onsdag 15 januari 2014


The work for the printed Raw War moves forward, i recently got back the answers to the Grave Miasma interview and waiting for answers to the interview to this -Possession-

And also interviews with Mephorash (with extra exclusive photo-shoot) and Demonicvlt, Black Altar, Wohrt Records and much more.
Stay tuned as this issue grows like a evil cancer!

Other news is that some of the artworks i have done for bands starts to surface as complete releases!
(many more on its way for the likes of Sadokist, Cultemort, The True Incest, Haternal, Nun Slaughter  m,m)

God Disease

Others thats on the horizon is Menneskerhat.

The flyer for it

 Here is a photo on all three versions on my first cover art i did last year for Incarceration.

Here is a photo on the Leichenzug release where i did the poster.

If you look for a good zine a nice choice is Riddle of Steel! (i had luck and got an ad in it too!

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