tisdag 28 mars 2017

Morte Lune - The Endless Forest

Here we have a new project with two main members from Reffus, Svorg etc. (looke these up here also for reviews i done)

This first demo release is a pretty strong one! Well it is "only" a traditional mix of thin and sharp misanthropic black metal with looped riffs but it has enough hateful hooks and engaging bleak compositions that after only a 3-4 minutes in you are intertwined into this woven pattern of soul sucking music.
Yes the production is borderline sharp and raw (but clear not muddy fuzz) it wont be everybodys cup of black coffee but who cares?
 One other thing that is important here to mention is that the members sincere anti-emotions comes through good (and clinges unto your mood with rusty nails) and that is something you cant buy with a fancy production anyways...

...I must say that with every new project that Repktkor and Morths comes out with they have grown from strength to strength, they are very well worth following as you will be  properly rewarded!

Besides the raw black metal tracks you are served some nice dark dungeon/ambient synth songs that pushes this release even higher. Good negative shit in other words!

Well worth hunting down!

The Grey Britain has become Black Britain once again!

My track pics is: 2,5 & 6

Track list:
Side A
1.     The Martyrdom        
2.     The Deliverance of Suffering        
3.     Ritualistic Hatred        
4.     Chaotic Flame        
5.     The Endless Forest        
Side B
6.     Les Morts        
7.     Tristesses de la Lune        
8.     Possessed by the Night        
9.     La Foret Sans Fin
   Dont know the total play time but i guess around 35 minutes

Released by Carvetii Productions

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