lördag 29 juni 2013

Burning Bethlehem - The Unholy Path to Hell

Here we have the proper re release of Burning Bethlehem first full album, it was first out last year by them selves but now the new started Desolate Productions took them under their black wings and made it availible to a greater scale of listeners.

As one starts to dig into this album one gets surrounded by mainly two winds from the good old times, one from the early American 80´s trash/death metal and the other from the nordic second wave and of course that is not a bad thing.
In both mid tempo and faster blastings the raw produced songs takes off after another, it has a quite dry sandy sound to its primitive atmosphere and it works nicely.

The signing has this harsh ghasting witchy tone to it which blends in just as it should.... all in all this is a straight traditional black metal album with old whorshippings so dont excpect any Deathspell Omega or the alikes....no advance twist & turns here just straight for the church! hehe

But the first listening for me was like "ahh...this sounds like it could be good..." but after like 4-5 songs i drifted away in other thoughts, thats not a good verdict i thought... but after the thirds listen many melodies and parts of songs suddenly stood out and surprised me in a positive way, so in other words it grows as you spin it a few times. ;)

As this album shows energy and quality i think BB has their best still to give  so   if   they   will    continue    on this satanic road they will churn out some sweet demonic blisterings !!

My three song picks would be 2, 5, 8

Track list:

1.     Intro   instrumental
2.     To The Grave     (i cant help to think of Necrocurse when i hear the singing melodies and lyrics)
3.     The Unholy Path To Hell    
4.     Behold The Baphomet    
5.     The Lake Of Eternal Fire    
6.     Into The Satanic Void    
7.     To Walk The Shadows    
8.     Unholy Rites    
9.     Black Ritual (demo version) Bonus track

onsdag 26 juni 2013

Bastard Sapling Interview!

Time to lick the black lightening that strikes you dead twice!

1. Thanks for doing this interview!
How is the work going for the new album?

-no, problem, thanks for having us,hails to all in Sweden and beyond.
writing is going well,pissed of and evil. we will have ten songs split into two full lengths,released on two different labels. Gilead Media and Forcefield records, sometime in 2014.

2. First i wonder how you all got together and formed the band, and
was it hard to get the right type of damaged souls for this?

-BS started on a four track in October 2007 as a solo thing, slowly adding the right people
overtime. In the beginning we only played as a three piece, guitar,drums vocals. Playing
some originals and making up a set by Darkthrone, Emperor covers. It wasnt until we added
a second guitar player that we got our momentum. the 2008 live demo speaks for itself and captures
that ( damaged soul) reference.we arent a gimmicky kind of band,this is jeans and
a t-shirt black metal-so to speak. We dont really give off the grimness visually,but its the music that portrays us.and thats what matters most.

still a long road to nowhere....

3. Compared to your first album "Dragged from Our Restless Trance" that
got out from the darkened woods in 2012 how will the new music be?
As there has not been soo long time between do you consider the new
record as an natural continuation from the last?

- It is a continuation of all forms of black metal, and an evolving, of our sound. There will be some
different passageways explored, its more dreary and pissed of than ever. 

4. As i have not heard the Ep "V: A Sepulcher to Swallow the Sea" i am a
bit curious about it, as i understand its only two songs on it? Whats
its themes and why has it a V as in 5 in its title? How did you come in
contact with the label Tension Head?

"It is technically one song split into two parts. Tension Head is a small label based in VA that wanted to release a 7'' for us.
Phil who runs Tension Head was a big fan of one of Elway's old bands.
It was the only song we had at the time that would be able to fit on a 7''.
As for the V, it was the fifth song we ever wrote. The lyrics are based on a news story I once saw.
A woman saw her child executed by a kidnapper on live TV in Brazil.
It saddened and depressed her so much she decided she no longer wanted to see anything and gouged out her own eyes."

5. How was the reception for your first self released demo
"Bastard Sapling-live demo" in 2008?

-spread like wildfire.

6. As i seen you are quite busy gigging this year, will this hard work
continue the year out?

- we have a festival appearance this weekend in Brooklyn NY, June27-30th.
Martyrdoom Fest II 2013.Other than this fest, we will crawl back into the cave and keep the
writing and recording process first priority.Bestial Mockery from Sweden is actually playing!

