lördag 30 mars 2013

Black Record Longings

Some beautiful day i´ll have these records!

...Bitter poor tears... he he

torsdag 28 mars 2013


Take one sincere hatefull slabb of Norwegian black metal and one gory foul smelling death metal chunk and "intricately" smash them together and you starting to come near the unfriendly entity called Orcustus! (members from Djevel, Nettlecarrier,Amok etc)

This is good shit! Riveting good!

Its like a mix of early Gorgoroth, Urgehal and TAAKE but with some rocking backbone here & there!
Great balanced production of raw misanthropic aura and thick & powerfull shockwaves! It is like the music is a rolling thunder and the strangled and raspy singing is leading it straight to Hades! With a long line of corpses after them...

Good riffings and intriguing  build-ups through out! Nothing goes to waste, solid

But my favorites must be track 1,2,6,7

Track list:

1.     Coil    
2.     Of Sophistry, Obsession and Paranoia    
3.     Conversion    
4.     Jesus Christ Patricide    
5.     Death and Dissolution    
6.     Ego Sum Chaos    
7.     Asphyxiokenisis    

tisdag 26 mars 2013

Coming Interviews!!!

Very soon new HOT interviews will show up here!
If everything goes like planned these ones is on the near horizon:

Acherontas ....Inprogress

Sjukdom ....Inprogress

Plaggha ....Inprogress

Muawijhe ....Inprogress

Svarthaueg ...Inprogress

Svartidauði ....Inprogress

Slidhr ....Inprogress

Cult of Fire

Cant really say which one will be posted first though but either way i´m sure it will be bloody sweet stuff!

STAY TUNED! (be sure to check out this specific post cuz here i will update new interviews thats in the making etc.)

Crimson Moon - Under the Serpentine Spell

Time to sink your teeth into one of the gems of the serious occult black metal albums!

Crimson Moons  Under the Serpentine Spell released in 1997 as an "rehearsal" and after that only more or less bad bootlegs followed. In 2004 a proper release was made with some needed mastering & fixing.
Sure this is still a rehearsal so the overall mixing is not the best but nevertheless this is essential listening.

The first thing that will hit you is that this work of art is heavily backed by great keyboard scores that takes your ordinary black metal to another dimension precisely as the band aims for.
Usually i dont like keyboard stuff but this is made in such a way that i buy it!

It such a dense work that it will take you some time to deciffer it, much of the Sumerian mythology thats in focus here will serve as an alluring hint of Crimson Moons real goal. From Tiamat to the final chaotic cosmic confrontation...

Each song feels like a mixture of a moviescore, ritual and wall-of-sound BM composition. the singing is in both in clean talking modes and your classical witch screamings and they serve the music well.

The songs build through one esoteric layer to the next and after the one hour this album ends with an lingering outro, melodic and brutal is the scars that this record leave just as the dwelling micro & macro universe and its ever concealed mysteries to us humans leaves too.

Track List:

1.     Cults of the Shadow (Intro)    
2.     Chaos of the Sea (Mummu Tiamat)    
3.     Raise the Horns of Battle    
4.     Amidst the Labyrinths of Depression    
5.     The Withering Rose of Purity    
6.     The Blood That Is Eternal    
7.     Her Cursed Kiss    
8.     Bloodstained Dreams of the Dragon    
9.     Under the Serpentine Spell    
10.   Outro (Within the Dreaming Mind of the Seperate)        
 11.  bonus track

lördag 23 mars 2013

Diabolus Interview! Straight from the turbulent New York!

Today we have an interview with one of the only real raw black metal bands from New York namely Diabolus! They have recently released their first full album so i thought it was time to have a little chat with the main man in charge.

1.How did you come in contact with black metal & which bands inspired you to "take action"?

ANGEL OF LIGHT- definitely the whole norwegian scene. mayhem, darkthrone, burzum and the whole story behind them is fascinating. even though the first wave bands are legendary, the black heart of black metal is in norway. so, much respect to all the norwegian bands. i draw inspiration from anything that's underground, raw and dirty. i can't stand mainstream music.

