lördag 4 augusti 2018

Entsetzlich - Tormentous Lamentations

I think it was around five years ago we had a full album from this Australian morbidus...i almost wrote Ep to this new one as it is a bit on short side as an "full album" but whatever it is nice to have new release out from Entsetzlich eitherway.

This time around Azathoths creation was released by the sadistic Danish people at Skjold! Yeah so if you got a copy consider you lucky or a monitoring-slave hehe.

So what do we get here this time around?

Compared to previous album Eternal Funeral Cries i feel this new one is a bit deeper down into the cemetery grounds, a bit muddier and ...calmer is perhaps wrong word but it has a more  lifeless atmosphere like the last hours of an old specter.... taking slow steps down into its demise.
Accepting its soon to be ended cycle of existence.
Tunes for the putrid and mouldy chambers of nothingness.

And as before the music of Entsetzlich is raw and almost deconstructed, more or less improvised buzzy guitars  and drumplay similar to a slow carcrash hehe so yeah not much of solid frames here but it is a familiar playground for the main man and it is used accordingly.

Ugly and anti streams flow from start to finish, also i nice inclusion is the dungeon synth tracks on the b-side. Vampyr feelings galore i can assure. A Very nice and fitting conclusion of this Tormentous Lamentations album.

Limited Standard version


Side A - Side Torment
1.     Spectral Faces in the Swirling Pale Mist     12:30      
2.     Broken Oaths & Chaos Omens (A Futile Existence) 04:44
Side B - Side Lament
3.     The Cursed Mausoleum that Plagues my Dreams     04:39    
4.     Channelling Spirits to Seek their Communion     09:42    

Even more limited Special version

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