torsdag 31 januari 2013

Scythe of Death Enlightenment

I got my Scythe of Death Productions package today and it was worth the wait!

1: Ormgård - Ormblot
2: Ormgård - ////\
3: Tomhet - fulländad sfäraförintning i en onaturliger skepneskrud av pestilenta djwr.
4: arosian black mass book 2011
5: arosian black mass book 2012

I will return in a near future with some more insightful views on the stuff.

onsdag 30 januari 2013

KIRKEBRANN - Når Alt Dør Out Now!

At last the new Kirkebrann album has been released from its hellish cavern to embrace us with its faul death breath!

tisdag 29 januari 2013

Svartkraft - II: The Twilight Void

This sophomore album from the finnish duo Svartkraft is a step up on the hell-scale from the their raw debut, their sound is is still somewhat raw but they have beefed it up a bit and the blast-beats and evil tremolo riffs & raspy demonic screamings smash your face harder now!

And besides that this second album (of four) is interesting because here is when they start to mix in some genre bending antics.
Sure it is as a whole a traditional 90´s sounding satanic black metal record but they throw in some heavy metal sounding singing parts towards the end of track 3 & some guitar melodies & solos is also clearly influenced by "hard rock".

But dont jump out of your bullet belts for that because Svartkraft blend in this with great style and care....
and then if you listen to their third and fourth records you will witness even more exprementation.

 It is cold & hatefull just like you want it and the extra touches gives it an extra push, dark clouds and sharp lightning rumbles all the way up to the cross and cracks it down.

 Ah! And by the way this duo has been in many other bands in finland that you may already know like the great Azaghal, Wyrd, Vultyr, Hellkult...

Track list: (favorites is 3 & 4)

1.     Dweller of the Twilight Void        
2.     Brightest Star, Darkest Sun         
3.     Moments of Ruin Carved in Flesh         
4.     The Lurker         
5.     Across the Nightmare Seas         
6.     The Lost Art of Necromancy    

Lasts around 36 bleak minutes.

måndag 28 januari 2013

Dodsferd - Fucking your Creation

Here we have a black glimmering little pearl from 2007(written in 06 though) from Dodsferd (Greece)!

This album i the first really good outing from Wrath and it feels that all his parts & pieces from his blasphemous artistic soul come togeather here.

The intro kicks of with the screams from a man  dying It sets the mood just right as the first track kicks in! The punkish ingredients gives "...and Disease Was Spread in a Matter of Seconds" a good drive in it and fits well as a hatefull firestarter, sure it is a bit long (11 min) but it works well i think because it has some strong riffs and it evolvs nicely, the sound has a sweet semi-raw edge to it and fits the whole record.

The third track changes the mood from violence to a more depressive & misanthropic state, this song is like a downword spiral and ends bitterly after 12 minutes & 30 seconds, some say monotonous but i say grimly meditative. It captures the cold nordic winds just right.

Fourth songs blasts away like the albums second "hatecrime" track but without the punk stuff, more like a good traditional black metal in the veins like early Darkthrone etc. Nice.

And the last one here is maby the bleakest song of them all and has a bit of droning vibe to it, it is like Wrath is bleeding and drags himself down to his cellar as he spitts on this world.

Track list:

1.     Die in Pain    (intro)     
2.     ...and Disease Was Spread in a Matter of Seconds         
3.     I Was Welcome Only by Death         
4.     Fucking Your Creation         
5.     Wrath    

Filthy good shit!

fredag 25 januari 2013

My Art!

Some fanart on Necrocurse i did this night!

(And they will release their first full album soon!)

The Sarcophagus - Towards the Eternal Chaos

As i said the other day my relitted urge to embrace this album again and give you folk a review!
Well! Here it is...

This Turkish hordes first full-album is a gem (in turmoil!) and it was a fulfilling journey to listen to it again!
This is a well made & respect inducing melodic & epic black-metal piece that never let you go until you are dead... a delightfull death i might add.

The intro is as symphonic as it gets and then the first "real" (track 2) song starts of with a bang and you feel the ancients swirwling around the mountains tops  with Niklas Kvarforth at the frontline bleeding & screams! He doeas a superb job through out the whole record and gives the echoing sharp strings/keybords/acoustic interludes & choirs a suitable brutal and insane black aura.

Every song evolves with many different compositions and the blastbeats and fast riffing is striking the ass of god the whole time.
A chaotic stampede of reapers rustles up on your back and into your soul....
....enter the halls of forever.

Generally i dont like this grand and orchestral style in my black metal but as you now understand this is a big exception.Seek it up!

The stand out songs for part is number: 2, 4,7,8

Track List:

1.     Towards the Eternal Chaos         
2.     The Legend Sleeps Behind the Mountains         
3.     Hymn to Awakening         
4.     Age of Demons    
5.     The Sarcophagus         
6.     A Funeral Opus         
7.     Anatolian Dragons         
8.     Under the Lunar Eclipse         
9.     Nothingness, Emptiness, Chaos         
10.     Misanthropic    

The whole running time ends right under 50 minutes....juicy!

torsdag 24 januari 2013

Dødsfall - Kronet i Svart Eld

So this was no suprise! This Eps five songs holds a high hatefull spirit!

This piece of god/lifespitting music has the its heart in the "second wave" with the likes of Gorgoroth etc but at the same time it has much of an internal ego & flame to feel timeless.... and thats not so strange when the members comes from bands like Ancient, Moonlight, Infuneral.

From the intro through the first bitter track ( written by Fauk of Hordagaard.) the feeling is cemented in a bleak harrowfull midtempo state, second track heat up the tempo a bit but it is the third track "Mørkrets Sirkel" i feel that all the darkness really comes togeather and rips of your face! The sound is a nice mix of raw and meaty and the singing is splendid especially from song two and forward, V-Rex snarls and shrieks in an maniac satanic style that so sweet and nasty.

Fourth song feels like an continuation of the third song but it builds up to the semi climax well and let the last track act like an moody deathcarrige away into the sunset of no return.

All fans of 90´s satanic Norwegian Black metal should get this! (The vinyl version also has a six track but thats a tribute to Beastcraft.)

Track list:

1.     I Skuggans Famn     
2.     Av Død Skal Du Herske         
3.     Mørkrets Sirkel         
4.     Inn I Fjellets Dypeste Dyp         
5.     Gal Tjener      instrumental

One Smal Black Jewel

Just happened to stumble over this good "Hate Cult"Ep with The Sarcophagus.
Mr Niklas Kvarforth contribute with vocals in an sick & vile greatness that fits the epic dark harsh compositions perfect.

Thanks to this find i got reminded that i have the Sarcophagus album "Towards the Eternal Chaos" in my rotting shelf! Got to give it some new spins! (maby a review...)

onsdag 23 januari 2013

Nihasa split with The Red Angle out now!

A dark void dissonance is revolting & twisting in space as this new split arrives!
This year just getting better!(even if life sucks! hohoho )

NIHASA / THE RED ANGLE - Vessels of the Aetheric Void - 7" EP

Split-EP limited only to 300 copies.

1. Doctrina Anima Ritu Niger

2. Faceless Serpent Angel (Sabbathic Witch Mother)

You can buy it here:

tisdag 22 januari 2013

My Art!

Two new Beasts Unleashed!

Two things to hunt down NOW is:

ONE: Vorum - Poisoned Void           (Have it soooooon)
 Just released from the splendid Woodcut label. Really dark and gritty Death Metal from Finland.

TWO: Dødsfall - Kronet i Svart Eld            (got it!)
Released recently by the great Uneploded Records, Sinister & raw Norwegian  Black Metal!

You can expect a review on Dødsfall tomorrow night.

måndag 21 januari 2013

RAW WAR : Readers question -1-

Now when 2013 is under bloody way i like to hear what releases you lot look forward to?!

I personally think there are quite a few things thats worth drooling (like a stupid rabid dog) after!

***One coming release that i looking forward to is Hornas new album!

DTL - Dead Soul Requiem OUT NOW!

First great news this year is the release of the 7" from Drowning the Light!
This is a collaborating with Ash from Nargaroth (vocals/lyrics).

 Splendid cover!
There is one ordinary drop (666 ex) and one exclusive one that comes in an woodenbox with printed logo, t-shirt & coloured vinyl, etc.(only 110 ex)

I´m looking forward in sinking my teeth into this!  (and dont forget that DTL will pour out a lot more this unholy year!)

It can be ordered here:

My Art!

fredag 18 januari 2013

Angantyr - Kampen Fortsætter

Here we have a kind of a classic, yeah its all Norway darkness in a familiar way... and if thats a good or bad thing its up to you.

For me this group have lingered in the backwater in my conscious for about ten years but i have never (until now) plucked them up and tried them out... dont ask me why because i have only heard good things about them...

Anyway now when i have heard this piece a couple of times i must say it was ABOUT TIME that i listen to Angantyr! It has both the great Burzumish ambient keyboard tracks & intros and the raw & bonedry hatefull dissonance midtempo violence you can expect from the deep damp forests of Norway.

This distorted journey has good and a bit of hypnotic build-ups and grim compositions that takes your thoughts to some early Immortal & Darkthrone but Angantyr has enough of internal personal fury & fire to escape the "clone" stamp and this record builds from spinn to spinn.

Great brooding mist is flowing through all of the songs but if i have to point out one song i like the best it is track 3-Landeplagen Skal Bort, it has a good build up from the start to finish with many interesting twist and turns.

The bonus track is really good and has a little more melodic and melancholic vibe to it and rounds off "Kampen" nicely.

The only smal negative remark is that they should kept the first cover design.

Track List:

1.     Portene Åbnes     -instrumental
2.     Stormen Fra Nord    
3.     Landeplagen Skal Bort    
4.     Stilhedens Larm      -instrumental
5.     I Der Knæler I Ynk    
6.     Da Frostvind Blæste    
7.     Sidste Kapitel I En Endeløs Fortælling     - instrumental
8.     Korset ud af Danmark (extra track)

torsdag 17 januari 2013

Acherontas - Hermeticism

If you have some strange reasons to be sceptic or if this maby is not your "taste" then this little meaty Ep is an painless introduction to Acherontas world.

You will witness three anticosmic chants in an deep and tremolo filled void, rich in layers and concept. Both murdering parts echoes through the space and slow & reptile crawlings haunts the in the depths.
The raspy vocals fits perfectly (and the lyrics is essential) as the songs evolves from one great melodic shell  to another shell of even greater eruption. Hard & vast!

As Above, So Below.

Track list:

1 – Hermeticism
2 – Meum Nomen Deus
3 – The Conjuration Of The Five Negative (Bonus Track)

onsdag 9 januari 2013

Local store findings!

I got lucky roaming my local recordshop Sound Pollution today!
Four bittersweet albums:

Hetroertzen (i got the nice cd but this vinyl version got some tasty extras in it etc, yeah i´m a sucker for Hetro...)
Arckanum - Grimalkinz Skaldi
Acherontas - Hermeticism
Sonne Adam - Transformation

I´m waiting just now also for an minor order from Scythe of Death Productions, some Ormgård & Tomhet etc etc...

måndag 7 januari 2013

Repulsive Record Rape-Christmas sale!

The great webshop Repulsive Records had an end-of-year sale (25-50% off!!!).... so i dug a hole through my soul and bought these unpleasant creations!

 (I´ll write the band titles soon when i got some time over.)

Link to the store:

söndag 6 januari 2013

Weapon - From the Devil´s Tomb

Time for some blackened death metal!

This Canadian hord is one of the "New Millenium" bands that have studied the original school of death and taken that inspiration and cultivation and morphed it into their own "neo-blood" thus birthing a new golden dawn of misery and soundscapes!

Weapon combines the old primal anguish & anger from death & black (Morbid Angel, Deicide) metal of the early 90´s with a new more calculated approach without loosing the "true" aspect of it all.

Even "occult" nostalgia is felt here between the brutal riffs and smashing drumbeats, the songs is quite long (from 3 to 8 min) but they are evolving in a good piece and the ritualistic vibes is poured into your blood in an pleasing way.
Many interesting and varid parts flows into one to another and some oriental compositions gives the whole impression an extra push to the black skies.

 Epic guttural dark mysticism!

Track List:

1.     From the Devil's Tomb    
2.     Vested in Surplice, and Violet Stole    
3.     Furor Divinus    
4.     Vortex - 11724    
5.     Lefthandpathyoga    
6.     The Inner Wolf    
7.     Sardonyx    
8.     Trishul    
9.     Towards the Uncreated    

lördag 5 januari 2013

Atra - Of Demise, Evil & Necromancy (Demo Collection)

As the title says this is Atras demo collection!

