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Terrorsaw Interview!

1. Greetings! So how have this year been? Between dangerous vacations and work has there been time for working on new stuff?

- Yes,this year has been very caothic and a lot of things happened,bad or good...or simply normal,but that's life,you know? Work always takes a lot of time in our life,tiring our bodies and minds and our classic vacations are not very relaxing ahahaha! 
We have been to Partysan just to tell one,and I'm sure that you can understand! ahahaha! 
But We ALWAYS find time for Terrorsaw! All the lineup is involved in the band's activity and everyone believe a lot in It! And...yes: I can proudly say that We have A LOT of new material! 
The most is now complete and other 3 or 4 songs in the last phase of composition.

2.How many gigs have you slaughtered from the release of the debut demo that got out last year until now?

- From the demo's release? Wow,many time has passed,man and many live slaughter rites have been played! We really like to play live our hell and since the end of 2012 We never refused a live engage,also because We needed to improve and to practice our live potential (to the public and to ourselves). 
Since the beginning of 2013 We became more selective about live matters because We prefered to concentrate our energy in the composition of new songs,play them again and again in the rehearsals also to try different solutions. Another reason is that in Italy We have just a few places to play Metal live and We have played in the most of them A LOT of times,so We avoided to bore ourselves and the supporters playing always the same tracklist in the same places!

3. By looking through your concert posters (some colors on these posters makes my eyes bleed.AAAH!) one notices that you have played with many different bands, some bizarre ones some fitting and even a lot of black metal bands. Do you get along with most of this people or do you fuck each other up?

- Yes,the kind of gigs and festivals where We played were (and even ARE) various,but the most of the times for us it's ok...or,well: It's great! 
You see, in the band We listen ALL the kinds of Metal! Classic or extreme? We don't give a fuck! It's Heavy fucking Metal man! Our life reason! The only way to live 4 us! 
We also listen to Hardcore,Crust and punk! Do you remember the Darkthrone song "Raised on rock"? Well That is a great song and We totally agree with Fenriz and Nocturno about It! For exemple: We have played with the masters Sadistic Intent and it was an honor! But in the same gig there was a Death metal band from Brescia (Italy) called Voids of Vomit....and 4 us was an honor too because they're simply amazing! Kickn'ass italian death metal reality! In another gig (few weeks after) we were the "extreme" guests in a classic Heavy Metal festival with some excellent italian realities like Ruler from Milan and with the greek masters Dexter ward! But the most of the gig we played were Thrash Metal oriented! 
Thrash is the favourite kind of Metal for the 4/5 of the band and all the people that know us well say that Terrorsaw is an extreme band with a strong Thrash attitude! At the end: no,We have absolutely no problem to play with bands that play a totally different genre of Metal! It's always METAL! 
That's what matters! UH!

4. Who did the band logo? It is fittingly nasty and raw as a a turned on Chainsaw i might say.

- Well,the idea of the "letters disposition" was of our first bassplayer A.D. Cosmivourus,the forms of the letters and the concept art are mine (things like the blades,the hands holding the chainsaws,the evil,long-haired goat,the spears,etc...) and our friend Dave "gore" from the bands Unctoris and Necro perfectioned and get more "precise" and simmetrical the whole (putting a sort of disgusting "black something" shit flowing everywhere from the letters)

5. To get your sweet & chaotic sound what kind of equipment do you generally use?

- What? ahahahaha! We don't care! We prefer to enter studio with some mid-low quality instruments but spending A LOT of time to search the right equalization,the right distortion....and generally THE MOST OBSCURE,EVIL,FILTHY,DIABOLICAL,UNPURE AND SLAUGHTERING SOUND WE CAN FIND! ahahaha! 
But I must say that along the years someone of the band find good instruments to play (for exemple our lead guitarist Black Sodomagikkk now plays a excellent guitar...I don't remember... It's a flying V made by some famous mark...ah! now I remember! It's a BC Rich Warlock! bah,I'm a singer...I don't care! ahahahaha!),anyway: the most powerfull and obscure is our sound the better it is!

6. The label Supremacy Through Intolerance that released your demo is now defunct from what i understand... do you search a new label or do you already found one?

- The guy from the STI one day magically disappeared. He didn't advertise Us about anything! He didn't wrote a shit to us! We had some problems (the most with the german metalheads) because He is well known to be a nazi and some people thought that all the bands of his rooster were nazi too! 
He knew that as We knew that He was a right winged asshole,but He declared that as His personal point of view and not required to enter in His rooster,at the beginning He worked well and has done a lot of trades in europe! But now He disappeared like a real piece of shit and we don't know how to do with the ones that ask our demo! 
Now We made some promos of the demo and selling 'em to some labels around! We're sure that someone of them will reprint It soon!

7. The cute pig heads i see on some of your live photos is that yours that you travel with from concert to concert? (if so hope you have like a freezer-box or such)

- ahahaha! No,our pigfriends were part of the stage of a gig with our friends Unctoris,with the spanish nukleardevils Wargoat cult and with our alcholbastards Masturbaciòn Cristiana from Ecuador (But they live in Milan from a lot of years actually). 
The guys from Masturbaciòn went to a butcher the morning before the show and toke the pig heads (I don't know how they do that,but I'd like to one day! ahahaha! I'll ask 'em and I'll let you know,ok?). 
That was a killer gig man! 
A REAL south american-style metal night! Seemed to be in the Sarcofago/Early sepultura times! After the show the guys from Wargoat cult asked us to do a split,so after a couple of weeks we recorded 2 new songs entitled "Swirled machete ritual" and "The deepest penetration" and send 'em to Necrotomb from Wargoat cult. The split will come as self release in the next months (in January or february I hope). Check It out! It's a total underground oldschool Khaosmetal devastation! 
You won't survive!

8.I also like to know a little from how you all got started and decided to join arms under the power of the chainsaw? And is it democracy in the band or is there one of you how runs the show with an iron fist? Is the line up the same now as it was in the start?

- Me and Black Sodomagikkk (lead guitar) started the band in 2010. I called Him and purposed to form a band taking the most rotten,satanic,fast,unpure and evil sides of Black,Thrash,Death an Speed metal! 

He was immediately excited by the idea and We immediately started to write riffs inspired by our hate,by our love for Metal,by our being alchool maniacs and by our town vandalic devastations! After that We recluted Okrim as drummer and A.D. as bassplayer and,after a year of composition we choose 4 tracks and recorded the demo. After a while we recluted Jex as rithm guitarist to enforce our metal Hell. 
Some months after we lost A.D. because of his loss of interest in playing tradiotional metal (He wanted to put himself into experimental shit) so he left the band. We replaced Him with our old friend Eros (Hellros),guitarist and founder of the Thrash/black band Extirpation from milan. 
Last year We fired our excellent drummer and friend Okrim because the time and the dedication to the band was no more enough 4 us! His new job obblied Him to work a lot of hours in the evening and He had too much bands (some of them just for work),so We quickly (and fortunately) found our old friend Pide Guts (from the death metal band Necro) as new drummer. 
Everyone have purposes and ideas and everyone cooperate with the others! There's a very good "feeling" among us like the perfect sabbath of Metal violence! Anyway,me and Black Sodomagikkk always let the other members to express their own ideas and to purpose their riffs since the band exists! I am the frontman and founder with Sodomagikkk,but not the leader! 
We decide and work together like a real band!

9. I hope to see you some day here in the cold Sweden! So what plans lies the closet for you now to conduct?

If You want you can serve the Terrorsaw demon spreading our Hell in your country and helping us to find some dates up there! Now We're working hard to finish a lot of new stuff because the idea is to record our first full-lenght album along the new year! 
About the gigs: Just two confirmed. In march we'll play in Milan with our evil thrash maniacs friends Evil Spell and with Warhammer from Germany! The other will be probabily in July with a REALLY huge name of Black/Thrash,but the details have yet to be confirmed...the rest is top secret! 
I'd like to tell you the name but the promoter asked me to not do it!

10. Thanks for the interview!
 - Oh,my answers are very long,sorry! Feel free to cut something if you need! 
Thanx to you a lot 4 the incredible support and to be a disciple of the chainsaw demon! Oh,by the way;if you see some of the guys from Bestial Mockery up there in Swedhell please worship 'em from us and try to make 'em listen to our stuff! They're absolutely one of our hugest influences since the beginning!

666 -G. Redeemer-

11. Thanks again and NO i wont cut anything out, this is sweet meat! 
Well if i fall up on them i will give ém hell with your demo!! (so please send it to me!!) hehe

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