måndag 9 juli 2018

Giboraltar - Lichtgeburt

Next year is the 10th anniversary on this obscure gem!

This 2 (pictures of 3 persons in the booklet though) member band from Chile plays a forceful in your face raw heathen black metal with a nice dose of atmosphere, Straight away when you press play it attacks! Makes your blood boil!
Quite extreme in production regarding putting most levels high in the front of the mix and this combined with the brutal harsh vocals makes it unavoidable to escape hahah.
 More or less familiar northen guitar melodies (proud and  harsh) but at the same time they make them their own, drums is more in the back but audiable just enough to work as a good rythmic fondation.

Vocals and mix remind me a bit of Immatura Morte which in my book is something very possitive.

Dont know why this band has not released any more material after this and it is a shame as it would be much interesting to see what they would have create after this delighful debut!

Oppressive and raw release that should be more know i think, nothing new or so but just a fierce solid black metal record that holds the test of time (well 10 years is maby not so long time but you get what i mean.)

Time for a re-release is feel!

Track list:

1.     I, Key Made Flesh     02:15    
2.     Eine andere Drehung des Rades     01:50    
3.     Riding Between the Mist     02:50    
4.     At the Gates of the Blazing Sudpolar Circle     02:54    
5.     Gathered in the Vision of the Black Sun     03:04    
6.     Gesang der Wanderer in der Morgenröte     01:10    
7.     In the Trance of the Green Path and the Other Light     03:01    

Released by      Frenteuropa Records

söndag 8 juli 2018

Ethereal Mist / Odvas

 Here we have a new delivery from the ambient/atmospheric entity called Odvas, like last time (check link at the bottom for review on the first tape) we get put on a plane of both distant hostile vibrations and close spiritual ambiguity...a bit like hovering inbetween layers of existence, is it the past life that send up aggravating sentiments or is it from the coming place?

As before you get a well dramaturgical structured pieces that easily creates inner visions. I  look forward to coming  releases/segments of this ongoing journey... as it feels surley like a new chapter is around the corner.
Soothing and chilling stuff from Hungary.

Next up we is presented with new music from the Australian Ethereal Mist. (side project from a member of Entsetzlich, Kryptus)

 EM goes for a more clean synth dinner which is both a bit on the "spooky" side but mostly it goes for a distressful introspective sound dialogue, like inner argumentation morphed into synth tones.
Some sudden sounds here and there for good measure, the structure is dissolving more or less on its way and at times its testing your endurance haha.

A sold dark atmospheric split tape!

Track list:

Ethereal Mist side
- A drift in Death´s Gaze -

Odvas side
- Obscure Levitation -

 Released by :
Far From... Records

Past Odvas review: