måndag 18 november 2013

Putrified - Sacrilegious Purification

Take another cut in your eardrum from this Swedish fiend!

With an fitting bleak church organ tune as a mood establisher this Ep begins.
Then straight of the bat the death metal frenzy strikes!
First song sets the standard that also stays constant and firm through out it all with a tasty mix of classic Swedish death metal with some "roll" in it & blackened auras that circulates and intertwines all music and lyrics. I say "Swedish death metal" but it should be underlined that one can hear many other death metal styles also but the Swedish ground is its breeding soil....
 One thing that i liked about the songs is that they a filled to the brim with a lot of neat compositions and don't solely rely much on repeated constructions, nasty bits fly in there and morbid chunks fly out there both in haste and linger!

 Even the emotions vary from somber, ecstatic, desperation and rage.... and it feels like as a whole this creation ask more then confirms something.... like an bleeding "?" carried on the skeletal wings of death metal.

It is both inspirational, engaging and headbanger friendly and the Ep grows well from each listening with the revelations of the many layers of music that lays deeper within....

Putrified has existed for around 3 years and has some albums , Ep´s & demos under its belt but this is my first real swan dive into their stuff so i cant really compare to their older work but i can say with confidence  that this Ep is a good way to start listening to Putrified.


1.Sacrilegious Purification         
3.Sacrificial Death Salvation   
4.This Poisoned Chalice (start and the end of this song has a sweet feeling of Slayers"angel of Death" scream  mixed with a smell of a rotten "shout at the devil" from Mötley Crüe !,did not see that coming.that was no critic only a strange compliment.)
6.Sacred Putrefaction

Hellthrasher Productions

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