3. BESTIAL MOCKERY * SWEDEN (Saturday) *Last Show Ever
4. COUGH (Friday)
5. CHURCHBURN *1st Show Ever (Sunday)
6. CRUCIFIER (Saturday)
9. DEMONIC CHRIST (Saturday)
10. DESOLATE (Saturday)
11. FUNERAL PYRE (Saturday)
12. HELLGOAT (Saturday)
13. HOUR OF 13 (Saturday)
14. KOMMANDANT (Friday)
15. MARTYRVORE (Saturday)
16. MORBOSIDAD (Friday)
17. MORGENGRAU (Saturday)
18. MORPHEUS DESCENDS *original lineup (Saturday)
19. PACT *1st Show Ever (Sunday)
20. PTAHIL (Friday)
21. RAWHIDE *SWEDEN (Sunday)
22. SET *CANADA/USA *1st Show Ever (Friday)
23. SHITFUCKER (Saturday)

7. Any nice merchandise on the horizon?

- New shirts with our new logo from (View From The Coffin).
Id recommend Raul at VFTC to anyone out there thats looking for a quality
True Kvlt logo for your musical blasphemies. the new records will have elaborate layouts and coincide with the music a little more this time around. We have time to prepare for war. 

Cheers and thanks again for the support.

8. Best of luck on the road and to the coming album!

Drew,Mike and Bastard Sapling

söndag 23 juni 2013

Nocturnal Abyss Interview!

If you stare into it for to long you may never return, a cold hand is the last embrace you´ll feel if you get swallowed by the...
1. First i want to salute (!) you on releasing Nocturnal Abyss debut album "From the Depths of Mörkvod"!

-Greets. Thank you. This was a long time coming, in a sense, yet easily fell into place this time around. Hopefully, it will find its way into the hands of those that would connect with it and get something from listening.

2. As i understand it has been a long and winding road from the first release the demo
   "At One with Evil" in 1999 to this full album  that got out now in may.
   How did it all begin & how come you moved from New York to Sweden?

-Nocturnal Abyss came about after the dissolution of my first band. I met the original guitarist and soon recruited my old drummer for the project. Of course, a lot of problems plagued the band and nothing much was really accomplished. Only some demos and rehearsal tapes. Though we weren't able to record a full-length back then, I still look back somewhat fondly on the rehearsals and the atmosphere that existed then. When I moved to Sweden the first time, I decided to lay the band to rest after one last demo. But early this year, I decided to resurrect this cursed project and to make one final musical statement. In the process, I returned to Sweden, though it seems I came here to fade away rather than to build something new...

3. Can you describe The split "Beyond the Nothingness" with Blackmoon that also
   materialized this year? (released by Hellspawn Records)

-This split was something that David and I talked about for a long time. We've often wanted to work on something together, being such close friends, but our musical styles were quite different. Most of my bands are more stripped-down and raw while he wanted a more professional sound for the music that he was writing. So, outside of some cover songs that we did a couple years back, we didn't get the chance to record anything together. However, we then discussed releasing a split album, as he had these old Blackmoon songs that had never been properly released.

4. The new demonic wingman Obskuritas that joined Nocturnal Abyss this year has he been
   around for a longer time or is he a fresh acquaintance for you? How would you describe his
   role in the band?

-Obskuritas joined the band last winter and we set out to write and record an album in a rather short amount of time. His role has been quite important, actually. I gave a very detailed outline of what the music should sound like, but not in a dictatorial manner. He interpreted these ideas in ways that were not always expected, thus the album turned out to be possibly even better than it would have been otherwise.

5. How does the plans look like for Nocturnal Abyss this year?

-Very much is unknown, at the moment. There are currently efforts to get a bit more attention for the band, mainly to help find a proper label to give a better release to the album. The main goal is to ensure that it is available for anyone that would appreciate it, rather than dwelling in the shadows and being unheard. There have been some offers for live gigs, but we do not have a full line-up that is capable of doing this, at the moment. It is not entirely out of the question, but I do not expect it to happen anytime soon.

6. I must admit that your webzine "Rites of the Black Moon" have been a great source for
   cultivating me for some time now so a big HAILS!! for that. I guess the band and shit in life
   takes most of your time now but i hope it will go on somehow.

