måndag 25 februari 2013

S.V.E.S.T - Veritas Diaboli Manet in Aeternum: Le Diable Est Ma Raison

This fantastic little Ep from the French SVEST (re:2008) is such a fine example how BM can be infused with whatever comes to mind if the creator is skilled enough, the first two songs contains so much of chaotic & hypnotic compositions that elevates you to a higher dissonant darkness! It almost feels like you have listen to a whole album...

It has the "wall of sound" but its punctuated with many melodic sections that it works better then others a like, some of the structures and melodies even reminds one of some of the 70´s psychedelic bands...and THAT could have been something that would felt totally out of place but with SVEST behind the wheel it does not.
There is much of great building up in the music and the singing is gnarly and hatfull & spits left to right in an medium range tone, everything melts togeather well but the third song feels more like an long outro then an regular song in its structure & there is almost no singing in it, its a good track but it doeas not really go anywhere rather then fades away in the end.

The Ep has also been released with Deathspell Omega as a split with the same cover... a little confusing, it has the same songs plus Deathspells 22 minutes track.... wich is a good song to but SVEST hits the highest marks here.

So if you are new to this band i think this Ep is a nice way to dip your toes into the world of SVEST.
And by the way SVEST stands for : Satanas Vobiscum Et Spiritum Tuo

Track List:

1.     Et la Lumière Fut, Comme un Coup de Scalpel     10:15
2.     Le Diable est ma Raison     08:11
3.     Veritas Diaboli Manet in Aeternum     04:36

fredag 22 februari 2013

Vampire first Vinyl 7" !!!

At last i got my copy of Vampires first 7"! I bought the black one with the nice patch as you can see,
and besides the great artwork & design you also get one new song!
(and it as bloody good as the other three tracks.)

If you live in Stockholm or close enough you should not miss going to their gig (with RAM) thats now on the 30 of march.

Follow this facebook link for info:


måndag 18 februari 2013

My Art!

Vorum - Poisoned Void

And finally i got my "death grip" on this smoking new album from the finnish Vorum!

I have been raving abit over this release for some time now and i had some fairly high expectations on it.... gladly i can say it did not disappoint A BIT!!

 This  dirty & bloody cemetary twilight ground cracks open and these gnarly horde comes up to violate your neighborhood until it is splattered to oblivion!!!

You will hear the sounds from early 90´s DEATH(!!) metal with a big slob from the Swedish scene (Entombed) and USA (Autopsy! Who could have guessed?) and some from their own cold forests like Convulse.... so yeah you will feel familiar when you listen to Vorums first full album but they somehow manage to induce a whole lot of own (un)fresh black-magic into it!

From the start the songs smash away with some chaotic death metal and they scream off some serious evil content/contempt! The production is well balanced so its easy to enjoy the quality from the whole bands input without being overproduced etc.

All the tracks have dynamic compositions with emphasis on gritty speed but now & then twists into some sludgy intersections which is nice & heightens the excitement.

Favorite songs is 1, 4, 5 & 7.

Great album from start to fin(n)ish!
Super artwork & logo !!! 

Track List:

1.     Impetuous Fires         
2.     Death's Stains          
3.     Rabid Blood          
4.     Thriving Darkness          
5.     Evil Seed          
6.     In Obscurity Revealed          
7.     Dance of Heresy         
8.     Poisoned Void          

Ps. I liked this much more then Degials album which was good also but not really like this...

onsdag 13 februari 2013

New Aosoth album in April!

Now the 16 of april Aosoths new album "IV: An Arrow in Heart" will be released!

The year just getting better! (...or worse depends how you see it.)
Sweet artwork too!

måndag 11 februari 2013

Katharsis - 666

I adore all of Katharsis releases! I just HAD to get that of my bony chest...ho ho ho.

Well thats true and this debut album "666" from them is like their first real doorslammer into Hades!
Even if its not 100% perfect all around it is a worthy & strong debut for a group that would later release some of the best BM albums of the 00´s!

Here they still worship the sound of the second wave and "666" sound very much like “Under A Funeral Moon” from Darkthrone.... for me thats not an problem rather the opposite AND even if the production sounds like that the material itself has much of personal power in its own... so it does not feel like some tired copycat etc.

From the get go they release some mad chaotic destruction and everything feels just right, pure black metal all the way!

For me i like track: 1,2,5 & 6 the best...."raped by demons" is also good but i find parts of it uninspiring... but its fun that he screams "Fuck me!" in the end of that song! (did he get his wish fullfilled?) sorry for that. ;)
"The black grail" is good too and gives the album some nice variation in song structure but the mentioned favorite tracks screams much louder for me so i use to forget it a little & thats a shame.

But overall this is a great purchase in any way you see it and it is also "fun" to have all their albums/Ep when you see their satanic evolution into the masterfull cosmic devastation. (VVorldVVithoutEnd & Fourth Reich.)  

Track List:

1.     666 (Hohelied der Wiedererweckung)    
2.     Thy Horror    
3.     Raped by Demons / Massacrament    
4.     The Black Grail    
5.     Lunar Castles (Harvest)    
6.     Nazarene - Into the Flame    

Flagellated Seraph Tape Rape!

At last the superb debut album from Flagellated Seraph has now arrived on tape!

Sweet design all over and i even got a printed logo on a black cotton piece. (a t-shirt with this logo would be nice .)
Delightful darkness!

My copy is number 60 of 333.

torsdag 7 februari 2013

Witchrist - The Grand Tormentor

Today it is time to revisit one of last years best blackened death/doom albums namly  Witchrists - The Grand Tormentor!!! (from New Zealand)

This corps smelling ritualistic bulldozer is really something!

