söndag 8 juli 2018

Ethereal Mist / Odvas

 Here we have a new delivery from the ambient/atmospheric entity called Odvas, like last time (check link at the bottom for review on the first tape) we get put on a plane of both distant hostile vibrations and close spiritual ambiguity...a bit like hovering inbetween layers of existence, is it the past life that send up aggravating sentiments or is it from the coming place?

As before you get a well dramaturgical structured pieces that easily creates inner visions. I  look forward to coming  releases/segments of this ongoing journey... as it feels surley like a new chapter is around the corner.
Soothing and chilling stuff from Hungary.

Next up we is presented with new music from the Australian Ethereal Mist. (side project from a member of Entsetzlich, Kryptus)

 EM goes for a more clean synth dinner which is both a bit on the "spooky" side but mostly it goes for a distressful introspective sound dialogue, like inner argumentation morphed into synth tones.
Some sudden sounds here and there for good measure, the structure is dissolving more or less on its way and at times its testing your endurance haha.

A sold dark atmospheric split tape!

Track list:

Ethereal Mist side
- A drift in Death´s Gaze -

Odvas side
- Obscure Levitation -

 Released by :
Far From... Records

Past Odvas review:

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