-I'm very glad to know that people are getting so much from this site. I am not able to write as much as I would like, at the moment, but perhaps this will change at some point. Either way, hopefully, the material that is there is enough to help give a different perspective on a lot of albums and this music in general. If it's some kind of resource for people to be exposed to things that they would not have heard of or checked out otherwise, then that is a good thing.

7. Will there be a vinyl and/or tape versions of the new album?

-This depends on whether or not the right offer comes along. Of course, I would like to see a vinyl release.

8. Who did the dark & moody artwork the cover of "From the Depths of Mörkvod"?

-This was handled by a friend of mine, living on the other side of Sweden, in Göteborg.

9. Big thanks for doing this little interview! Best of luck with all in the future!
   Any last word!

-Thanks for the support. Hm... "From the Depths of Mörkvod" may very well be my last words, in a sense...

Svarthaueg - Drakonsk Magi

With no hesitation they run right over you like an infernal bonecrushing serpent!

The shattering ritual of Drakonsk Magi starts!

As i have heard some of of their Ep "Ritual" i knew i would like this but they did really excel over my expectations!
Everything from the evil smashing drums to the sharp and strong riffings to the possessed vocals is of high quality, the overall productions is meaty organic and gives you all the bloody details you want.
All nine ritualistic songs clocks in aprox 34 minutes and that length feels just right for this kind of  chaotic damnation!

 I get a feeling of this record that soon time is up and the ancient dragon will be set free!

One of the best aspects except from the great atmosphere & intensity is that every song has a strong internal vibe to them, well structured and engaging melodies is in every tracks veins so in other words there is no boring fillers here.

If i had to only pick three songs they would be the first attack "Astral path to the realms of death" and the second stab "balam" and the final climax "Ritual VII".... but then again the third song "Black goddess" is such a good poison and the forth & fifth songs is to dark to forget...damn i cant pick three! I pick the whole damn album! Thats the only way to get the best Svarthaueg experience anyway.

As of now this for me is a runner for one of 2013 top albums so by all Drakonsk means get this turbulent beast now and listen to it!


01.Astral path to the realms of death
03.Black goddess
04.Enter chaos
06.Under the sign of the beast
07.A hymn to the ancient spirits
08.Serpents tongue
09.Ritual VII

lördag 22 juni 2013

Khashm Interview!

From Russia comes a great malevolent serpent in the shape & name of Khashm!

Thanks for taking time off for this interview!

-Hails to RawWar zine!

2.Now when your dark energies have grown a lot from the time when your first creation
"Dark Path to His Throne" got released to the Ep "Thy Legions Come" then to the second album
"Portals of Inferno" until now, i then wonder how you would describe your temple of KHASHM
current state of internal power?

-Temple of Khashm becomes stronger with every new day. We have learned to concentrate the flows of a dark energy through our art. Our words have become stronger, music have become darker. Our new brother in blood, I.Winterheart from Ulvdalir, have appeared on a new album of Khashm. So we have two possessed vocals now. Our new work is much stronger than all our old records and we stand on a new stage of the evolution!

3. How does the work on the split with Ulvdalir go? Is there a date to when it will surface?

-The material for this split is written, but i think that we will record this stuff only in winter, cause now Khashm and Ulvdalir have some other work to do. As for Ulvdalir, they have done the record session of a new album and make rehearsals for the upcoming ritual in Arhangelsk together with Khashm.

4. I heard of a live recording you did, has some label embraced it or is it hovering in solitude?

-Yes, you*re right, we*ve done the excellent record of our ritual. Those tracks will make a part of the rereleases of our old albums. This rereleases must be released on a Hammerbund records in this year in a limited idition.

5. besides the split and live recording you seem to be quite activated in manifesting the next
full album? Can you tell something about it?

-The album is recorded and mixed already. This is our best work now. It titles *Serpents of Death*. Now we search the label to manifest this work. I think that this album will be released in the end of this year. This is a monument in the endless glory of Satan and Death. You ll see a lot of black magic in this album.

6. What happened with the now cancelled gig with Ad Hominem & Teitanfyre?

-Teitanfyre are also have cancelled this show. It s a one of the reasons why we have cancelled this gig too. But the main reason was the record session of our new album at this moment. The studio was reserved for this time.

