tisdag 17 januari 2017

Forgotten Soul Interview!

1. Greetings!
 Let start from the start, when and where did you start this project and do you have any
prior band experiences?

Hails to you. I, Wraith, started Forgotten Soul in January 2016, with my bassist Plague in Staten Island New York. I have not been in any other bands, and neither has Plague to my knowledge.

2.Your music sounds harsh, negative and minimalistic in terms of melodies and structures,
the riffings feel like its wanderings, searching almost... for something else... how do you see and
feel about what you create and what is important for you when you create?

- When we started we decided we wanted to have the music reflect on who I was. My music is a direct reflection of who I am.
I am a negative and harsh person, so my music sounds the same as I feel...Tortured.

3. What would you say in life have shaped you the most to start making music?
And is it to live in New York, how is your everyday life? What makes you tic?

- Suffering, and hatred. My own introspection, hate, and depression shaped me into what I am, and forced me to make music. I don't make music because I'm happy, or because it's "fun", I make music because I AM SUFFERING. Living in Staten Island New York doesn't help my mood at all. It is a very grim and depressing place to be. 
Most of the people are on heroin, and the ones who aren't are brain dead. I'm surrounded by people all the time, and I feel nothing but hate for them all. People make me tic. I HATE THEM, and I can't get away from them. It's torturous.

4.  From the first demo to the newest, is there any one of them that stood out for you or
is it always the latest you like the best or maybe you dont think/feel like that?

- I feel that with every album we improve. Because with every album I am in a different mind state, and the music fits what I am feeling at that point in time. But if you were to ask me what our best work was I would say the newest demo "Suffering Apparition Suspended Just Above Naught", and "True Necrotic", is our best.

5. As mentioned the newest demo, shed some light about the lyrics and overall direction?
And who did that nice looking logo? And it was released on tape!

- Our last album was focused on the past, depression, and HATE! Lyrically it focused on vampirism on the track "Blood Spell", and the other tracks I feel speak for themselves. My music is always negative, and the lyrics will always be dark, negative, and dismal. It was released on tape, you can buy it on bandcamp, and it will be released on a label in the near future. 
The logo was done by a friend of mine who shall go unnamed.

6. You have done two splits if i am not mistaken? One with Tahazu and one with Abandoned by Light. What can you say about these band and splits? Is there any difference in creating for you
when it is to a split?

- We did three splits, because we did two with Abandoned By Light, and one with Tahazu. I respect both bands, and am a fan of their music. I would never work with a band I do not respect, or dislike. 
I only give my time to those who are worthy of it. No I don't write differently for splits, I write what I feel.


7. How does the closest future plans look like for Forgotten Soul? And what about drums?

- Forgotten Soul will wander eternal. We have a number of local shows coming up, and we are working on our ninth album. We will continue to spread the message of evil, and negativity. I will not stop until the world is left broken and rotting, I will work until I can no longer. 
This Forgotten Soul will know no rest until the sun is blotted out from the sky, and the winter is eternal. As far as drums go, I will not add another to the band, as I mentioned earlier, Plague and I HATE people, and adding drums would mean having to associate with a human. But I will add drums, I am currently teaching myself to play, and when the time is right I will add them to my music.

8. Thanks for your time answering this interrogation!

 - Gladly. Thank you for your time.

Bandcamp link:

fredag 13 januari 2017

SWAMP - Underground Manifesto

Let´s travel back in time to the distant year of....2014!

Ok that is not so far off but this release could just as well been released at least 25 years ago...no that is not a negative statement but rather a hint of its sound.

They roll out the big filthy guns and blast off an album filled with old school war metal! It mixes
a nice dose from the blackened Thrash 80´s (some minor heavy metal bits i hear also)
 with the 90´s war/beastial metal. Besides from this main meat stew of evil assaults many songs includes some nice heavy slower parts that infuse a stronger overall tension, very tasty.
It is warmongery from start to the putrid end i other words but with some extra finess then many other bands in this direction dont have. Good production and all in the band delivers on point.
The negative points is not much but just as some songs could be trimmed down in time as they get a tad repetitive...looking at you "Slow as Death" haha! But its no big thingy.

All in all this is a good barbaric album and is worth getting, extra plus to the great cover art by Riddick!
Best song is easiest track seven "Epileptic Messiah" & the last one.

Track list:

1.     Intro     01:46    
2.     R.I.P. (Rest In Pit)     04:52    
3.     Underground Manifesto     03:57    
4.     Necrosadistic Disorders     04:40    
5.     Slow as Death     05:21    
6.     Wishes of the Upside Down Cross     05:39    
7.     Epileptic Messiah     04:53    
8.     Vision of the Last Judgement     04:36    
9.     Outbreaking the Boundaries of Everlasting     07:32    

*This cd is released by Atolinga Records 

And if you find it check out the split with Riddicks band Fetid Zombie, released in 2015 by Morbid Visions Music.

tisdag 10 januari 2017

Sonderkommando Interview!