It contains the complete first four demo tapes and all together it has 14 tracks, You surely get a lot of meat for your cash!

First thing that strikes me (soflty) is that these demos compared to the later albums is that they have more of a introverted melancholy and not so much in the way of anger etc, the production is more like tape demos(duh!) and has a lesser clear production but it works fine, just cram up the volume and listen carefully!!

I personally prefer the albums with their stronger feelings and hatefull vibes but this demos has many other qualities like the foggy & depressive internal landscapes.... that grows and twists under your skin.

I like myself best the first and the last demos mainly for the first one to be really muddy and gloomy and the last for speeding things up a bit and has more of a stingy sound & putrid emotion.

All in all this is Atras respectable but filthy birth and if you like Atra you should own it!
And this is cd is your only chance now.

Track list:

1.     Worship         
2.     Atra Sacramentum         
3.     Soul Demise         
4.     The Altar
5.     The Chalice         
6.     Black Elegy         
7.     Beneath the Silent Souls
8.     Black Storms of Suffering         
9.     Winds of Madness Obscure    
10.     Twilight and Ruin         
11.     The Darkest Salvation
12.     Harbinger        
13.     Horizons Eclipsed with Burning Witchery         
14.     Through Night & Bloodred Dawn...         

The running time is around 55 minutes.

fredag 4 januari 2013

Grá & Styggelse Concert!

If you live in Sweden and close to Stockholm you should consider to go to this concert with the perverted Styggelse and the dark & bloody Grá!
The gig will be in Gamla stan in a place called The Liffey!

For more info follow this link:

tisdag 1 januari 2013

My Art - Vampire -

The new year was boring (well i was tired cuz i happened to have to much fun the day before new years eve..) so i drew a little fanart on the Death metal band Vampire.

Drowning the Light - A World Long Dead

I slowly drag up this classic from 2006/07 as my number one post to this first teenaging millenium year 2013!

I thought it would be fitting to once again look back in anguish of a world long dead.

This release is stated by Azgorh to be the last cd reprinting (1000 copies) so buy it now if you want it!
This release even has the 4-track Ep "Vampyric Winter" as a bonus!

Over to the music, it all starts with one of the best, melancholic & beautiful keyboard intros i heard from DTL after that the first song cracks open and the grim & raw buzz rolls up and engulfs you, this sea of melodic but black sorrow flows a long through one song into the next, it feels like you standing on a vast and cold shore and you know your life will soon come to an end...
The vocals is in the same raspy hatred as in your typical DTL release but on this album the utter grief is more present and it cementes the the ground vibe of the whole record.

Songs like "Fate Forged in the Name of Satan" & "Mysteriis Anguis" attacks from both sides and speeds up the war greatly, after the little interlude the last & also the titletrack "A World Long Dead (Time Heals Nothing)" ends this part of the cd, it is a ten minutes somewhat medetative and depressive closure to it all and it is a fitting song for just that to.

All in all a great DTL album with strong compositions and arrangements with true emotions!

Track list of "A World Long Dead":

1.     Tears of a Dead God         
2.     The Haunted Ruins of a Vampyric Soul        
3.     Dark Whispers of Torment         
4.     Fate Forged in the Name of Satan         
5.     Mysteriis Anguis         
6.     Nostalgic Grief         
7.     A World Long Dead (Time Heals Nothing)     

And now the bonus ep starts with another keyboard intro but this time not as masterly as the first but it has enough of dark aura in it to feel motivated, the two "real" songs here is of high standard and is a bit sharper mixed and is a bit more agro at least in my eardrums.
The the last track "Frozen Stare" is an nice guitar outro that leaves you with an lonly chill when it ends, this bonus fits right in with the main title.

 I´m glad to get it in this physical form now when it is hard to get, but i think i´m sic enough to buy Vampyric Winter if i come across it in its original  vinyl outing though.
Love the cover also! (both of them!!!)

Track list of "Vampyric Winter":

1.     Black Candles Burning Out         
2.     Vampyric Winter         
3.     Last Sunset of a Dying Autumn         
4.     Frozen Stare        

The only thing i miss is the text to the lyrics...