7.The concert/rituals that you did last year (like at Arktika) seems to me they turned out
successful, how do you see it?

-Yes, it was really successful. A real ceremony, a magic rite if you will. The air was filled with witchery, the atmosphere was incredible. The bones of the dead, candles and the right concentration made their work. And we shared the stage with our spiritual brothers from Teitanfyre, so that was amazing.

8. Do you look forward to the coming gig at Black Wings of Death Fest in september? Is there
Any other band that will attend to the "Fest" that you would give extra respect to?

-Yes, it will be a new experience for us, cause we have never performed in the North of Russia yet. We will play together with Ulvdalir. KHASHM and ULVDALIR are the members of inner circle of True Ingrian Black Metal Death. So we will show to Arhangelsk what the true black metal means!

9. As you have gone from strength to strength one can feel that the dawning of your new coming era
will be something to really look forward to!

-We all feel the coming of a new era. Soon we will see a big changes in our world. We are standing before the gates of a new eon. The eon of a knowledge.
And as the knowledge comes from Satan, we must open our souls for its wisdom.

And you got your last word!

-Let your souls fall into the Abyss! AD BARATHRUM! Hail Death, Hail Satan, Hail Chernobog!

tisdag 18 juni 2013

Warwulf Interview!

As the smell of black blood spreads a beast of cold hate comes forth with great hunger.

One could say that Warwulf could celebrate 10 years of evil madness now!
But is it correct to say that you put Warwulf in a dormant state for approx three years from last
release until now or have you been working on other music or on this freshly released
album "The Archetype of Destruction"?
What happened?

-The Archetype of Destruction was recorded between autumn of 2008 and summer of 2009.
Originally the album was set to release sometime in 2010 via Darker than black records but, due to unknown delays it was finally released 3 years later (May 2013). Upon waiting the release of the album you can say I was in a dormant state, but I was really working on new material for the next line of work.

2. What will the listener get to experience from this new album?

-More raw,hateful,uncompromising black metal. I am very satisfied with how both, the quality and sound turned out, with of course, JFN's professional assistance.

3. From what i understand was your most active periode between 2007 to 2009 with the three demos
"Visions of a Battle that Once Was...", "Forgotten Dreams of a Lost Empire" and "Wampyric Curses"
and one split "Walking the Paths of Despair" with SAD from Greece.
Could you describe these releases and which labels you worked with then, also when i "did my homework" i came across different covers for some of these...were these re releases or?

-These demos are the base ground of early Warwulf, It wasn't until the Sad split, where I realized the great potential Warwulf had.
In regards to the different cover pieces, both Metal Throne Prod (Grc) and Thor's Hammer Prod (Fra) offered me the idea to re-release all those demos in limited quantities and with different layouts.

4.In the beginning in 2003 when your first demo "Wulfschrei" got out was there any decent "channels" to spread your poison then? And what reception did it get?

-At the time I only had a hand number of copies to give out. Without my consent, several individuals actually made more copies than needed to spread the plague and surprisingly had a good reception. It was then re-released by both Metal Throne Prod and Thor's Hammer Prod.

5.Who made your great logos? I am sucker for those.

-The first logo I had requested to be designed, as seen since "Forgotten Dreams" demo, was respectfully created by Daniel Desecrator. The current logo was renovated and reformed by an acquaintance in France.

6. So now with your new album are things moving in the "right direction" for you?

-Things have been gradually moving the right direction for me since day one. However, now with this album release, I can now keep continuing where I had left off into my new line of work.

7. Any gigs planned later this year?

-Never played a gig with Warwulf or have any plans to.

8.Is there any other partners in crime that you like to shine black light unto?
Any horde that´s needs more respect & exposure ?

-There is no need for me to name anyone that needs either exposure or more respect. They already have had a strong influence in black metal today and there names are forever immortalized in the scene. They know who they are and have my have eternal support and respect.

9. Any merchandise in the pipeline?

-Not at the moment, but we'll see.

10. Thanks a lot for your time!
Any final words?

-Thank you. Ave Sathanas.

måndag 17 juni 2013

Hautakammio Interview!

As i had said before i say it again in many cases Finland fucking rules!!

