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Entsetzlich / Vetëvrakh

From The Throat label comes as split tape of loneliness and anguish, the bands that invites you in to their own chambers of atrociousness are the Australian Entsetzlich run by they one and only madcap Azathoth & the other is Vetëvrakh from Bosnia and Herzegovina which includes members Ezotërokh, Vrasësinerëzve &  Vrasësimendur (thats known from countless other entities like Cave Ritual and Deathcircle)...

 Entsetzlich starts of this journey with 4 songs thats more of less improvised in his rotten cave, not much of a structure here but rather feeling of searching through the darkness is felt, the drums is a bit to loud but the guitar is struggling onward in the back and picking buzzez and beez as its tries to claw out from its own mudhole (in vain)... as the goal here is "atmosphere" it succedes well in creating a very isolated and downbeat mantra that is just sinking slowly, slowly into a void.

As the silence is evident (in other words the side of the tape ended) i flip it and let Vetëvrakh take its tone! As its the first time i hear "them" i cant compare to their other releases.

They serves up a more connected structure of compositions but the cold empty feeling from  Entsetzlich is here but only it takes more of a backseat as desperation and pain is licking the furnace here, yes more in your face and it works good. fuzzy and ugly as one can imagine but also a bit sombre and...spooky and doomish.

All in all the two bands makes an interesting split both with somewhat different musical goals but share the common aim to make your life miserable hehe. 

Title track:
Side A
1.     Entsetzlich - The Sum of Life & Death        
2.     Entsetzlich - Into the Hopeless Abyss        
3.     Entsetzlich - Sacred Rituals        
4.     Entsetzlich - Abandoned Shrine of Human Bones        
Side B
5.     Vetëvrakh - -        
6.     Vetëvrakh - - 

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