released by Hatework Propaganda

1.     Land of fire and blood        
2.     Celtic blood stains this land        
3.     War inside my head        
4.     My kingdom of solitude