1. As i understand you are quite newly formed? When,where & how did you all
   meet up and started this musical violence?

Grim666: Hautakammio was formed in 2012, as a kind of a continuum to my and Lima's former band Lathspell. I had known R. from Malicious for some time, and he decided to join along with Nagh, whose vocals I knew would suit Hautakammio's sound very well. In spring 2013 Ruho joined as a second guitarist and I moved to play bass, thus giving us ability to play live gigs. 

2.Your debut album "Kukaan Ei Opasta Teitä Pimeässä" got out into the cold air
  now in may through Darker Than Black Records, how has the response been?

Grim666: Actually we are still waiting for the release date, Darker Than Black promised release in June, I trust we'll have the album on our hands by the end of the month. So far there has been only positive feedback, and I expect no less.

3.can you elaborate on what goal you had for the music and how did the whole
  process from getting a complete horde to undergoing all the pitch black creative
  proceedings go?

Grim666: Hautakammio is the representation of strength, nihilism, hate towards the christian scum. Musically I wanted to create rapid, pitch black tunes while keeping it simple. Soundwise we all decided on primitive, raw sound that doesn't let you off easy. The recording process was quite simple, only few mics on drums, mono guitars & bass. As I handled the recording and mixing myself, it was a lot more relax situation for all of us. No restraining schedules.

4. Did you release some demo before this album?

Grim666: "Kukaan Ei Opasta Teitä Pimeässä" is our first recording, it was meant to be only a promo for labels but Darker Than Black saw that it would be suitable for a debut album release.

5. If any what earlier band affiliations do you all have?

Grim666: As I mentioned earlier, R. has his magnificent death metal band Malicious. Nagh plays drums for Seal Of  Beleth, vox & drums on Kalmankantaja, also played in Kuolo (r.i.p.). Lima's main bands are Sawhill Sacrifice (HVNK KVLT!), Thaurorod, Amberian Dawn. Ruho has Frogskin, Scarecrow, and played guitar for Lathspell. My current activities include Oath, Kalmankantaja, Order Of The White Hand, Seal Of Beleth & Scarecrow. I also handled bass & vocal duties in Lathspell.

6. Today the 15 june you play a gig with ARSONIST LODGE...i guess when you read these
   questions it is all over and done. How did it go? Brutal? To much to drink?...or to little?

Grim666: Still feeling last night's drinking in the back of my head! Indeed, this was our first gig and we nailed it. No complaints, I think we managed to bring forth the correct dark energy of Hautakammio's music. Arsonist Lodge are such professionals dominating the stage with their punishing sound, just absolute darkness. The whole night was pure alcohol induced worship! Hails to Risto & arsonists!

7. Any other gigs that you are booked for later this year?

Grim666: Not yet, but there will be. Playing live is something that we need to do, the ultimate expression of our art.

8. Besides the sweet t-shirt is there any other merchandise in the making?

Grim666: not at the moment. There was some preliminary talk about a vinyl version of the album but that's left for the future to see.

9. Any thoughts in doing a split with some of your finnish brothers?

Grim666: We are recording a new song for a 4-way split including Hautakammio, Azaghal, Sawhill Sacrifice & Oath. It will be a killer album, wait and see!

10. Thanks for doing this interview! Best of luck now!
      You got the last grim words!!

Grim666: Hails to Raw War, and infernal hails to HVNK KVLT, Satanic Elite!

söndag 16 juni 2013

CAEDES CRUENTA - Skies Daimonon

It all starts of with a sample from a exorcism in what i believe is from the movie
exorcism of Emily Rose, a suitable mood put its claws in your neck from here on this debut album.

The first song "Eosphorus" rips off straight away with sharp riffings and quite a blasting!

Its quite clear from the the get go that much inspirations comes from the second wave
but aside from that there is much inspirations from good early 80´s heavy metal! Sometimes
my mind thinks of some of Iron Maidens more moody songs for an example.
Dont get me wrong because its black metal all the way but many guitar melodies and sounds comes from
that golden era of madness and that suits me just fine.

The production is well balanced. not directly raw or necro but it cuts vains anyway , you hear most of the
hellish things CAEDES CRUENTAs serves up!
The singning is in a Burzumish style except from some background growlings and some clean vocals
( i heard that in two songs and it worked better in the second one).

Song 7 "Religion of Blaphemy" stands aside a bit (not in a bad way) with its more
early 80´s trash/death metal singing melodies.

Besides old school stuff many guitar parts burst out into what i feel sound like "victorious"
 & "epic" and at the same time mixing that with the cold satanic tones.

All in all the 8 tracks stand fine on their own and don´t melt together as a long
thunderstorm from Hades but more like a hand full of various well placed stabs from an poisonous blade.



I am hard at work in finishing the first issue of the printed RAW WAR! I will cram as much as i can in this first one, of course i cant get all my interviews in it so for those who is not in the first will be in the second... that i hope will be out in september.

Here is the cover of this black pearl.

tisdag 11 juni 2013

Burning Bethlehem Interview!

RAW WAR and the Drummer Hexen from Burning Bethlehem sits down inside the infernal flames to speak about their creations and coming plans!

How are you doing on this grim day?

-Great thank you. 

2. First i wonder how/when you guys got together and formed Burning Bethlehem?

-We formed in November of 2010. 

3. Your first release the demo "Burning Bethlehem" got out in 2011, was the work to get to that release
long or did it birthed quick? What was the response?

-It took no time at all. Skorm and Nocturn have been creating music togther for a long time before this band.
And The response to any music we have put out has always been really positive. 

4. Now when you are re releasing your debut album "The Unholy Path to Hell" on Desolate Productions
do you feel you get the promotions you need? And that new cover looks more suiting its stomping hell
sound. Can you shed some light behind the shadow of this albums themes.

-First off yes i feel this re re release will do incredible no doubt about that. And i feel it will get into a ton of new hands that could not have been reached before.
The over all theme is to bring back the darkness of the past.

5.And as i understand you are hard at work for your second album "Black Ritual"? When will it be
out in the free and will it be on the same label as your re release?
And how would you describe the progression from "The Unholy Path to Hell"?

-Yes we are working harder than ever on this new record Black Ritual. As of now there is no exact release date but we are pushing for October for the release.
As of right now we are not quite sure if it will be through Desolate Productions yet or not, We would love for it to be but will see what happens here in the next couple months. 

6.How did you come in contact with the "art-house" View From The Coffin? Is the new sweet t-shirt
artwork any hint of where the new album art is going?

-He was a personal contact of mine (Hexen)
But all of us in Burning Bethlehem came to a last min conclusion that we were just gonna do our own art again for this release. But the art work that VFTC originally made for us will not be for nothing. For i have another project called Astral Blood and the art work will be used for that.
As far as the shirt no, nothing to do with the new album. Just a cool design. 

7.How do you think the "Hate is Strenght" gig will go? Are you connected somehow with the other bands

-Nuklear Frost and Atrum Inritus are both from Minneapolis so we are close with them both. We played our first record release show with Atrum Inritus they are great guys/girl check them out. Kommandant is most defiantly a band we have been wanting to play with for a while so its an honor for sure. Over all the show will be a great time. 

8. Is there any other gigs planned for this year.

-As of right now our Cd release in October and then
a show in November.

We are probably looking at booking another 2 show for this year.
And then hit next year hard.

the main goal for this year is just make this new record nothing short of incredible.

9. Any split in the plans?

-Nothing as of yet. We would be down given the right circumstances.

10. Thanks for taking part with this interview on RAW WAR!
Any last thoughts?

- Thank you Raw War Cheers \m/

måndag 10 juni 2013

Old Witch Interview!

From the united states of misery comes the Old Witch with a a thornclad cauldron full of lethal herbs and ancient poisons.

1. Greetings!
First i am curious about your background and how you end up concocting the evil
ingredients of black metal, drone & doom metal?

 - I remember the first time I heard 'ye entrancemperium', until that time, my knowledge of metal was limited to what I remembered from being a kid, Maiden, Dio, all awesome stuff but really tame, as well as death metal, though I was never really into that. I thought bands like the Locust were pretty cool and I was into Skinny Puppy and I made noise and goth-y music with my friends. Then out of nowhere there was this song that sounded like god's own anthem, and filled me with a god like feeling of power, darkness, a haunting familiar ancient feeling that was what I had always sensed lurked somewhere in metal but I hadn't heard before. Since then I've obviously heard much more, and felt that feeling in other types of music, though possibly never as pure. I've always wanted to recreate that first feeling of power and majesty that Emperor gave me, but not to simply re create Emperor, but to take the power of Doom, Sludge and heavy Drone and marry it to the atmosphere of Black Metal. Simply put, I wanted to create the Heavy Metal album I always wanted to hear.

