onsdag 20 november 2013

Black Altar - Suicidal Salvation

With the starting alarming vibe thundering i feel  that this new Black Altar Ep is wearing a new epic black uniform and with an sharped poisoned  & levitated spirit underneath it.

Drums is hard & agitated and gives this new work an underlined awareness of the blood that runs through out "Suicidal Salvation", guitars is also on frontline with dissonance and ready to cut away the bad weeds.
Vocals is harsh & demanding you to realize that this a new "key" to the higher plane that Black Altar has now arrived to.

 I liked much the last album with its more old horror movie atmospheres and fat sound and then with the triple-split with Varathron and Thornspawn  Mr.Shadow showed that he was preparing a new phase....
....and i must say this is his most sophisticated and harrowing (and cleaner) music which leads unavoidable to a bigger craving not this Ep can muster.... but the ride is well worth the time and it should open up more humanoid ears around the world to Black Altars existence.

So yeah i think this is good but at the same time this would have deserved to be a full album but one cant have all in this damn world. hah
Then i dont know what future plans Shadow has for this? Maybe is this a part of something bigger?
Only time will tell.

All in all a solid and blacker release that should be enjoyed by a larger crowd with a hunger of  what i just described here.

 1.     The Sentence          
2.     Suicidal Salvation         
3.     Journey to the Astral Realm - instrumental
4.     Pulse ov the Universe         
5.     666 MegaBeast
 (an extra mention goes out to the great cover)

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