söndag 1 september 2019

Totenwache - Der Schwarze Hort

After a promising debut demo in 2017 and a split the year after this German horde has smashed it out of the park with this excellent full album!

They have taken care of and expanded on all their early qualities and crafted a hour of top shelf black metal experience, if you are not familiar with the band the play in a classic mid to semi fast BM with wandering melancholic & galliant melodies, full of  bleak atmosphere (quite Finnish feel i think) and layers of feeling that makes their music grow from each listen.
Enough raw (not the production but the delivery) and underground to feel true to all the important points.

Right from the start (after the nice intro) the band shows what level they stand in at the moment and one cant deny their good taste in melody picks and riffs, when you make pretty long songs with a selected few cords you easily can fall into the boring swamp so its very important to understand what make this type of song work and that is the last problem this band has...
...well do they have some problems at all (music wise) ?
I cant really pin point any at this stage of their existence really...well the problem can be to follow this up as they from the look/sound of it has made a "perfect" album...cant be easy to keep that solid quality, my tip is to do an EP first before the next full album to test out new ideas on.

One of this years top album for sure so snatch it up! You wont be dissapointed.
Extra plus for the nice book/digi packaging and artwork one cant guess that this is a self released CD!

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1.     Intro     01:14       instrumental
2.     Urteil: Niedergang     08:05    
3.     Galgenvögel     05:27    
4.     Des Königs stolze Acht     06:41    
5.     Der schwarze Hort     07:54    
6.     Der Heiler     05:40    
7.     Die alte Legion     05:26    
8.     Todbringer     06:33    
9.     Gloria Antichristi     09:08      
Total: 58 min

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