1. Hail!
Hope your day is fine in Finland?

A: I´m good. Slush raining from the sky and it is dark as fuck.

2. Let us take it from the start i think, as it is more the obvious
with the bands imagery and themes that the NS road is what you walk on but when in life did you realize that this was a path for you?
Was it some event in life or by coming in contact with people or literature that had this conviction or content?

A: I have become national socialist gradually. When I was at 8th grade I became more hateful and I was going into different direction than anybody else. It has been years of self improvement. I've read tons of good books about fascism and national socialism. Cultural marxism grows everyday around me so my ideology only gets stronger. Nowadays I don't see national socialism as hateful ideology. It is the only natural way of thinking. There is nothing hateful to love your own people and preserve our own culture. Only because there is lots of people who want to destroy us we must stand against by force to those who are hateful to us.

3. As any intelligent human should know is that history is written by "winners" and thereof the history books has many "black holes" in them and straight out lies only to put them selves into the angelic light, also with mainstream media it is the same with more or less convoluted news...by saying that i understand one search after more correct fact about history and the modern world. My question is how you come to the conclusion that the holocaust did not happen? I myself have not discovered anything to convince me that it is a lie but then again i have not really looked at that specific subject.

A: Holocaust is a lie. In WW2 lots of people died in camps in west and east. Not only German camps but soviets also. Every nation in every war had camps where they locked enemies and people from conquered areas. People who died in concentration camps died on diseases. Germans documented every dead person on books. Some of them died on flu, some of them pneumonia etc. There is only few executions listed on books. Why the gassings wasn't documented by Germans? Why Germany would have done this massive extermination program during the war when they battled in eastern, southern and western front? Also those ”gas chambers” in Birkenau are built after the war by soviets. Every people who work there nowadays as tour guide etc. Knows that. But it is not told to tourists. Only gas chambers that exists was used for cleaning clothes against parasites. Also if some American or British soldiers claim that they saw gas chambers it is a lie too. Those alleged death camps was in soviet territory. Read jewish supremacism by Dr. David Duke. Read texts of Fred A. Leuchter (Leuchter Report). Also there is an interview on Kuoleman Pataljoona from him. You can hear it on second track.

4. Tell me about how and when you started this band and what do you feel to be active with it? I mean what do you feel you get out of creating this music personally? And how did you pick the band name?

A: Idea is ancient between me and vocalist. We were going to make war metal in Finnish language first but before we found proper drummer I joined to DoomOrder and the original idea was buried. Not too many months ago I decided to summon the Sonderkommando as noisegrind band. I feel that I should do this to offend everyone. More aggressive and hateful than anyone else. We use national socialism because it is hated ideology in many countries. But like said it is not really hateful ideology. I don't recall why I did choose Sonderkommando as a name. Most likely I came up with it when I was reading about Lapland War from Wikipedia or some book. (there was unit called Sonderkommando Nord). After some research about the usage of Sonderkommando I decided to use it. Sonderkommando is german and straight translated it means special unit for special order.

5. How does a rehearsal session look like for Sonderkommando? What equipment
do you use for this sound?

A: To be honest we don't rehearse with full line up. I play bass at my home and I summon ideas how the songs should go on. When we record we gather all ideas and use them. Partly it is improvised but lyrics, some of the riffs and song structures are done and thought before. Everything is as primitive as you can get. We have only drums, bass with distortion and distorted vocals and we record all live in rehearsal room. That is what we did on Kuoleman Pataljoona and that will go on next release which is called ”Hirttäkää Heidät”.

6. Any thoughts to play live sometime? Hot shower?

A: It is possible but not thought it seriously yet. We only have session drummer(s) who will be always  uncredited so we don't have full line up for live shows. If we find permanent drummer someday I guess it could be possible to perform before live audience (unlikely, but possible).

7.How is it in Finland nowadays with the politics and  migration, what do you think
is the most realistic way to solve Europe's problems?

A: To be honest I think all hope is almost gone. Nationalism is the solution. Only way to go back is to eliminate this semitic tumor and cultural marxism which is harmful to European existence. We need to bear arms on borders and start to waste these invaders and smash the weak ideology which is infiltrated to our society. It is a zionist agenda to bring chaos and diversity to all over Europe so they can enslave us. They (kikes) use islam as a weapon against the white man. Jews = scum, muslims = scum!

8. Tell me about the Kuoleman Pataljoona release, the song lyrics and who is the man talking
between the songs? How did you come in contact with the label?

A: Kuoleman Pataljoona is a hateful assault against niggers, kikes, muslims, christians, anarchists, leftists and every weak minded people who walk on this planet. Lyrics are just about that. Man who you can hear at second track is Freud A. Leuchter (said above). He gives you facts why holocaust never happened. I am great fan of Seges Findere so it was clear choise to choose Deathcamp rex as our label. I've been in contact with that label for over a 2 years or so. Other 2 of my bands use this same label also. The most extreme label on earth.