2. Is it common in your neighbourhood to be into this kind of thing?

ANGEL OF LIGHT-  HELL NO! there is not much of a black metal scene in new york. there are a few black metal bands from brooklyn(some douchebag wrote a "black metal manifesto"- lol), but they don't play in the style i like or how i feel black metal should sound. as far as that early 90's style is concerned, it's DIABOLUS and that's it. 

3. Was the work process for the debut album Diabolus an troublesome time or did it flow out

ANGEL OF LIGHT- the work process for the debut album was excellent. 
making music can be time consuming, but i enjoyed writing the lyrics and recording for this album. i had many ideas i wanted to get out there for quite some time, so lyrically this was me getting alot off my mind. king antichrist is a fantastic musician as well, and his playing here fit my vocals perfectly. he is no longer with band, but we wished each other mutual continued success.

4. Any favorite song from your creation?

ANGEL OF LIGHT- i would say burn the church, black mass and descent into darkness. i wanted to do a tribute to the norwegian scene and tell the story of the church burnings in the video, which i think burn the church does. 
black mass is a rockin' track to me. i wanted to make something that was raw, but also a little bit catchy. 
i think we accomplished that. descent into darkness is basically describing joining the left hand path. descending into darkness, or the occult, so to speak and finding strength from it.

Listen to "Burn the Church" via this link:


5. Describe the concept/world of Diabolus?

ANGEL OF LIGHT- The Accuser/The Devil is obviously what the name means. i take pride in the fact that Diabolus is one of the few bands where i'm from, that is playing what i consider to be real deal black metal. underground, raw, satanic...etc. but, also to be different in not limiting the audience. 
having digital downloads available. it's 2013, not fucking 1988...FUCK TAPES!!! you print tapes as a bonus for nostalgia purposes. get your music out there. don't be a dick! that's where i differ somewhat from the traditional "rules" so to speak. 
i want as many people as possible to hear my music, not just a "chosen few." that's just ridiculous to me.

6. Any new music in the pipeline?

ANGEL OF LIGHT- absolutely. always writing new lyrics, working on a collaboration with ritual suicide and there will be a new Diabolus album in the near future.

7. Will the album come out on cd etc?

ANGEL OF LIGHT- yes, i will be ordering cd's as well as some tapes for shits and giggles. i might have to buy an old radio to play my own tape.

8. Has the "dive" into the darkside change your personality/persona in any way?
In creating your Diabolus album has it made your soul colder or?

ANGEL OF LIGHT- Great question. what i get from satanism and black metal is strength. not depression or suicidal feelings. 
it lifts me up instead of bringing me down. i guess you can say it made me colder, but in a way that was good for me and who i am as an individual. wiser possibly, with much more of an ego. 
when i put on my corpse paint, i'm an arrogant, elitist, asshole. lol.

9. Any prospects in playing some live gigs?

ANGEL OF LIGHT- i would never leave out that possibility, but not at this time.

10. Any last words?

ANGEL OF LIGHT- make sure you get a copy of DIABOLUS and stay tuned for the next album...
thanks for the interview!

 For more info & music please check out Diabolus youtube-channel here:


söndag 17 mars 2013

Dødsfall Interview

 Time has come to have a little chat with  the dark entity called -

1.Thanks for doing this interview Ishtar, how are you doing on this bleak & cold weekend?

Doing fine man thanks.

2. Please describe Dødsfall purpose & aim, what kind of desires motivated you to create this band?

 I wanted to create music inspired by the music/bands that inspired me in the beginning when I started top play Black Metal which was around 96-97. The purpose? Its to release the demons inside and play a style that is a passion to me.

3. Of all of Dødsfall’s releases do you have any of them that you are extra satisfied with? Some songs or albums/Eps that hit the coffin-nail on its head?

Im satisfied with all the releases, everyone has its special feeling. What i have is fave songs perhaps or fave certain riffs. 

4.How has the live situation been for Dødsfall? Do you have any anecdotes from any of your concerts? ....if not any anecdotes from the dodsfalls overall life experience? Any nasty gossip?

We havent play live yet.

Well then its about time then! I (and many others) like to witness Dødsfall in full regalia twisting the stage with its black aura.

