onsdag 8 april 2015

A Monumental Black Statue - Excelsior

Even if this was first composed to be for a Criptum (RIP/2013) release this album fits AMBS perfectly!
I guess when this decision was made so was also some parts of the music and/or lyrics adjusted more or less for its new destination.... whatever the case this album reeks of power and agression and some distorted psychotic fits to round it off.

As with earlier AMBS releases they/him show here much talent with a delicious mix of über-agro mixed vocals & guitars and grand building atmospheres that can move mountains! Yeah the production and mastering is great i think as it blows a hole from ear to ear.

 Here is also some tasteful inserted pagan/folk vibes into the whole witch cauldron that excels Excelsior even higher, as ever AMBS has not lost any of its personality  and madness and thunders on through all nine tracks like there was no tomorrow....well i rather should say the feelings i get from the songs is a dark nostalgic kick in the bollocks from yesterday!

Both a proud and misogynical album that fills all songs with much musical creativity as tainted soul shards.

If i should pic three songs it would be "Humus" with its manic depressive vocals and music, then the strong & brutal Titano and lastly the vastly enjoyable & slowly building song "Forever Bound to the Alps" that ends in an extatic climax.

Last song is a re recorded song from their first album "Aere Perennius" which is solid and good but cant compare because i have not heard the original.

Track list:

1.     Praeludium         
2.     Folk & Mazzate         
3.     Humus         
4.     Hangover & Spiritism         
5.     May AIDS Help Us to Decimate Your Race    
6.     Titano         
7.     MMIII Black Metal Overdose        
8.     Forever Bound to the Alps        
9.     Gestaltung (new version)

Released by:  Lower Silesian Stronghold

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