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The Anal Blasphemy / Forbidden Eye - The Perverse Worship of Satanic Sins

First of we have Molestor Kadotus ( known from Black Priest of Satan, Itsemurha, Musta Kappeli ) with his subtle titled band Anal Blasphemy, not that i have heard all of AB music but i feel that these tracks are among the stronger ones they made along with the two full-length records, really dark and primitive but at the same time epic and strong material.
Nice raw guitars and vocals and the general mix but just about right balance. I get a feeling of and more barbaric version of Lord of Pagathorn to give some direction of this music.

Nothing original but if you look for that whatever that means your just dumb, here you have traditional but engaging compositions that honor Satan and all that jazz. Extra plus to the 9 minutes + song that really gives you extra of all plus slower and murkier and transcendent sides of the band. Solid!

And then we have Forbidden Eye! (members from bands like Antichristian Kommando,  Rituals of a Blasphemer, Unhuman Disease) Damn if someone would have said this was some unreleased tracks from Satanic Warmaster i would almost have bought it because damn this have so much of SW details in it (vocals,lyrics,guitar melodies etc)...and by saying that it is very far from a negative critique from me as these songs are totally great!

As i have huge soft spot for SW i engulfed these songs as they where cinnamon buns with glaze, sure after some spins its evident as Forbidden Eye has their own personality here besides the SW worshiping and i cant do anything else then recommend this split to all whom like their satanic tunes to be very Finnish...

All tracks from start to finish is great even if it is not pushing the genre forward in any way.
Just buy it!

Track list:

1.     Anal Blasphemy - Licking the Cunt of Chaos        
2.     Anal Blasphemy - Sperm of Satan, Antichrist Semen         
3.     Anal Blasphemy - Birth-Death-Rebirth     09:29    
4.     Forbidden Eye - Intro        
5.     Forbidden Eye - The Moon of the Blood Serpent        
6.     Forbidden Eye - Monastery of Satan        
7.     Forbidden Eye - Hour Glass of Black Tears

Released by: Night in Terrors

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