onsdag 3 oktober 2018

Mavorim / Totenwache - Verbrannte Erde

From the noble Germany comes two relative new dark forces in a combined hell carrion!

Mavorim that starts this split is a new existence for me (but been active since 2014) but with that very nice atmospheric intro track i was ready for them or should i say him(P.) as its a one man band.
What plays out infront my apparition is a mid-tempo melancholic but proud black metal with a hint of pagan sensibilities, clean production but organic and vocals is fittingly harsh and brings my thoughts a bit to Blutkult and similar "über  Germanic" bands hehe....in other words i like it!
Good  songs with just enough compositions and dramatics to fit inside the 6-8 minutes songs.


Now over to Totenwache which i am more familiar with as i reviewed their Ursprung demo last year....that demo gave a good first impression on me so this split was more then intriguing for me to hear. And to not beat around the bush they have delivered a great 2-song delivery here, much of what i liked on the demo they have built upon and i feel they will only go from strenght to strenght in the future. Good melodies, build ups and atmospheres flows through out their music. (feels a bit inspired by Sargeist -Let the Devil in era)

 Grim & Galiant!

Also often with splits you feel this side or that side is best but this time its hard to pick which band material i enjoy the most...

A split worthy of getting!


1.     Mavorim - Intro     01:18    
2.     Mavorim - Krieger, voran!     06:41    
3.     Mavorim - Ein ewiges Leben     07:47    
4.     Totenwache - Säuberung     08:02    
5.     Totenwache - Treacherous Sorcery     05:45    
6.     Totenwache - Outro     01:27    

Selfrelease, contact the band to seccure your copy!

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