5. If someone like to get hold of any Dødsfall merchandise where would they turn? Any new merch stuff on the horizon?

 People can contact our labels Obscure Abhorrence Productions and Unexploded Records, look for them on Google. There’s official shirts too. 

6. How has the reception been for your latest ep "Kronet i Svart eld"?

Its doing great you know, its kinda funny to me at least because people seems to like more the EP than the previous álbum which was recorded on the same sessions. 

Everything has its own time in space i think &  Dødsfalls time is now more then ever if you ask me.

7.What´s the story behind the use of the samples from the movie "Sjunde inseglet"(The Seventh Seal )? Is any of you guys a cultivated movie buff?

Not really, I have the movie on dvd and I like it so much, I feel that its a very dark movie so I wanted to have some samples of it since the beginning of the band, you can hear something too on “Den Svarte Skogen” album.

8.What do you think of the black metal climate in Norway these days? Any band you think holds the black flame alive?

There tons of bands nowdays which could be good but in someway is not. 
I think that bands like Taake, Ragnarok and Tsjuder perhaps are taking the Norwegian Black Metal flag high, even the newers like Kirkebrann and Svarthaueg but I don’t know…I dont see Norway as a force like it was 20 years ago.

 9.What can we expect from Dødsfall under 2013?

 We will enter studio on March 25th to record a new album at Endarker Studio with Devo of Marduk, I think it will be an amazing album that will destroy your ears.

I´ll certainly look forward to that!

10. Any final words?

DØDSFALL spiller Black Metal for mørke sjeler, Tack som fan for din support Jane. 
Stay tuned for the new album… Ishtar

 The pleasure is all mine!

May the morning star lead you to victory!

lördag 16 mars 2013

Ravencult - Morbid Blood

I think of thunder, i think of thunder and smothering of feeble angels....

Ravencults Morbid Blood album is one of the best releases in 2011 and it should not be missed! (their split with Omega from last year is also something to hunt down.)

From the get-go this fast blast fest of filthy damnations wont let go, the opener "Sacrilege of Death" is a powerhouse with almost a Motörheadish backbone that rock the bones out of the coffins!
Every song inherits some kind of blasting drums structures that could have drowned the rest of the music but it manages just right to be a bulldozer and at the same time let the other parts do their job.

The riffings is of strong nature and the guitar sound cuts nicely through the wall of sound! Not in a cold blackmetal way but rather in an violent and blood pumping way.... well that goes to the whole album that its not of a depressing nature, this is more like a satanic warzone!! The climax!

The production is damn meaty and dirty but well balanced without being too polished.

The singing is fitting with its midrange snarling and hatefull ghastings, you feel the devotion straight away from Linos no questions asked.

I really like the artwork here, every page in the booklet is great to.
And their now logo is even better then the first one they used, this is like a good twist of Ondskapts logo. Super shit!

I  smell the dust & vast fires, i feel the coming of a raging death.

Favorite tracks is: 1, 6, 7, 10


1.     Sacrilege of Death    
2.     Possessed on Burial Ground    
3.     Hail Revenge    
4.     Morbid Blood    
5.     Winds of Damnation    
6.     With Hunger in Eyes    
7.     Snakes Crawls    
8.     Black Rites of Execration    
9.     Sworn to the Unspoken Oath    
10.     The Gates of Bloodshed

fredag 15 mars 2013

Coming interview!

If everything goes well you will have the pleasure in reading an interview here with the Norwegian black metal horde Dødsfall! (Probably up after this weekend.)

Goddamn Purchase 2 : mini

Local findings!

söndag 10 mars 2013

lördag 9 mars 2013

Necrocurse Interview

It is time for this great Swedish death metal band to drop their first full album into the thirsty masses so an little interview seemed fitting for this dredded occasion!

 The band consists of Nicklas Rudolfsson (Runemagick, Swordmaster m,m), Hellbutcher (Nifelheim), Johan Bäckman (Masticator, Runemagick), Stefan Rodin (Masticator) & Martin “Märda” Andersson.

1.First of all i want to say thanks for taking your time off for
this interview, i guess it must be quite a hectic time right
now in the Necrocurse camp? Any nervous breakdowns or violent

- It's ok, speed to the grave! Right now it's mostly answering interviews and to plan for upcoming gigs, at the moment mainly for release gig for "Grip Of The Dead". 
We are actually writing and rehearsing new material as well.