 2. You released yourself the first full album last month that´s called "Come Mourning Come", what
emotions and themes is processed in it?

 - The songs are all anthems to the spiritual existence that hides behind our materialistic world, they are hymns to the destruction of our financial districts and malls and they are songs of worship to the deeper metaphysical nature that lies hidden, often very deeply hidden in us all. These are not satanic anthems or pagan, per se - they are what you want them to be, but for me, they echo the strength I feel when I contemplate the natural world, and mankind's puny efforts to overcome - futility and majesty. Also the idea of ancient wisdom and mystery. The name Old Witch I feel brings to mind the feelings I associate with the music, the idea of an ancient revered person living alone in the forest communing with the spirits of the dead, the forces of nature.

 3. Did you release some demo or something before the album?

 - These songs are the first release by Old Witch

 4. Have you been in contact with some labels or vice versa for an official release?

- Old Witch will release the album on tape in The United States on the brand new label Quamvis Tetrico Ascendit Recordings based in Chicago and I have been talking to The Arcane Tapes about a European release.

 5. I saw you was in the radio show "Drones of Hell" through London's Arts Radio Station, how did that happened?
Thanks to this show i found out about you, Sathor from Ars Macabra that also was in the show tipped me about you and i think that was a good tip.

- I've listened to it on line several times, always good stuff! I feel honored to have been played on that show.

 6. Whats the further plans for this year?

- Old Witch is working on a new recording, perhaps to see the light (or darkness if you will) of day in about six months.

 7. How does you local "scene" look like? Is it a cold and empty place or do you have some fellow partners of darkness there?

- There is not much of a metal scene here, but there is quite a bit of a noise, experimental music scene, and surprising a lot of younger folks are dabbling in the imagery and sound of early 80's goth culture. 
Old Witch seems to strike a chord with this crowd. Other than that, there are a surprising number of 'metal' bands who seemed to have gone no further down the road of discovery than Tool. They also seem to enjoy Old Witch, but I am not interested in associating my music with that crowd.

 8. Thanks for your time! Best of luck to you.
Any final words?

- Thank you for your questions. I look forward to creating more music and perhaps further adding to the mythology and the folklore of Metal. 
For me, Metal doesn't occupy the same function as Punk, which is the music of revolution, but it is a type of Folk music, the music of a people, an ongoing, an evolving story whose beginnings are dim and perhaps unknown, who's ending is hidden in an uncertain future. It's not about playing faster than anyone else, or slower, or being kvlt or anything else in particular, but creating amazing new music that evokes the emotions and ideas that are the essence of Metal

lördag 8 juni 2013

Sardonic Witchery Interview!

The blasphemic spittings spreads across the earth soil!  One of the spreaders of pest is Sardonic Witchery!

1. First i like a little about your background from the start up until now.

-Sardonic Witchery beginnings was born in 2012, after lying an end to Infernal Kingdom (Portugal) in 2010.
I decided to grab my entire experience in the scene and perform my project this time alone without depending on anything or anyone ... so this time I can actually say that Sardonic Witchery will exist until the day I die ....

2. Describe the horrors one find in your debut tape "Hidden Shadows".

-Hidden Shadows it is a personal reflection, portrays the power, pain, wisdom, and especially the black part of my being. This is a very personal work; something I have never done until today. In my previous projects I never bothered much with the lyrics ... 
I created my tracks and let the lyrics for vocalists. This time I decided to create a whole and finally do something more personal ... something that really comes in full within me, my lyrics and my music. 
With all these years in the scene that have given me the experience of being a better musician
over the years I realize that I have everything to do a one man band. 

I can say that Hidden Shadows is the proof of that. You can certainly expect from my new works to be increasingly powerful and killers.

