torsdag 12 december 2013

Veligor - Veligor

I would call this Brooklyn based band Veligores sound more like black horror metal then pure black metal
due to their taste of old school horror ambience and melodies that runs right through this debut.

From the first song (also one of the best) when you encounter their "world" you will hear a
kind of wandering harmonic and melodic riffing flowing in and out in search for the perfect feels. The drums follow along nicely just as the base. it feels quite nostalgic in a way.

The vocals do a good job in turning up the heat and sounds grim in the right way but sadly they use the singer in like half of the tracks! Beats me why because thats one of the ingredients that makes Veligore a little
spicer so to speak... and it almost sounds like he sings in finnish or something and thats just a good thing for me cuz that gives it an extra brutal edge! Their structures is a bit "cut & paste" which dont always works out in their favor but more then often they do with their specific flavor of epic transilvanian compositions. The production is well balanced and packs some punch but could be a lot more raw but thats just my taste.

With this sound i guess they will get their share of haters as well as lovers which is quite natural, i feel
engaged and entertained when they get things right like in the first four songs. i feel they will evolve
quite a bit from this point onwards because i there is a heart here that lusts for more satanic blood and less
cobweb i think.
I will keep my eye on them as this debut is promising in its own special way.

So if you have a hunger for some nicely smooth flowing darkness try this one out by all means.

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