tisdag 11 juni 2019

Kaznaxtheh / Odvas ‎– Embrace Of The Abyss

As you readers perhaps know i have reviewed a couple of Odvas tape releases in recent past well here is its first 7" outing!

Also this is Odvas third split release and this time it is the American dungeon synth/ambient project Kaznaxtheh (this band has some earlier splits with bands like Funeral Altar & Megalith Grave) that
share its space...and also gets the honor to start the split off!

Regarding the track title "Overture IV: The Beckoning Abyss" the audial experience here fits very well as you get a grand and moody organ playing slowly almost like it is pushing you forward to the abyss....agonizing screams is heard in cloaked surroundings and you feel that this is the last drab moments in your life....very nice feeling in other words hehe....not overtly dramatic composed but as fitting this type of genre it is flowing like an ambient curse.

On the flip side the mood is ceternly on the opposite side of the spectrum! Odvas track " Embrace Of Wounded Grey Foliage " has a floating and almost comforting calmness to it, you can hear oh so slightly in the background some kind of human activities (like steel forging or something) but the atmosphere that is fronted is of a soothing tune & embrace...very nice experience and if one should count this Odvas track to its previous ones i feel here a larger story has come to an positive ending....or at least  a positive break until next time.

This split sides is like night & day regarding its moods and for me it worked very well...perhaps Odvas best split to date. It also gave me a reason to look after more material from Kaznaxtheh.

Released by Far From... Records