This demo was edited by Frenteuropa Records (Portugal) pro tape format limited to 100 copies. Two months after its edition my 40 copies sold out ... but I am thinking of doing a reissue in a different format.

3. When will the 4 way split tape with SILVA NIGRA, IRAE and INNER HELVETE by Frenteuropa Records come out?
Looks like a killer!

-Well, I already have my part completed nearly three months ago. We are just waiting for one of the bands to finish with their part. This split means a lot to me. 
There are three bands that have been in contact with for a few years, people I know personally, who I really appreciate their position in the underground scene. Now, the release date I am not sure but you can count that will be pretty soon. One hellish work! this split will also be edited by my fellow war Flavio da Frenteuropa Records pro tape format limited to 100 copies. 
Terrifying union in which I am totally proud to be part of it!

4. As you seem being quite active you also will be on a cd split with Nefret from Underground Longhorns Records, did you have prior knowlegde of each other before this?

-Nefret its a band that I saw being born in 2005. Abaddon (vocals) is a good friend of mine for many years. He attended the European tour of my old band Infernal Kingdom as a session bassist and since then our friendship became stronger. 
Ishkur (all instruments) also helped me a lot with that same band in the recording of latest album "Infernal Kingdom - SATAN". He was also invited to be my session guitarist but because his busy schedule he was not able to come. All I want to said with this is that these two war fellow helped me a lot in my past band and I am honored to work side by side with them. With this being said I can tell you that this will be a big split and I am really looking forward to having it in my hands!!

5. As you mentioned you are working with some session members with the goal to enter the "stage", who are
the fellow maniacs you have by your side now?

-At this moment I am working with a group of musicians to do some concerts in the United States of America and may be later in Europe. I willl be on the vocals and the session members will be: Blisargon - Guitar (Unholy Blasphemy, ex Verkommen); Torturem - Bass (Ashes of The Forgotten, ex Thy Antichrist); Uxmal - Drums (Thy Antichrist).

6. How does the gigging possibilitys look like in your neighbourhood? Or will you travel the seven seas?

-Well, this time when my band is ready for the chaos I will personally organize my own ritual in Dallas (Texas). I will be doing something different from what has been done here;I will be a worshiping Satan with blood, fire, eroticism and hatred.
Since I already played in many places around the world with my old bands like Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium and Texas (Usa) ... I have the notion that the European scene is much stronger than here but in Texas there is still have enough demons that give value to the Black Metal Underground. However, do not worry too much about it because anywhere in the world we have true warriors... 

and my rituals will be especially for them.

7. Back in the days when you where starting to know which unholy ways your were aiming to which bands did got your blood boiling?

-Well, if are asking me which band I most admire in Black Metal from the first day.I Without thinking I have said "MANIAC BUTCHER", but also Absurd, Silva Nigra, Hellhammer, Absu, Venom, Judas Iscariot, Moonblood , Forest, Decayed, Corpus Christii, Bathory, Cryfemal, Burzum, Mayhem, Death Incandescent, Tundra, Infernal, Inquisition, Grand Belial's Key, Satanic Warmaster, Desaster, Besatt, Mütiilation ... among many others (I will be writing for hours ahhahaha). Also, I am a admire of Heavy and Thrash Metal scene and bands like Mercyful Fate ... King Diamond, WASP, Metalucifer, Manilla Road, Old, Judas Priest, Sortilège, Nocturnal, Possessed, Toxic Holocaust, etc ... I can also say that I feel a sensation somewhat similar.

8. Do you have any more plans in motion for the rest of the year?

-Yes, after the split with Nefret, USBM compilation that will go out by Horizon Productions (USA) in which Sardonic Witchery was invited to participate with a completely unique theme, this compilation will came out on pro tape format perhaps between October or November ...

Another project I am working on it is also a split with Intolerant. This will be also release this year by Frenteuropa Records on 7 vinyl format. After all this, I will begin to work on the first album. 

If everything goes as planned it will be release in 2014 by Frenteuropa Records in cd format, Horizon Productions Pro Tape Format and Underground Longhorns Records in vynil Format.

9. Thanks for this interview!
   Any last statement?

-I really appreciate your interest and support in Sardonic Witchery!
Demons please enjoy the war because the peace will be terrible!!!

hellish regards
King Demogorgon