2.Talking about psychological conditions, is there any
posttraumatic stress now when your work is all done on
your first full album?
I myself use to have some "birth depressions"
after the relief is gone when some big artistic work is

- No, no stress symptoms. We are moving forward with new plans instead. All members are driven, creative and dedicated so it happens a lot.

3.Do you have any favorite songs from "Grip of death"?
If so which ones?

- Several songs I actually had time to tire a bit on. Especially the ones we started rehearsing in early 2011. But personally I like "The Devil Cobra" and "Ripping Darkness" (for now). Of course, I like all the songs! But sometimes you get tired of some of them.

4.Is there any plans in doing a musicvideo on any of the
new tracks? Or maby a nice official live-DVD sometime?

- We have not talked about any live DVD. But we have however been talking about making a video. We've certainly talked about since 2011 but we have not come to the shot. We have a contact who is interested in filming with us. But we will only get to the planning of the layout. Do not think we have time for this before the summer. Possibly this fall.

5.On the songs Hellbutcher contributed lyrics to did he get
total satanic freedom in writing them?

- Of course, he is free to write what he wants. He has mostly come with smaller inputs for some of the lyrics and some have I and he written together.

6.Is your preshow dress-up/make-up procedures something that
takes up much of your time and energy?
I guess that it takes a bit quicker compared to Nifelheims two hour "ritual"?
- It does not take so long. Someone might take on a little extra for the stage. Probably all of us look more or less "normal" like off stage.

7.I have seen some lovely merchandise posted on your facebook
wall like keychains, bear decals, nice white coffee mugs with the logo on
etc. Is this neatstuff made in very limited numbers or do
you make new ones after the demand?
Is there any more stuff that  you are working on (merchs)?
- Most of it is very limited. We are, as I said driven to create things around NECROCURSE so there will certainly be more things in the future. The closest that soon is going on is new tshirts "Grip Of The Dead".

8.How has the international reception been for Necrocurse
under its growning existence? I mean the nordic scene is almost
a given that this stuff will work out well. Any specific country that your music has
been extra well greeted?

- Have not had time to read all reviews yet, but what I've seen so far, it's good. And it's damn good and an honor if people like what we do. 

We hope of course that NECROCURSE have something a little unique in our material, even if it is not completely innovative and 100% original. 
I mean, it's Death Metal. Have no larger track which countries like us more or less right now.

9.Do you feel you have achived in what you were intended to
do with this album?
Is this the ultimate Necrocurse experience?
- The end result was clearly at least as good as we had hoped. Given the conditions and the recording process, we are damn happy. Then next album will surely be better of course hahaha.

10. About Hellbutchers talent in painting has he any
artschools on his CV or is he just a self taught djävel?
- It’s not Hellbutcher who painted the cover but he has done all layout and drawing some stuff here and there. He is clearly talented. Can not imagine he had any art school.

11.What can we expect from your liveshows under this
bleak year of 2013?
From what i have seen they look to get more and more dramatic
dramatised (lights & such) which suits your horroragenda
really good!

- We only have two gigs booked now in april. Then we'll see happens. Hopefully it will be a few gigs over the summer and then more gigs in the autumn. We will run on as we have done before on stage. Play hard, fast and violent.

12. Any final words/warnings from Necrocurse for the unprepared
ghouls out there on this rotting planet?

- Many thanks for the interview! Prepare yourselves to be crushed in the grip of the dead!

torsdag 7 mars 2013

Tribulations New Album out now!

Dont miss to pick up Tribulations new album "The Formulas of Death"!  

 But i have a little hard time in believing that this one will be greater or just as great as "The Horror" but one can at least hope.... it cant be bad anyway.
(Quite an arty cover this time around...)

onsdag 6 mars 2013


Now in april Likvann will release its first Ep!

This hatefull entity will certainly create something extra putrid & vile....in a good way.

It will be out on Werewolf Promotion.

tisdag 5 mars 2013


If everything goes well i will post an interview with Necrocurse here in a few days.