9. Besides this release is there any more plans for this new year?

A: We are already working on our next release which will be released on this year also. It will be called ”Hirttäkää Heidät” (hang em high) and it will contain 4 tracks with extended length. Running time aprox 30-40 minutes. It will continue this same sound, ideology and structure as Kuoleman Pataljoona. Only longer songs. Don't expect anything fancy. It will destroy even more than Kuoleman Pataljoona.

10. Thanks for taking time off for this interview!  

A: 14/33/88!  -BlackVomit

Sturmtiger - World at War 1914-1918

Time to step unto the battle fields of world war one, yes it is a concept album and it works just fine, to set the atmosphere right they put in some time related snippets of samples between songs but music comes in first hand.

If you are not familiar with Sturmtiger they are a 3-member band from Denmark (but now resides in England) and they play a kind of war metal with inspirations from the battle giants like Blasphemy and similar but not so much that one can think as they have a more rolling Thrash(ish) drive with a big scope of drooling blackened death. It has a entertaining and groovy sound without being death n roll.

Crunchy stabbing riffs and manic (good recorded) drums blowing the enemy trenches with easy, semi dark raspy vocals do a fine job marching on with the rumbling bass having his back. Great war hell is painted in your mind!
Good production and delivery, old school for sure but that will never die!
Sturmtiger do it right!

A solid slaughter that also grows after some spins.

This i listened to is the War Productions tape re release which has on the B-side "Live at Nambucca 24-05-2015" as a bonus.
The original cd release was 2014 by Black Plague Records

Track list:
1.For your Fatherland 04:50
2.Tank Attack 04:24
3.Frontline 05:05
4.Trench Warfare 07:05
5.War Power 04:55

I think the cd had some other track also but i dont remember now, perhaps it was just some cover.


lördag 7 januari 2017

Sonderkommando - Kuoleman Pataljoona

So now over to something really un-nice!
From the frozen barren woods of Finland comes a NS noisegrind band called Sonderkommando, as i had no idea on what the band name meant, i checked it up and this is what i found:
"Sonderkommandos were work units made up of German Nazi death camp prisoners. They were composed of prisoners, usually Jews, who were forced, on threat of their own deaths, to aid with the disposal of gas chamber victims during the Holocaust.The death-camp Sonderkommandos, who were always inmates,
should not be confused with the SS-Sonderkommandos which were ad hoc units formed from various SS offices between 1938 and 1945."

Yeah so from the get-go you know this will be a over-the-top hate fueled no shits given release! You can take it as you like i guess but you will be in trouble if you have the PC disease....

As they describe their sound noisegrind you will also be treated with just that! A wave of really raw produced madness, a screaming aggravated assault with the guitar chugging both fast and some more heavy parts. drums crashes to the max and everything is almost broken...just the way they like you to feel hehe broken and dead eating dirt!

Yeah so no elegant compositions here but they wreck havoc with conviction! A thing that was interesting to hear but also got me scratching my head a bit is the interview bits between some songs that sounds like someone talking about that there was no gas chambers under WW2...

If you are into this genre or just like a noisegrind fix try it out! It is murder from start to finish!

A interview with Sonderkommando will be posted here in week or so also.

Released by Deathcamp Records

fredag 6 januari 2017

The Cloven Hoof Issue 2

So the first batch has come and gone of my new CH issue but fear not more batches will be printed soon. It is pro printed A4 size with 80 pages on nice paper...and that means it is expensive but i rather do it like this and pump it out it minor nice streams rather then a cheap flood wave ;)
I´ll update here right away when the next batch is flaming hot from the prints!
Any questions mail me at:   intotherawwar@gmail.com

Here is some photos...

Gormanudr - Old Path

Here we have the debut tape EP by Gormanudr which is a 3-member horde. (Germany / Romania / USA)

Hammering on in pestilence a dark musky waters of the old and eternal black metal era, primitive but convincing compositions runs all through the five songs, it is bleak and unwelcoming but not necessary that "raw" in production but more it has a raw delivery and soul.
A dim night sky linger constantly over the deep ancient woods and feelings of power and hate stirs up when listening to this debut tape, sure nothing new here but that is also the point.
Against the modern world!

All tracks are good but the final one (and the first) is the strongest! really strong and quite grand build up in it. A good song going to war with. All sober instruments and the harsh vocals melds together just right and nothing is really missing here... as the tape ends i feel satisfied and turn the tape and press play again.

Fans of Sargeist and similar acts will enjoy this with no problems. I look forward to future Gormanudr releases as this first offering is a promising hatefull start!

 Track list:

1.     I Am the Eternal Fire     03:11    
2.     Black Aeon     03:41    
3.     Old Path     04:17    
4.     Cryptic Winds and Desolate Darkness     03:27    
5.     Summoning the Night     04:51    

Released by Hateworks

Bandcamp link: