fredag 24 augusti 2018

Dieblod / Vrag

From  Eternally Cold Records comes a split with one band thats been active in almost 20 years (Vrag) and another around 2 years...both from Australia.

First of we have Dieblod, really raw sound which suits its mental breakdowns and moon howlings, melancholic guitar pickings works as a backbone to the bleak psychotic vocals that screams and howls....feels like this soul want to be invited to Midian (where the monsters live)
The musical structures is preety loose with the vocalist floating above it letting its own impulses roam free...mid tempo to slow pondering parts float in & out the tracks which in the end as a whole
feels like black brain prison.  Pretty helpless feeling....
Reminds me a bit of Vetala or Mons Veneris and the alike. Good stuff!

I cant really remember if or when i heard anything from Vrag before even though they been activ for so long...Hmm strange...either way they play compared to Dieblod in a more structured fashion and has a nice bass drenched sound, mid tempo nastyness with evil echoing vocals. Good cold atmosphere is a overall coating through out these three songs.
And as you see the song title like "Hallucination" there is some surreal nightmarish bits here and there, i get a bit of French black metal feel which is not a bad thing in my book.
Also some nice untraditional compositions sneaks in towards the end  which works great....Great murky BM with a mental twist on the side.

Solid split...or "solid" is perhaps the wrong word to use here as both parts is in a more or less state of personal dissolvement.... get it if you can and if it sounds like something for you.

Released as i already wrote by Eternally Cold Records and the link to them is:

Track list:
Side A - Dieblod
1.     Dieblod - Knowledge of the Six Moons        
2.     Dieblod - Forbidden Keys of Torment        
3.     Dieblod - Ancient Curse of Khentika Ikhekhi        
Side B - Vrag
4.     Vrag - Pilate        
5.     Vrag - Wells of Moonlight        
6.     Vrag - Hallucination

also regarding the cover art/design i think only Dieblods tracks has anything to do with it.

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