It all starts with the mountain heavy & sludgy "Into the Arms of Yama", it sounds like some giant is slowly waking up and he is not in very good mood!

The after this the tempo is cramed up a bit and slams a lot of insane riffings in your face without loosing its fat low-end style, most of the songs do the "Mad fat sludge stompings with sudden cracks of furious solos and killng speed feasts".... but it never gets predictable. It works bloody fine!
The singing is  very deep and disgusting and is made for just this kind of chrushing music mass!

It is maby not their simplest album to grasp (the first one "Beheaded Ouroboros" was a bit easier to get into...)
but it certainly pays off to stick with it, many details will surface and the grand tormentor will become visible!!!

My favorite tracks is 2,6,7,10

Track List:

1.     Into the Arms of Yama    
2.     The Grand Tormentor    
3.     Meditation for Sacrifice    
4.     Wasteland of Thataka    
5.     Exile    
6.     Beyond Darkness and Death    
7.     The Tomb    
8.     Tandava    
9.     Cast into Fire    
10.   Funeral Lotus    

onsdag 6 februari 2013

Begrime Exemious - Visions of the Scourge

This second album from the Canadian Begrime Exemious exudes of confident animosity.
This mix of late 80´s malevolent death metal & some  early 90´s black metal is mastered here and is the best this group has made. (so far!)

Take some gory Autopsy and early trashy Mayhem & Darkthrone and throw it into a grinder and out comes a new living dead with the Visions of the Scourge.

I´m a bit short on time here but hunt it down if you have not heard it already! It is bloody & dirty great!
The sound is a well tuned organic production and sounds like a good live uptake almost.

I just turned up the inside drawing on this photo, it is the same album. :)

Track list:

1.     Incestuous Servitude    
2.     Oath of Impiety    
3.     Chasm to Obscurity    
4.     The Vault of Ancient Bone & Poison Saliva    
5.     Perverted Decadence Churning    
6.     Sacrament of Virgin Flesh    
7.     Vengeance Bestowed    
8.     Relic of Befouled Incantations (One secret song is lingering after around ten minutes)   

tisdag 5 februari 2013

Flagellated Seraph on tape!

At last the superb Flagellated Seraph's debut "Beyond Salvation" will be out on tape tomorrow!
Only 333 is made so be quick!


If you by any chance have missed the four (all released at the same time in 2010!!) albums from Svartrit do your self a service and dig them up! Now!
They are masterfull examples of great Swedish Black Metal in the Dark Germanic Heathenism "genre".

Azazel / Goatmoon Split

This split reaks of primitive, intolerant and inhuman nordic vibrations & incantations!

The first four tracks is from the old  Finnish demonic bastards Azazel, the group first surfaced on this earthly plane in 1992 and released only one demo & one Ep only to then return from where they came from... time went on and suddenly in 2011 they appeared again and created a this split with Goatmoon!
(And they have now even released a full album thats called "Jesus Perversions")

First song is more like a psychedelic intro with screams & piercing feedback, the next song "Rebellious Angels" kicks away with some really meaty and fat almost groovy riffings, ghoulsish singning and raw unpleasant black metal all through their songs. Very good songs and i may maby put Azazels creations over Goatmoons... 

Track list:

1.     Azazel - Praise Hail Satan        
2.     Azazel - Rebellious Angels         
3.     Azazel - Evil Spells From the Black Gods         
4.     Azazel - Werewolf Howling

After Goatmoons the very "woody" atmospheric opener their old cold souls start to tremble with evil intent! Whatever you may think of this horde they do great music. (especially on their album Varjot)

High pitched screams bleads all over the night sky and the well composed melodic parts fights along side with some bleak and harsh riffings, primitive black metal that fills its ugly purpose.

5.     Goatmoon - Blackmetal Winter    
6.     Goatmoon - Kunnia, Armageddon!
7.     Goatmoon - Pure Blood         
8.     Goatmoon - Blackgoatworship    
9.     Goatmoon - Fourth Reich

fredag 1 februari 2013

Mephorash first Ritual 2013

If you live in the neighborhood dont miss Mephorash first unholy performance this year!

They play at Tyresö Metalfestivlen tomorrow (saturday) so if you can go...GO!

Here is what they say about it:

"Mephorash will perform an exclusive live ritual at Tyresö metalfestival and thus we will initiate this year with the first ritual of 2013. And evoke the sacred sign of Mephorash
We will enter the stage at the second day of Februus, two hours before midnight.
Unfortunately one of our brothers will not be able to take place during this event due to personal reasons, and therefore our old brother, Pestifere will take on the duty!

IN HOC SIGNO VINCES! A lustful god piercing heaven with horned brow!
IN HOC SIGNO VINCES! A brass ox anointed in sea of tears!"

For more info:


13th Moon Special Edition is unleashed!

Get your copy of this splendid 13th Moon!

Order via:


Here we have the debut album from the New York/Jersey duo Diabolus!

This first outing is baptised in part of 90´s primitive satanic blasphemies  and i also hear some inspirations from raw and cold Finnish acts like Satanic Warmaster and the hatefull Australian hords like Pestilential Shadows.

The actual content here is traditional anti-christian adolescence (lyrics & vibe) coted with a somewhat depressive mid tempo fuzzy tremolo atmosphere, yes it is nothing new under the black sun but it has enough of personal internal potential, the twelve songs trashes on and half way in you feel the inverted cross drips of unholy blood and thats just what this is about.

I feel that if this duo continues with this activities and deepen their knowledge of the left hand path (and thus makes the lyrics more personal) and expands some more in the melancholic and melodic department they will release something very interesting.

The tracks that i think stands out now is track 1, 6, 11.

Ps. Extra plus to the amusing sample of Vargs church burning speech (track:4).