lördag 15 november 2014

Black Force / Fröst Rot - Dungeons of Depravity

I have planned for awhile now to write this review and now finally i get my demon thumb out of the ass!

After i heard the Black Force  "Cult of the Bloodstone" tape demo some month ago  i was eager to find more from them because they come from of just the kind of bloodstained cemetery dirt i love! Early trashy satanic speed/heavy-metal all the way to the grave! ....or "Speed to the grave" if i should quote Necrocurse. hehe.

These two (damn only two!!) new songs from Black Force delivers in just the same chaotic fashion as last time with ugly metal-cave riffs that gets your barbaric blood pumping again, it is quite primal but not losing its headbanging demon groove for a second. Production is mid-raw i would say as this music is meant to be in. Good songs to put it simple...but it would not hurt a bit if one would at least one song more each from the bands, i am a demanding bastard i know hehe. (now i the only thing i miss from BF is the Ep"Keep the Banner of Old High")

These tracks from Fröst Rot is the first i hear from them so i did not know what to expect but it did not take long before i understod why these bands did this split! Fröst Rot is just as good! They lean a bit more towards heavy metal riffings rather then the little more speedy BF but thats not a negative point as they compose their filth with classic (but personal) vigor. Vocals here is more higher produced  (but nicely ugly & vile) but dont overpower & drench the rest of the music.
Seems like i have to keep an eye on these hellhounds as well! ;)

A nasty but short split tape that should be picked up.

Track list:

Side A - Side Black
1. Black Force - Mites for Satan
2. Black Force - Shadow of the Vampyre
Side B - Side Rot
3. Fröst Rot - Grave Robber
4. Fröst Rot - Satanic Speed
*Out on - Into Dungeons Records

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