torsdag 16 januari 2014

Wulfheim - Alsvart

This third album "Alsvart" is the first full album i hear from this spanish beast Wulfheim and i like it!

Sure this type of creation is nothing new or groundbreaking but it is not the meaning of it either. This is a call
from the second wave plus some years, it is soaked with ancient witch spite & raging icy forest winds.
It is part nostalgic and part personal sound.

The personal side comes in partly from the screeching production that runs like a cold steel on your back through out it all and partly reminds one of some occult industrial bands from the past... and keyboards is used to rise up the medieval epic vibe to a tasty level. it all is very hysterical and psychotic like if one would be under a soul trapping curse biting your flesh away!

The singing is a mix between troll dripping screams to crow induced illnesses to dark orcish choirs, i cant say to much of the lyrics because i dont have them but regarding the themes & names of the songs one gets a fairly good idea what they consist of and they most certainly fits the cover...

...speaking of covers the album ends (exluding the outro) with a cover of "Under a Funeral Moon" by Darkthrone... i dont think the album needs it but... why not....more meat to the goat!

This type of BM-music was made too much in the end of the 90´s and start of 00´s but now this style feels interesting again.
The only recent music that i can say is somewhat similar is Skuggan.

Track list:

1.     Overture - Intus        
2.     The Silent Chant        
3.     Alsvart         
4.     Griefhymn         
5.     Den Glemte Skyggen         
6.     Hvarfheim        
7.     Under a Funeral Moon (Darkthrone cover)    
8.     Epilogue - Hollowness 

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